Huron board fires back at Fox conspiracy claim

A faction of Huron school board members are firing back at fellow board member Kevin Asher's claim about a grand conspiracy against embattled superintendent Fred Fox.
Jessica Cuffman
Nov 20, 2012

Board member Kevin Asher and attorney Patrick Murray, who represents Fox, have previously filed court documents accusing the majority of the board members of holding a personal vendetta against Fox.

In court documents filed this past week, however, Fox's opponents said any notion of a conspiracy theory is not only false, but also irrelevant.  

"Asher's brief includes more than a dozen pages of irrelevant, speculative, false and defamatory conspiracy theories masquerading as 'facts,'" stated documents filed by Drew Legando, attorney for board members Tim Sowecke and Donna Green. "Its outlandish claims have nothing to do with the issues presented by the motions pending before the court."

Read the court filings. Click HERE to see the originial conspiracy claims.

For more on the ongoing legal battles, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register.



Tsu Dho Nimh

Sold...I have always heard the same stories about the teacher in question. I have no way of proving or disproving the allegations. Assuming it is true, the teacher should have been disciplined (which could have included termination). The policies did not change, the superintendent was just wrong. So, are you suggesting because the history of politics in the district has been crooked that we should never step up and do what is right?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

I am just stating the facts and pointing to the irony. I would have loved to see the teacher/coach and the other teacher terminated for their actions. At the time the super claimed there was not enough proof. In actuality there were eye witnesses and at least one video from a private detective that was shown to the super.

Just irony.

But.. I disagree that the two board members stopped the termination process. They attempted to stop the way it was being handled and tried to force it through the proper channels in a way that would have afforded said employee his privacy which was due.

And then Tim SOWecke hand delivered the Markling report to the OEC making it a public document.

**Those of you forever reading along will note that what I have posted above is MY ONLY CLAIM throughout this entire post fest.

Tsu Dho Nimh

The proper channel was to vote for termination back in the early spring. The documentation was there. We will never agree on this :) Would you agree that if Fox would have been fired this would now be water under the bridge?

Tsu Dho Nimh keep mentioning that hand delivering the documents made it public. According to my phone conversation with the OEC this summer, how they receive information does not impact anything in the investigation. Knowing how the post office loses things, Mr. Sowecke most likely wanted to make sure it arrived safely. Have you ever spoken with anyone at the OEC?

Julie R.

The super claimed there was not enough proof?????

Gee, this is getting better and better. That sounds just like your Erie County prosecutor, Kevin Baxter. I heard through the grapevine that he said (in the presence of the Huron police chief Randy Glovinsky) that a Forensic Document Examiner's Report that stated with scientific certainty that every document they examined was a forgery (ironically, all documents prepared by Huronites --- attorneys, an insurance agent, and the manager of a Huron bank) "wasn't enough proof of forgery."

For some odd reason Glovinsky wouldn't put in writing what Baxter said and Baxter wouldn't return my phone calls.

Wonder what kind of proof these jokes need, anyway?

Tsu Dho Nimh

I would agree that there is some irony but I have not seen any proof that the teacher in question is part of this mess.


Sold, is it okay that people are responding to your post without properly addressing them ? If so, just let us know. Mama's new rule is don't speak unless spoke to.


Sold, that is not what I said at all. I said it was rude for TDN to go around answering for other people when I asked them questions and she jumps in and answers for them.

I consider that rude, like someone who interrupts anothers conversation. I never said that other people could not do so with THEIR conversation, only that I did not want her doing so with MINE. But this knucklehead, as many in Huron, have a penchance for lies it seems, or stetching the truth and passing them off as what someone says as being fact. So just ignore this idiot from another planet and go about your business.

LOL, some people have no life unless they can create problems for others such as he and TDN are doing. But he or she who has the last life, laughs best...I will be the last one laughing here.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Again, TWO of the board members refused to release/fire Fox. It takes a 4-1 vote. Both members have deep friendships with Fox. The other three would have been morally wrong to not pursue the issue by taking it to the proper agencies. Why do you refuse to admit that Mr. Asher and Mr. Caporini made a decision that largely contributed to this mess?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

You twist so many of our words and so many of the attorney's.

Your heroes committed crimes which you are so quick not to aknowledge. In the end Fred Fox will have his job back and there will be at least two of the 3 Amigoes/Stooges facing charges.

Everyone on here knows that but continue with the insults towards those who have either done their research by reading what is posted here and in the Register or by those who really are privy to the real info. Either way, the story is the same. Fred Fox used his school email for personal reasons. That's it.

(Funny how the rest of the charactors in this story have done so much worse attempting to make Fred Fox look bad ?)

Tsu Dho Nimh

Time will tell if the 3 behaved appropriately. In the meantime, you have not shared any valid prood that they did not. Everything is hearsay. What I do know is that Fred Fox behaved in a manner that required investigation.

Julie R.

