Huron board fires back at Fox conspiracy claim

A faction of Huron school board members are firing back at fellow board member Kevin Asher's claim about a grand conspiracy against embattled superintendent Fred Fox.
Jessica Cuffman
Nov 20, 2012


Board member Kevin Asher and attorney Patrick Murray, who represents Fox, have previously filed court documents accusing the majority of the board members of holding a personal vendetta against Fox.

In court documents filed this past week, however, Fox's opponents said any notion of a conspiracy theory is not only false, but also irrelevant.  

"Asher's brief includes more than a dozen pages of irrelevant, speculative, false and defamatory conspiracy theories masquerading as 'facts,'" stated documents filed by Drew Legando, attorney for board members Tim Sowecke and Donna Green. "Its outlandish claims have nothing to do with the issues presented by the motions pending before the court."

Read the court filings. Click HERE to see the originial conspiracy claims.

For more on the ongoing legal battles, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register.



Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

To all of you posters including the SOWeckes and the Legando family:
I truly hope you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving and you find something to be thankful for. I'm thankful for my family and friends, including the Fox family, who I can only hope can get past the public anal exam they have received.

We all have family and friends and if we had to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner with our minds full of emails and affairs and terminations.. I really feel a reprimand would have sufficed. Then again.. I'm not out to control the school district.

You truly are a funny bunch and I do enjoy your jokes and wit. You're wasting your act here folks.

PS.. I'll be here every week, try the veal.. Ba Dum Bump


Happy thanksgiving to all and who forgot to change the scroll to regular time in front of the high school?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Hahaha.. Good observation Sign Reader !



Why are everyone else's comments consider gossip ? But, your's are the gospel according to Fred.

I stand by my comments. Believe it or not some of us have better handle on the situation and have better contacts than you.

Tsu Dho Nimh

donut...could not agree with you more. Sold is never going to change his mind or admit that he is incorrect about anything. If you notice, Wired is the only person that buys what he is selling.


I buy what I see not what someone else is "selling' so watch what you say. You are ASSUMING and you know what people say about those who assume. What a child you are when it comes to that.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

'What a child you are'

WiredMama you hit the nail on the head with that one.

I'm not selling I am only telling the 'other side' of the story. The side that didn't break the law.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Again, why are you being so ugly and why do you even care about what goes on in Huron? I made a fair statement. Your opinions echo what Sold shares. BTW, I am not allowed to make statements about your posts but you can call me names? I am typically laughing when I posts but your comments leave a picture of a scowling face here during the last day or so.



Mama's batteries are probably dead so she is going thru withdrawals. Give her a break!!!!!! HAHAHAHA

Tsu Dho Nimh is a response to some "name calling" that you did on another link. Be careful when calling someone a child :)

"this entire town seems to be involved in this mess in some form one way or another. They are either part of the problem or part of the past problems." That is an unfair statement. Most people are not involved. Like any town, there are some "good ole boys" that get their names involved in everything and the vast majority of the citizens are not known outside of their circle of friends. The "entire town" did not cause the problem or have been part of the past problems.

"The preception is one of "railroading' , corruption, jealousy and down right nasty behavior that isn't expected from so called civilized people. I would have expected better from the like of Huronites." I think I speak for most of the posters that we do not appreciate being referred to as "so called civilized people." Perception does become the truth in society but I do not believe that the average person outside of Huron even pays attention to what is going on. I work with a lot of people from a variety of communities and they could care less about what is going on in Huron. What you are sharing, in my opinion, is just your perception. If you want to question or criticize the actions of our school board, please feel free to do so. Having said that, be prepared that your opinion will be disputed. However, the comments that describe the citizens of Huron are out of line and very unbecoming. I know I have struck a nerve with you because you have been making snippy and cutting remarks towards me. As long as you continue to make remarks towards our citizens, I will continue to call you out on them.


boo hoo....when you act like a child, you are a child Same old same old. Go read my response. I am simply not answering you again. It isn't worth it. You just like to argue. Go do it with someone who cares


Apparently you are! :)

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Donut settle down.

The talk about Fred Fox with Shawnee's principal was gossip. Wasn't it the gossip that you claim affected her ? If you go back and read what I said I was sorry for what the 'gossip' did to her and how it made her feel.

It wasn't true she was having an affair with Fred Fox so it definately WAS gossip. (It is really getting to me that I have to repeat what I already wrote and then the morons say: Sold you just keep repeating.. No.. Sold will always offer an explanation of what he has said so you may not skim read it and not get it again).

I'm with you, not against you on this issue, Donut, but if she feels that strongly about the position she was put in maybe she should hire another one of the Murray's and go after Fred and the gossipers ?

Your contacts are all associated with the H-Team. Nuff said.

Heil Coach !


Sold.....why doesn't the school board just post the entire list of Mr Fox's job description including what he could and could not do? That would solve a lot of problems. It should include whether or not he can use the internet for personal use. That way we could ALL see whether or not he violated any rules.

The rest of this could also be cleared away. I would also like to see the "poll" that the SR took to indicate that Fred Fox was to be removed by the majority of people in the school district according to their statements made on ths site. If they are going to make such a statement, then they should be able to back that up with a "poll" of some sort showing numbers. Otherwise that is a very "loose" statement to make.

Then there should be a statement from Mr. Fox about the bus and the tools. That would clear up that mess.

Cases closed, right.


I am reporting this to the moderators because you clearly responded to something that wasn't addressed to you. Sorry !


I was asking Sold a question, not answering him. You do understand a question when you see one, do you not?


the thing i see with sold is just like the fox supporting staff. they want to take the accustions and turn them into another direction.

Sold, he can be terminated on that email exchange with the fremont women alone. and you admitted that it occured and wanted him repremanded at best.

its kind of like asking mr police officer for a warning instead of a ticket because you got caught speeding!

well your three amigos want to give him a ticket, while the two jockstraps (supporters) want a warning.

wiredmama222 it in writing that he cannot use the email for personal use? did they reprimand him? Did they do his annual review? Is it in writing? Did they give him is reprimand and list of things for which he was being terminated in writing according to the laws of ohio? Did they give him a copy of the Markling report according to the laws of Ohio? Why did they not just fire him as prescribed by law? Why do all this song and dance if not to humiliate him? Was this "reprimand" handled during the executive session" as prescribed by the sunshine law" of Ohio?

Your paper is BIG on getting reports, etc. You are always talking about the paperwork you ask for. Are you going after the billing of the Markling report now that there is no such thing as client attorney privilege of this document according to the supreme court? It will now be considered public record after the ruling on Wednesday. Will the SR go after the record?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Where is it written that if you use your email for personal reasons that YOU WILL BE FIRED ?

This is a very weak charge, but the only one your amigoes have as they continue to waste time and money attempting to build a case against the man who put the school district in the great shape it is in.

