Huron Schools sets Fox meeting date

School board set to make decision regarding ousted superintendent Fred Fox on April 2.
Alissa Widman Neese
Mar 28, 2013

The Huron school board announced today it will host a special meeting April 2.

The board is anticipated to vote on the final employment status of suspended superintendent Fred Fox. 

The meeting will take place at 7:30 p.m. in the McCormick Junior High School auditorium, 325 Ohio St., Huron.

Board members tabled a decision to fire or rehire Fox with a 3-2 vote March 19. They said they need more time to make their final decision, citing 2,700 pages of recently released documents.


Darwin's choice

And away we go........

old dog

And the moment after the vote is taken and announced, the board members will run like hell.


they will close the curtains to the applause. end of part two of our play!


The agenda states either dismissal or discipline.... feels like it could get crazier if discipline is on the table


So they could reinstate him, But take away his golf clubs.....


at least his putter


Drum roll pahleeaase !!! This Acorn will be there ! Drinks at the Main St. Tavern beforehand ? On second thought maybe after would be more appropriate. Us acorns don't want to act like the walnuts did after the last meeting !


You "crack" me up lol


Did the board get the "ethics" letter back by any chance? If that happened and it sided with the board, he is just gone.

It doesn't say they are going to reinstate him, it says "dismissal or discipline of a public employee" so I take that to mean they are not giving him back his job.

If they were going to give him back his job, it would say reinstatement not "dismissal or discipline", as the State board said he "did nothing wrong".

If the ethics board says they should keep him but discipline him, they will discipline him in front of everyone at that meeting.

google me

...can they paddle him?


@google me.....only with his mother's permission. LOL


So they are going to dismiss him and discipline him? Discipline comes after a reinstatement.


Hey Mama I see you have finally taken off your blinders ! Congratulations !


No, it is just apparent to me that your school board isn't going to listen to the State no matter what they say. They made up their minds a long time ago and even the STATE can change it. They will end up in court sure as I am typing this. He hasn't a prayer of being taken back. The board is really in for a fight in court, unfortunately and that is sad.


The wording is similiar to other executive sessions, I don't think there will be any surprises. Three want to terminate him and two just want to discipline him.


and the three will win as usual as from the start.

Julie R.

I still attribute a lot of this fiasco to what I would call a 'family feud' amongst the Huronites. Not that Fred Fox was a saint or anything but I still think a lot of it was jealousy over his friendship with the Kalahari guy, Huron Cement getting business from Kalahari, plus the realtor friend of Fox's (that everybody is bashing) getting Kalahari's business to sell their condos.

You have to live in Huron to know what I mean.


I'm sure that's it! NOT!

Darwin's choice

Maybe not in those exact combinations, but you are correct. Way to many "festering" wounded egos in town. Throw in a few disgruntled teachers, bus drivers, maintenence employees, and you have our current situation. Everyone and anything is fair game, and at the end of the day, people are still cutting off their noses to spite their faces. Time to put this to an end, the bleeding has to stop!


@Julie....probably right on the money. When jealousy and resentment takes the place of thought and reason, someone loses. In this case, the school board is going to put this school in a position where they are going to pay this man a LOT of money by not re-instating him for all the wrong reasons. Their minds were made up months ago and no one, not even the State of Ohio, was going to change that. I don't think they realize or care what the outcome will be as long as they get their revenge. That is the name of this game. What gets me is they think it's their right. Sad

Julie R.

I know all about jealous and disgruntled idiots from Huron, Ohio --- and I have a ton of forged documents to prove it. Had it not been for them ~ with the criminal assistance of attorneys and two financial institutions, all from Huron with the exception of a snake Lorain County attorney ~ I never would have had to put up with those clowns at that ugly and corrupt Erie County courthouse for 10 years.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Here is an interesting read from the Morning Journal
Looks like Amherst Schools knows when something is wrong. Isn't that your alma mater, Sold?

