Huron board fires back at Fox conspiracy claim

A faction of Huron school board members are firing back at fellow board member Kevin Asher's claim about a grand conspiracy against embattled superintendent Fred Fox.
Jessica Cuffman
Nov 20, 2012

Board member Kevin Asher and attorney Patrick Murray, who represents Fox, have previously filed court documents accusing the majority of the board members of holding a personal vendetta against Fox.

In court documents filed this past week, however, Fox's opponents said any notion of a conspiracy theory is not only false, but also irrelevant.  

"Asher's brief includes more than a dozen pages of irrelevant, speculative, false and defamatory conspiracy theories masquerading as 'facts,'" stated documents filed by Drew Legando, attorney for board members Tim Sowecke and Donna Green. "Its outlandish claims have nothing to do with the issues presented by the motions pending before the court."

Read the court filings. Click HERE to see the originial conspiracy claims.

For more on the ongoing legal battles, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register.




wiredmama..... such nasty comments. Are you trying to redefine the meaning of Black Friday ?


They are far from nasty....more along the lines of the TRUTH which few in Huron are prepared to accept except. Those who do not wish to accept the lies and those outside see this as a witch hunt.

Many people in the REAL world would understand that most school boards don't live and act like this. It isn't done this way nor do school boards act like this.

From an outsider looking in, this school board appears to be self-rightous and pious but are they without flaws? I am beginning to wonder as they are thumbing noses at the law.

Sorry, but they did not handle this right at all, and when it goes to court, I am afraid there are many who will be bitterly disappointed to understand they didn't. What then? How will many people react to that news? That they had been sent down a road they cannot get back from?

There is nothing worse than a reformed sinner who thinks they are so pious.


I have to agree that Mama is being down right nasty. Maybe she needs her Prempro adjusted.


I haven't needed that in years, lol. I wish you could all see that these are TRUTHFUL comments and not nasty at all. I promise you I can be very nasty. Your board is not doing what is LEGALLY necessary.

I ask you all....if this was YOU would you like your bosses to air your mistakes and problems in PUBLIC or just fire you ? I bet every single one of you would answer: Just fire me. of today, the next time you screw up at work, you have to be made to sit in front of all the others at work and everything your have EVER done, no matter how big or small will be revealled to all the other workers including taking home pens, paper, tape or parts from the auto industry. If you left early even 5 minutes, it will be told. (cause that's stealing by your definitions). They investigated you. If you had someone clock out for you that's stealing. It will all get revealed. If you made a comment about a fellow worker, it gets told. No matter what you did, you have to sit there and listen to everything you EVER did wrong. THEN we fire you.

Ok, are you up to it? You ready? Because that is EXACTLY what this board did to your Mr. Fox. They publically did that to him. They ran an investigation and told it all PUBLICALLY.

So how could you deal with that? Would you like it? Would you be able to take it? Oh, and your wife and kids have to hear every word of it too.

Ok, so now, I am being nasty because I said its unfair and illegal that your board did this to him? How would YOU like it? Would it be unfair and illegal if YOUR bosses did it to you? You bet it would. Just like they did to him. So don't tell me I am being nasty. Far from it.

Shoe kind of on the other foot now, is it? That's what I thought.

Tsu Dho Nimh my opinion you are overlooking a key factor - Mr. Fox is a PUBLIC employee. There are a different set of rules for public employees. Let's not compare apples to onions! I agree that this is an embarassment for many parties involved but that is the way it goes when employed by the public. I have many family members employed both by the private and public sectors and would stand by my opinion if they made a deliberate choice during work hours or helped themselves to the taxpayers dollars.


That does NOT excuse the violation of what your BOE did. They, too, are PUBLIC EMPLOYEES. How do you justify what THEY DID, then? Can they just spit in the eye of the law? Can they just wave their hands at State law because they want to? Why is one faulted and the other not?

I don't get that one at all. Its not ok for one but ok for the other. That is a double standard if I ever heard one. The judge is going to tapdance on their heads over that one.


You are very brave, Tsu, to speak when not spoken to !


dry up, blow away...and don't stop until Buffalo. I hear thay have a really good comedy club there. You should fit right in. Bill yourself as the unknown comic. Or the big mouth from Huron. Either should do nicely.

You could make a fortune. But do so quickly.


Who said I am from Huron. Remember, don't assume !

Julie R.

I have to agree with Sold --- wiredmama's comment is excellent. For somebody that doesn't even live in Huron, she certainly seems to have Huron down pat. Her entire comment is excellent but I especially liked paragraph 5 & 6. I also especially liked the part where she said: "They chose to make a mockery out of the law. You can not do that." That should be engraved on a plaque and hung on the walls of the Eeerie County courthouse!



So the use of school property by Fox's buds is OK in your eyes? "Toolgate" was the start of this whole process. The superintendent and his previous 3 cronies on the school board didn't see any problem. Now you have a new board member and this blatant misuse of public property by the "boys club" is not tolerated now. The new board started reviewing numerous similar situations and low and behold Mr. Fox's use of school property for personal use popped up.

