Huron school board tables Fox vote

No reinstatement tonight.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 19, 2013

After nearly 90 minutes of anticipation, the Huron school board declined on Monday to make a decision whether to reinstate fired district superintendent Fred Fox. 

The board vote was 3-2 in favor of tabling the motion. 

Audience members spoke for about 55 minutes before the vote was taken, including Kalahari owner Todd Nelson.

Check back here for updates and for video of the meeting. 

Be sure to pick up Wednesday's Register for the full story on the meeting and to read more on what Fox's supporters and detractors had to say. Also in Thursday's Register: A story on the budget crisis just on the horizon for Huron Schools.

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good old boy

Your like an old SHOE .....


Hey I just looked its Huron 232 comments to Perkins 98. Huron trounces Perkins again!!!

Still Sold

Better than a basketball score.

(Watch one of the acorns start to argue with me about that comment !)

Go BIG Red

We would love to have Mr Nelson on our Team.....Go Redmen

Still Sold

No doubt, Go BIG Red..

Let's see. We have offers from Perkins and Bellevue.
Does anyone know what ungrateful looks like ?

Sit n Spin

Bend over in front of a mirror & you'll see it :) j/k.... but you set yourself up for that one & acorns like me can't resist a good jab !


Thank you very much for that information. I have all ready forward it. Isn't it funny how all the corruption just migrates back to Fox. Selling a bus for a dollar. How much for the tires? $1500.00 How much for the engine? $3500.00 Now how much for the steel in that bus? $8500.00= $13,500 What a deal that person got. What if the person decides not to hunt anymore and decides to sells the bus for scrap. Looks like the Huron taxpayer just got taken again by a sly Fox. What makes me mad is, that scrap steel would have made a lot of bombs to protect our soldiers overseas. Who is using the bus for a hunting camp?

I watched the video where Mr. Nelson asked the three board members for an apology. I feel if anyone should give Mr. Nelson an apology it should be Fox for dragging him into the mess. The board was voted in to look after taxpayers money and look for miss use of monies. They did their job and found corruption within the school administration. It is to bad that Mr. Nelson picked a wrong group of associates.

Could you give me some information about "tool gate".

Darwin's choice

WOW ! You are really stretching the old imagination tonite! Please look under "public auctions"/government surplus, tonites include hundreds of money makers for you! Why, just from the sale of tires, engines, steering wheels, you could retire. No one was taken for anything! However, the board is doing an obama job of looking after taxpayers money.

Still Sold

Darwin you are speaking to deaf ears.
Retiree is like 4 years behind this story.

I have to admit that selling any bus for $1 is amazing, but it is exactly how it's done.


Retiree, did you report the grassy knoll as well? How about Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster? Haha

Still Sold


Still Sold

Listen. You are way correct that a bus would be worth good money for scrap.

The bus you are referring to was given, I mean sold, for $1 to the band parents when Roger Barnes was the superintendent.


I've been gone for a while so I do have a few questions...
Sold what exactly is an "acorn"? Does it stand for something or is it just a made up adjective to describe someone?
Sold I noticed you have taken up the idea that vonthron spoke up at the board meeting to protect her job as your own. Why do you continue to take another's idea and ramble on and on and try to pass it off as your own?
Sold was that you the other night using Jesus as a way for all of us to forgive each other?
Sold you do know there is medication for your OCD that will help? What will you do once this whole fiasco is over? Will you commit suicide? Move in with Fred fox and family? Adopt ms mcnulty? Clean mr Nelson's office? Or sell concrete for Huron cement?
Sold please simple responses, i tend to ignore anything over a paragraph. Although I am at page 978 of the ODE report. The banter between Murray and the ref is very interesting. Could have sworn they were hanging out together last summer at the village pump on KI. That's something that should be looked into don't ya think?

Still Sold

Acorn = Nut (Look it up)

Santanna VonThron will absolutely make a good superintendent someday. And yes, by standing up in front of the public like that, what acorn would 'retaliate' and do anything to her ? I thought you had enough intelligence to figure out that I am posting compliments to Ms. VonThron on her savvy. I don't blame her. With this board who's next ? (Who posted anything about Ms VonThron and her protecting her job ? I read it all acorn.. I mean Tmm)

Ever seen me mention, Jesus, on here, Tmm ?



Did you notice that Fox supports on the right side of the stage (near Caporini) appeared to have stopped off for a few prior to the meeting ? I know you think Sold is the WWJD man but I still think Mr. Mywifelosttosowecke is a good candidate. His body language sure matched these posts. I sat near one of Fox's distant team members and he reeked of booze !

Still Sold

Does all of this speculation even matter ?

I felt bad when I named someone on here and they fessed up that it was them. I'm not going to do it again, although I know the AKA's of about 6 other people who post here.

I really no longer care who posts on here, who sits with who at meetings, or which side you are on in this fiasco.

It's time for this to end.
It's time for us all to move on.

It's time for this whole mess to be settled and by all parties.
The finger pointing and backstabbing is crazy !
Who did what and to whome is ruining the greatest small town on Lake Erie.

And UgttaBe -
I actually thought that by answering your simple question you may see that WE have common ground. I actually thought Ms. Catri's evidence was well researched, but there continues to be a common thread that is NOT Fred Fox.

All of the posts I've written and you people can't see that my eyes are open and I see all of the BS that is going on ? And it's not Fred Fox.. It's the circus that is obviously in town !

Darwin's choice


Julie R.


One thing for certain --- I'll bet HE would never bilk a client out of money and then tell the client two months later: "If you think I'm getting my attorney brothers in trouble for what they did to your elderly mother, Lady, you're crazy!"

Still Sold

Off topic again, Julie R.
(I always enjoy your posts, though ! lol)

Still Sold

They are referring to Bob B. who commented at the meeting.

Julie R-
You need a better, more reliable, honest lawyer to sort out your legal problems !

Tsu Dho Nimh

Julie...have you tried Pat Murray?

Still Sold

hhaaha.. You're funny again, TDN !

Tsu Dho Nimh

: )


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Interesting that this comment was removed. What is inappropriate about the truth. I too saw/heard the ice cream man yell at a woman in the lobby of the school...this thread of comments must have hit a nerve.

Still Sold

What happened Got. ?
What was being said ?
Who was the woman ?


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


I was at the Huron School Board Tuesday night. After the meeting I walked outside and heard all this yelling. I walked over to see what the problem was. This big guy 6' 4" was yelling at this woman. It was sad because this Fox supporter made numerous threats to this person. This whole Fox ordeal is getting completely out of hand with the threats and intimidation towards people. This man was completely out of control to be singling out a woman and talking to her the way he did. I guess in Huron you can not have a different opinion.

Still Sold

What were they yelling about ?
What threats were made ?

Seriously.. I want to know if you want to share.