Huron board fires back at Fox conspiracy claim

A faction of Huron school board members are firing back at fellow board member Kevin Asher's claim about a grand conspiracy against embattled superintendent Fred Fox.
Jessica Cuffman
Nov 20, 2012


Board member Kevin Asher and attorney Patrick Murray, who represents Fox, have previously filed court documents accusing the majority of the board members of holding a personal vendetta against Fox.

In court documents filed this past week, however, Fox's opponents said any notion of a conspiracy theory is not only false, but also irrelevant.  

"Asher's brief includes more than a dozen pages of irrelevant, speculative, false and defamatory conspiracy theories masquerading as 'facts,'" stated documents filed by Drew Legando, attorney for board members Tim Sowecke and Donna Green. "Its outlandish claims have nothing to do with the issues presented by the motions pending before the court."

Read the court filings. Click HERE to see the originial conspiracy claims.

For more on the ongoing legal battles, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register.




That is YOUR opinion and I respect that. I don't care if you read them or not. I have the SR right, as do you, to post MY opinion, as do you. I am not tramping on your rights to post YOUR BS so you shouldn't complain to much when you post what you say is mine. LOL

Exhausting or not, I really do not care what you read or do not read. That isn't up to me, it is up to you. But I don't highly that you won't read it. There isn't a "pop quiz" at the end of any of this so who will know the difference.

These boards are here for posting opinions, and each of us is doing just that. At least mine have some research behind mine. Do you ever look up anything or just believe what you have been spoon fed by your BOE, the gossip in Huron and your friends? I was just curious. You need not answer. I think I already know the results of those answers given what you have posted in the past. Good luck with that and may you have a good holiday season.

Julie R.

@BAM272: I never did anything that made Huron look bad but I know a lot of idiot Huronites that sure did ---- so blame them. Don't blame me for making the Erie County courts look bad, either --- blame the courts.


No, Julie, you haven't. This sounds like they cannot take hint of anything illegal going on. It is one more in a long line of things going on to them and they can't take it.


Julie....If they have done something fraudulent, they will get caught this time. Remember, they are still smarting from the SC smackdown they got earlier in the week. LOL



I'm not ashamed what the new board did to uproot the previous board and superintendent. The "good old boys" were well entrenched with numerous "pals and buddies" employed throughout the school system to tattle and harass good administrators and teachers. This situation seems to happen in public employment when people in charge have been in their positions too long. There are similar situations in the area throughout government.

Now the best thing for the school system is a total cleansing of the whole board and superintendent. It's the only way to heal the great divide created by all in power. Yeah, I mean everyone.


But NOT in public. You run a business, do you not? Would you PUBLICALLY humilitate an employee when you fire them or tell them they are fired?

Would you publically air all their misdeeds JUST to get back at them? Of course not, because you wouldn't stoop to that level. You would fire them and let it go at that. I KNOW you would NEVER do that to an employee unles you expected to get sued.

Isn't that true?

And starting with a whole new board may be the answer, but it doesn't excuse what this one did. That part I must agree. This board should go entirely. Who could you trust on there after this? None of them.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Agreed !


I doubt she will be back. Everyone is ganging up on her. That is the perception when you are not in agreement.


How wrong you are. The preception here isn't that I am wrong, it is that the BOE in Huron is wrong. You need to look with better eyes and listen with better ears and read with better comprehension. The "ganging up" comes from you and no one else, does it not? Perception is as it always was, some Huronites just don't understand the way they look to the outside world and still do not.

Just like some things never change and never will. Until they learn to be less of a pain to others. We need to simply accept each other as two who have opinions that will never be the same and leave it at that. I am not going to support you and you won't support me (not that I am asking as you are). Bury the hatchet in each others backs and move on would be a good idea, huh? This is going nowhere.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Agreed !

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

You are ganging up on her, but she can take it. She is giving us her opinion and she is entitled to it. So are you ! That is what makes this forum fun.. lol

I know how you feel. This board definately needs a cleansing. MY OPINION is that Fred Fox is not the problem, but I also feel you are definately right about a time limit on public positions. We are not alone. There is a superintendent east of here who is being investigated for working on a classic car while he was supposed to be at work. He even got parts through the school system and had school employees work on the car, too, while they were on the school's time clock. They/he has a documented problem. There is no such documentation here, and that is what makes this vendetta so interesting. Even you have to admit that Fred Fox's rights have been trampled.

My social network friend. I am still in disagreement with you on a few things, but I admire your homework. The 'Toolgate' issue surprises me that it has been handed to the Toledo office. I have to consult my 'Magic 8 Ball' and see what the rest of the story is.

Tim SOWecke DEFINATELY hand delivered the Markling report. No one I consult with even has a question on that. What he took upon himself made the document public which is what he wanted. No matter what Fred Fox did/or didn't do he didn't deserve that. His family didn't either.

DL is definately here and reading what is posted. If not why would he come out with his post in his name. It's hard for me to believe you are not him because you work like him. He really is a brilliant kid. One of the hardest working, most organized people I have ever met. You should consider this a compliment.

Obviously, with 290+ posts, this topic is on people's minds and is definately dinner time conversation. I never dreamed how nasty people would get when you try to give them some facts so they may form their own opinion based on facts. When this is all said and done I will miss your posts, TDN. Let's find something else we can disagree on. Your posts always make me think and check facts unlike others on here who just want to egg us on.

Don't let anyone ever tell you that you can't post YOUR opinion. I enjoy your view from the outside. For someone on the outside you sure seem to have a grasp of the situation !

I am going to really try to be more polite to others on here. It's only fair, but it really pi$$es me off when people spout with no backround info. Pick another topic where people don't care if you have any knowledge. See.. Polite !

