Huron board fires back at Fox conspiracy claim

A faction of Huron school board members are firing back at fellow board member Kevin Asher's claim about a grand conspiracy against embattled superintendent Fred Fox.
Jessica Cuffman
Nov 20, 2012

Board member Kevin Asher and attorney Patrick Murray, who represents Fox, have previously filed court documents accusing the majority of the board members of holding a personal vendetta against Fox.

In court documents filed this past week, however, Fox's opponents said any notion of a conspiracy theory is not only false, but also irrelevant.  

"Asher's brief includes more than a dozen pages of irrelevant, speculative, false and defamatory conspiracy theories masquerading as 'facts,'" stated documents filed by Drew Legando, attorney for board members Tim Sowecke and Donna Green. "Its outlandish claims have nothing to do with the issues presented by the motions pending before the court."

Read the court filings. Click HERE to see the originial conspiracy claims.

For more on the ongoing legal battles, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register.



Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

To all of you posters including the SOWeckes and the Legando family:
I truly hope you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving and you find something to be thankful for. I'm thankful for my family and friends, including the Fox family, who I can only hope can get past the public anal exam they have received.

We all have family and friends and if we had to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner with our minds full of emails and affairs and terminations.. I really feel a reprimand would have sufficed. Then again.. I'm not out to control the school district.

You truly are a funny bunch and I do enjoy your jokes and wit. You're wasting your act here folks.

PS.. I'll be here every week, try the veal.. Ba Dum Bump


Happy thanksgiving to all and who forgot to change the scroll to regular time in front of the high school?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Hahaha.. Good observation Sign Reader !



Why are everyone else's comments consider gossip ? But, your's are the gospel according to Fred.

I stand by my comments. Believe it or not some of us have better handle on the situation and have better contacts than you.

Tsu Dho Nimh

donut...could not agree with you more. Sold is never going to change his mind or admit that he is incorrect about anything. If you notice, Wired is the only person that buys what he is selling.


I buy what I see not what someone else is "selling' so watch what you say. You are ASSUMING and you know what people say about those who assume. What a child you are when it comes to that.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

'What a child you are'

WiredMama you hit the nail on the head with that one.

I'm not selling I am only telling the 'other side' of the story. The side that didn't break the law.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Again, why are you being so ugly and why do you even care about what goes on in Huron? I made a fair statement. Your opinions echo what Sold shares. BTW, I am not allowed to make statements about your posts but you can call me names? I am typically laughing when I posts but your comments leave a picture of a scowling face here during the last day or so.



Mama's batteries are probably dead so she is going thru withdrawals. Give her a break!!!!!! HAHAHAHA

Tsu Dho Nimh is a response to some "name calling" that you did on another link. Be careful when calling someone a child :)

"this entire town seems to be involved in this mess in some form one way or another. They are either part of the problem or part of the past problems." That is an unfair statement. Most people are not involved. Like any town, there are some "good ole boys" that get their names involved in everything and the vast majority of the citizens are not known outside of their circle of friends. The "entire town" did not cause the problem or have been part of the past problems.

"The preception is one of "railroading' , corruption, jealousy and down right nasty behavior that isn't expected from so called civilized people. I would have expected better from the like of Huronites." I think I speak for most of the posters that we do not appreciate being referred to as "so called civilized people." Perception does become the truth in society but I do not believe that the average person outside of Huron even pays attention to what is going on. I work with a lot of people from a variety of communities and they could care less about what is going on in Huron. What you are sharing, in my opinion, is just your perception. If you want to question or criticize the actions of our school board, please feel free to do so. Having said that, be prepared that your opinion will be disputed. However, the comments that describe the citizens of Huron are out of line and very unbecoming. I know I have struck a nerve with you because you have been making snippy and cutting remarks towards me. As long as you continue to make remarks towards our citizens, I will continue to call you out on them.


boo hoo....when you act like a child, you are a child Same old same old. Go read my response. I am simply not answering you again. It isn't worth it. You just like to argue. Go do it with someone who cares


Apparently you are! :)

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Donut settle down.

The talk about Fred Fox with Shawnee's principal was gossip. Wasn't it the gossip that you claim affected her ? If you go back and read what I said I was sorry for what the 'gossip' did to her and how it made her feel.

It wasn't true she was having an affair with Fred Fox so it definately WAS gossip. (It is really getting to me that I have to repeat what I already wrote and then the morons say: Sold you just keep repeating.. No.. Sold will always offer an explanation of what he has said so you may not skim read it and not get it again).

