VIDEO: Sherry Catri addresses Huron School Board

Huron resident spoke during Tuesday's board meeting.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 21, 2013


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Darwin's choice

Please run for the school board, you obviously have penty of time. Why I'll bet with you there,you could run off every supplier for the district. But, you'd be right! No matter what the repercussions. No tunnel vision here!


I think she was only talking about one supplier, the one that sits on the board. Besides, it was Kevin Asher who ran off the supplier. He questioned the conflict of interest with Ace which in turn included Huron Cement. Don't you think it is odd that Kevin didn't ask about his pal's business but was quick to ask about Mr. Sowecke's ? Especially when he asked AFTER Sowecke said he wanted Ms. Von Throns allegations investigated ? Personally, I'm glad she isn't afraid to stand up to the good 'ole boys.


DC, regardless of whether you agree with Sherry Catri or not, you cannot deny she was informed and prepared. There is much information to be gained by listening to those who have done their homework. Anytime something makes you think "hmmmm" there is probably something fishy, and I imagine that is where she is coming from.


To her credit, she did her research. She is asking questions based on what the public records reveal. She is also a teacher in the Sandusky City Schools.

Super Judge

Well that explains a lot right there.


Hey nice...haha


For my purpose no matter what side I was on I really have to ask.....What would a person, alas John Q citizen,,,,what with a bunch of expense reports from Fox's trip ?? Really in all honesty waht would I do with this stuff/ Play private investigaton ??? What value would they be to me. Maybe its just the act of being able to ask for public records and snap snap the school treasure has to take time end effort eto to provide them to me. Maybe that makes folks feel cool !!!

It's just beyond me what a local citizen would want with these receipts and copies of checks etc. Beyond me !!!! All the things a school treasuer should be doing supporting children's education and you have to produce this stuff for a ciizens is to me a total waste of time and effort. Maybe like Darwin's choice says about this person they have way too much time on their hands.


Listen again, Gardenman. She DIDN"T ask for checks. The treasurer gave her checks when he shouldn't have. That was her POINT !!!! Then after he was told about it, the man did it AGAIN !


Isn't this the purpose of the Open Records laws to allow John/Joan Q Citizen access to records so they can discern for themselves. It isn't a waste to produce this for citizens. We should have access to them. It encourages elected officials to be transparent and to be accountable knowing the average taxpayer may examine them.

Darwin's choice

Please see the current administration running our country, and try applying that logic! Good luck with that!

nothing new

Completely agree underthebridge! We let that right go and we let our freedoms go! There's already so much corruption it is our, the common citizens responsibility to hold our leaders accountable.


They never did say why they were giving people's personal check info out! I'd be psst it were my check and my account number and personal information being given to anyone who asks for it.


I just want to clarify what happened. Back in July I asked for the purchase order, the receipts, and record of the district's reimbursement to Mr. Fox. I had no idea he was forced to pay back the extra expenses until the treasurer gave me a copy of his personal check. It upset me that the treasurer was so careless so I brought it to the board president. He told me later that the matter was addressed. On 3/18/13, the treasurer sent me information on something else and he included personal checks. For the record, I never requested anyone's personal check. This isn't the only issue I have had with him.


Keep up the good work Ms. Catri. You would be an excellent candidate for for the Huron School Board. I hope you would consider a position in the future. Good Luck