As every one of Fred Fox's evaluations, (except for the 2 that this board didn't do. Maybe they should be fired for not following policy ?), anyway every one of Fred Fox's evaluations read excellent across the board. With an employee like that who also farmed Kalahari for donations I truly believe he receives a reprimand. If you did your job this well how would you feel if out of the blue you got a Markling report dropped in the public's lap ?

I already know the answer.

TDN- I am in total agreement as to doing business with Huron Cement quite possibly could be a conflict of interest. If no profit was made and the jobs went out to bid there could be an argument. Several past board members could no longer do business with the schools. And something to add: John Caporini was a great Jr high basketball coach until he became a board member and had to give up the coaching posistion. I understand there is gray area.

Have a happy Thanksgiving..


Where is it written that you may use school email for personal use? The majority of Huron wants him removed, like it or not!

And the tax payers in HURON put the school district in great shape, as did the teachers who took a pay freeze! but someone else decided they wanted a quick 4% raise once the taxpayers said YES to a levy!

Darwin's choice

I don't.........

wiredmama222 do you know that? Did someone take a poll. I don't know Fox and have no personal reason to support him I am a person who likes things done by the book, not by "any old way' or by vendetta. So how do you know that the majority of Huron wanted him out? Who told this? Did they take a poll?

Tsu Dho Nimh

Why is it okay for you to question SR? You do not like it when I question you. As a matter of fact, you have been responding with comments that could be taken as hateful here lately when I respond to your statements. You do not appear to really want to have these questions answered rather than to point out the SR does not know what he/she is talkng about. If you do not want your comments to be challenged, then stop challenging the comments of others.


Are you that thin skinned? I have every right to question the SR when they make a statement such as "huron wanted him removed". Did they take a poll or not? It appears not EVERYONE wanted him gone. The SR is a newspaper and capable of making fictious statments as well. It happens all the time. We see it a lot over here. We have the right to question statements. So what? They don't have to be right every day. You just like it because they appear to be supporting YOUR position. I bet if they were not, you would be screaming your heads off in Huron. Big Time.

As for you, you started attacking me from day one, so don't be so "I am so pure and you treat me so badly" routine, cause it just isn't so. You have jumped at me with every post I have made because I haven't agreed with you.

Both YOU and TMM...I would have liked nothing better than to have been nice, but YOU started this. Let us not forget that. You just couldn't stand anyone or anything that went against YOU and YOUR FRIENDS definitions and dislikes of Fred Fox. Whether they lived in Huron or not, you just hated it.

So don't call ME out on anything about posting toward you. You could have been nice but you were anything BUT nice to me. You are just getting back what you all gave.



It that one track mind of yours again. It's all about the H-team and conspiracy. Cripe sakes do you believe they run the school and the city? Do you believe I have no friendship with anyone else in the school system? My, my you are jaded.


one track minds usually don't bend, are not flexible to learning or belive only what THEY want to. They see nothing of what is around them in the world in which they live. They don't see the forest because of the trees. They don't see the war because of the battle or the garden for the flowers and they don't see the good because of the bad. Do not blame those of us who tried so hard to tell you that this track was bad, or maybe even out of service. Heaven knows we all tried to. Even with most track warnings to engineers, they just don't listen, or care. Single track people keep right on going off that bridge into oblivion. I feel sorry for them.

In Huron, right now, that is what they have. whether this ia all about jealousy, vendetta or whatever, they took something good (an improved school system, better schools, better teachers, better grades and a new stadium) and are throwing it all away for whatever reason and they are throwing the man away who gave it to them because his "personal life" is not up to the standards THEY set.

I wonder if you were to rip the front of the houses off most of the fronts of the accusers of this man if you would find such perfect lives of the accusers? I bet not. Would you find the perfectionists and moralistic souls who accuse him? Would their lives be so lily white themselves? Or whould we find some bloches and stains on their records too? I bet we would. Be no one dare talk about that, because no one dare know about that.

Instead we just need to get rid of THIS man for whatever reason this board wants him out. Whatever reason these three people have to get rid of him. And some of the people who live in this community see fit to agree with the three.

Talk about a lynch mob mentality from the sounds of it on here. You have this guy tried and convicted and for reasons that make NO SENSE whstsoever. They are petty reasons to say the least consider all the good he did for you. Really petty. And yet you make them seem like they are the biggest and most important reasons in the world.

I cannot wait until this report will be shredded before your eyes in a court of law, these reasons, cut down to size and the reasoning demolished because for once and for all a community is going to have to face a hard cold truth.....your lies and your built up, trumped up, spoon feed untruths and your "unholy three" are going to have to justify their actions in a court. What are you going to do when the judges say they have no basis for their actions?

To many people outside of Huron, this looks bad. It looks vindictive and small, petty even. It looks like a large, jealous and vindictive action that smacks of three people out to get one and they are trying their darnest to get people to believe they are right. Some of you are blindly, single mindedly,with a one track mind, following their mistake laden pathway. I really do feel sorry for you.

When you find out how severly you have been led down the one track so to speak, that leading will be a bitter pill to swallow. You will not like the garden so much. The flowers there will not be so beautiful and they won't smell as sweet. In fact, they will smell sour and be as ugly as the rest of us see them. Good luck with that.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Some of us would say that your first paragraph describes you and your opinion. ODE will be giving an opinion/finding in the near future. Are you willing to apologize for the portion of your comments that have been directed at those who supported the 3 board members if its finding is in their favor? I do not form my opinions from the Register or what others post. I have requested many public documents from the board office and have read through them carefully. I attend board meetings faithfully and listen to what is being said. From this, I have formed my own opinion and my opinion is that Fred Fox needed to be investigated by outside agencies. I never have convicted the man in my posts. I have criticized the members that wanted to slap his hands and move on. I have consistently stated that the documentation supports an investigation that goes beyond the school board. I do not wish ill on Fred Fox but will say that his behavior is what led to the mess. Sometimes good people make very poor choices and the consequences of the choices can be ugly. If he is found guilty, then he needs to be held accountable. If the board was out of line and ODE or the OEC find that their behavior was wrong, then they need to be held accountable. My opinion is my opinion but not because I am blind, single-minded, have a one-track mind, or am following a mistake laden pathway. These are the type of comments that I find offensive.


boo hoo

Tsu Dho Nimh

boo hoo??? What were the words you used? You're such a child? If the shoe fits, kick yourself with it :)


I was referring to you, baby


You are such a grown up :)


I was talking to her in terms I am sure she would understand. The use of anything bigger might baffler her. I wouldn't want to do that as she has trouble comprehending simple English.

Don't worry about it. I am sure she got that one. SO don't be too quick to defend her. She needs to learn to stand on her own two feet.

I bet you are her husband, friend or some such person. I bet she is ALL upset because of what I have said to her. She can dish it out but can't take it, right?

Then she shouldn't have started it, now should she?


As someone posted earlies, never assume. Do you remember who that was ? You sure are easy to get riled up ! As someone posted to Tmm, just relax !