There you go again

The word is "definitely"

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

OMG.. Incredible.
I post all of that and you spell check me on one word ?

Wiredmama- this is just more proof of the quality of postings here.

This is someone who wants to pile on Fred Fox and all they can offer is a spell check ?


Oh, sold, I have been hit harder than this by better than this. It hasn't stoppped me before. Like I said before, "strength of conviction" gives you strenght. I don't care if they don't like HOW I write or what I write...don't read it then. Do you think I care? I don't quiz anyone on it. LOL.

If you don't like what I have to say that is your problem, not mine. Just as what you say is my problem and not yours. These are opinions, exchanges of ideas. But they sometimes forget that.

Rudeness is what it is. You cannot change that and that really bugs me. I hate it. I really do, but you can't teach old dogs new tricks I guess. It shows a lack of character and breeding in my book.

Thank you for your comments on insight, I have seen a great deal for a long time. I know how it works and I can sure see the writing on the wall. Funny how others cannot when they are right up against it. They think others are blind.

I need to practice the word polite. I have a short fuse and an acid tongue which comes out when I am attacked from the onsite like I have been from day one....which goes back to the FIRST days on this postings. The biggest problem is I have a LONG memory and can recall who said what to me...makes things bad. So I remember who called me names all the way back.

Its hard for me to be civil to those who have not given me the same curtesy. But I will try. I apologized to TDN...which isn't easy for me. So the next nasty thing she or he says is on her or him. Lets see how long that lasts.

Anyway, little to nothing will stop me from stating my SR right to post my opinion whether right or wrong.

And for those who don't want to read it, that is YOUR right. I will probably continue to read yours, as I like to see what you have to say. I learn new things each day, good and bad about the nature of the communities in which I live.

Sold, you are a one of a kind. Keep it up. I will follow your lead and definitely be more POLITE (it will kill me but I will try)


You are talking apples and oranges. A private employee is different than a public employee. Public employees are open to view by the public, their bosses. It's a matter of public record. You seem to be only upset with the manner of delivery of information? If the information was delivered by hand, through the mail or by horseback it's still public information open to public review.

Just my opinion but I feel Mr. Fox thought he was untouchable. In fact, when his "three buddies " were on the school board he was untouchable.

Well, the public was become tiresome of this attitude. Low and behold they voted in a new member and thus a new majority. Now, all the shenanigans were dredged up that were allowed during the previous school board. And the new board took action.

So people like the superintendent and the old board member can't handle the loss of power and the "outing" of information that was well hidden from the public. If allowed to dig deeper there will be more truths uncovered by this present board.

In all honesty, the lawsuit for conspiracy should be filed against the voting public of Huron. They are the ones who changed the power structure of the school board that started this whole process.

A little cleansing of "kingdoms" is good for the public as a whole.


No, public employees are protected by the very thing I said...executive session. They had NO right to "air" his wrongs in public. That is exactly what I am saying. YOU wouldn't do it to your employees and you are NOT bound by the law of executive session.

Thank the Republic Governor and Mike Dewine who wrote them. That is what they did to the sunshine laws and we are all bound by it. There is no such thing any sorry to be the bearer of bad news to one and all but when you do not keep up with the law you lose your rights.

They ARE bound by it under the you see what I mean. Public employees like this board HAVE to follow the law. NO EXCEPTIONS. The BOE is no exception and the superintendant is their employee. The pubic did NOT have a right to know, any more than your customers have a right to know about your employees. That is the LAW, like it or not. That is the entire point of having an excutive session.

This board should have known and did know. But they thumbed their nose at it. Don't take my word for it....go look it up under Ohio Sunshine law, 2010. You cannot get around it. ALL PUBLIC BOARDS MUST FOLLOW IT.

What makes you think that because he was a public figure anyone had the right to know what he was being fired for. That is the farthest thing from the truth there is. It is NOT a matter of public record at all. You are very much mistaken. The law as of last year is very specific on its Sunshine rules and this is one of them.

So sorry donut, but this is the law now and this is why the board is in such trouble. You cannot do this any more. Public officials are protected. That is why when the board member HAND DELIVERED that report it became a PUBLIC record and not a private one with the state board.

Had it been mailed, it would have remained private. But they goofed.


You are correct, wired! The BOE didnt do it correctly! The only problem was they dug up some dirt. Now we argue back and forth about the dirt that was dug up! The wrong thing was for the BOE have the media involved, but the media is here for us, the voting people! We deserve to know whats going on. Its our tax dollars paying for this.

My suggestion is the Ohio Ethics look at the dirt and suggest to us how to handle it. Once they decide, then we handle it according to their recommendation.


Thank you very much...Just for the record....the superintendent is NOT a public figure, he is an EMPLOYEE of the school system and therefore the "dirt" they dug up should never have been made public in the first place. It is one thing to be elected, another to be hired as he was.

Tax dollars or not, the board leaked the info about an EMPLOYEE. It was THERE job to watch what was going on, they didn't. If there was a problem THEY should have caught it and disciplined. The fault is THEIRS all the way. Why was there no assessment of his actions for all that time? Because the board wasn't doing their job, that's why. They sat there like a stone and when it suddenly came to their attention, they got panicky. They had to shift blame and they did. But you don't do what they did....EVER. This is purely a case of lax work ethic by a board who just went along and did nothing until it got to a fever pitch. Then it blew up. The tax dollars start and stop with that board, do they not? It is their responsibility to see that it is taken care of,so why didn't they do that? Dirt or not, the buck stops with them. I wonder what the ethics board will say about that?

I would LOVE to know who alerted the media? Who told? Who sent the SR the info about them going to "get him"? It had to be a board member, right? And that is unethical as well.

