Huron School board schedules special meeting

Ruling from state expected Monday on Fred Fox's termination
Jessica Cuffman
Mar 8, 2013

Note: Meeting date for open, regular meeting has been changed to 7:30 p.m. March 19.

The Huron school board has scheduled a special weekend meeting on March 16, three days ahead of its regular monthly meeting.

Board members plan to meet with attorneys about pending court action and personnel matters in the 10 a.m., closed-door, Saturday session a week from tomorrow. The board will consider the dismissal or discipline of a public employee but doesn't anticipate taking any formal action at the meeting, held in the reading area at Shawnee Elementary.

At the March 18 meeting, the board may then vote on the employment status of suspended superintendent Fred Fox. A report from an Ohio Department of Education referee should be delivered to the district this Monday. It will include a recommendation to either fire or reinstate Fox.

The board members can vote to accept or reject the referee’s recommendation, ultimately making the final decision on whether they’ll fire Fox based on 23 allegations leveled against him.

The investigation into Fox kicked off more than a year ago, when the board hired attorney Matt Markling to review a number of allegations. Markling has billed the district $90,000 for his work.

The issue has effectively divided the community.


Want to go
: Regularly scheduled board meeting
When: 7:30 p.m. March 19
Where: Shawnee Elementary, 712 E. Cleveland Road.
Note: The special board meeting March 16 is for the purpose of going into executice, closed-door session, to discuss personnel matters and pending litigatio..


Truth and Justice

TDN - I have followed this entire sad scenario from the board room to the blogs. I haven't said much, but when you start putting out false information it really shows who you are backing. Mr. Caporini voted with the 3 Stooges in the February, 2012 meeting when it was stated that 10 free hours would be used for special education. Mr. Fox weighed in on this and it was specifically pointed out by Mr. Caporini that this firm was employed only for the free hours and nothing more. Many in the audience that night would be happy to substantiate this.

There is no formal vote from the Board on the extended service and there was never a vote on the $10,000 expenditure. Also Mr. Asher and Mr. Caporini have stated they knew nothing of the actions taking place until the March Board meeting. Your reference to early February is completely inaccurate regarding discussion of Mr. Fox's alleged transgressions.

Don't try to dazzle us with your expertise, since basically you are way out of bounds. Also, please don't give us the "holier than thou" approach that you do not have a horse in the race. Your rants totally define you. I hope that you don't hurt yourself when you fall off.

Tsu Dho Nimh

I was not at the meeting so I cannot deny what you say is true. As far as the "holier than thou" comment, I truly have no relationship with any of the board members. I have just been following this since May and have noted several inconsistencies with Mr. Asher's statements. The fact that he states he is a licensed attorney in Ohio strikes a nerve with me. It wasn't relevant to the purpose of the injunction yet he made it point #1. Check with the State of Ohio and you will see that what I am saying is true.

Please pay attention to the section about inactive attorneys. Inactive attorneys may not practice law in Ohio or hold themselves out as authorized to practice law in Ohio. See, Gov. Bar R. VI, Sec. 2.

Anyone who would lie about this has no credibility in my eyes. He also was one of the three board members who approved to pay Mr. Fox's personal expenses for the Arizona trip to make up for Mr. Fox paying for his own airfare. Mr. Caporini is the most experienced member and would have known that is an improper and illegal way to use district money. Mr. Asher, with his legal wisdom, would have known that. too. They stated in their June letter that three of them (not 5) agreed to pay the bills this way. I have a real issue with three board members taking it upon themselves to make such an backroom decision. So when Mr. Asher and Mr. Caporini say they knew nothing before March, I don't believe them. As far as hiring a law firm, I do believe that it is in the scope of the board president's authority to hire a law firm when it involves potential wrong doing of the superintendent. I may be wrong but what I have been reading online at the sites, it sure appears to be the case. I have never claimed to be an expert and sorry that you think I am trying to dazzle you. As far as February 2012 goes, the board did begin discussing the allegations against Fred Fox. They already had complaints/allegations from district employees and addressed the Arizona trip and the reimbursement check was written by Mr. Fox on 2/24/12. Unless you are one of the board members who was part of the meeting, then I think we are just two people who disagree on who they were discussing.



So is it fair to assume that you were at the Feb. 2012 regular meeting or are you just repeating what you were told ? Are you suggesting that the special meeting at the beginning of that month wasn't to discuss complaints and allegations made and a personnel issue ? I just checked the board minutes and it was. If not Fred, who were they dscussing ? You have me curious now. How do you know that Caporini and Asher are telling the truth about not knowing until March ? I clicked on the link TDN posted and looks like he is right. I went back to the Register's link for the injunction and sure enough, Asher claims to be an attorney in Ohio. Looks like Asher does lie. Don't know if he has a horse or not but but TDN has some valid arguments !


Are you suggesting that Mr. Asher and Mr. Caporini are always truthful? Who turned over the attorney bills to the newspaper? Fair assumption that is wasn't Slocum, Green, or Sowecke. Did the board vote that the records be released because I can't find it in the minutes. Looks like some illegal behavior is going on. I can find that the board voted in May of last year to turn over the Markling report to the ethics commission. I don't see why it matters who turned the report over because the board voted to do it. I'm not trying to take sides in the issue but it doesn't look good for Team Fox.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Truth and Justice !!!
Great post !