SR here is a valid reason why people should be allowed to comment @ no charge. Can you imagine having these conversations in a public forum? Whew!


why not, Kurt? What is wrong with it? People actually have these types of conversations all the time. Have you never been part of one? They can be very enlightening. If you listen to one you might actually learn something.

I would LOVE to hear YOU talk. I would love to learn something from YOU. What have you to say?


Mama, don't make rules you can't follow. No one was talking to you !


Really, then you don't read much.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Thank you for putting a voice to the silent majority of people who live outside of Huron and are watching this soap opera evolve. It wasn't handled correctly from the beginning and continues to gain momentum and size. This is going to take from 5-10 years to finally get this over with.

You speak for the majority of Huron who wants to get rid of Fred Fox.. Give me a break. Are you quoting 3 out of your 4 friends ?

I have anything but a one track mind. You, and others on here are totally one tracked. Fred Fox ALLEDGEDLY did this and ALLEGEDLY did that. You attempt to represent Shawnee's principal and the gregious damage done to her. Her response settles the gossipers. She said it was not happening. Fred Fox never claimed to be having an affair with her ?

I really don't care who your friends are, but if they are the majority of Huron and they want Fred Fox gone maybe they should hire a Murray and go after him, too.

You all try to stir a pot that isn't very full. Fred Fox used the company's email for personal use. That's it. Kalahari's not a vendor. The Arizona trip was ok'd by the Huron BOE and the treasurer. Emails.. That's what it has come down to. And in the mean time Huron BOE mambers have broken laws to get Fred Fox. Not policies.. Not rules.. They have full blown broken the law, Donut. How can any one of you defend that ?

One track mind.. It's easy to stay 'on track' with this mess.


Sold....If there is one thing that really irritates me, it is someone or a group of people that bends the law to use it for their own personal purposes. That is EXACTLY what the BOE appears to have done.

This appears to have become a public "lynching" of sorts, a deliberate and carelfully planned embarrassment aimed at one person. Instead of following the prescribed rules of the State of Ohio, three people decided to throw the rules OUT and do as they pleased. I don't care WHAT type of board it is, that is just don't do it. You are duly elected representatives of a group of people. You are sworn to uphold the laws you are elected to represent. To throw all that away for whatever reason and do something so aggressious as this is just not done. How dare they.

I don't care WHY they did it. It doesn't matter. I really don't. They did it. What matters is, they violated his rights. They didn't follow the prescribed laws of Ohio. They abused their power. THAT is what makes me mad. They chose to make a mockery of the law. You cannot do that. Once you decide to throw out the law, you have stops being right at that moment. I don't care who you are or what you are just lost. Nothing you do from that point on matters.

But these people don't get that, they don't understand that. How could they. Once that line is crossed they seem to have gone NUTS. I guess the old sayings are true about once you cross that line, you lose your mind.
You become no better than those who are crooks.

The problem is, you have no integrety from that point on. It is really sad. I cannot stomach those who look the law fight in the face and spit. I really can't. I can't take it from the lowest attorneys to the highest judges. Laws are written and accepted for a maintain order and humanity. To maintain civilization as we know it. To maintain order.

Why would anyone who knows that, who puts their hand up and takes that oath of office throw it away? Why run that risk?

No, its wrong when you just thumb your nose at the law, say it doesn't matter any more and just go crazy by forgetting its existence. That is what happened here. Three people said no, two did not.

The three who said the law didn't matter must have forgotten they PROMISED to uphold a buch of laws. The PROMISED to do good for the city of Huron, to protect the citizens and do what was right at all times. That is what they promised. To follow the laws of the State of Ohio at all times, not when they felt like it, but at all times. Each memeber promised. Two of then remembered that promise....three of them did not. What a shame.



Fred used the principal as his cover for his affair. He told numerous employees on numerous occasions he was going to help the principal. Low and behold Mr. Fox did not visit the principal but used the time to carry on his affair on public school time. This is not gossip because on of my friends was recipient of such a lie by Mr. Fox.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

I am not writing in braile ?

Fred Fox's supposed visitation of TVT BECAME the object of office gossip. It never was true that Fred Fox and TVT were having an affair. IT WAS JUST GOSSIP !

I am in NO WAY claiming that Fred Fox did not say he was visiting TVT.. I am saying that the GOSSIP WAS NOT TRUE.

Tsu Dho Nimh

The point is that he was not visiting TVT. Gossiping is wrong and hurtful but had Mr. Fox not lied about his whereabouts, there would have been anything to gossip about. When he was made aware of the rumors, he did not do anything to stop them. I am not saying he encouraged them but it did not bother him that her reputation was put out there if front of everyone.


And of course ,you feel there is nothing wrong with gossip, right? You stock in trade, is it? Why bother trying to condradict people who gossip, like you? Your mind was already made up wasn't it? He was guilty no matter what and you felt the right to get into his personal life.

So someone should get into yours. Someone should check into what YOU do all day and night and then plaster it all over town. How many checks you write, money you have, who you spend time with, where you go, what you do. Where you work, with whom you work, what you talk about and about what you talk? Do you discuss others? Do you spend too much time at lunch? Do you come right home after work? What do you spend on your clothing? Are you a good mother, do you smother your kids? Do you tell them what to think, do and say? When was the last time they felt comfortable talking to you about anything? What do you tell them? Is your husband competent at his job?

How do YOU like the scruteny? Just checking because that is what it is like. Perhaps we should have a private investigator check into HER as she has seen private reports that belong to the school board. She has no right since she isn't on the school board and isn't related to any of them. How can that be?


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


UGTO....Just stating facts that are obviously in evidence. Re read what your friend has posted. Perhaps you haven't read some of the things she has admitted to.

No, she keeps saying over and over again, the same things that Mr Fox did wrong. Object lesson here. Now that she has seen and read it for herself maybe she will learn what it is like to be put on the "hotseat" for herelf and not be so quick to judge others. It isn't pleasant.

I am not trying to be "ugly" but trying to inform her about some of her ideas and how cruel they can be. Nothing teaches like first hand happening or holding a mirror up to someone when they need it most.

How do I know? Because I had to have it happen to me before I learned the hard way. And boy do you learn it. I will never again stoop to gossiping about ANYONE ever again. I found out how degrading and how awful you make that other person feel. How gossip hurts the other person's life.

I wanted her to learn it. I hope she has. She needs to learn to really listen to the other person's POV and think before she speaks. REALLY think about what she is saying and doing.

I hope it helps here. I sincerely do. She has attacked me every chance she gets, bitterly and nastily since the beginning and I got sick of it.

She refuses to even THINK about any POV but her own. Won't even consider it. That isn't fair to herself either. She cannot see the forest for the trees and she should.

Just trying to make her think. Not being ugly, just trying to help her REALLY learn a lesson. One it took me years to learn. I hope she learned it.


When was the last time that you gave credibility to someone's POV ? It's Sunday so it might be a good day to practice what you preach !