Julie R.

I found the letter in the Huron Hometown News by Fred Fox's wife interesting, too. It sounded to me like Ms. Vonthron at one time was a good friend of Mr. Fox and his wife. It sounded like Fred Fox did a lot to assist Ms. Vonthron in the furthering of her career and it also sounded like him and his wife both were right there to support her after her medical diagnosis and during the recovery process. Considering all that, I would have to say that makes this fiasco even more pathetic than it already is.

I especially liked what Mrs. Fox said at the end of her letter: "The nice part about living in a small town is that when I don't know what I'm doing, SOMEONE else does!"

She sure did get that right!


I'm not sure what point you're making. Do you think Miss Vonthron was wrong or that she should have stayed quiet because she owes something to Fred? She doesn't have anything to gain by coming forward except knowing that she did the right thing.

Julie R.

To be honest, I'm not for Fred Fox and neither am I against him. Same with the 3 board members. I'm only going on what I read and what I've heard. As I'm sure you know, rumors are always going around in Huron. As Gerry Fox said --- if you don't know what you're doing, SOMEBODY else does. I know Ms. Vonthron --- not personally, but I've met her a few times and I liked her. I think she's very devoted to her job and the kids at Shawnee.


Does Fred remember...that his contract states that he shall devote such time and energies as are necessary to perform the duties specified during normal business hours?

Does Fred remember...that the board has a policy regarding email for personal use and if everyone was doing it, it was his responsibility to enforce it?

Does Fred remember...that only travel expenses directly related to his professional development are to be reimbursed?

Does Fred remember...that he told several people that he was going to get even with a board member?

Does Fred remember...all of those times he told his office staff that he was going to Shawnee but really leaving to see his mistress?

Does Fred remember...sitting at a conference just days before going to Wisconsin in which free golf outings were discussed?

Does Fred remember...the executive session that never took place? Kevin Asher does.

Does Fred remember...when he went to Arizona? Nancy Bulea doesn't.

Most of all, does Fred remember...that he promised to forsake all others?


Let go to court and bring in the mistress. She will have a lot to bring to the table. Fox isn't going to sue anyone. The Fox camp spreading rumors again. As for the referee, his decision is mute. Nothing he says has merit. The Foxette supporters want you to believe he does. Bring in the Foxettes and say how great he is. Ask the teachers what they think. If that referee had any credibility he sure would have listened closer to Lalley and McCarthy's testimony. The referee's mind was made up as soon as he left home. Talk about a waste of time and money.


@retiree. May I ask you a question? If the referee's decision is mute, why did the board bother to send the information to them in the first place? Had the state board come back rendering their decision for your board instead of for Mr. Fox, would your feelings be the same about the referee's decisions?

I think not. My biggest problem with this entire matter is how it was handled, not who the people are OR whether Fox gets his job back or not. I could care less. What I do care about is due process, the rights of any person no matter who they are and that elected officials from anywhere act according to the laws that they serve. When we give up those laws and rights we become a gang, a mob. Why have laws and rules if we are not going to honor them from the start? That seems to me, is what happened here. Whether Fox gets his job back or not is no skin off my noise. How your BOE went about this whole matter was outside the way the law states they act. They knew that and they did it anyway, despite being told not to.

When the law is ignored, mob rule runs the land. That is sad. The state called them on it and they continue to go with the emotion of the mob. They started this and will see it to the end, no matter what. That I find saddest of all. I only hope the mob is happy and you never have it happen to you. That once this is over, a mob never comes after you if you differ with what they think, do or say. Because now a precedence has been set in your town. I hope it never happens to you.

Julie R.

"What I do care about is due process, the rights of any person no matter who they are and that elected officials from anywhere act according to the laws that they serve. When we give up those laws and rights, we become a gang, a mob. Why have laws and rules if we are not going to honor them from the start?"

That has to be the most excellent comment ever!


@Julie....thank you very much. I appreciate that.