I also agree with donutshopguy --- "the boss and his crony board run the institution ..... it happens all the time in public office." Sounds to me like Fox, Asher, and Caporini got away with a lot for a long time ~ including, but not limited to, doing unlawful favors for their friends who stole tools ~ and now that somebody wants to hold them accountable they don't like it. I also will admit that I agreed with wiredmama's comment not because it applies to the 3 board members but because it so fits the jokes at the Erie County courthouse, who also abuse their power knowing they can get away with it because there's nobody around to hold them accountable.

@wiredmama: I can see your point about exposing Fox's affair but he doesn't have anybody to blame there but himself. I don't think people would care if had a hundred affairs --- just don't do it on the taxpayers dime.


I cannot help but wonder if everytime someone is getting fired, they get taken in front of the entire "plant" or "group" they work with to "discuss' all the things they did wrong that is getting them fired.

"sit down Mr. Brown, we brought you here today to list all the following reason you are being terminated.
1. On tuesday last, Frank Fawellit punched you out, but you actually left at 2:00 when your shift ends at stole from us.

2. On Monday, Nov 1, you made a whistling sound at Heidi Rench, even though you had been warned not to three times this year alone.

3. You were found to have two pens in your pocket protector on the company camera when you let five weeks in a row. There were always new. You have been stealing pens from this company for years now.

4. we searched your locker and your lunch bag and found four unopened rolls of new tape. You have been stealing tape

5. You went to the rest room and there you were found to be placing a bet on the Ohio State Football team with Tom Patner even though you and others were told NOT to place bets on company time. This and last year as well.

6. You were found smoking outside. You are permitted only to smoke ONE cigarette on each break. The cameras showed you smoked two.

7. You gave Terry Lynn Kessler a kiss on the cheek yesterday, last tuesday and a week ago last Monday. How long have you been having this affair...."but Mr. Willson...."shut up".

8. You were told to lose thirty pounds by the company doctor. You only lost 29 and a half. Tisk tisk.

9. You were saw putting a wrench in your lunch bag. Bring it stole it. "But Mr. Willson...."Shut up"

Now, do you understand WHY we are firing you? "Yes, but Mr, Willson"
"Shut up." Sign this.

"But Mr. Willson". "What is it, man, what is it?"
"Terry Lynn is my sister and the wrench is mine".

"I don't care.....get out.....and return that wrench by noon tomorrwow".

Tsu Dho Nimh

What? You are really grasping at straws on this one.

I will save you the time..."boo hoo, TDN!"



No, I cant' even say BOO HOO to this one. I feel sick to my stomach for you. My goodness have you lost your sense of humor as well as your mind?


No yelling or screaming in caps.


says who? YOU? Oh, I didn't know you were the boss around here. Ok, I will remember that you call the shots. TY.


We really need to value Mama's blogs. I did some background checking myself and guess what ? She graduated with honors from the Crapola Law School of (blank) house lawyers ! ! ! ! !


very funny, Ugtakkdme. Your name pretty much says it all. anyone who says "you gotta back me" needs all the help he can get.

I am merely pointing out that if you go on the Sunshine law website and see for yourself you will find out I am right about the law saying their BOE blew it big time. That is what I have said from the beginning Like it or not they did.

Even IF Fred Fox is guilty of all they say he is, which he could very well be, they blew it. You cannot do what they did and get away with it.

He could very well end up owning them before its over. A simple "your fired" would have been all they should have done and nothing more. But that wasn't good enough.

I have said this again, and again, and again. But the concrete brain cells of some of your people in Huron just don't seem to grasp that concept at all.

It is so simple they just can't get it. They want a federal case to be made and they can't do it. Affair or not, bus sale or not, who stole and returned those tools or not, this Markling report and State findings crap is just much "who shot john". It doesn't matter. I just plain DOES NOT MATTER. But no one gets it.

In the end, the BOE got themselves entangled in a lawsuit that will cost them a lot of money. That should never have happened. And for what? To embarrass someone? To show who had the power? To finish a guy off? Why?

Probably no one will ever admit why, it was a hairball move. It isn't lawful, it should not have been done and they goofed.

The BOE divided a board, a community and a school system. They involved innocent people and that shouldn't have happened. Shame on all of them. They refused to listen to council. They acted on their own and they did the wrong thing. It will cost them plenty.


It's you got to be kidding me ! I wasn't really asking for a response to my statement so we'll let this one slide, too !


Ha, ha, ha. are indeed one sick individual with a problem, aren't you. I have to laugh. And will continue to do so.


I guess I'll say what everyone else in this comment section wants to say but wont...Julie R, stay the f off this comment section regarding your erie county courthouse BS - no one gives a sh*t - what the f does it have to do with this subject?

You would think due to the holiday and nothing really happening in regards to this mess that the comments would be few, if any. I go online and stand corrected.

You have wired remarking as if she knows how the entire community of Huron feels regarding the Fred Fox Fiasco. You don't know sh*t! There are what, 10 individuals at best commenting for the past 6 to 7 months and you think this is a reflection of Huron? Go back to Margaretta and leave Huron and "Sandtown" as you like to call it alone.