It happens all the time in public office. The boss and his crony board run the institution without real review (toolgate). The public finds the practice reprehensible and elects a new board member. The tides have turned and Mr. Fox, Mr. Caporini and Mr. Asher are being held responsible for past and present decisions.

Mr. Fox, Mr. Asher and Mr. Caporini can't handle not being in charge anymore and file a lawsuit of conspiracy. If these three would have done their jobs correctly this situation would not be going on at all.

The general public prevails by hiring a new school board member and starts the clean up of past transgressions by Mr. Fox and his cronies.


Donutshopman....Since when is it ok to thumb fingers at the law? When is it ok to make a mockery of due process of law for the sake of right? When you begin to do that you no longer have a democracy, you become a dictatorship with one purpose and one purpose only: YOU WILL DO THINGS MY WAY OR GET OUT! Is that the legacy that this school board is leaving to it's children? I sincerely hope not! It takes only ONE time of leaving a democracy to achieve an end, to finish that democracy forever and that is what happened here. This board wasn't satisified with a firing, it needed more. It needed to violate a person's civil rights, to embarrass and humiliate. It needed to offend a person in the most aggressous way possible. Why is that? Why wasn't a firing good enough ? Why were they not able to just tell him he was fired and the reasons behind it in executive session? Give him the time required by law to answer? And then vote in open session to fire? Why the need to do all the other things they did? Nope, this was much more than a mere firing: it was (like I said) a reconing, a vendetta long over due. Someone on that board had a LARGE axe to grind and they had help. You don't do that when you have all the power. You simple do what is expected of you by the people who put you there.

You don't violate rights, you don't make a mockery of the law and you DON'T use your power unwisely or unfaithfully in the face of those people. Not if you don't want to, in the end, get caught. The long arm of that same law you just violated, will stick its hand in and snatch you by the back of your neck and bring you into court. It will place you squarely in the middle of a courtroom where your violations will be brought to bear for all to see. Then where will you be? Right were you should be: answering the same questions I am asking now? How could you be so stupid as to violate the law?



Why do you protect a man and his cronies the made a mockery of a public institution like the Huron School system prior to the uncovering of their sorted shenanigans? You scream for justice but have a closed eye to the misdeeds of those you wish to defend.


When do two wrongs EVER make a right? Especially when those with the all the power make the first move? When the biggest thumbing of noses is the largest of violation of law?

When you fail to give justice at the beginning you failed right off the bat, that is when. know better than this.

Justice only stands when good men prevail. This board started off wrong, they should have stuck by the law from the word go and done it right from the beginning. To do what they did was WRONG. You don't start off by by passing the law. They had him from the beginning had they followed the law, but they let their greed and envy get in the way and that is where they blew it. They were so in a hurry to humiliate they lost focus and thumbed their noses at the law. That is where the mistakes began, that is where they lost and you darn well know it.

I hate that. Justice is something you cannot play with. Not one little bit. I stand by what I said. Justice doesn't come with an elastic band saying you can twist me here and there to make me fit. It says follow me and nothing more. You pals in Huron BOE don't know that. What a shame.



Where does justice start? With your stance it is after the shenanigans by the previous board and Mr. Fox's cronies. Why do you start there? Why not start where all this mess started,"tollgate"? It's a shame you have no understanding of what has transpired and what would have continued without a new board.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Donut...she continues to state that Mr. Fox's rights have been violated but cannot offer proof. It is nothing more than her opinion. She has not looked at documentation, attended board meetings, or said anything that is much different than Sold. Throughout the summer Sold shared personal info about being friends with the Buleas and the Caporinis. He even knew they went on vacation. He is too close to the folks involved to be objective. Kudos to being supportive of friends but I believe in the end, they are allowing him to look foolish. Time will show whose opinion is correct - ours or Wired and Sold.

P.S. Wired - I was addressing Donut so please do not consider this an unsolicitated opinion on your


Oh, you simply cannot help yourself. You just can't TDN. Because you don't know how to shut your mouth. That's why. You take every opportunity to stick your nose in where it shouldn't be.

You see the BOE as shining gods who can't do anything wrong but Fox as the bad guy. How sad. when the courts don't rule in your favored BOE and they give them the once over for violation of the Sunshine law AND for violation of civil rights (I still don't get the lawyer answering with real estate statements VS violation of civil rights questions) the judge is going to really give them a problem especially since Erie County just got busted on that by the supreme court for that very thing this week.

By the jump in and answer something addressed to me again and I will report you for understand me??? Once more. This makes twice. I let it go two times and then I report it. DON'T DO IT AGAIN.


In all fairness, Mama, on another link you did tell Tsu not to address his/her opinions to you. Let's just assume that Tsu did not want to confuse the situation ! Sorry to inform you but I had to report this post :(


Then go ahead and do it! I haven't done anything wrong....not like she has. I politely asked her to stop this, not once but twice before but she continues on. Why would someone in all good conscience do this again and again unless they are doing so deliberately? Because they ARE doing so deliberately. That's why and that is exactly why I would report her for doing it. Look up the regs and rules. Some people just cannot follow them I guess. That is why I said I would report it and I will if she continues to do it. Its just plain rudeness on her part. She can't stop doing it and she doesn't care to.