I cannot help but wonder what the ethics board is going to do about it since it was made so public and now a lawsuit has been filed because of it?

This board is in so deep they may never dig their way out, but that is for another day.

The ethics board usually handles things that deal with things that happen with employees that are still employed, not ones that have already been terminated. They may tell this board the decision has alreay been made and "what do you want us to do? You made your decision now live with it"

Teacher ethics boards can terminate his credentials, but nothing more since he has already been teminaated by this BOE, so they are really at a loss if they think the board of ethics are going to back them up. They kind of blew it all the way around by jumping the gun. The most they can hope for now is that the ethics board terminates his credentials, which is a long shot at best. Who knows. Stranger things have happened, but my money is that they just tell the board you all ready made your decision. We can't help you any further.

As for the rest....they really put the cart before the horse, and somebody over in Huron better brush up on the Sunshine laws and how to terminate an employee before this happens again.

Tsu Dho Nimh

I disagree that his credentials being suspended is a long shot. Being convicted of passing bad checks will cause a teaching license to be revoked. That I know to be true.


Yes, if convicted, they can lose their license because it can be considered a felony. But what he did would have to be proven a FELONY first. Also there are moral issues that can be considered. But you can't do that if you FIRE an employee first. They still have to be in your employ to file charges with the board of ethics. THEN you fire the employee AFTER they make their ruling, not the other way around.

You ask for the investigation first, then fire the employee. This board again got it backward.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Agreed !

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Agreed ! (Except they didn't goof. The 3 Amigos/Stooges maliciously hand delivered the info on Fred Fox to smear him. No one who is quoted in the Markling report was under oath. No one quoted in the Markling report had absolute first hand knowledge of anything. It was all he said/she said. And the whole hiring and delivery of the Markling report was illegal because it is 'poisoned fruit' because of the unexecutive executive sessions. All the BOE had to do was go into executive session and discuss Fred Fox. They, instead, chose to just meet illegaly as three and make decisions).

Tsu Dho Nimh

A sincere question: if the three met in secret and Mr. Fox was not aware of the allegations against him, why did he bring a lawyer to the board meeting? That never made sense to me.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Nothing in Huron is really a secret is it, TDN ?


Because they refused to tell him WHAT he was being dismissed for and what the reason for dismissal was if that tape was any indication. And they refused to tell him what was in the Markling report. That is what his attorney was arguing about.

That would be my quess. If I knew investigators were asking my staff questions and digging around, I sure would get myself a lawyer to protect myself, especially if I asked what was going on and got no answer. Just a guess, but given that tape, it seems logical since they refused after the lawyer demanded it and still got nowhere.


Apparantly the report became public record once the OEC got it. Regardless of how they got it was going to be public record. And the emails were public record as soon as he hit "send". Don't you recall - the Register obtained those emails and wrote an article long before they obtained the Markling report.


They have little to know hope of help from the ethics board once they terminated the employee either. The ethics board may terminate his credentials. but they don't do much with a terminated employee. The board alreayd MADE their decision.

Someone on the board better read the manual from the State. You cannot make an employees records or work product public record at all. Any emails he produced at work are NOT public record the minute he hit send. If you are talking about him sending those emails to his supposed "mistress", you may be surprised by what they have to say as well. It better be in writing what he can and cannot do where emails are concerned in the policy and procedure manuals of the schools.


Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

In no way shape or form was the Markling report going to be public record if it was presented properly to the OEC.

You are not getting the testimony they are receiving now, are you ?

Fred Fox can chose whether or not the info goes public now and he chose not to.


Justme...You keep saying that the emails become public record once they hit "send" and that just isn't so. Not on a closed system such as the school board has. This isn't like the internet you and I are on.

The school board system is a closed system that is write protected and not open to others. It isn't open to the public to get into. You have to have passwords, etc that the general public cannot crack into so they messages they send are not open to public access like we have. They are only used by the school and therefore not open to public scrutiny. They did not become public record when those using them hit 'send" as you suggest. Those have to be downloaded by someone with a password and sent by someone. That means someone from the school or the board downloaded them and sent them to the paper.....just saying.


"Public record" means the public has the right to see them if they ask for them - unlike your email or my email, which is not public record. The Register asked for them, the district was legally obligated to provide them. Ask TDN. She/he apparantly has made lots of public records requests.

Tsu Dho Nimh

You are correct about the email. All email conducted on the email system of a public agency (which a school district is) is public record. If there is any personal information like a student name, private citizen name, a person's address, etc., then this information is blacked out. This is called vetting. Basically, a public employee should never put in email what they do not want aired in public.


Then it has to be a first. I have never seen a school where the emails become public record....ever. They just never let the public see the emails. We always had the protection of privacy of our school records...they were absolute and not subject to the scrutany of the public's prying eyes.

I am going to call my previous school tomorrow and ask them when that changed because that was one thing we could count on was the privacy of the email system of our school. It was not something made public. I taught for 10 years and that was something we could depend on.


Have you read them, actually truly read them yourself? If so, what do they say?


And please do not quote someone else like a board member, but tell us what they say that YOU can remember if you read them. Quote yourself. Thanks


I believe if you ask the SR you will find they were GIVEN the emails by the board when they were told all about this and brought into this "mess" by the board. The Sandusky Register was told all about the meeting in advance. Please read the answer to me from the SR. They were told by your board ("the media was brought into this by being given emails and info")
Just thought you should know.


