Amid Fox debate, Huron Schools budget sinks

Budget cuts were on the table before superintendent investigation
Jessica Cuffman
Mar 20, 2013


Amid the roar of battles in the Fred Fox fiasco, a budget crisis has crept in like a silent assassin.  

Last year, well before the Huron school board started investigating superintendent Fred Fox on allegations of wrongdoing, Fox and district treasurer Mike Weis presented the board with $600,000 in possible budget cuts. 

“There was no action taken on that,” Weis said Tuesday at a Huron Rotary meeting where he was the featured speaker. “I assume they got busy with something else.”

The understatement drew chuckles from the crowd, whose members then leveled some poignant questions about the district’s current financial condition.

Get the ePaper or buy a Register from a newsstand near you for a budghet breakdown and a recap of Tuesday's vote to delay action on the termination of district superintendent Fred Fox.


Not Yer Pa

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Darwin's choice

Not really! These were before the boards drama! But, their inaction on anything not Fox related is alarming. Better pucker up to Mr. Nelson school board!


Would only be $510,000 but Markling had to get his $90,000...Oh and the $160,000 this temp superintendant is getting that's on top of what you're going to end up paying Fred when it's all said and done. Thank you for pissing away my taxpayer dollars.

Still Sold

No doubt, RES !


I will not vote for a levy if they don't terminate Fox. I don't care what anyone rules, including the ODE and OEC. I know what I expect from a superintendent, someone of high moral character. And I never thought that Fox possessed such. After reading emails, now I am sure of it. I don't need anyone else to tell me what to think or in what to believe. Fox is a louse.


Res and Sold, you want to talk about wasting taxpayers' money? Look at all the times Fox has violated the teachers' contract and all the grievances filed against him, mostly won by the teachers. All he had to do is follow the contract. But his ego gets in the way.


Lets be honest everyone in Huron has an ego issue. I've lived here my whole life and you meet very few people who don't have an ego issue

Sit n Spin

And how about how Mr. Fox put the School District in Fiscal Emergency / State Receivership and came out looking like a hero ! All the time knowing that this would void the Teacher's Union Contract...sneaky little Fox !!!!




hello, hahaha, Edison? Really? Obviously you don't keep up with things,they have plenty of their own issues. And Tanny Vonrthron, who is principal of the elementary school, is the best leader, principal, teacher, and person this school district has ever had. You think Fox, who is guilty of using district time and email to conduct a sleazy affair, is a better person than Tanny? I am glad you won't be part of our school system if you believe that!


I grew up in Huron where two of our teachers messed around on a desk while their forth graders were in gym class. And when they came back from gym class we saw them. And today one of those teachers is still Employed with Huron City Schools. So if Fred Fox wants to have an affair via email I don't care as long as its not in front of my children. Also Edison is a great school system that treats others with respect.


And you are correct Tanny Is a wonderful person and I would be honored to have her around my children but she is only around children Kindergarden through Second grade


So hello, in your eyes two wrongs make a right? I agree, something should have been done about that situation. But that was 12-15 years ago, maybe longer. Nothing can be done about that situation now. However, that doesn't make Fox any less guilty. The fact that you don't care that he used district time and email to conduct this affair, and was not available to do his job when Tanny needed him, is appalling. You fault three board members for taking Tanny's concerns serisouly and investigating them, and overlook what Fox did, yet say she is a wonderful person. I think you are confused. You are taking Fox and his two school board cronies over Tanny and that is a joke.
Yes, Tanny is not at the intermediate school. I can tell you that almost all the teachers at Woodlands are amazing.
Edison a great school system? Depends on who you ask. I know plenty of people that don't feel they were treated with respect. I think you are in la la land if you think that. Their community is just as divided as ours, if not more so.


I'm not saying 2 wrongs make a right I am simply stating that I for one think what happened years ago was much worse but if we would have fired the teachers involved in that incident it would have affected Huron's football program and we all know that is really what they were worried about back then and NOT the children. Yes Tanny is a wonderful person but in my opinion there are far worse things going on inside that school then what Fred Fox did. If Tanny was superintendent my child would be at Huron next year but she's not. There are not that great of teachers at Woodlands But you find me the perfect school system. I would love to know where it so my child can go there. Every school has issues but Huron has major issues. I loved the school when I went there and growing up I couldn't have imagined going anywhere else but when I ask myself if I want my child to go there the answer is no.


Oh, and the schools are not failures. They have thrived in spite of Fox.