VIDEO: Tony Legando addresses Huron School Board

Huron teacher/football coach spoke during Tuesday's meeting.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 20, 2013


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Here's the roundup of the five-minute clips available today.  

Bob Jones, resident

Bob Boehk, resident

Linda Thompson, resident

Stacy Chubak-Hinners, resident

John Biechele, resident

Tony Legando, teacher and football coach

Craig Bulea

Julie Sowecke, wife of school board member Tim Sowecke

Chris Wechter

Todd Nelson, owner of Kalahari Resort

Tanny Vonthron, principal at Shawnee Elementary School

Judy Tann

Ed Noftz




good old boy

The coach needs to listen to his own speech and remember his own past. Quit throwing stones.

Super Judge

the instant Tony kept talking after he was told his time up was the instant this world lost respect for that man.

Sit n Spin

I think Mike Weiss tinkled in his undies !

Sit n Spin

Look at Chris Wechter in the "audience"....I think he was eating his lower lip toward the end of Lagando's "We are a proud community" pep talk ! Hahahaha !

good old boy

OH, yes how proud you make us all feel Coach.........

good old boy

Everything he said was the complete opposite of how he carried out his own life, i dont get it....

Sit n Spin

Maybe....but what he said was not incorrect ;)


Hey Bulea, the board did't do this to Fred, he did it to himself. Be real we are all responsible for our own actions.


Tony,you are a good one to talk about morality and integrity?


Of course he is! Have you seen how many high school football games he has won? What other qualifications does he need?

Who better to speak about morality? Gandhi? I don't think so. That guy didn't have a pocket full of SBC championships. He didn't even have pants. And a salt march? Lame. Tony's teams march towards victory.


Fred Fox needs to man up, resign and get the hell of of town. Then the town will heal and he will gain more respect.


It sounds to me that Tony realizes his mistakes of the past and has tried to change. Only he can move forward in the direction that he chooses.