VIDEO: Chris Wechter addresses Huron School Board

Huron resident spoke at Tuesday's meeting.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 20, 2013


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Here's the roundup of the five-minute clips available today.  

Bob Jones, resident

Bob Boehk, resident

Linda Thompson, resident

Stacy Chubak-Hinners, resident

John Biechele, resident

Tony Legando, teacher and football coach

Craig Bulea

Julie Sowecke, wife of school board member Tim Sowecke

Chris Wechter

Todd Nelson, owner of Kalahari Resort

Tanny Vonthron, principal at Shawnee Elementary School

Judy Tann

Ed Noftz



"Chris" Wechter

Jason Werling

Thanks Cat


Chris Wechter/Craig Wechter/Craig Bulea...close enough...same small mind

Sit n Spin

Can somebody get a NUT DIP up in here !!!

Darwin's choice

No , that would be in the tony legando thread.

Sit n Spin

No....that is Chris' legacy at the Pied Piper ;) Aptly named I might add !


Chis did not mention that BGSU fixed up the auditorium for the Play House.


Of course he didn't, it doesn't fit his agenda !


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