Huron school board tables Fox vote

No reinstatement tonight.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 19, 2013

After nearly 90 minutes of anticipation, the Huron school board declined on Monday to make a decision whether to reinstate fired district superintendent Fred Fox. 

The board vote was 3-2 in favor of tabling the motion. 

Audience members spoke for about 55 minutes before the vote was taken, including Kalahari owner Todd Nelson.

Check back here for updates and for video of the meeting. 

Be sure to pick up Wednesday's Register for the full story on the meeting and to read more on what Fox's supporters and detractors had to say. Also in Thursday's Register: A story on the budget crisis just on the horizon for Huron Schools.

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Comparison of 2 leaders who had admirable careers, then faltered in similar ways, yet the results are vastly different from each other

General Petraeus and Fred Fox follow similar paths rising in their respective careers, and then make a big mistake. Coincidently enough, it is their own words provided in emails that prove to be the hard evidence. Both men are publicly exposed before a trial takes place.

One man decides to be accountable for his actions and puts his fellow citizens first by admitting his mistakes and resigns his position ending his career.

The other man puts himself first and fights to the bitter end while attempting to find escape goats in any shape or form. His attempts to blame others spills out onto his fellow citizens and creates a great divide.

I do not personally know General Petraeus, but I do respect the man because he admitted his mistakes and held himself accountable. He put his fellow citizens before himself.

I have known Fred Fox for more than 40 years and respected him until this fiasco happened. He has taken the opposite direction and has put himself first and has not taken accountability for his own actions. I no longer have a shred of respect for this man.

We are all human and we all make mistakes. How we handle our mistakes is the true measure of a man or women.

Still Sold

Very well written 69.

The difference is Fred Fox is guilty of NOTHING !
As hard as they try this board can pin NOTHING on him.
I don't know why that is so hard to grasp ?


Sold, you can deflect all you like, but many of us can read and have come to our own position on this.




Agree with you 1969 !

RV was being taken that Nelson gave the "free" goods to get tax abatements for the Kalahari expansion that was just completed. The school has to help approve the abatements. So now you see the conflict. But when you talk about are also talking about his family as they are involved in the running of the Kalahari's. Nelson is a fantastic person and I do not think he did any wrong.

Still Sold

Kalahari is not a vendor and Fred Fox has taken nothing from Kalahari even if he could affect the abatement(s).

The treasurer is more involved in abatements than the superintendent is. The board approves abatements. Kalahari is the number one highest tax payer to the Huron City Schools. Isn't it great to see who the number one highest taxpayer to the Huron City Schools thinks is to blame here ?


When the abatement came up for the expansion Fox completely recused himself. The responsibility was given to the Treasurer who is not in Fox's chain of command, he is hired, fired, and supervised by the board. The treasurer advised the board, who voted to approve the abatement (as did every other governmental unit involved), which was negotiated by the county. Since Fox recused himself there can be no undue influence.

Sit n Spin

How do you know he 100% recused himself during the abatement process ??? Exactly, you don't...These two coulda met at The Sandbar for a cold one (among other things) to discuss the abatement.


I believe it was in the Board minutes and sworn testimony. Here's the catch Sit: Prove that he didn't. If you can't PROVE he didn't then the burden of proof, which lies with the District, has not been met. The Board failed to do so.

Sit n Spin

I can't prove it...and you can't prove to me that it didn't happen behind closed doors either. You are the know it all that claims Freddie "completely" recused himself from the abatement process. Board minutes, please....and as for the sworn testimony they both have been caught in lies before so what's another one even if it is under oath. I'm sure he took an oath when he got married to his little princess and you see how serious he took that !

Still Sold

(After looking into my crystal ball that I purchased in the Kalahari gift shop)

The State of Ohio will also find in favor of Fred Fox being reinstated.

The Huron Board of Education will still vote 3-2 to terminate Fred Fox.

Fred Fox will sue the Huron Board of Education for every dollar he would have made in his career, up to his retirement X 5. (10 million dollars for those of you who are mathmatically challenged)

Fred Fox will settle for 2 million dollars.
(1/2 million from the board's insurance company)

Fred Fox will sue Tim SOWecke for his part in making the Markling report public.

Fred Fox will settle for another 2 million dollars.

Huron's ACE hardware will be sold to the highest bidder.

By voting to terminate him the Huron Board of Education will actually be giving Fred Fox a winning lottery ticket.

(For those of you who thought this was interesting before, just wait until it all comes down !)


I think I saw the same crystal ball on the counter with the clearance sale ... the one that was marked "Cracked"

Still Sold

We'll see 69..

I think this will be filed under: SAD BUT TRUE


@still sold.....I do believe you are right about your predictions on this crystal ball.....right down the line with one exception...the insurance company will refuse to pay the bill for this because the board failed to do what was right on the contract. Failure to follow rules on contracts in a known breach and most insurance companies will not cover known breaches.



Still Sold

Oops.. The crystal ball's still talking:

Tanny Von Thron will not be the next superintendent of Huron. The position will go to someone past retirement age who doesn't care about anything but padding their retirement. The district will go through the motions until the person ACTUALLY retires with Huron's money and THEN.. Tanny will be the miracle worker as the superintendent of Huron !


Did you read her testimony? If so, do you think she is lying when she says she has no aspirations to be a superintendent?


I believe Von Thron may be a Superintendent but never in Huron. Her name, rightly or wrongly, is way too ingrained with this fiasco. To make her Huron's Superintendent would just be way to divisive. Huron's next couple of Supers will need to come from not only outside the district but outside the area. They will also need to have experience dealing with districts having come through similar situations and facing similar challenges. There are few of these people and they will come with a premium price tag.


Did YOU read her testimony?


Yes I did, but people's aspirations change. Do I think she made her complaint to set herself up for the Supers. job, no I do not. Do I think she was lying when she testified that she has no aspirations for to be Superintendent, no I do not.


Still...Correct on the board issue....but the Superintendent may have some pull with the board. Would Kalahari given the $500,000 towards the field if they didn't get the abatement? No one will know for sure. From the State of Ohio point of view, there was possible inappropriate behavior with the free offerings from Nelson. But Nelson is that way with many, many people. A free overnight stay is considered taking something for free. Need more explanation?


Yes, evidence of a substantial and improper influence.


Still waiting

Still Sold

Apparently you cannot read RV..

As long as it's not out of the ordinary you can take what they give. The stadium is NOT under any investigation and neither is anything that Todd Nelson SOLD to Fred Fox. It's all in black and white for those of you, (RV), who didn't already read it.


I find it amazing that Fred's "mentee" was bumped from building principal to teacher after this fiasco but Fred and his friends still feel he did nothing wrong. Obviously HER board had enough evidence to take action and she was smart enough to be quiet. (hence she is still getting a paycheck) Yet the misguided friends of Fred feel our board does not have enough evidence. This proves, yet again, that Fred & the good humor doper believe they do not have to live by the same standards as the rest of us.


By "misguided friends of Fred" you must be referring to the Ohio Department of Education since they are the ones who said the board did not have a preponderance of the evidence to prove ANY of their accusations or sub-accusations let alone whether they rose to the level of good and just cause.


sounds like Huron School District performed well IN SPITE OF Fox and not because of Fox.

Sit n Spin

You are correct ! The District performed well because there are damn good teachers in the system and parents within this community that are actually parents to their children ! NOT because Freddie !


Spot on!