Huron school board tables Fox vote

No reinstatement tonight.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 19, 2013


After nearly 90 minutes of anticipation, the Huron school board declined on Monday to make a decision whether to reinstate fired district superintendent Fred Fox. 

The board vote was 3-2 in favor of tabling the motion. 

Audience members spoke for about 55 minutes before the vote was taken, including Kalahari owner Todd Nelson.

Check back here for updates and for video of the meeting. 

Be sure to pick up Wednesday's Register for the full story on the meeting and to read more on what Fox's supporters and detractors had to say. Also in Thursday's Register: A story on the budget crisis just on the horizon for Huron Schools.

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Julie R.

I noticed in today's paper under the Huron Police Blotter that on Monday, March 11 at 10:00 a.m. the Huron Schools Interim superintendent John Fernbaugh brought 3 boxes of documents related to the Fox hearings to police to be held, unopened, for safekeeping.

So what's that all about?

Tsu Dho Nimh

I heard it was the boxes with the 2700+ pages of testimony. It couldn't be left at the board office...too many leaks there. We should never doubt some people's ability to find out anything they want. At least that is what someone on here bragged about a month ago.

Still Sold

Hope you're just trying to be funny, again.

Safe keeping ? Why would documents fully presented online here need to be kept in safe keeping ?

Everyone who cares has seen them ?

My bet would be that the common pleas court has asked for the documents for the civil suits to follow. Just a guess.

I'm all ears/eyes. Does anyone REALLY know why this happened ?

Tsu Dho Nimh

I am serious. The boxes were taken to the police station on March 11, the date the report was released. The files were posted online on MARCH 18, two days after the board met in executive session with the attorneys. Come on, SOLD, you know that if someone in the board office had access to the records, the information would have leaked before the approval to make it public record. The files were not public record from 3/11 - 3/17 but on 3/18 they became FREE MAN!

Still Sold

Actually TDN, after some consultation I was told that the documents were given to the Huron police so they wouldn't disappear, or be tampered with.

Tsu Dho Nimh

See, you should never doubt what I know : )

Julie R.

The Huron schools took 3 boxes of documents to the Huron police station to be held for "safekeeping?" Gee, now where did I hear THAT word before....

Oh, that's right. It was two years and two weeks after the death of my mother. The (snake) attorney I had called and told me that he heard a "Will" had been filed in the Erie County probate court. I said, really? That's odd. I haven't received any notices about any filings of a "Will" yet doesn't the LAW state that any action to contest the validity of a Will must be brought within three (3) months after the Executor files an Affadavit stating all parties have been notified of the filing?

I then contacted the probate court .... and that's when I heard THAT word. I was told a "Will" had been filed ~ two years and two weeks AFTER my mother's death ~ for "safekeeping" ....... yet for some odd reason no Affadavit was filed with it.

(sorry Sold, off-topic but I just couldn't resist)

Still Sold

No problem Julie R..
Your story fascinates me.


Makes us all proud to say we are Huronites!! Our communitee has been divided. Our school board needs to wake up, and do what is right. Either the three, who obviously are in the wrong, need to step down, or the whole board needs replaced.

Still Sold

I'm with you, 1Luckydog !

Still Sold

I believe this post needs to be reposted !

Thu, 03/21/2013 - 12:08pm
Ok Im not Sold but the following are facts:
FACT: The Board failed to conduct the required evaluation of FOX since Oct. 2010.
Fact: The Huron School District has been rated Excellent of Excellent with Distinction for the past 3 years.
Fact: At the end of 2011 the District had approx $8,000,000 in the bank on a budget of $15,000,000
Fact: According to your numbers from Sept 2010 to May 2011 Fox sent an average of 1.3 e-mails (250 total) to McNulty per WORK day (193days).
Fact: According to the e-mails you provided from Aug. 25 2010 to Sept. 30 2010 he sent an average of .55 e-mails (15 total) per WORK day (27days)
Fact: The neutral referee, picked by both parties, found that "The District failed to offer any proof whatsoever to establish that the Superintendent did not preform his duties in an acceptable manner under the terms of his contract." (Referee's report Pg. 44)

Huron parent 1st

All should leave, first and foremost to leave is Fox. He had an affair through the school email. Doesn't matter how he was caught.......he was DUMB enough to do that, and that means he is too dumb to administrate A preschool, let alone a school district.
Go ahead, argue what ever point you want! Back a fox, you are backing a complete dummy.
Stop acting like a bunch of children, push for Fox to get job back, push for him to resign and he can find a job elsewhere. Than push for all 5 board members to resign....because they need to move on, because you guys are big babies and can't stop bashing them.
Yea, argue that point.....then show this problem, all the articles, and all these blogs to someone who lives far away, has "no dog in the fight"......ask them if it looks like a group of mature adults discussing a problem, or if it looks like a group of middle schoolers fighting!

Julie R.

The Huronites are all ranting over what they say is a lack of ethics, morals and integrity on the part of the school superintendent Fred Fox, yet I sure don't see any of them complaining about the appalling total lack of ethics and morals at the Erie County courthouse. Why not?

Still Sold

That's phase ten, Julie !

Julie R.

Sold, I think you missed the SARCASM behind my comment when I asked why the Huronites were ranting about the ethics and morals of Mr. Fox, yet not ranting about the appalling total lack of ethics at the joke Eeeerie County courthouse.

You might not know what I'm talking about but I know for a fact some of the other Huronites on here sure do!

Julie R.

What about the former Huron judges, my mother's attorneys? Sure never heard some of these hypocrite Huronites on here ranting about their ethics and morals. Why not?

Julie R.

After reading the letter in yesterday's Reader's Forum from Sherry Catri and her last comment --- "Call it a rampage if you will, Mr. Caporini, but I call it my right to hold you accountable" -- I'm beginning to think (like somebody already said) this IS a middle school fight. I'll go even further and call it a family feud amongst the Huronites. I think a lot of it started because of jealousy over Fox's friendship with the head honcho of Kalahari and Huron Cement (if it's true) getting all of Kalahari's business. I also heard some realtors in Huron were disgruntled (boo-hoo) over Fox's realtor friend getting Kalahari's business to sell condos. I don't know about the ethics issue with Huron Cement but I do know Kalahari sure isn't obligated to anybody in Huron when it comes to realtors.

Bottom line: A family feud amongst the Huronites that made a bottom-feeder lawyer ninety grand!