I'm not going to spend too much energy arguing with you, but your understanding is simply not correct. As TDN said, certain information about students, etc. is not released, but the SR asks for and receives emails all the time from public institutions, including schools. We've all seen the emails as part of the Markling report. I assume you've seen those as well. According to one of the first articles published in May, before the report was released, "After submitting a public records request, the Register recently obtained hundreds of emails sent and received from Fred Fox's school account." Go back and read the entire article. You have a relationship with the SR. Ask them.


a quote to me from the SR: "The wrong thing was for the BOE have the media involved, but the media is here for us, the voting people! We deserve to know whats going on. Its our tax dollars paying for this. "

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Magic 8 Ball says: The OEC is going to recommend that Fred Fox be reinstated in his former position as superintendent of the Huron City Schools.

The Huron Board of Education will vote 3-2 not to accept the OEC's recommendation.

Bet on it.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Sold, I thought it was ODE that is handling this current hearing? I will give you that the Kalahari relationship will be a tough one to prove with the OEC, but ODE is a different entity. If you look at its discipline history of educators licenses being supsended and revoked due to behaviors unbecoming to the teaching profession, Mr. Fox has to be nervous.


SOLD...I don't think anyone will recommend anything to anyone. Given the fact that there is a lawysuit in place, they would be silly to get involved at this juncture and will stay out of it entirely. In fact, given the mess this is, they would be hardpressed to get involved at all.

I still maintain that given the fact that this board has already taken action (firing Fox) , what did they expect the ethics board to do? The recommendation will say just that. " Your decision was already made". They won't find anything really that can be used to justify that firing and won't make any recommendation at this point is my guess.

The most they COULD do would be to remove credentials and they have really no proof of anything on which to do that either. And with a suit going on they probably won't do that. You have to have a really solid proof of charges that are SOLID and COURT provable to have credentials removed and infidelity on one's spouse (even on school time) isn't one of them. It has to be more serious than that. I happen to know a teacher from Huron who had an affair while at school who was deeply involved in an affair and she didn't lose her credentials nor did he. Although both spouses tried to have them removed. The ethics board denied their claims.

You need a COURT DEFENDABLE problem which includes larceny, theft, or some such thing that has been prosecuted to do that. If they haven't prosecuted him for anything only accused him, then they haven't a prayer of getting his credentials. Accusation isn't enough. You have to have filed charges. I swear they should have read the handbook. All this is stated in there.

This is all a stand off at this point. The State isn't going to risk getting involved in that one as long as the lawsuit is pending anyway.

Just a guess.


Below I said that since he was fired they could do little. Now that I know he is just suspended, there is a litte more they could do.

But here is my problem. They will probably talk with him and ask him his side of this. The board ususally listens to BOTH sides of the story. They don't take just one side. They conduct and "investigation which means both sides talk to the board. They are a licensing group, an organization.

They will not take one side of any story. They want to hear what the teacher or educator has to say about the charges against them, especially when that teacher has a degree that is one of administration like Mr. Fox.

He has a lot of education behind his name and much to lose if they take his licensure away. So this isn't going to be a "slam dunk" for the board as some think it will, nor will it be one sided.

Boards take into consideration BOTH sides of the story when someone has been charged, just like courts do. They want to hear what is going on and what has happened. They listen to the charges, they ask questions of the person being charged and what they have to say for themselves. They may talk to him by phone, or have him come there. But they will ask him.
Anyone who thought this board wouldn't ask was just fooling themselves.

It takes a great deal to get your license yanked at his level. I wouldn't want to bet at this point, but I know they would want his side of it.

He has a masters degree at least if he is a superintendent. He may even be working on a doctorate. I don't know. But rest assured at that level, they will give him a chance to speak...both boards will,before making a recommendation.

If all the board has is using the emails at work to contact a woman, don't count on much of a reprimand. It won't happen. Maybe a slap on the wrist. But not much more than that will happen. They will call that "petty" at best.

Reinstate, probationary status. Evaluations every six months. Monitor email use. No raise for one year. They will tell him to never do it again and to separate his personal life from his private life.

That is my guess. The ODE will follow suit more than likely.

That is the best you can hope for. What the local board does is anyone's guess.

They probably won't follow the recommendation.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

The emails are all they have. Everything else is a non-issue.

He should be reprimanded and allowed to go back to work.

Lawsuits to follow.

Tsu Dho Nimh

The emails and their content can be a very big deal with ODE. The state level reprimand can be pretty severe. If his license is suspended, then he is not employable.


I don't know what you mean by "presented properly" but whatever. And unfortunately none of us are getting the testimony they are receiving but I'd love to be a fly on the wall. You are right, that was his choice.


Where I work,there were seven people terminated for using a company computer to send personal e-mails on company time. Two of the seven were having an affair.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Hahaha.. That's good stuff, Retiree ! Obviously it is against company policy.

I am truly curious to see how the 'authorities' handle this with Fred Fox.


I sincerely hope the school system can prove that they have a policy that says you cannot use the system for personal emails. If not, they are going to have a tough time. Has anyone actually READ the emails? Actually seen them?


That last're kidding, right?


No, I am not "kidding you"...have you seen and read them? I have asked this about ten times now and now one has answered. I want to know what they say by someone who has actually seen and read them but no one yet has told me.


Retiree...I will bet your company has a policy about such things: no personal emails. Many companys do nowdays and they publish that you cannot use the company email for personal use. It is no longer good enough to say "I told you no personal emails". Under this guidelines, then you cannot. If they tell you you cannot, then yes, its a violation, but they have to tell you its a fireable offense. otherwise, it isn't.

That is why many companies now days find it very important to have that policy and procedure handbook around.....and make employees sign it afer reading it.. If you fire an employee and they have backup,. Human Resources departments just find it an invaluale tool to have

I use to have my students WRITE one to show how its done Its invaluable in most offices and business anymore. Especially in a right to work state,.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Libel and defamation and Off-topic comments.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Off-topic comments.


Really wiredmama222 I thought you were against gossip. The auditor's office looks into fraud cases not dui or inappropriate relationships. Stop trying to attract flies where crap doesn't exist.