Mama, you shouldn't be responding to this. First, Tsu didn't ask for your opinion. Second, your response is attacking. Tsu just shared his/her opinion but certainly didn't disrespect any of the fellow bloggers. Shame on you !


And neither was she asked anything. Again, she butted in. So if we go by YOUR logic, I was just responding to HER comments, nothing more. So THERE.

Look, I said she shouldn't answer people's questions when someone else asked them, but you want to make a whole big deal out of it. Like I have said before, that is all I said about it. Now If you want to make more of it than that, then that is one you.

I reponded to HER comments. That is what we have been doing. So shut the heck up and go about your own business and stop hounding me about something that is none of yours just because your friend doesn't like being told off. Too bad.


Not so sure Tsu is a HER. Sold keeps calling HER DL, which is a HE. Actually, HER comments have not been any different than others and hasn't crossed lines. Not seeing much that is considered gossip either. Doesn't seem like SHE needs any lessons taught to HER. Why are you so hung up on what SHE has to say ? I would think a woman of your age would not let someone get under her skin !

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Great post, Mama !
It really is simple, isn't it ?
And people keep bashing Fred Fox because of what they learned by reading the Markling report.

The truth is they went after Fred Fox and had to make him look bad in the eyes of the public so they wouldn't look bad. It all backfired.

What a mess..


Great post, Mama ! Squawk, squawk !


Thanks, but some people on here have such a thin skin they should ask for a skin transplant. I swear. They won't get this unless a HOUSE falls on them. It is very simple to see if you don't like in Huron and aren't all into this stuff. It takes distance to see it I swear.

How much simplier can it get. Most people want to believe the bad stuff, its more interesting and they can go gossip with their friends on the phone about all the imagined stuff and more. Its sad. Wait till something bad really does happen over there. I pity some of these people then. What will they do? LOL.

Right now, its pointles to try and convince some of them. They have their cememted minds made up and nothing will change that no matter what anyone says. It will take a judge to answer their twisted mess and when it does these people wont' come back on here for months to admit they are wrong.

How sad that will be. As small as Huron is, they have no where to hide either, LOL. Many of them are in for a rude awaking. Many of them Not ALL of it has been falsely reported like some of the people on here. They don't ALLL have the problem that some of these cememt minds do.

Just thought I WOULD MENTION THAT for certain people have a problem telling the truth around here.

There you go again

If Sandusky Register removed Ακόμη Sold σχετικά fox commentaries readers might enjoy the blogging on this article. Gees, one or two comments is enough to make your point. Share the blog without being a blog hog!

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

And if the Register removed 'There You Go Agains' posts nothing would be lost or missed.

Tsu Dho Nimh

I respectfully disagree...the rest of us would miss out on the entertainment factor!

There you go again

What are you so angry about? Gee whiz...


Don't mind them. Some of the people from Huron are all upset because they don't like hearing from "outsiders". They don't want to hear about anything that may not be to their liking such as anyone who does not agree with their ideas about Fred Fox. They want you to agree that their Board of Education did everything just right and that good old Fred got what he deserved.

Others want you to believe that he shouldn't have had a problem with the BOE.

The fight goes on and on. Fred sued. The BOE is in trouble.

Everyone is taking sides and tempers are running high. Apparently they made a rather nasty comment about you which in itself is mean.

You go right ahead and say whatever you want (like it is my decision...yeah, right). Just make sure it doesn't violate any rules on here that the SR made up.


Sold, what about days missed? seems he was missing alot of time as witnessed by the reports. the things in the report given by the principals are very disturbing. this is a position (superintendant) that people want to be trustworthy, solid, and its hard for us who see whats been going on to feel that way.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Which principals are you quoting ? Seems to me that throughout the Markling report only Tanny Von Thron and Ruffy make detrimental comments on what they have heard ? (Gossip again)

And of course they were not under oathe so as court proceedings continue possibly the story will change ?

Tsu Dho Nimh

Why would two well respected administrators lie? What makes the difference if they were under oath? Do you have any valid evidence that supports that they claim they never made such comments about Mr. Fox and that the Markling firm made it up?


wiredmama..... such nasty comments. Are you trying to redefine the meaning of Black Friday ?


They are far from nasty....more along the lines of the TRUTH which few in Huron are prepared to accept except. Those who do not wish to accept the lies and those outside see this as a witch hunt.

Many people in the REAL world would understand that most school boards don't live and act like this. It isn't done this way nor do school boards act like this.

From an outsider looking in, this school board appears to be self-rightous and pious but are they without flaws? I am beginning to wonder as they are thumbing noses at the law.

Sorry, but they did not handle this right at all, and when it goes to court, I am afraid there are many who will be bitterly disappointed to understand they didn't. What then? How will many people react to that news? That they had been sent down a road they cannot get back from?

There is nothing worse than a reformed sinner who thinks they are so pious.


I have to agree that Mama is being down right nasty. Maybe she needs her Prempro adjusted.


I haven't needed that in years, lol. I wish you could all see that these are TRUTHFUL comments and not nasty at all. I promise you I can be very nasty. Your board is not doing what is LEGALLY necessary.

I ask you all....if this was YOU would you like your bosses to air your mistakes and problems in PUBLIC or just fire you ? I bet every single one of you would answer: Just fire me. of today, the next time you screw up at work, you have to be made to sit in front of all the others at work and everything your have EVER done, no matter how big or small will be revealled to all the other workers including taking home pens, paper, tape or parts from the auto industry. If you left early even 5 minutes, it will be told. (cause that's stealing by your definitions). They investigated you. If you had someone clock out for you that's stealing. It will all get revealed. If you made a comment about a fellow worker, it gets told. No matter what you did, you have to sit there and listen to everything you EVER did wrong. THEN we fire you.

Ok, are you up to it? You ready? Because that is EXACTLY what this board did to your Mr. Fox. They publically did that to him. They ran an investigation and told it all PUBLICALLY.

So how could you deal with that? Would you like it? Would you be able to take it? Oh, and your wife and kids have to hear every word of it too.

Ok, so now, I am being nasty because I said its unfair and illegal that your board did this to him? How would YOU like it? Would it be unfair and illegal if YOUR bosses did it to you? You bet it would. Just like they did to him. So don't tell me I am being nasty. Far from it.

Shoe kind of on the other foot now, is it? That's what I thought.

Tsu Dho Nimh my opinion you are overlooking a key factor - Mr. Fox is a PUBLIC employee. There are a different set of rules for public employees. Let's not compare apples to onions! I agree that this is an embarassment for many parties involved but that is the way it goes when employed by the public. I have many family members employed both by the private and public sectors and would stand by my opinion if they made a deliberate choice during work hours or helped themselves to the taxpayers dollars.


That does NOT excuse the violation of what your BOE did. They, too, are PUBLIC EMPLOYEES. How do you justify what THEY DID, then? Can they just spit in the eye of the law? Can they just wave their hands at State law because they want to? Why is one faulted and the other not?

