Huron school board video clips posted

Separate video clips of speakers at Tuesday's Huron school board meeting are now available at Get the index here.
Mar 21, 2013

The Huron school board tabled a reinstatement vote for fired district superintendent Fred Fox on Tuesday. The 3-2 vote to table for more time to review the most recent information — a state referee's recommendation that Fox be reinstated — happened after audience members spoke from the microphone urging the board to take action.

Click here for a photo gallery from the meeting.

Here's the roundup of the five-minute clips available today.  

Bob Jones, resident

Bob Boehk, resident

Linda Thompson, resident

Stacy Chubak-Hinners, resident

John Biechele, resident

Tony Legando, teacher and football coach

Craig Bulea

Julie Sowecke, wife of school board member Tim Sowecke

Chris Wechter

Todd Nelson, owner of Kalahari Resort

Tanny Vonthron, principal at Shawnee Elementary School

Judy Tann

Ed Noftz

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BW1's picture

"It is truly a shame that feelings out weighed common sense in this matter"

That's rich, coming from you.


@BW1....since you don't know me personally, I am afraid your assessment is way of it's mark. And that is a shame. Try getting your facts before you comment on someone's life. You don't know as much as you think you do.



Look at page 1899 of the testimony and then look at the board minutes and tell me that one of the board members who backs Fox didn't lie (and under oath !) Either the referee is incompetent or just doesn't care !


Look, you can dissect individual testimony until the cows come home but obviously the State of Ohio has made their decision. Like it or not, the Sate of Ohio has not sided with the board and has told them to give Fox back his job. You all wanted the State to make the decision and it did. Now you have to live with it. The bitter pill you have to swallow is the State didn't side with all of you.

Like it or not, you all are running on emotions and not law. That has been the problem from day one. Now either give Mr. Fox back his contracted job or get sued for breach of contract and have to deal with that. If you guys don't care about paying out millions, then roll the dice again. But you are dealing with taxpayer money and stealing from your children's education to do so. That is a shame.

Julie R.

".....even the State of Ohio has sided with him."

The State of Ohio that sided with him just happened to be a Cleveland lawyer.

Enough said.


@Julie..And lawyers base their decisions on the law, not on emotions. They go on what they can prove. This time, dear friend, I must disagree. Where many have made a huge mistake is this is about a contract, not ethics or what a person is doing...its about contract law. When the board failed to follow the contract, they automatically lost and the State got it right. Had their been a breach of contract in Fox's handling of school workings, they would have had him cold. Unfortunately they didn't. You cannot mix religious ethics with school needs...separation of church and state....not unless this was a catholic or private school.

Julie R.

@wiredmama, agree or disagree, I respect your opinion .... and you make some very good points.


@Julie....and I respect yours. It is terribly unfortunate that all this happened. It would have been so simple had it been done the right way in the beginning. NONE of this was necessary. How sad.


Dear Super Judge, Don't be speaking for everyone in Huron. I am tired of dealing with people that don't have morals,ethics and integrity. Fred might be a great guy but he is not setting a good example for our children. If a person is going to be a good leader they should show the above qualities. This is the same problem we have with other branches of the government.

Fred should do what is right and just resign. If he does stay, he will never have the trust that he once had. Lets clean house of all the administration and start over with the school system.

Darwin's choice

Again, showing how morals in this country are dissolving...
It starts at the top.....

Julie R.

"I am tired of dealing with people that don't have any morals, ethics and integrity."

That's EXACTLY what I said when I was dealing with those judges on the 2nd floor of the Eeerie County courthouse!

Still Sold

Wow !
The battle of the moderator !


Tell me about it...The Gestapo put me in extended / permanent time out so I had to resort to other means to be heard ! Super Sludge is an inappropriate snitch ! I'm sure you can relate ! Hahaha !