First of all, you need to settle down some. You get yourself too riled up. Cool off. Secondly...other can be right about things without you just jumping up and down like a jack rabbit in a briar patch. LOL

Look, Mr Fox is not a friend of mine. I do not know how many times I have said this before it sinks into your brain, so I will say it one more time...but, your board made a mistake. You guys in Huron need to understand this.

Now, I am not trying to make any more problems, THEY made the problems and there are plenty to go around. They didn't do this right from the beginning. Do you realize that your board members could lose their seats by state law??? All of them???? And receive a five hundred dollar fine for what they did???? That is the LAW in Ohio. Simply because they violated the Sunshine Law in the State of Ohio?

I don't need a lawyer to tell me, or a judge to come up here and tell me. I don't need another board member to tell me or anything like that. I read my manual. I studied it. You can too. Go to the Ohio website and read it for yourself. It is called the "yellow book", or simply go to your computer and look up Ohio Sunshine law and find out yourself about what is expect of executive sessions for boards. You will find that when it comes to employees they have to discuss everything with them in executive session...not in public. They cannot openly discuss the mess they did in public with Mr. Fox. Its unlawful to do so. (where the fine and loss of seat come in). You start with your general meeting, then go to executive session have your discussion and come out of executive session say that you are suspending your superintending for conduct and finish your meeting....that is all you can say. PERIOD. You cannot do the hit job your board did. Not affair, no money, no toolgate...nothing. So you best just move on with this stuff and stop it.

And stop blaming all this on everyone else. Blame the board. They are the ones who made this mess.


What are you rambling about ? My comment was brief and you write 4 paragraphs ! You and Sold vowed to be polite and then both start trying to bring a person who isn't related to this mess into your conversation. Your response to him suggesting the types of 'misdeeds' the person might be guilty of was nothing but nasty gossip. Your long, goofy answer doesn't even relate to the topic I responded to. Maybe you're the one drinking ! At least the SR had enough sense to remove your comments.


What I have been saying is very much to the point, you just will not accept it. You board has done everything wrong and yet insists on crucifying Mr. Fox for his so called mistakes. They want him gone for PERSONAL reasons and nothing more. This is a witch hunt.

The only ones who cannot see it are those people involved with a personal gripe of their own and its so very plain to see.

It isn't personal to me. I have no stake in it. Merry Christmas to you. And by the way, I do not drink at all.


sold, why did the principal in fremont resign shortly after this was all made public?

since you are so tied with fox, you probably have all the answers to all my questions.

Why did he miss so many days? Was the elementary principal's name ever come up as he supposably was visiting her when he actually wasnt in the building?

did he incorrectly report his trip in arizona?

why didnt past BOE members research some of these issues, it shouldve been dealt with a long time ago! it just doesnt sound right.


SR....Why didn't the board of education do their jobs and do a complete and thorgh job review of his job perfomance until they publically fired him if these issues were such a problem? I don't understand why any board would let this stuff go for so long without question if these issues were so important?

It seems to me that any board concerned with and charged with taxpayer money responsibility would be more cautious with how things are being spent. After all, it is THEIR responisibity to be the watchdog of the way money is being dispensed and dispersed. Why did they not notice any discrepancies or incorrectness for such a long time?

When an incorrectness was noticed, it was paid back, so why bring it up after the fact?

Any affair that may or many not have occured, even if it did happen "on company time" should never have been dealt with in public. Why did the board do this in such a "PUBLIC WAY" other than to deliberately embarass him?

Why didn't the board do their job and do the annual reviews on Fox as they should have? Should all thesee issues have not been addressed at that time?

I cannot help but wonder why these issues have not been brought up to the ethics board and to the state board of education in Columbus AND to the Attorney General of Ohio for violation of the Sunshine law as prescibed by law. It seems to me that this is something that someone should bring to his attention as well. Why isn't that being done? You know its a $500 fine for violations.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Why would the Fremont principal reisign after this was made public ?
(I think I see another lawsuit coming from her against Tim SOWecke for making it public.. Any Murrays left ?).

Where is it stated that Fred Fox missed any more days than he is allowed ?

I really can't decipher your code about Shawnee's principal, but Fred Fox was ALEDGIDLY saying he was visiting her and ALEDGIDLY was not. Office gossip was that they were having an affair, which they were not.

Fred Fox reported his Arizona trip after being urged to by Huron BOE members. He was going to just pay for the whole trip. Then.. After he turned the trip in the treasurer alerted him that part of the trip was not reimbursable so Fred Fox immediately paid that part back.

Past boards had nothing to deal with. Fred Fox did his job and well. His evalutions were perfect.

Listen SR, and anyone else who is interested: The only thing that Fred Fox did that could even be conceived as improper was using his school email for personal reasons. All of this and that is it.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Sold...Mr. Fox wrote the reimbursement check at the end of February 2012, a few days short of one year after the trip. The investigation by a few school board members started earlier in the month. The treasurer can give you a copy of the reimbursement if you ask.


When was it reported to him that he owed the money? Was it around the time he wrote this check, wasn't it? I believe that is when this investigation began and he was made aware of that fact. The check was made out at that time, was it not?

Just about the same time that he got wind of all these investigation being made around the school systems about him from one thing and another. Kalarhari being asked questions, the hotel in the Dells being called, etc. I believe that is when Marklings group began to "nose around" during February, March,and April. So why is when he paid this back such a problem now? If he didn't realize it was such a problem until then, why is the date such a problem now? thanks? And could you please answer my questions about those darn emails since you read them and know what they say please. thanks so much.