I don't get that one at all. Its not ok for one but ok for the other. That is a double standard if I ever heard one. The judge is going to tapdance on their heads over that one.


You are very brave, Tsu, to speak when not spoken to !


dry up, blow away...and don't stop until Buffalo. I hear thay have a really good comedy club there. You should fit right in. Bill yourself as the unknown comic. Or the big mouth from Huron. Either should do nicely.

You could make a fortune. But do so quickly.


Who said I am from Huron. Remember, don't assume !

Julie R.

I have to agree with Sold --- wiredmama's comment is excellent. For somebody that doesn't even live in Huron, she certainly seems to have Huron down pat. Her entire comment is excellent but I especially liked paragraph 5 & 6. I also especially liked the part where she said: "They chose to make a mockery out of the law. You can not do that." That should be engraved on a plaque and hung on the walls of the Eeerie County courthouse!



So the use of school property by Fox's buds is OK in your eyes? "Toolgate" was the start of this whole process. The superintendent and his previous 3 cronies on the school board didn't see any problem. Now you have a new board member and this blatant misuse of public property by the "boys club" is not tolerated now. The new board started reviewing numerous similar situations and low and behold Mr. Fox's use of school property for personal use popped up.

It happens all the time in public office. The boss and his crony board run the institution without real review (toolgate). The public finds the practice reprehensible and elects a new board member. The tides have turned and Mr. Fox, Mr. Caporini and Mr. Asher are being held responsible for past and present decisions.

Mr. Fox, Mr. Asher and Mr. Caporini can't handle not being in charge anymore and file a lawsuit of conspiracy. If these three would have done their jobs correctly this situation would not be going on at all.

The general public prevails by hiring a new school board member and starts the clean up of past transgressions by Mr. Fox and his cronies.


Donutshopman....Since when is it ok to thumb fingers at the law? When is it ok to make a mockery of due process of law for the sake of right? When you begin to do that you no longer have a democracy, you become a dictatorship with one purpose and one purpose only: YOU WILL DO THINGS MY WAY OR GET OUT! Is that the legacy that this school board is leaving to it's children? I sincerely hope not! It takes only ONE time of leaving a democracy to achieve an end, to finish that democracy forever and that is what happened here. This board wasn't satisified with a firing, it needed more. It needed to violate a person's civil rights, to embarrass and humiliate. It needed to offend a person in the most aggressous way possible. Why is that? Why wasn't a firing good enough ? Why were they not able to just tell him he was fired and the reasons behind it in executive session? Give him the time required by law to answer? And then vote in open session to fire? Why the need to do all the other things they did? Nope, this was much more than a mere firing: it was (like I said) a reconing, a vendetta long over due. Someone on that board had a LARGE axe to grind and they had help. You don't do that when you have all the power. You simple do what is expected of you by the people who put you there.

You don't violate rights, you don't make a mockery of the law and you DON'T use your power unwisely or unfaithfully in the face of those people. Not if you don't want to, in the end, get caught. The long arm of that same law you just violated, will stick its hand in and snatch you by the back of your neck and bring you into court. It will place you squarely in the middle of a courtroom where your violations will be brought to bear for all to see. Then where will you be? Right were you should be: answering the same questions I am asking now? How could you be so stupid as to violate the law?



Why do you protect a man and his cronies the made a mockery of a public institution like the Huron School system prior to the uncovering of their sorted shenanigans? You scream for justice but have a closed eye to the misdeeds of those you wish to defend.


When do two wrongs EVER make a right? Especially when those with the all the power make the first move? When the biggest thumbing of noses is the largest of violation of law?

When you fail to give justice at the beginning you failed right off the bat, that is when. know better than this.

Justice only stands when good men prevail. This board started off wrong, they should have stuck by the law from the word go and done it right from the beginning. To do what they did was WRONG. You don't start off by by passing the law. They had him from the beginning had they followed the law, but they let their greed and envy get in the way and that is where they blew it. They were so in a hurry to humiliate they lost focus and thumbed their noses at the law. That is where the mistakes began, that is where they lost and you darn well know it.

I hate that. Justice is something you cannot play with. Not one little bit. I stand by what I said. Justice doesn't come with an elastic band saying you can twist me here and there to make me fit. It says follow me and nothing more. You pals in Huron BOE don't know that. What a shame.



Where does justice start? With your stance it is after the shenanigans by the previous board and Mr. Fox's cronies. Why do you start there? Why not start where all this mess started,"tollgate"? It's a shame you have no understanding of what has transpired and what would have continued without a new board.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Donut...she continues to state that Mr. Fox's rights have been violated but cannot offer proof. It is nothing more than her opinion. She has not looked at documentation, attended board meetings, or said anything that is much different than Sold. Throughout the summer Sold shared personal info about being friends with the Buleas and the Caporinis. He even knew they went on vacation. He is too close to the folks involved to be objective. Kudos to being supportive of friends but I believe in the end, they are allowing him to look foolish. Time will show whose opinion is correct - ours or Wired and Sold.

P.S. Wired - I was addressing Donut so please do not consider this an unsolicitated opinion on your


Oh, you simply cannot help yourself. You just can't TDN. Because you don't know how to shut your mouth. That's why. You take every opportunity to stick your nose in where it shouldn't be.

You see the BOE as shining gods who can't do anything wrong but Fox as the bad guy. How sad. when the courts don't rule in your favored BOE and they give them the once over for violation of the Sunshine law AND for violation of civil rights (I still don't get the lawyer answering with real estate statements VS violation of civil rights questions) the judge is going to really give them a problem especially since Erie County just got busted on that by the supreme court for that very thing this week.

By the jump in and answer something addressed to me again and I will report you for understand me??? Once more. This makes twice. I let it go two times and then I report it. DON'T DO IT AGAIN.


In all fairness, Mama, on another link you did tell Tsu not to address his/her opinions to you. Let's just assume that Tsu did not want to confuse the situation ! Sorry to inform you but I had to report this post :(


Then go ahead and do it! I haven't done anything wrong....not like she has. I politely asked her to stop this, not once but twice before but she continues on. Why would someone in all good conscience do this again and again unless they are doing so deliberately? Because they ARE doing so deliberately. That's why and that is exactly why I would report her for doing it. Look up the regs and rules. Some people just cannot follow them I guess. That is why I said I would report it and I will if she continues to do it. Its just plain rudeness on her part. She can't stop doing it and she doesn't care to.

Anyone else would have stopped this childish behavior long ago, she just can't. What alernative do I have? You people are so quick to judge things that others do, when one of your own does tell me? One of your own is doing wrong....what is the repercussions?


Now you are pulling out the big guns, 'you people'. I think that is an example of the type of statements that you direct at the people in Huron. You really do leave the reader with the impression of being a know it all and judgemental. Just trying to give you some friendly advice.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Once again, Donut:
Toolgate did not happen according to the Huron Police; Erie County Sherrif; and the Auditor of the State of Ohio. Do a public records request. They will tell you.

