Referee rejected board's argument

Fox hearing documents posted at; more to follow.
Jessica Cuffman
Mar 18, 2013

School board attorneys released hundreds of pages of documents from hearings related to the termination of Fred Fox on Monday — one day before the board is expected vote whether to reinstate the embattled superintendent.

Among the dozens of files provided to the Register as of late Monday were:

• Five of eight volumes of the 2,700 pages of transcripts from testimony during the 10 days of hearings.

• Dozens of exhibits both Fox's attorneys and the school board's attorneys submitted to support their arguments.

The following documents are available for review. Other documents released by the school district will be posted Tuesday morning.

• A 52-page brief from the district's attorneys submitted to the hearing officer at the end of the 10 days of testimony, stating their case and reasons for firing Fox.

• The referee's report recommending Fox be reinstated and rejecting the district's arguments. 

Get live coverage as it happens here at Tuesday evening from McCormick Middle School when the school board votes. 



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Evidence looks bad but what I don't understand is how the refree refected all the evidence? Looking at the testimony, Fox should not get his job back. We hope that Huron board members put this to bed once and for all.


You read all 2700+ pages of testimony and reviewed all of the documentary and physical evidence? If you are basing your opinion of the District's brief remember it is their (naturally) biased argument in favor of their opinion. There is also a brief by Fox's attorneys that hasn't been posted. Why I don't know. But I'm sure it is just as (naturally) biased in favor of his arguments.


WOW. The Huron tax payers need to read this. Anyone seen Sold since this has been released?


Maybe Huron has to follow the connecting dots some more in this case. How do you get a ruling rejecting all the evidence which looks really bad. Something is very wrong in someone's way of thinking. Doesn't ethics exist anymore? Has the Ethics Committee weighed in yet? I don't care how great a background he has. It only takes one time to screw up.


I read the fifty two pages from the district attorney's briefs. That must have been a terrible place to work since Fox became superintendent. Some people should not have a position with that much power. I hope he gets everything that he and his friends deserves for the way he treated the employees and board members.