Did or did the BOE not terminate Mr Fox? It is my understanding that he has been TERMINATED? If that is the case, what the ethics board has to say to the Huron Board of Education is moot. Why they even asked for anything from them is beyond comprehension? Ethics boards don't discipline or investigate employees for boards once the emmployee is terminated unless they are asking that the board terminate credentials? Is that what they asked for?

1.So did the BOE in Huron terminate him or not?
2.Does the school system have a principles and practices book for employees which describes what you can and cannot do with the internet, etc like use it for personal use?
3.Does it explain how often you MUST have reviews of your performance?

I would really like to have someone who knows for sure answers to these please? Thanks so much.


The Board of Education has suspended Mr. Fox without pay and started termination proceedings against him. I don't believe he has been officially terminated. It's not as simple as taking him into a private room, telling him "you're fired", and moving on, as you have suggested the board should have done. He didn't go for that option.


BTL...the BOE is required to follow the rules which they did not do. They are required to start a meeting, go to executive session were they discuss why they plan to terminate him in depth, which they did not do, come out of the meeting and announce their plans to dismiss Mr. Fox for "cause", finish their meeting and adjuourn. Mr. Fox can then engage council if he so wishes. He is a contracted employee. They have to fire him within the contact constraints. Instead, they desided to forgo the sunshine law rules and air the dirty laundry in front of the town and go bizurk. Which is unlawful under Ohio State Sunshine Law and punishable by fines and removal from office.

He may not go for certain options but that is because they violated his contact and his rights. Who can blame the man.

You can't do this in one meeting or even two like this group tried to do. Apparently they don't know the laws of Ohio or much of how to follow the rules.


The Board of Education has suspended Mr. Fox without pay and started termination proceedings against him. I don't believe he has been officially terminated. It's not as simple as taking him into a private room, telling him "you're fired", and moving on, as you have suggested the board should have done. He didn't go for that option.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Not terminated and yes it was as simple as taking him into executive session and laying out the 'problems' followed by giving Fred Fox a chance to answer the problems followed by the board going back into regular board meeting where they could vote on any decision.

Julie R.

Geez, get this over already. (course knowing how the Erie County courts work, it will still be going on 10 years from now) So who's the judge that's handling this? Roger Binette? I know a lot of Huronites that loooooove him. (I know one that doesn't, too)

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Binette's a great guy. (See Julie R.. You're right !)

Julie R.

I know a lot of Huronites that loooooove Beverly McGookey, too. So all that's left without a conflict of interest when it comes to Huronites is Tone. Oh wait, I think Tone lives in Huron.


I know Bev, I know Tyge, but never met Binette. What is HE like?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Binette's a very straight shooter. Good guy with good decision making skills.


Well, I believe it was one of his good decision making skills just got overturned by the Ohio Supreme Court so he cannot be a happy man at the moment. He has had some problem of late in the EC courts with several of his "decisions.

I do not know the man, just his decisions in court of late.

Julie R.

Wasn't it Binette that dismissed the former Vermilion mayor's lawsuit pertaining to the Lorain County law firm of Stumphauzer & O'Toole concealing itemized billings from the Vermilion taxpayers? Didn't the Ohio Supreme Court just rule they could not?

Julie R.

Here's a real good decision made by the Erie County courts:

Duh...we got ourselves in a little bind now. All the scams we have pulled off thus far to cover up the crimes committed by those Huronites with the assistance of a Lorain County attorney against an elderly, incompetent person prior to her death --- forged power of attorneys, forged Wills, internal criminal changes to all of her contracts, fraudulent transfer of her property --- now that the 2nd owner has passed away, the property (that was not owned jointly) will have to be sold. But how can we sell it through normal channels meaning the buyer goes through a bank who will require a title search and the title search is going to find the fraudulent transfer of the 1st owner's half and the defrauding of her 4th beneficiary? Oh gee, does that mean we actually have to follow the LAW?

"Before property that's part of an estate can be sold, if the administrator of the estate is aware of any fraud that was committed on the property, then the administrator and/or his or her attorneys are to commence an action in the common pleas of the county in which the property is situated to have the fraud acknowleged."

The decision? Let's file a scam partition action in the common pleas instead to have the property sold at a scam sheriff sale under a fraud preliminary judicial report that falsely states there's no defects in the title. We'll sell the property --- owned for almost 40 years scot-free and clear of a mortgage --- at a substantial discount to a realtor to use as rental property --- so the realtor and his Sandusky attorneys can whine nine months later that he was denied title insurance.


If you own a company, would you condone the use of your computer for personal use on company time? If you are paid an honest wage for your work, you should give an honest day work. If not, is that called stealing? Got to go to work. Don't want to be late, I am getting paid to work.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Agreed. You are at work to work. Now.. If you find someone abusing email you would reprimand on the first offense and terminate if it continued. My opinion !


If I owned a company I would make sure everyone knew the rules in writing. That way there is no question. I was raised to believe an honest days work for an honest dollar and expect the same from any employee...NO CELL PHONES at work. If we had computers, no emails to friends or buddies...but they would know that because they read it in the P&P manual they signed and got a copy of.

First time warning, second time- fired. Even if it is Christmastime.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

WiredMama, (and the rest):
Fred Fox is suspended without pay pending decisions by the ODE and the OEC. The Huron Board of Education will receive notice of the ODE's recommendation followed by the OEC's recommendation and can accept or reject either or both.

As TDN has stated if the ODE decides to pull Fred Fox's license then he is unemployable and will be immediately terminated, (I believe.. which will be followed by appeals).

In a nutshell: The Huron Board of Education will either vote 3-2 to accept, or 3-2 not to accept any decisions and will still attempt to terminate Fred Fox which will result in a 3-2 vote which will turn this entire mess into a marathon fillabuster that will go on for years until the makeup of the Huron Board of Education changes one way or the other.

