VIDEO: Todd Nelson addresses Huron School Board

Kalahari Resorts CEO spoke at Tuesday's meeting.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 20, 2013


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Here's the roundup of the five-minute clips available today.  

Bob Jones, resident

Bob Boehk, resident

Linda Thompson, resident

Stacy Chubak-Hinners, resident

John Biechele, resident

Tony Legando, teacher and football coach

Craig Bulea

Julie Sowecke, wife of school board member Tim Sowecke

Chris Wechter

Todd Nelson, owner of Kalahari Resort

Tanny Vonthron, principal at Shawnee Elementary School

Judy Tann

Ed Noftz



Todd Nelson has done so much for Huron schools and they have ran his name through the mud. They owe him a big apology.

Darwin's choice

They are probably going to OWE him more.....!


Reality is that Huron has never been "the envy school of everywhere". Nelson thinks that because that is what fox told him years ago and he believed every word. Quite frankly Nelson was suckered into the situation he is in by fox, and the board in its zealous attemp to oust fox has caused Nelson to believe he was wronged. Does he have a civil law suit against any board member? Absolutely not and I guarantee you he knows it. Will he press a civil suit against any board member? Absolutely. This is America and that is what we do.

good old boy

your missing the point, how many business are giving you that kind of money ??????? Nothing like kicking the gift horse in the mouth.


Totally agree with you on that.

Go BIG Red

Dear mr Nelson, We would love to have lunch with you in Bellevue and show you what we have going on. We would definitly show you how much we appriciate the efforts of our local donors. We are always looking for new business partners.


You picked the wrong handle, Go BIG Red. Think Steubenville. You may want to adjust that somewhat.

Darwin's choice

Doesn't matter, his point is very correct! The people and school board in this town obviously have millions, and don't need Mr. Nelsons generosity. How incredibly shallow and stupid....but carry on.


Problem is big red you do not have a Fred fox to convince him that you are the envy of everywhere. You see Fred fox can bs till the cows come home and that is exactly what he did for Huron. Problem is is that he had to throw a sh.. load of people working under him under the bus to do so. Get a Fred fox and you may just get what your asking for but beware sometimes getting what you ask for can bite you in the butt.