Toolgate did not happen.

Tsu Dho Nimh

That is not true. A special investigation was held by an outside agency because the person being investigated has family members on both forces. It was determined that because the tools appeared, it would be difficult to prove that the alledged party had them in his possession. If my memory serves me correct, retired Sherrif's department employee, Meuhling, was involved in this investigation. As far as the State Auditor's office goes, the special investigation unit in Toledo has this on its case list :)




No need to scream there, Mama ! Sounds like Tsu might know something.


But she claims to not be involved with any member on the board, knows no one on the board and has no ties to anyone on the board. That is what she says and I took her at her word.

Are you telling me she LIED?????? I began wondering when she said she saw purchase orders from the BOE, which she should never have seen. OMG, could it be that she did LIE????? Wow.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Granted you are "talking" with Ugta, I am going to interject. Maybe you consider it rude but I consider indirectly being called a liar beyond rude. I have seen purchase orders, requisitions, emails, etc. How? It is called public records requests. Anyone, not only Huron residents, has the right to see ANY of this type of records. You contact the treasurer and tell him/her want you want and he/she must provide it to you in a timely manner. Pretty much all dealings in every aspect of the district is available under Public Records Law with the exception of personal info on employees (ie address, dob, soc). Before you continue suggesting that an average citizen could not know this information, please contact the treasurer at Huron schools. He will verify that his office has been bombarded with such requests.


Sold....Those who don't want to believe that or who are afraid to ask point blank want to believe that there is some other agency who has a BIG profile on this.

I just wonder why no one directly asked Mr. Fox why the tape was stopped and who had the tools? I can't help but wonder is he protecting someone and who is it? It may not have been the right thing to do, but at least someone should have asked. That WOULD have been the right thing to do.

As for that bus nonsense, why is there no report on this. I checked with State records and according to what I read, only the board of education can get rid of a bus. There has to be some record as they would hold the "pink slip' or file a stolen vehicle report. If they knew it was gone, why didn't they report it stolen? If they knew it was sold, then why the fuss? It would have had to have been in some record somewhere. No superintendant can sell ANY school vehicle without the WRITTEN consent of the BOE. Did anyone ask him about this? If not, why didn't they report this stolen?

Some on here have claimed to have seen the purchase orders for the tools. How could anyone NOT on the board have access to purchase orders which are the domain of the BOE? They are not part of public record unless the board releases them to the public and that is "rarely" done. The treasurer of the board usually keeps those and files only the final reports...NOT the individual purchase orders. So how did someone not connected to this in any way get to "see" the purchase orders? Is the treasurer giving them out to the public? That's not done either and that should be checked into.

There are many things that do not add up quite right, but the biggest thing that stikes home is the lack of "why didn't anyone ask?" I don't get that one? They sure asked enough about other things and I am sure the Markling report asked much. So why didn't the board? Or did they? That's their job to ask. They are responsible. They should expect the answers.

I just don't get why no one asked him...especially since they did the accusing at the open meeting. Why not?

Edwin Ison

Had a teacher conducted an elicit affair during work hours (which IS effectively STEALING!)..... he would have been fired on the spot... and some speak of the power of


And they would NOT have been dragged into the public, embarrassed and harrassed in public to be fired, now would they? They would have simply been fired as prescribed by law. I happen to know a teacher over in Huron who HAD an illicit affair. They did so on "school time" and after. They were NEVER fired. In fact, they continued to work, divorced and married the person with whom the affair was conducted but no one said a word. So don't preach such nonsense to anyone. This would NEVER have been conducted like this and most of Huron knows it.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Edwin Ison-
Funny you bring up the 'teacher' having an affair on school/work hours.

There just happens to be a teacher/coach for Huron who did just that with another Huron teacher, who also was married at the time.

When the teacher/coach went as far as to pass notes to the other teacher using a student and the student took the note to the wrong teacher it actually involved another teacher in the mess and the president of the Huron BOE went after the teacher/coach.

At the time Huron had a superintendent, Dave Ritter, who was friends with the teacher/coach and who would do nothing about the teacher/coach and the other married teacher having an affair during work hours.

The politics change constantly, but the teacher/coach just saw it as another sign that he was all powerful and could do anything he wanted to do including putting 'his own' board of education in place and getting rid of the superintendent that is constantly tellin the teacher/coach no.

This is all simple math, actually:
If the former superintendent + the BOE (at the time) - got rid of the two teachers having the affair during work hours = This problem would not be happening to the present superintendent.

PS.. Forgot this part of the end of the problem:
= a state championship for Huron Football by now with a coach who is not so distracted

Tsu Dho Nimh

Sold...I have always heard the same stories about the teacher in question. I have no way of proving or disproving the allegations. Assuming it is true, the teacher should have been disciplined (which could have included termination). The policies did not change, the superintendent was just wrong. So, are you suggesting because the history of politics in the district has been crooked that we should never step up and do what is right?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

I am just stating the facts and pointing to the irony. I would have loved to see the teacher/coach and the other teacher terminated for their actions. At the time the super claimed there was not enough proof. In actuality there were eye witnesses and at least one video from a private detective that was shown to the super.

Just irony.

But.. I disagree that the two board members stopped the termination process. They attempted to stop the way it was being handled and tried to force it through the proper channels in a way that would have afforded said employee his privacy which was due.

And then Tim SOWecke hand delivered the Markling report to the OEC making it a public document.

**Those of you forever reading along will note that what I have posted above is MY ONLY CLAIM throughout this entire post fest.

Tsu Dho Nimh

The proper channel was to vote for termination back in the early spring. The documentation was there. We will never agree on this :) Would you agree that if Fox would have been fired this would now be water under the bridge?

Tsu Dho Nimh keep mentioning that hand delivering the documents made it public. According to my phone conversation with the OEC this summer, how they receive information does not impact anything in the investigation. Knowing how the post office loses things, Mr. Sowecke most likely wanted to make sure it arrived safely. Have you ever spoken with anyone at the OEC?

Julie R.

The super claimed there was not enough proof?????

Gee, this is getting better and better. That sounds just like your Erie County prosecutor, Kevin Baxter. I heard through the grapevine that he said (in the presence of the Huron police chief Randy Glovinsky) that a Forensic Document Examiner's Report that stated with scientific certainty that every document they examined was a forgery (ironically, all documents prepared by Huronites --- attorneys, an insurance agent, and the manager of a Huron bank) "wasn't enough proof of forgery."

For some odd reason Glovinsky wouldn't put in writing what Baxter said and Baxter wouldn't return my phone calls.

Wonder what kind of proof these jokes need, anyway?

Tsu Dho Nimh

I would agree that there is some irony but I have not seen any proof that the teacher in question is part of this mess.


Sold, is it okay that people are responding to your post without properly addressing them ? If so, just let us know. Mama's new rule is don't speak unless spoke to.


