Huron Schools set to vote on Fox tonight

Meeting agenda includes resolution accepting state's recommendation to rehire superintendent with full back pay.
Alissa Widman Neese
Mar 19, 2013

The Huron school board is poised to reinstate ousted superintendent Fred Fox tonight, according to a meeting agenda recently posted to the district's website.

The agenda includes a resolution that reads as follows:

"Therefore, be it resolved by the Huron City School District Board of Education that the Board accepts the recommendation of the referee."

"Therefore, be it further resolved that Fox's contract of employment with the Board of Education remains in effect and that Fox shall be paid his full salary for the period of his suspension from September 7, 2012 to the present date in accordance with R.C. 3319.16."

Tune in here at 7 p.m. for pre-vote interviews, updates and a live video stream of the meeting at McCormick Middle School.


Hoss McGee

Durwin Darwin whataever your name is, is just a puppet!

Darwin's choice

better a puppet than a fool

Darwin's choice

And you're pithy attempt to bring the bus issue up has been answered a dozen times.

Tsu Dho Nimh

So why is the title in the district's name? Never heard the answer on that one.


No matter what issues are at hand here, the State of Ohio didn't side with the BOE for any of the reason's given to dismiss Mr. Fox.

At this point, the state is advising the board to honor their contract with Mr. Fox and give him back his job. If the board is wise, they will do so. At the end of his contract, they can simply not renew it and be done with him. How much longer does he have on his contract anyway? A few years? That way the board won't have to worry about a protracted legal contract battle in which their insurance won't pay out for a willful disobediance order from the State of Ohio recommendation and possible punitive damages the insurance won't cover from any additional lawsuits Fox may file against the board. (which I am sure he will file if he doesn't get his job back after all this).

This really is a no brainer folks. Let him work out the contract and then don't renew it. That way he goes his way and the board and town goes theirs. No harm/no foul.


No harm, no foul ? What about the whistle blowers ? Do you think they would be safe from his retaliation ? Have you actually read through ALL the pages carefully ? Did you listen to the what the principal had to say last night ? As far as the insurance company goes, listen to who keeps throwing that information out there - Fred Fox supporters. It is just another intimidation attempt to scare the community. The insurance company has not told them that they will drop them.


Lets go to court and bring in the mistress. I would bet she has a lot to bring to the table. Fox would be crazy to have this mess in court. So don't make it sound that Fox wants to sue anyone. The SR would have a lot of ink to print. By the way, the referee's decision holds no power. Only the Fox supporters want you to believe it does. Bringing him back would have one advantage, there would be a school bus at every woods. Everyone will have a hunting camp.