Either way Fred Fox's rights have been totally trampled and in our United States we are protected from this type of treatment. We are not in ElVito..


SOLD...Ok, so he HASN'T been terminated, but suspended? Is he under contract?

The board did not do an executive session with him, which means that they took him into a public arena, aired all his public problems (which is totally illegal under the sunshine laws and punishable by a $500 fine plus removal from office).

Then they asked for an investigation of the problems by giving the OED and the state department of education the Markling report without giving him a chance to respond to it, and their conscences without his responses in hopes of loading the deck against him?

Do I have this right so far? Is that what they have done? Have I correctly stated what has been done so far?

Then he filed suit of conspiracy against him? And they filed suit to have it dismissed? Right?

And the board expects these agencies to NOT talk to Mr Fox about all this? Is that correct? Do they expect that they will not ask him any questions at all or ask for further evidence like reviews of his performance over the last years of his contract? His work records? Etc?

Do they think that they will not ask to speak directly to Mr. Fox hiself in any way or see what evidence Mr Fox's lawyer has?

See, I was under the impression that Mr Fox had been fired, given what the SR had written about this situation. They made it sound like he had been terminated, not merely suspended, but terminated by the board. But it still remains that he would be talked to by both state departments during any investigation by either board, especially ethics.

Do I have the general idea of what is now happening and correctly?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

The board has begun termination proceedings based on the illegaly obtained, totally slanted, illegaly distributed Markling report.

Fred Fox is still under contract with the board and in his contract it is stated that the Huron Board of Education must evaluate Fred Fox anually, (not anally, annually). They have not done it two years in a row.

The board should have evaluated Fred Fox and put their greivances in the evaluation. Obviously they are being led by an idiot who knows nothing about procedure.


So lets say they evaluate, email is not apart of the evaluation process, therefore unless someone was being nosey, wouldnt have asked to see the emails. you also with the old board would never have had a 3 to 2 vote against fox in anything he wouldve done. even if those people wouldve discovered this email situation they wouldve swept it under the rug. therefore the public wouldve never heard about it.

Greene was against the arizona situation. but she went along because the majority already decided it should take place. i agree that shouldnt be a slap at his face, his delayed in receipts is a question.

Fox is a sneaky fox. remember the dager he held over everybody's head about the levy, the state-taking over the school system. threatening to cut extra curriculars. Begging the teachers union to take a freeze in pay. So he got everything he wished for, because the people in huron don't want to cut the kids education. Then whats he do? Oh you passed it? good 4% raise for me! F.U teachers.. its all about me. Then his board buddies, "Well he deserves it because of the increased testing percentage of the Woodlands students" Ohh really Mr Board Member? Really? so the teachers in that school had nothing to do with that???

You must be his best friend. Because you dont wish to view the dark side of this man.


With all due respect, I have a questions here I would like answered if you don't mind. PLEASE????

...board friends or not, evaluations are REQUIREMENTS, not something you do when you feel like it. Every board has to do them. I would think they would have done them and he would have gotten excellent marks, so why did they postpone doing them for TWO YEARS, knowing they are MANDATORY?

If his staff knew he was having an affair as suggested why didn't they tell anyone?

Why would Greene go along with a vote even if the others did and she didn't want to, what difference would one dissenting vote make?

What difference in the time length to pay the discrepancy AZ trip back does it make? Who cares about that? It got paid back.

Why does the state taking over the school make him the bad guy and not the school board...that is there responsiblity NOT the superintendents. Every school board is responsible for the fiscal part of the school, so how does Fred Fox play into this? I don't get that. If he was going to cut EC Activity and pay raises that is the boards domain not the supers. Why is he getting blamed for it?

And the upping of grades? That is the teachers, not the supers, unless he was on them all the time or got rid of teachers not doing a good job. Is that the case?

Did his contract call for a raise? Was it given?

Can you explain that or is that what the board members are telling you now? Just trying to get to the bottom of the truth/lie things. If the SR is unbiased in this, why is this writing so upset in nature and why does it seem to be so slanted toward the board?


obviously you didnt read those emails when they first came out, Green told the 3 fox lovers, that she didnt like the AZ idea, but she'd go along since the majority vote already favored it.

Again, think for one gosh darn minute. STOP and think - Ash, Cap, Bulea are FOX supporters thru thick and thin! They are NOT going to do anything to Fox that the public wouldnt know about. They're not going to bring up dirty laundry. So why not question those OLD board members on why they didnt evaluate? Those three along with two of the three amigos should be questioned! I'll guarentee if Tim was on the BOE at that time, he wouldve got the evaluation going. And it probably wouldve hit the fan at that time!

If you're going to put the blame on the school board, then maybe its time to get rid of 4 of the 5 members right now!

mamma, you def need to research it on the situation of the old days. Theres alot to be said for what didnt happen.


Has anyone considered what would happen if Fox or ANYONE were to write a letter to the Attorney General reporting the board for their lack of following the Sunshine law for the meeting?

You realize, Sold that it holds removal from Office or seats as a matter of punishment if the offense warrants and a $500.00 fine, correct?

This offense is so grievace a matter, meaning that this man's entire life was turned upside down, that the members of this board would lose their seats pending this investigation of wrong doing on the part of the Attorney General, that it could mean a real upset if that were to happen.

What a mess that would be.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

What a blessing that would be, Mama !


He could, you know.


ODE and OEC are going to talk to him first...its an investigation: they talk to both sides. Never heard of one that they didn't. When that happens they won't pull his license, not at his level of degrees. Recommendation: Reinstate, no raise for a year. Probation for a year, Re-evaluate in 6 months/12 months.. Make adjustments if needed Watch emails. Ck every 2 weeks. Local board won't accept it.

