VIDEO: Fred Fox fired, again

The Huron school board voted Tuesday to fire district superintendent Fred Fox. Watch a video clip of the vote from the meeting below. Click here to read 17-page order of termination.
Apr 3, 2013

The vote was 3-2 with board president Scott Slocum and members Donna Green and Tim Sowecke voting to fire Fox.

Board members Kevin Asher and John Caporini voted against termination.

Click here to watch video of Tuesday's meeting, for a photo gallery and to read other stories about the firing of Fred Fox.

Click to read the school board's termination order. 

Sowecke said the board majority found that a referee from the state department of education ignored important testimony from witnesses.

The referee recommended Fox be reinstated with back pay.

Asher defended the referee's report, saying the referee found "a rush to judgment" by the board majority against Fox, "replacing sound judgment."

The vote came about two hours after the meeting began. 

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Watch the video clip of the vote below, and check back later at for demand viewing of the full meeting video.  

Sowecke spoke for more than an hour, reading from the referee's report and a board report that outlined his findings. He suggested Fox had participated in efforts to intimidate him, Green and Slocum. He also said Fox violated his employment contract and engaged in unprofessional behavior.

Asher spoke for about 15 minutes and asked for the board's attorney to outline the next phase in Common Pleas Court, and how much that might cost the district. He also defended the referee's reputation and suggested he's never been successfully overturned in a ruling and recommendation.  

The board had a fiduciary responsibility to protect the district, Asher said, suggesting the board wait until Fox's contract expires in July 2014. 

"We'll have a lame duck," an audience member said. 

Watch the final minute of the meeting in the player below

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Sandusky must have already ended


The decision has been made. Stop your crying. You voted out a bad superintendent that used his group to spread lies and used threats and intimation. Do any of you people in Huron know that is a criminal offence. What really upsets me, is two of the board members sat up there and lied to the audience. What do you two people owe Fox? If you think this is going to court, so be it. That is when the mistress will come in and tell her side. How can you say there was never an extra marital affair proven? The defense attorney admitted there was along with the e-mails. Quite defending him. You two are destroying your credibility. As for the referee, what a joke he was. He should stop sucking up to big name attorneys. His report did not mean nothing. Get over it. I wonder if the two board members would hire him for legal advice? I also wonder if an employee of theirs was caught stealing, if they would fire them?

I can not believe that anyone would want Fox to run out the rest of his contract. He would put your school system further into debt. Just think if he had another year to steal taxpayer money. Why would you rehire him with his morals and integrity. That would not be a good role model for your students.

The two board members forgot to mention that Fox kept calling Lalley and McCarthey with questions and advise. I do not understand why the referee would disregard their testimony, unless the defense attorney told him too. They all ways supported Fox and thought he would be a good superintendent. Fox should have resigned his position. That would have solved many problems. Now is the time for Huron to solve the other problems that still exist.


Retiree, I once thought you were simply misinformed, now I realize you choose to be willfully ignorant. Is your name Matthew Markling? You mention a "criminal offence (sic)" would you please state the relevant Ohio Revised Code section you are referring to. BTW did you find that "State District Attorney" yet? Still waiting.


@noboady...good answer. He keeps going on and on like the energizer bunny but won't answer your questions either. I never got one to my question. He says he doesn't live in Huron any more than I do but sure wants this guy gone like it's personal. Why? Some of these people involved in this just don't seem to understand yet, and never will until the house drops on them. I wonder if they will even then. Its like a mob rule..totally out of control and they like it like that. I used to respect that place, not any more.


Retiree wants to discredit the state's attorney but believes everything Markling said because it conforms to his agenda. Hilarious and sad at the same time.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Kevin Asher evidentally does not understand the relationship with North Point. The district pays North Point for services, which is why Fred was in contact with Lalley and McCarthey. As far as North Point suggesting Markling (who specializes in education law) and suggesting the board interview Mr. Fernbaugh, that is a service that the district pays for. North Point provides many services to the district and if Asher does not understand that, then maybe he should not be sitting on the board.

The Answer Person

How come there are no blacks on this board?


Um cause for the most part there are no black's in Huron.


The Answer Person: Before I step outside of my logical and open-mindedness, can you please answer my question as to what the purpose of your question is regarding blacks being on the Board? Anyone being from Huron, Norwalk, Vermillion, Sandusky, etc., knows that there is a small population of minorities in general in the city of Huron, so we all would expect their to be no "blacks" on the Board. What does that really have to do with this situation? I'm just asking... It seems as though you are trying to start a fight on race when it is not necessary or even related to this story!


Yep-Solve the problem of our school board next- Get rid of all of them


This is what happens in small towns when logic is replaced by personalities and the Alpha male wants to dominate the scene even though it doesn't make sense. Get your check books out this is going to be expensive. This is obviously personal not practical.


I agree with you 100% 8ball. The politics in this town, has always been... " It's not what you know, but who you know".


Mr. Asher cited "law" that doesn't exist last evening. That DOES explain why he is not a practicing attorney. Clearly, the audience last night supports the termination of Fox. It is time for the healing to begin. Mr. Caporini and Mr. Asher need to realize we need a leader with integrity, morals, and a true desire to be a leader our children and their families can respect.


So you are saying Slocum must go?

Tsu Dho Nimh

Clementine...Asher was citing lots of things last night that do not exist or he is clueless about. Either he is ignorant about the law or he thinks that we are too ignorant to see through his stories.

Julie R.

@ Clementine: I think you have that backwards. The fact that Mr. Asher cited "law" that doesn't exist can only mean he has all the PERFECT qualifications to be a practicing attorney ..... or even better, an Erie County JUDGE!


OK.I've seen several posts about the Huron football coach..............what's HE done that is being covered up? Everyone know he just about "walks on water" in Huron. What's the story?


I believe he got caught messing around in school during school hours with a co-worker while they were both married, to other people.


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This took place before Fred was superintendent I do believe. This should have been handled by a previous super and a previous board (except Caporini and Bulea sat on that board). Can't go back and take care of it now and it doesn't excuse Fox.


Why not? That's exactly what the board majority is trying to do to Fox.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Did anyone bring the coach's affair to the board's attention when it happened? If they did, then that board should have disciplined him. The only current member who would have been on that particular board is Mr. Caporini. Maybe you should take this issue up with him.

your babies Daddy's picture
your babies Daddy

On behalf of everyone here in Huron we would like to apologize to Mr Fox for any inconvenience he may of suffered. mister Fox we are unworthy of your level of leadership and we all hope that you find success, this is truly all of our losses.


There must be an echo in blogland...You represent yourself... not everyone in Huron, let's get that straight there walnut !

your babies Daddy's picture
your babies Daddy

I spoke for you too, cupcake.


Speak for me and you would have no taste left in your mouth afterward ;)

your babies Daddy's picture
your babies Daddy

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I have neither, good 5th grade comeback though !

your babies Daddy's picture
your babies Daddy

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


You obviously must have me confused with another one of your fellow walnuts. Happily single no babies Daddies to deal with, this way I don't have to put up admitted adulterers like Mr. Fox.