Sold, that is not what I said at all. I said it was rude for TDN to go around answering for other people when I asked them questions and she jumps in and answers for them.

I consider that rude, like someone who interrupts anothers conversation. I never said that other people could not do so with THEIR conversation, only that I did not want her doing so with MINE. But this knucklehead, as many in Huron, have a penchance for lies it seems, or stetching the truth and passing them off as what someone says as being fact. So just ignore this idiot from another planet and go about your business.

LOL, some people have no life unless they can create problems for others such as he and TDN are doing. But he or she who has the last life, laughs best...I will be the last one laughing here.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Again, TWO of the board members refused to release/fire Fox. It takes a 4-1 vote. Both members have deep friendships with Fox. The other three would have been morally wrong to not pursue the issue by taking it to the proper agencies. Why do you refuse to admit that Mr. Asher and Mr. Caporini made a decision that largely contributed to this mess?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

You twist so many of our words and so many of the attorney's.

Your heroes committed crimes which you are so quick not to aknowledge. In the end Fred Fox will have his job back and there will be at least two of the 3 Amigoes/Stooges facing charges.

Everyone on here knows that but continue with the insults towards those who have either done their research by reading what is posted here and in the Register or by those who really are privy to the real info. Either way, the story is the same. Fred Fox used his school email for personal reasons. That's it.

(Funny how the rest of the charactors in this story have done so much worse attempting to make Fred Fox look bad ?)

Tsu Dho Nimh

Time will tell if the 3 behaved appropriately. In the meantime, you have not shared any valid prood that they did not. Everything is hearsay. What I do know is that Fred Fox behaved in a manner that required investigation.

Julie R.

I also agree with donutshopguy --- "the boss and his crony board run the institution ..... it happens all the time in public office." Sounds to me like Fox, Asher, and Caporini got away with a lot for a long time ~ including, but not limited to, doing unlawful favors for their friends who stole tools ~ and now that somebody wants to hold them accountable they don't like it. I also will admit that I agreed with wiredmama's comment not because it applies to the 3 board members but because it so fits the jokes at the Erie County courthouse, who also abuse their power knowing they can get away with it because there's nobody around to hold them accountable.

@wiredmama: I can see your point about exposing Fox's affair but he doesn't have anybody to blame there but himself. I don't think people would care if had a hundred affairs --- just don't do it on the taxpayers dime.


I cannot help but wonder if everytime someone is getting fired, they get taken in front of the entire "plant" or "group" they work with to "discuss' all the things they did wrong that is getting them fired.

"sit down Mr. Brown, we brought you here today to list all the following reason you are being terminated.
1. On tuesday last, Frank Fawellit punched you out, but you actually left at 2:00 when your shift ends at stole from us.

2. On Monday, Nov 1, you made a whistling sound at Heidi Rench, even though you had been warned not to three times this year alone.

3. You were found to have two pens in your pocket protector on the company camera when you let five weeks in a row. There were always new. You have been stealing pens from this company for years now.

4. we searched your locker and your lunch bag and found four unopened rolls of new tape. You have been stealing tape

5. You went to the rest room and there you were found to be placing a bet on the Ohio State Football team with Tom Patner even though you and others were told NOT to place bets on company time. This and last year as well.

6. You were found smoking outside. You are permitted only to smoke ONE cigarette on each break. The cameras showed you smoked two.

7. You gave Terry Lynn Kessler a kiss on the cheek yesterday, last tuesday and a week ago last Monday. How long have you been having this affair...."but Mr. Willson...."shut up".

8. You were told to lose thirty pounds by the company doctor. You only lost 29 and a half. Tisk tisk.

9. You were saw putting a wrench in your lunch bag. Bring it stole it. "But Mr. Willson...."Shut up"

Now, do you understand WHY we are firing you? "Yes, but Mr, Willson"
"Shut up." Sign this.

"But Mr. Willson". "What is it, man, what is it?"
"Terry Lynn is my sister and the wrench is mine".

"I don't care.....get out.....and return that wrench by noon tomorrwow".

Tsu Dho Nimh

What? You are really grasping at straws on this one.

I will save you the time..."boo hoo, TDN!"



No, I cant' even say BOO HOO to this one. I feel sick to my stomach for you. My goodness have you lost your sense of humor as well as your mind?


No yelling or screaming in caps.


says who? YOU? Oh, I didn't know you were the boss around here. Ok, I will remember that you call the shots. TY.


We really need to value Mama's blogs. I did some background checking myself and guess what ? She graduated with honors from the Crapola Law School of (blank) house lawyers ! ! ! ! !


very funny, Ugtakkdme. Your name pretty much says it all. anyone who says "you gotta back me" needs all the help he can get.

I am merely pointing out that if you go on the Sunshine law website and see for yourself you will find out I am right about the law saying their BOE blew it big time. That is what I have said from the beginning Like it or not they did.

Even IF Fred Fox is guilty of all they say he is, which he could very well be, they blew it. You cannot do what they did and get away with it.

He could very well end up owning them before its over. A simple "your fired" would have been all they should have done and nothing more. But that wasn't good enough.

I have said this again, and again, and again. But the concrete brain cells of some of your people in Huron just don't seem to grasp that concept at all.

It is so simple they just can't get it. They want a federal case to be made and they can't do it. Affair or not, bus sale or not, who stole and returned those tools or not, this Markling report and State findings crap is just much "who shot john". It doesn't matter. I just plain DOES NOT MATTER. But no one gets it.

In the end, the BOE got themselves entangled in a lawsuit that will cost them a lot of money. That should never have happened. And for what? To embarrass someone? To show who had the power? To finish a guy off? Why?

Probably no one will ever admit why, it was a hairball move. It isn't lawful, it should not have been done and they goofed.

The BOE divided a board, a community and a school system. They involved innocent people and that shouldn't have happened. Shame on all of them. They refused to listen to council. They acted on their own and they did the wrong thing. It will cost them plenty.


It's you got to be kidding me ! I wasn't really asking for a response to my statement so we'll let this one slide, too !


Ha, ha, ha. are indeed one sick individual with a problem, aren't you. I have to laugh. And will continue to do so.


I guess I'll say what everyone else in this comment section wants to say but wont...Julie R, stay the f off this comment section regarding your erie county courthouse BS - no one gives a sh*t - what the f does it have to do with this subject?

You would think due to the holiday and nothing really happening in regards to this mess that the comments would be few, if any. I go online and stand corrected.

You have wired remarking as if she knows how the entire community of Huron feels regarding the Fred Fox Fiasco. You don't know sh*t! There are what, 10 individuals at best commenting for the past 6 to 7 months and you think this is a reflection of Huron? Go back to Margaretta and leave Huron and "Sandtown" as you like to call it alone.

Julie R.

"Go back to Margaretta and leave Huron and "Sandtown" as you like to call it alone?"

Excuse me, but I live in Huron ..... and had it not been for a bunch of trouble-making Huronites, I wouldn't have any comments at all to make about the "erie county courthouse BS," so don't blame me.