Julie R.

Geez oh pete, Sold. You act like poor Mr. Fox is the only one in Erie County that has ever had --- according to you --- his rights trampled on. Where in the heck have you been, anyway, living under a rock or what? EVERYBODY in Erie County gets their rights trampled on. That's because you have jokes for judges not to mention a joke for a prosecutor!


Julie, The idea of whether the man's rights are trampled in Erie county right now are the least of his troubles until he gets past this board. His rights on this board have been pulverized. He needs to report them to the state FIRST and then move on. Its a simple matter of writing to the State's attorney general on that one. Nothing more or less and he should. That's who handles the first violations. And boy did they violate. I wouldn't let them get away with it for a second.

Then he can deal with the court and what he has to go with with EC. He can work his way up when he needs to. I would think he may not have to after the knocking they took the other day. Everyone is watching them from high places after violations with Vermilion so they may be on their best behavior right now. LOL. Being reversed by the SC is a big deal. That's a smack down no sitting judge ever wants to take and they had to take one big time. I believe Binette was the judge on that one too.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

The only issue that the state is going to have with Fred Fox is the personal email use. I'm pretty sure it's a board policy not to use the email for personal reasons.

#1) Fred Fox was the Fremont administrator's mentor so email use to her would be considered business.

#2) The email policy is antiquated and as proof I would look to Donna 'Hastings' Green's OSU email use. She is employed with OSU. When attorney Murray requested her emails from OSU, OSU responded that her email was a mix of business and personal so they could not provide her email. Email policies have changed drastically in the last five years as servers got bigger and able to handle more email. Huron just never changed their policy, (allegedly, as I do not have the 12" thick policy manual in front of me).

#3) I would have to think that attorney Murray, utilizing all resourses available to him, would have by now informed the attorney general, but I am definately going to check it out. TY for the input !


You are welcome, I am just curious as to why no one checked into the policy of what is what here, but there are some things that just irriate me.

I am sure that you are aware of what happened in Perkins with the police. Did you notice how the Chief handled that? Right to executive session....No if, ands or buts about it. They don't violate the rights of people and follow the law to the letter. They don't want lawsuits filled and they could get nailed if the officers rights were violated.

One got busted outside the ES because they picked her up with a gun...there are two others but that is ES stuff. No dumb dumbs over there.

Mr. Murray, I am sure, is aware of what could be wrong. but you have to follow the book on this stuff. Ck with him on the other things. I have already looked it up.

I still think the ODE and OE will slap a wrist or tell them to jump back a step but they won't take to kindly to the other violations. If he did conduct and affair online, he may have an ethics problem. I just wish I had seen the emails. It appears if someone on here read them, they are certainly reluctant to repeat them. I can't figure that one out.

Have you read them? Tell me what they say.


Everyone has read them. I can't you believe you haven't read all articles and documentation, yet you have such strong opinions. No one wants to repeat them. They are rather salacious. As the SR how to get to them. Most of the questions you ask are answered in the articles. Keep up.


Just exactly what does "termination procedures" have begun mean?

Has the OEC and the ODE been told that? Where they let in on that or has that been kept in abatement?


Sanduskyregiste: FYI, when you talk to the people that are on this blog all the time, you are talking to Cap and Bulea. Figure out who they are.

Julie: Binnette and McGookey did you wrong but they were only defending one of the attorneys that they hand picked from the Baumgarder and O"Toole Law Firm to represent the Erie Metro Parks stealing of land called Greenway. Then Binnette supported them in the case against Vermilion. I agree with you that both of them are very shady and hold hands with the rest of their friends (bottom-feeders).

The sheriff's report on the famous "toolgate" investigation is still at their office. End of story. On to work

Julie R.

Defending an attorney from a Lorain County law firm?

To give credit where credit is due --- not that I would ever give credit to a snake attorney --- but I don't have any documents prepared by a Lorain County attorney with my mother's name forged on them --- but I sure do have enough that were prepared by HURONITES. Only two documents that I have prepared by a Lorain County attorney were both signed by the two FRAUD power of attorney HURONITES --- so I really don't think it was the Lorain County attorney the jokes were defending.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Libel and defamation.

Julie R.

Gee Sold, I live in Huron and I never knew all that. I heard rumors and such but I never really paid any attention to them. Kind of pathetic that all that crap that happened a long time ago is going to come out now.


Julie don't get sucked in. Wiredmamma is Sold's only audience because apparantly she had not read articles, emails or documentation provided by the Register, and assumes everything he says is a fact.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

The really sad part, Julie R, is that a lot of what happened would have stayed a secret had the three Amigos/Stooges not waited to get revenge and then put their plan in motion.

This is all absolutely Jerry Springer crazy, but the truth.

I was there. I know what happened. I remember. In the world I lived in and the friends/circle I kept I saw/witnessed all of it.

This whole situation is truly pathetic and if the 3 Stooges/Amigos would have just taken the proper steps, Fred Fox would have ended up with a reprimand and then he would have just stopped the emails and gone on about his business with the help of Kalahari.

No.. They had to form a vengful group of conspiritors and put a hasty plan together to try to smear Fred Fox in public so that the public would understand why they want to get rid of him. And the idiots who read the Markling report and then formed an opinion about Fred Fox from the Markling report are no better than the 3 Stooges/Amigos.

Fred Fox's rights have been trampled and when it's all said and done there will be a new school board and Fred Fox will have his job back. Justice !

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

And exactly what have you done to disprove anything I have posted ?

Just throw in your little 6 word comments that do nothing to prove or disprove what really is happening.


PS.. Apparently you're in my audience, too, JustYou, as you have to add a stupid little uneducated comment everytime I post.