I'm with you, not against you on this issue, Donut, but if she feels that strongly about the position she was put in maybe she should hire another one of the Murray's and go after Fred and the gossipers ?

Your contacts are all associated with the H-Team. Nuff said.

Heil Coach !


Sold.....why doesn't the school board just post the entire list of Mr Fox's job description including what he could and could not do? That would solve a lot of problems. It should include whether or not he can use the internet for personal use. That way we could ALL see whether or not he violated any rules.

The rest of this could also be cleared away. I would also like to see the "poll" that the SR took to indicate that Fred Fox was to be removed by the majority of people in the school district according to their statements made on ths site. If they are going to make such a statement, then they should be able to back that up with a "poll" of some sort showing numbers. Otherwise that is a very "loose" statement to make.

Then there should be a statement from Mr. Fox about the bus and the tools. That would clear up that mess.

Cases closed, right.


I am reporting this to the moderators because you clearly responded to something that wasn't addressed to you. Sorry !


I was asking Sold a question, not answering him. You do understand a question when you see one, do you not?


the thing i see with sold is just like the fox supporting staff. they want to take the accustions and turn them into another direction.

Sold, he can be terminated on that email exchange with the fremont women alone. and you admitted that it occured and wanted him repremanded at best.

its kind of like asking mr police officer for a warning instead of a ticket because you got caught speeding!

well your three amigos want to give him a ticket, while the two jockstraps (supporters) want a warning.

wiredmama222 it in writing that he cannot use the email for personal use? did they reprimand him? Did they do his annual review? Is it in writing? Did they give him is reprimand and list of things for which he was being terminated in writing according to the laws of ohio? Did they give him a copy of the Markling report according to the laws of Ohio? Why did they not just fire him as prescribed by law? Why do all this song and dance if not to humiliate him? Was this "reprimand" handled during the executive session" as prescribed by the sunshine law" of Ohio?

Your paper is BIG on getting reports, etc. You are always talking about the paperwork you ask for. Are you going after the billing of the Markling report now that there is no such thing as client attorney privilege of this document according to the supreme court? It will now be considered public record after the ruling on Wednesday. Will the SR go after the record?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Where is it written that if you use your email for personal reasons that YOU WILL BE FIRED ?

This is a very weak charge, but the only one your amigoes have as they continue to waste time and money attempting to build a case against the man who put the school district in the great shape it is in.

As every one of Fred Fox's evaluations, (except for the 2 that this board didn't do. Maybe they should be fired for not following policy ?), anyway every one of Fred Fox's evaluations read excellent across the board. With an employee like that who also farmed Kalahari for donations I truly believe he receives a reprimand. If you did your job this well how would you feel if out of the blue you got a Markling report dropped in the public's lap ?

I already know the answer.

TDN- I am in total agreement as to doing business with Huron Cement quite possibly could be a conflict of interest. If no profit was made and the jobs went out to bid there could be an argument. Several past board members could no longer do business with the schools. And something to add: John Caporini was a great Jr high basketball coach until he became a board member and had to give up the coaching posistion. I understand there is gray area.

Have a happy Thanksgiving..


Where is it written that you may use school email for personal use? The majority of Huron wants him removed, like it or not!

And the tax payers in HURON put the school district in great shape, as did the teachers who took a pay freeze! but someone else decided they wanted a quick 4% raise once the taxpayers said YES to a levy!

Darwin's choice

I don't.........

wiredmama222 do you know that? Did someone take a poll. I don't know Fox and have no personal reason to support him I am a person who likes things done by the book, not by "any old way' or by vendetta. So how do you know that the majority of Huron wanted him out? Who told this? Did they take a poll?

Tsu Dho Nimh

Why is it okay for you to question SR? You do not like it when I question you. As a matter of fact, you have been responding with comments that could be taken as hateful here lately when I respond to your statements. You do not appear to really want to have these questions answered rather than to point out the SR does not know what he/she is talkng about. If you do not want your comments to be challenged, then stop challenging the comments of others.


Are you that thin skinned? I have every right to question the SR when they make a statement such as "huron wanted him removed". Did they take a poll or not? It appears not EVERYONE wanted him gone. The SR is a newspaper and capable of making fictious statments as well. It happens all the time. We see it a lot over here. We have the right to question statements. So what? They don't have to be right every day. You just like it because they appear to be supporting YOUR position. I bet if they were not, you would be screaming your heads off in Huron. Big Time.

