Huron Schools sets Fox meeting date

School board set to make decision regarding ousted superintendent Fred Fox on April 2.
Alissa Widman Neese
Mar 28, 2013

The Huron school board announced today it will host a special meeting April 2.

The board is anticipated to vote on the final employment status of suspended superintendent Fred Fox. 

The meeting will take place at 7:30 p.m. in the McCormick Junior High School auditorium, 325 Ohio St., Huron.

Board members tabled a decision to fire or rehire Fox with a 3-2 vote March 19. They said they need more time to make their final decision, citing 2,700 pages of recently released documents.



The board "bothered" with the ODE because Fred's due process (which they are following) required that he have that option. The ODE completely ignored much of the testimony (for some good reading, read Lally and McCarthy's testimony which the ODE didn't even comment on). You keep saying they handled this illegally. So far, that hasn't been shown. Binette doesn't seem to agree with you either. The ODE is of the opinion that he shouldn't be terminated, but they didn't accuse them of breaking any laws, as you are saying.

Julie R.

"You keep saying they handled this illegally ..... so far, that hasn't been shown ..... Binette doesn't seem to agree with you, either."

When it comes to the word "illegal" and Binette, don't even get me going!


I didn't mean to...believe me! Wired says they aren't giving him his due process, and in the next breath she asks why they bothered with the ODE. Obviously she has no idea what his due process is, and is therefore unqualified to comment on whether or not they are giving it to him.

Tsu Dho Nimh

You are right, she has no idea what is going on. Anyone with half a brain can read the transcripts and can see that anything negative about Fox was not included in the findings. I didn't expect that the board would win all 23 points but for Fox to not be held accountable on any of the 23...unbelievable and slanted! Neither side is 100% correct.


@Justme...I said they handled it wrong. I do recall in the beginning saying they handled it "illegally" as you NOW state and you corrected me at the time. Do you remember that conversation, Justme? You pointed out that was "incorrect"...blah, blah. So I corrected it to "wrong" and have been using that term ever since. I have been PARTICULARLY careful to use that term. So don't get me started on quoting people correctly on here...we have had that discussion more than once and I am not fond of having it again.

Look, its so simple, your board was looking for back up. They hoped the State would back them and they didn't. When that report came back even the STATE told them they handled it incorrectly, they acted out of emotion (which I said all along) and that they should give Fox back his job. I said from the beginning they wouldn't. I was right about that as well. This was a downhill slide from the beginning and it continued to be one. What they are going to have a problem with now is they filed a complaint for a ruling with the State of Ohio through the ODE. They then thumbed their noses at the very people they asked for assistance. How do you think the State will respond to that? No favorably, I can tell you.

And do you think that Fox and his lawyers won't sue with that decision in their hands now? Oh, please. It's like giving him the key to the city of Huron. Why do you think the school board lawyers had that letter sent out? It was more like a directive....shut your mouths over there. Stop talking about this NOW! So they don't get any more info then they already have.

This whole matter is like reading a novel whose ending fell out of the book. I wish they would finish it. I would love to see how this one ends. LOL


It is the process that is required by the state. Everyone is entitled to a hearing to give their case(teachers, administration personal, etc.) His ruling has no merit. It is not binding arbitration. He is just a attorney. If both parties agree it could be anyone. How it is done, Three attorneys are assigned,the prosecution removes one then the defense picks from the last two. Probably all three were friends of the defense. I would like to see the an investigation as to how this referee could have made a decision like the one he did. But his decision means nothing. The Fox supporters want to make you believe it does.

Still Sold

I can't see the meeting.
I find Scott Slocum's statement/smackdown funny. Mr. Slocum, you think you can tell everyone not to talk about the Fred Fox fiasco ?

Either way it goes Huron taxpayers are going to foot the bill and you know it. Your board has made a mockery of employment in general. No superintendent in his right mind is going to work for you. In fact, if I was an employee of the Huron City Schools, I would be looking for another place to work.

You have made decisions that not only are going to cost taxpayers today, but are going to affect the school and taxpayers for years to come. I know your insurance company has a limit on what they are going to spend to bail you out. I think you have a half million in insurance, but I will make sure that figure is correct before I talk about it anymore. Not because you said no one could talk about it.

I don't blame you.. You have totally screwed up and it is not going to be easy to get it back to 'normal'.

Board members - Step down and let the cards fall where they may. It can't be any worse than what you have done.