I noticed some things that seemed odd when it comes to Mr. Caporini and Mr. Asher. In the summer they said that the two of them and a former board member were in agreement to reimburse Mr. Fox for the expenses in question from the Arizona trip. They gave it to the Huron paper to print. At the fall meeting at Shawnee school with Mr. Muray, Mr. Asher claimed that the board voted to reimburse Mr. Fox. I found that to be odd. His stories don't match. I find it strange that if the vote to use Markling was just for ten free hours to educate the district on special education then why would Mr. Asher vote against it. It just doesn't make sense.



You're right. Kevin Asher did contradict himself at that meeting and said they voted to pay for the rental car. I remember it well. They just came back from executive session and the Casherinis addressed the crowd before the vote to suspend Fred. Did you notice that a fly came out of no where and flew around John and he swatted at it the entire time he spoke ? Then when Kevin started speaking, the fly started bothering him and he swatted at it too. Flies know poop when they hear it. HAHAHAHA


Why is it that those who question the actions of Fred Fox or his support team can give specific examples that are backed in black and white but those who think that Fred Fox is being railroaded can only provided stories of what happened? Am I the only one noticing this?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Truth and Justice !

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

It's the 10th already ? Wow.. Two more days.
(I'm assuming I will have to read the results in Tuesday's Register.. lol)


One quick simple question for each of you. There were twelve days of testimony at the hearing. If the referee rules in favor of Fox – will you support Fox or do you think they should still terminate and make Fred go to Common Pleas Court. Also if the ruling is in favor of Fred – do you think the Insurance Company will pullout? Remember he is ruling on facts and orders of law. How about a short response from each of you and we’ll talk on Monday. Cheers!

Tsu Dho Nimh

Whazup asked this question (think it was directed at T and J) but I would like to ask you the same. The Register reported that it was a board member (not the board as a whole) who released the Markling invoices. It is the opinion of the Huron board that this is not pubic record. Someone else posted that perhaps it could be public record if the board wanted to release it. There was no vote so the board did not vote to make this public record. So why is it okay for any board member to take it upon himself (or herself) to give this information to the Register? Please do not try to compare it to Mr. Sowecke driving the Markling report to Columbus. The board voted 3-2 to turn it over to the OEC. Maybe he was jummping the gun, maybe he wanted to be the Hero of Huron, maybe he did overstep his bounderies since he was not the board president, but what he did was not illegal. The board voted to turn it over, the proper paperwork was filed and given to the OEC. But let's just say that Mr. Sowecke was completely out of line, his wrong does not justify the actions of the board member handing out invoices. So what say you?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Good post, TDN !

Tsu Dho Nimh

ODE will release it's findings and recommendation tomorrow. My point of view during the entire saga has not been that Mr. Fox needs to fry for this. I have always been of the opinion that some serious allegations were made against him and should not have been ignored. I stand by my opionion that turninig this over to ODE and the OEC was the responsible thing to do. I am not a SOWecke minion rather I believe that the other two members did not take appropriate action. I will always question why they did not want it fully investigated. If I were innocent, I would welcome the ivestigation to clear my good name.

Based on the email records, the receipt submission of the AZ trip, the timing of Mr. Fox's repayment (after the investigation began), and the inconsistencies of Asher and Caporini that are actually documented in written form and audio recordings, I am of the belief that the findings will not be in favor of Mr. Fox. Having said that, I will respect the findings and do expect ALL FIVE board members to act accordingly. If my guessimate is wrong, you will not see me blogging about how it should be reversed. Let's see how many people will do the same.

Now you all have read my "expertise". Hope you were "dazzled."


One more question for the floor. Since Tim SOWecke, jr. was quoted in the Hometown News as saying "my father is really not a good business man", I'm wondering how many out there think Ace Hardware will survive. I hear they are doing awful.


I haven't heard that the store is doing awful but a couple businesses pulled accounts. What I did hear was this same question, asked the same way, when the letter printed. It was posted by AKOUN Sold OXET. Hmmmm, why don't you just stick to the real topic and quit trying to make it about someone else. We'll know the recommendations soon enough, Fred !

P.S. Whatever happened to the Supporters of Fred Fox FB page - HAHAHAHA



Did you forget to answer TDN's question ? I would loooooooove to hear your answer !


Hhguy or should I just call you by your first name Bob? Great question about Ace. Heard average sales for this time of year and are getting geared up for the busy spring season. How's it been practicing law lately? After losing your job it must be rough. Also how's your back doing? Or was it your hip?



Who is Bob ? Please tell us ! We boehkon you ! Please !

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Why do you think Bob R. is posting here ? Have you seen him with Fred Fox ?
Just curious.

I have a comment about ACE.
The truth is they are overpriced but we all should support local businesses.

(No matter how I feel about Tim SOWecke, he's not the only employee of ACE. I don't want to see a loss of jobs in Huron. They are already scarce).