Huron school board tables Fox vote

No reinstatement tonight.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 19, 2013

After nearly 90 minutes of anticipation, the Huron school board declined on Monday to make a decision whether to reinstate fired district superintendent Fred Fox. 

The board vote was 3-2 in favor of tabling the motion. 

Audience members spoke for about 55 minutes before the vote was taken, including Kalahari owner Todd Nelson.

Check back here for updates and for video of the meeting. 

Be sure to pick up Wednesday's Register for the full story on the meeting and to read more on what Fox's supporters and detractors had to say. Also in Thursday's Register: A story on the budget crisis just on the horizon for Huron Schools.

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Still Sold

Spinner.. Where'd you get the parrots ?

Tsu Dho Nimh

Speaking of parrots, did you notice how Craig Bulea was moving around and squatting? He looked like a bird.


He did look like he was trying to hatch an egg.

Still Sold

He looked like he truly MEANT what he was saying oh body language distorters.


He looked and sounded inebriated.


This vote is not against Fox. It is a vote for morality, integrity, honesty and leading by example. Fox set a bad example for the students and his family like Clinton did for the youth of America.


And like the football coach, too, right?


Can't keep dwelling on what the coach did over 10 years ago. If he is guilty of what you say he did someone should have addressed it then. It doesn't give Fox a free pass.


If you are calling for Fox's job but said nothing when the coach's infidelities came to light, you are a hypocrite.


No doubt he should have been dealt with. I think the only current board member that was one the board back then is Caporini. Through the years I heard the story but not at the time it happened.


You people don't seem to understand. Fox did nothing wrong. The affair was the fault of his "mentee" and Sowecke. Toolgate was the fault of the H-team and Green. Arizona and everything else was because of Slocum. The whistle blowers were just jealous. Let's face it, there are obviously a lot of people in the Huron School System who lack a moral compass. Everyone is wrong and lying except for Fox. Good thing he is there to guide the path

Signed......The Warren Commission


Am I sensing sarcasm? (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)


This pretty well covers the bases regarding gift giving and acceptance of gifts for public officials and public employees:


I will say it again....Nelson was never charged or accused by the board. There were never any civil lawsuits or criminal charges against him. The focus has been on Fox. Therefore, the board does not owe Nelson anything.
Yes, the referee for the ODE made a ruling...a ruling that is not binding, mind you. But, as I've said before, I don't need any other evidence besides the email between Fox and Fremont principal to know I do not want someone like that as the leader of our school district. I expect more, and Huron deserves better.


Hey Sold ! Ask your contact about check #074181 dated Aug-23-2006. Could it possibly be made out to Huron Cement Products Company for $7,840.21 ? Couldn’t be because the district NEVER buys from Huron Cement ! LMBO !


What does your crystal ball say about this ?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Gaschen, Dane
Date: Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 3:51 PM
Subject: Ethics Concerns and Course of Dealing Exception [BRICKER-WS.FID191447]

In response to Ms. Catri’s questions from this morning. The one statute at issue is R.C. 2921.42. In terms of whether the course of dealing exception applies, as noted in Ethics Opinion 90-003 (copy sent separately this morning) on page 4 it notes that if any material changes are made in the agreement between the parties the sales would not fall within the exemption because such changes alter the original understanding between the parties. Separately, in Ethics Opinion 90-005 (copy sent separately this morning) the Ethics Commission stated that each individual sale was a separate transaction and thus prevented the continuing course of dealing exception from applying. This would appear to be particularly applicable to your situation with the hardware store. Additionally, I have attached three other Ethics Opinions that addressed the exception in 2921.42. All of these would show that each contract that Mr. Caporini is involved in would need to be considered separately and does not constitute a continuing course of action. Further, there is an additional statute (attached) R.C. 3313.33 which prohibits a board member from having directly or indirectly any pecuniary interest in any contract of the board. So, even if you could get past the ethical considerations, R.C. 3313.33 prevents board members from having a pecuniary interest –directly or indirectly – in any contract entered into by the Board.
I hope this is helpful. Please let me know if you need anything additional.