Julie R.

"Go back to Margaretta and leave Huron and "Sandtown" as you like to call it alone?"

Excuse me, but I live in Huron ..... and had it not been for a bunch of trouble-making Huronites, I wouldn't have any comments at all to make about the "erie county courthouse BS," so don't blame me.

As for wiredmama, I believe she has said numerous times she's from Sandusky, so who are you referring to that should go back to Margaretta?


TMM...I think you need a vacation. Where do you get off telling anyone they can or cannot comment on a comment page about anything they like?

You have no right to tell anyone what to do. Opinions of others are JUST as pertinent as those you give. Obviously something has "rattled your chains". I have said repeatedly that I am from Sandusky but for some inexplicable reason you seem to feel otherwise. I guess because I commented about how healthy I felt Margaretta was once. Gee, too bad.

It makes no difference what either of us writes about our opinions of your Huron residents and what we see. They are the ones who are "acting out". Not all of them, but the ones who are in the news. Interesting choice of words : "regarding the Fred Fox Fiasco". You see, we can only go by what we see and read in the SR and what we hear from others who are there.

Perhaps that does not sit well with you, but again, too bad. These people are not all commenting on these posts either. The SR reports are open for all to see. Do you wish to stop those as well. Shall we call the SR and tell them they can no longer print anything that comes from Huron because it upsets you so much? They, too, are "reflections" of Huron. Do you not realize that?

So don't jump at Julie, or me or anyone else who comments about your town, the people who live there, the one's who started all this and those who keep it going. The perceptions that others have are based solely on the actions of those involved and those who continually shout "nothing bad is happening over here" at the top of their lungs. When quite the opposite appears to be the case, or the SR wouldn't be printing stories about it.

You have your knickers in a knot because people are seeing something that no one expected the rest of the surrounding communities to see and you simply do not like it. You and others expected this to be over by now and for Mr. Fox to crawl away without a fight. That what was supposed to happen, wasn't it? You never expected the lawyers, the fighting back and exposure like this. You didn't expect others to say a word, nor people outside the confines of Huron to chime in. Nope, not one thing went according to plan. And that isn't pleasant. You thought it would be over by now and that life would continue on. At the most, nothing would be said except good bye and what did happen was very unexpected.

The more people say, the less pleasant it becomes, TMM so you are lashing out at those who disagree, who say what you don't want to hear.

What will happen when the gory, unhappy details unveil in courts? What will you be saying then? "Oh, it was all a misunderstanding?"

I hate to see what people will say then. Because then is when this mess will really be open and discussion will hit the fan. So don't jump on Julie. She isn't the enemy and she isn't wrong. And don't threaten me to stay off the sight....not unless you are open to even MORE legal problems than you have now. I have the second amendment in my corner. As does every single person who writes on this site. Don't forget it


Tmm was talking to Julie so please excuse yourself from this discussion !


AND to me, so please see to whom he was speaking before you ask me to excuse myself. I am not the one who interjects myself in answers to others. It quite clearly states JULIE and WIRED (see the quote below)
from TMM:
"You have wired remarking as if she knows how the entire community of Huron feels regarding the Fred Fox Fiasco. You don't know sh*t! There are what, 10 individuals at best commenting for the past 6 to 7 months and you think this is a reflection of Huron? Go back to Margaretta and leave Huron and "Sandtown" as you like to call it alone. "

I rest my case. Despite what he may say NOW to the contrary, there you have it folks.


May I have everyone's attention ? Apparently we have a new set of rules. Wired Mama will now determine who can post what, when, where, and to whom. She lays it out to Tsu that if you answer or respond when a comment is directed at someone else she is going to report you. You will get two notices and then she will lay down the law ! If in doubt, please go back and read her post. In addition to this new rule Wired Mama is the only blogger permitted to make ugly, snide remarks. Thank you in advance for abiding by the new rule !


No,only to HER, so get your facts straight, sonny. She has answered for others twice now when I have asked them a question, which is not only rude, but presumptious since she has NO idea what they would answer, now does she? And I told her so.

So you can stop defending her. And stop announcing it as if it were a rule for one and all when you know that isn't so. What is up with some of you over in Huron? Do you make it a habit to distort the truth and lie, or is this something new since this mess started?

Rudeness of her kind is of the utmost rudeness. It not only says that the person to whom someone else was asking a questions hasn't the wherewithall to answer for themselves, but it also says you know best how to answer for them. That is extremely rude. I am tired of her doing it. Why would anyone do that to someone? Why would SHE be that rude AND impertinent? Does she often interrupt conversations when others are talking?

Tsu Dho Nimh

I will interject again because I am the topic of your post. Let me share what was posted a few comments back:

"TMM...I think you need a vacation. Where do you get off telling anyone they can or cannot comment on a comment page about anything they like?

You have no right to tell anyone what to do."

That is some good advice :)


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