Anyone else would have stopped this childish behavior long ago, she just can't. What alernative do I have? You people are so quick to judge things that others do, when one of your own does tell me? One of your own is doing wrong....what is the repercussions?


Now you are pulling out the big guns, 'you people'. I think that is an example of the type of statements that you direct at the people in Huron. You really do leave the reader with the impression of being a know it all and judgemental. Just trying to give you some friendly advice.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Once again, Donut:
Toolgate did not happen according to the Huron Police; Erie County Sherrif; and the Auditor of the State of Ohio. Do a public records request. They will tell you.

Toolgate did not happen.

Tsu Dho Nimh

That is not true. A special investigation was held by an outside agency because the person being investigated has family members on both forces. It was determined that because the tools appeared, it would be difficult to prove that the alledged party had them in his possession. If my memory serves me correct, retired Sherrif's department employee, Meuhling, was involved in this investigation. As far as the State Auditor's office goes, the special investigation unit in Toledo has this on its case list :)




No need to scream there, Mama ! Sounds like Tsu might know something.


But she claims to not be involved with any member on the board, knows no one on the board and has no ties to anyone on the board. That is what she says and I took her at her word.

Are you telling me she LIED?????? I began wondering when she said she saw purchase orders from the BOE, which she should never have seen. OMG, could it be that she did LIE????? Wow.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Granted you are "talking" with Ugta, I am going to interject. Maybe you consider it rude but I consider indirectly being called a liar beyond rude. I have seen purchase orders, requisitions, emails, etc. How? It is called public records requests. Anyone, not only Huron residents, has the right to see ANY of this type of records. You contact the treasurer and tell him/her want you want and he/she must provide it to you in a timely manner. Pretty much all dealings in every aspect of the district is available under Public Records Law with the exception of personal info on employees (ie address, dob, soc). Before you continue suggesting that an average citizen could not know this information, please contact the treasurer at Huron schools. He will verify that his office has been bombarded with such requests.


Sold....Those who don't want to believe that or who are afraid to ask point blank want to believe that there is some other agency who has a BIG profile on this.

I just wonder why no one directly asked Mr. Fox why the tape was stopped and who had the tools? I can't help but wonder is he protecting someone and who is it? It may not have been the right thing to do, but at least someone should have asked. That WOULD have been the right thing to do.

As for that bus nonsense, why is there no report on this. I checked with State records and according to what I read, only the board of education can get rid of a bus. There has to be some record as they would hold the "pink slip' or file a stolen vehicle report. If they knew it was gone, why didn't they report it stolen? If they knew it was sold, then why the fuss? It would have had to have been in some record somewhere. No superintendant can sell ANY school vehicle without the WRITTEN consent of the BOE. Did anyone ask him about this? If not, why didn't they report this stolen?

Some on here have claimed to have seen the purchase orders for the tools. How could anyone NOT on the board have access to purchase orders which are the domain of the BOE? They are not part of public record unless the board releases them to the public and that is "rarely" done. The treasurer of the board usually keeps those and files only the final reports...NOT the individual purchase orders. So how did someone not connected to this in any way get to "see" the purchase orders? Is the treasurer giving them out to the public? That's not done either and that should be checked into.

There are many things that do not add up quite right, but the biggest thing that stikes home is the lack of "why didn't anyone ask?" I don't get that one? They sure asked enough about other things and I am sure the Markling report asked much. So why didn't the board? Or did they? That's their job to ask. They are responsible. They should expect the answers.

I just don't get why no one asked him...especially since they did the accusing at the open meeting. Why not?

Edwin Ison

Had a teacher conducted an elicit affair during work hours (which IS effectively STEALING!)..... he would have been fired on the spot... and some speak of the power of


And they would NOT have been dragged into the public, embarrassed and harrassed in public to be fired, now would they? They would have simply been fired as prescribed by law. I happen to know a teacher over in Huron who HAD an illicit affair. They did so on "school time" and after. They were NEVER fired. In fact, they continued to work, divorced and married the person with whom the affair was conducted but no one said a word. So don't preach such nonsense to anyone. This would NEVER have been conducted like this and most of Huron knows it.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Edwin Ison-
Funny you bring up the 'teacher' having an affair on school/work hours.

There just happens to be a teacher/coach for Huron who did just that with another Huron teacher, who also was married at the time.

When the teacher/coach went as far as to pass notes to the other teacher using a student and the student took the note to the wrong teacher it actually involved another teacher in the mess and the president of the Huron BOE went after the teacher/coach.

At the time Huron had a superintendent, Dave Ritter, who was friends with the teacher/coach and who would do nothing about the teacher/coach and the other married teacher having an affair during work hours.

The politics change constantly, but the teacher/coach just saw it as another sign that he was all powerful and could do anything he wanted to do including putting 'his own' board of education in place and getting rid of the superintendent that is constantly tellin the teacher/coach no.

This is all simple math, actually:
If the former superintendent + the BOE (at the time) - got rid of the two teachers having the affair during work hours = This problem would not be happening to the present superintendent.

PS.. Forgot this part of the end of the problem:
= a state championship for Huron Football by now with a coach who is not so distracted