Still Sold

You got me all wrong UGttaBe..

I am telling you how Huron Cement sells to the school, presumably legally, while ACE cannot. I told you that I MAY NOT LIKE IT, BUT IT IS THE WAY IT'S DONE. Huron Cement sells to the school through contractors.

If there is a check made out directly to Huron Cement I would question it if I am Tim SOWecke. (Although there is a clause related to bid jobs. If they are the low bidder why wouldn't you be allowed to purchase from them ? Unfortunately for ACE, they are usually buying items that are used day to day.. Although I'm going to argue my own point by saying that if ACE is the only hardware in town are you supposed to go to Sandusky to buy items for the Huron Schools instead of buying from a taxpayer ?)

The law is pretty simple.

In fact.. The example used to describe the law and how it affects board members: A man delivers milk to the school for ten years. He then becomes a board of education member. The school can no longer use milk from his company because he is on the board.

I don't agree with the law because if someone is a school board member, presumably they are school supporters and why do we penalize them because they are involved ?

But.. As I stated earlier, if you are elected to the board.. hire and fire the treasurer and superintendent.. What keeps you from 'forcing' them to use your company ?

This law should not be so 'cut and dried'.

And you should not be so cut and dried with your opinions. I am really on the side of the school, the students and the school's employees. I am not on the side of a board that uses their positions to benefit a coach who will be not coaching in Huron after he retires because the Huron teacher's contract says that the coaching job goes to an 'active' teacher before it goes to a 'retired' teacher. After all.. Isn't that what this is all about ?

Tsu Dho Nimh

You are really out there. The law does not apply to Huron Cement but it does to Ace? Isn't Dane the board attorney, the one that Mr. Asher and Mr. Caporini wanted to investigate Fred Fox? Let me see if I understand you correctly; you don't agree with the law so it is wrong. Who gave you that legal advice, Kevin Asher?

Still Sold

By actually reading what I said, Acorn.. You would know that I actually was sticking up for ACE Hardware's right to do business.

Maybe you should have someone else interpret my words for you ?

Still Sold

Some of the things that Huron Cement carries, ACE carries, too. Why should either be penalized due to their owners being members of the board of education.

Unfortunately for them, the state of Ohio believes that it is a conflict of interest unless they are the low bidder. I can't say it any plainer.

Tsu Dho Nimh

And Mr. Caporini appears to have broken the law - no sales directly or indirectly is how the rule reads. Indirectly means selling to a contractor who is hired to perform work for the district.

Still Sold

I can't say for sure, TDN.. But THAT is the law.

Still Sold

Here is how I believe ACE can sell to the Huron Board of Education:

The Huron maintenance department has what they call a 'blanket' purchase order. ACE, Huron Cement, etc need to bid on the 'blanket'. In other words they need to price several 'everyday use items'. The low bidder gets the contract.

I would agree to this agreement, but I'm not running the school system so do not know how they are going about purchasing their day to day items.

If I were Tim Sowecke, or John Caporini.. or even Kevin Asher, I would only ask that my business be treated fairly and not penalized because I was a board member.

Still Sold

You are an acorn.

I'm, as usual, telling you the reality. Not your version. The law is too stiff. It can be worked around and board members should not be penalized. How can you find something wrong with that even after John Caporini went after you last night ?

Tsu Dho Nimh

Went after me?


Be careful Sold, you are exposing your lack of morals more than ever before. Amazing how you promote dodging the law

Still Sold

Just because something is a law doesn't mean it's fair.

My morals are not being judged here except by you.

I don't believe I've ever gone on record promoting anyone to break any law. Once again I'll ask you to either read it again or ask someone to read it for you. I DO NOT FEEL IT'S FAIR THAT A BOARD MEMBER'S COMPANY IS PENALIZED BECAUSE THE PERSON IS ON THE BOARD.

What part of that do you not understand ?


Where you said "the law is too stiff and can be worked around"

Still Sold

Someone should ask where the money went for the Sandusky High School Fram that never got published ?