As for you, you started attacking me from day one, so don't be so "I am so pure and you treat me so badly" routine, cause it just isn't so. You have jumped at me with every post I have made because I haven't agreed with you.

Both YOU and TMM...I would have liked nothing better than to have been nice, but YOU started this. Let us not forget that. You just couldn't stand anyone or anything that went against YOU and YOUR FRIENDS definitions and dislikes of Fred Fox. Whether they lived in Huron or not, you just hated it.

So don't call ME out on anything about posting toward you. You could have been nice but you were anything BUT nice to me. You are just getting back what you all gave.



It that one track mind of yours again. It's all about the H-team and conspiracy. Cripe sakes do you believe they run the school and the city? Do you believe I have no friendship with anyone else in the school system? My, my you are jaded.


one track minds usually don't bend, are not flexible to learning or belive only what THEY want to. They see nothing of what is around them in the world in which they live. They don't see the forest because of the trees. They don't see the war because of the battle or the garden for the flowers and they don't see the good because of the bad. Do not blame those of us who tried so hard to tell you that this track was bad, or maybe even out of service. Heaven knows we all tried to. Even with most track warnings to engineers, they just don't listen, or care. Single track people keep right on going off that bridge into oblivion. I feel sorry for them.

In Huron, right now, that is what they have. whether this ia all about jealousy, vendetta or whatever, they took something good (an improved school system, better schools, better teachers, better grades and a new stadium) and are throwing it all away for whatever reason and they are throwing the man away who gave it to them because his "personal life" is not up to the standards THEY set.

I wonder if you were to rip the front of the houses off most of the fronts of the accusers of this man if you would find such perfect lives of the accusers? I bet not. Would you find the perfectionists and moralistic souls who accuse him? Would their lives be so lily white themselves? Or whould we find some bloches and stains on their records too? I bet we would. Be no one dare talk about that, because no one dare know about that.

Instead we just need to get rid of THIS man for whatever reason this board wants him out. Whatever reason these three people have to get rid of him. And some of the people who live in this community see fit to agree with the three.

Talk about a lynch mob mentality from the sounds of it on here. You have this guy tried and convicted and for reasons that make NO SENSE whstsoever. They are petty reasons to say the least consider all the good he did for you. Really petty. And yet you make them seem like they are the biggest and most important reasons in the world.

I cannot wait until this report will be shredded before your eyes in a court of law, these reasons, cut down to size and the reasoning demolished because for once and for all a community is going to have to face a hard cold truth.....your lies and your built up, trumped up, spoon feed untruths and your "unholy three" are going to have to justify their actions in a court. What are you going to do when the judges say they have no basis for their actions?

To many people outside of Huron, this looks bad. It looks vindictive and small, petty even. It looks like a large, jealous and vindictive action that smacks of three people out to get one and they are trying their darnest to get people to believe they are right. Some of you are blindly, single mindedly,with a one track mind, following their mistake laden pathway. I really do feel sorry for you.

When you find out how severly you have been led down the one track so to speak, that leading will be a bitter pill to swallow. You will not like the garden so much. The flowers there will not be so beautiful and they won't smell as sweet. In fact, they will smell sour and be as ugly as the rest of us see them. Good luck with that.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Some of us would say that your first paragraph describes you and your opinion. ODE will be giving an opinion/finding in the near future. Are you willing to apologize for the portion of your comments that have been directed at those who supported the 3 board members if its finding is in their favor? I do not form my opinions from the Register or what others post. I have requested many public documents from the board office and have read through them carefully. I attend board meetings faithfully and listen to what is being said. From this, I have formed my own opinion and my opinion is that Fred Fox needed to be investigated by outside agencies. I never have convicted the man in my posts. I have criticized the members that wanted to slap his hands and move on. I have consistently stated that the documentation supports an investigation that goes beyond the school board. I do not wish ill on Fred Fox but will say that his behavior is what led to the mess. Sometimes good people make very poor choices and the consequences of the choices can be ugly. If he is found guilty, then he needs to be held accountable. If the board was out of line and ODE or the OEC find that their behavior was wrong, then they need to be held accountable. My opinion is my opinion but not because I am blind, single-minded, have a one-track mind, or am following a mistake laden pathway. These are the type of comments that I find offensive.


boo hoo

Tsu Dho Nimh

boo hoo??? What were the words you used? You're such a child? If the shoe fits, kick yourself with it :)


I was referring to you, baby