As for wiredmama, I believe she has said numerous times she's from Sandusky, so who are you referring to that should go back to Margaretta?


TMM...I think you need a vacation. Where do you get off telling anyone they can or cannot comment on a comment page about anything they like?

You have no right to tell anyone what to do. Opinions of others are JUST as pertinent as those you give. Obviously something has "rattled your chains". I have said repeatedly that I am from Sandusky but for some inexplicable reason you seem to feel otherwise. I guess because I commented about how healthy I felt Margaretta was once. Gee, too bad.

It makes no difference what either of us writes about our opinions of your Huron residents and what we see. They are the ones who are "acting out". Not all of them, but the ones who are in the news. Interesting choice of words : "regarding the Fred Fox Fiasco". You see, we can only go by what we see and read in the SR and what we hear from others who are there.

Perhaps that does not sit well with you, but again, too bad. These people are not all commenting on these posts either. The SR reports are open for all to see. Do you wish to stop those as well. Shall we call the SR and tell them they can no longer print anything that comes from Huron because it upsets you so much? They, too, are "reflections" of Huron. Do you not realize that?

So don't jump at Julie, or me or anyone else who comments about your town, the people who live there, the one's who started all this and those who keep it going. The perceptions that others have are based solely on the actions of those involved and those who continually shout "nothing bad is happening over here" at the top of their lungs. When quite the opposite appears to be the case, or the SR wouldn't be printing stories about it.

You have your knickers in a knot because people are seeing something that no one expected the rest of the surrounding communities to see and you simply do not like it. You and others expected this to be over by now and for Mr. Fox to crawl away without a fight. That what was supposed to happen, wasn't it? You never expected the lawyers, the fighting back and exposure like this. You didn't expect others to say a word, nor people outside the confines of Huron to chime in. Nope, not one thing went according to plan. And that isn't pleasant. You thought it would be over by now and that life would continue on. At the most, nothing would be said except good bye and what did happen was very unexpected.

The more people say, the less pleasant it becomes, TMM so you are lashing out at those who disagree, who say what you don't want to hear.

What will happen when the gory, unhappy details unveil in courts? What will you be saying then? "Oh, it was all a misunderstanding?"

I hate to see what people will say then. Because then is when this mess will really be open and discussion will hit the fan. So don't jump on Julie. She isn't the enemy and she isn't wrong. And don't threaten me to stay off the sight....not unless you are open to even MORE legal problems than you have now. I have the second amendment in my corner. As does every single person who writes on this site. Don't forget it


Tmm was talking to Julie so please excuse yourself from this discussion !


AND to me, so please see to whom he was speaking before you ask me to excuse myself. I am not the one who interjects myself in answers to others. It quite clearly states JULIE and WIRED (see the quote below)
from TMM:
"You have wired remarking as if she knows how the entire community of Huron feels regarding the Fred Fox Fiasco. You don't know sh*t! There are what, 10 individuals at best commenting for the past 6 to 7 months and you think this is a reflection of Huron? Go back to Margaretta and leave Huron and "Sandtown" as you like to call it alone. "

I rest my case. Despite what he may say NOW to the contrary, there you have it folks.


May I have everyone's attention ? Apparently we have a new set of rules. Wired Mama will now determine who can post what, when, where, and to whom. She lays it out to Tsu that if you answer or respond when a comment is directed at someone else she is going to report you. You will get two notices and then she will lay down the law ! If in doubt, please go back and read her post. In addition to this new rule Wired Mama is the only blogger permitted to make ugly, snide remarks. Thank you in advance for abiding by the new rule !


No,only to HER, so get your facts straight, sonny. She has answered for others twice now when I have asked them a question, which is not only rude, but presumptious since she has NO idea what they would answer, now does she? And I told her so.

So you can stop defending her. And stop announcing it as if it were a rule for one and all when you know that isn't so. What is up with some of you over in Huron? Do you make it a habit to distort the truth and lie, or is this something new since this mess started?

Rudeness of her kind is of the utmost rudeness. It not only says that the person to whom someone else was asking a questions hasn't the wherewithall to answer for themselves, but it also says you know best how to answer for them. That is extremely rude. I am tired of her doing it. Why would anyone do that to someone? Why would SHE be that rude AND impertinent? Does she often interrupt conversations when others are talking?

Tsu Dho Nimh

I will interject again because I am the topic of your post. Let me share what was posted a few comments back:

"TMM...I think you need a vacation. Where do you get off telling anyone they can or cannot comment on a comment page about anything they like?

You have no right to tell anyone what to do."

That is some good advice :)


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Tmm, would you be so kind to tell us who you directed this to: Julie or Mama ? According to the new rules (set by Mama on a post to Tsu) we are not allowed to answer if it isn't directed toward us. Just wanting to avoid confussion and rule breaking ! LOL


Now I am a dumb a$$, at least not so dumb as to be posting on here like a wounded buffalo yapping my mind out over something as stupid as to tell people they don't know what they are talking about and saying they don't know what they are saying, blah, blah, blah.

At one time, when my kids were young, they did go to Margaretta and my grandkids go there, as one goes to Huron and one in Perkins and one in Sandusky. So does that qualify me to discuss what happens in any of those school systems? Or do you have to live in those cities to qualify?

My children did not come from a 'broken home'. Oh, yes, I divorced AFTER they were grown...after 25 years of living in HELL with their natural father and am now happily married to a great guy. So what? We are far from "trash'. I suppose you hold yourself in HIGH esteem? My children are happy, healthy and fine parents.

They all have wonderful jobs, raise fine families and live active, productive lives. They are God fearing, Christian people with good morals and good ideals. They are raising their children with those same principles and morals.

For you to sit and say differently just shows that you are by far the most hateful of those who decided to pull what your BOE did. You should be just as ashamed as those who did this to your superintendant. You really should. I think your anger has outweighed your common sense and then some.

Just wait until Sandusky has its next "big deal". I shall remind you of these comments then. You will wish you had not made them, I assure you.


OK......1rst thanxs S.Register for looking. Thanks to all that posted. Why? In a live meeting some would let their emotions get to them. See, each here HAS a chance to speak. While there are many sides to ANY topic this forum allows all a FAIR opportunity to voice heartfelt opinions. Great stuff! Wirededmama I've always been "active" since I was 18. (I have no malice to you either)


TY, Kurt. I, appreciate that. I too feel anyone has the right to speak their mind. It is the little minds that would like nothing better than to silence those who disagree and shut the door on those who have a difference of opinion. I have no malice toward most anyone. I dislike anyone who will answer for another (that is just rude and shows a lack of dignity for the person to whom you were addressing. Like butting into a conversation).

I have said pretty much all I care to about the ridiculousness of this situation in Huron. You will never change the "made up minds" of those in the 'know' over there. They are like pieces of concrete. But like many, when the fall comes, it is those who will fall the hardest. What a shame.

Kurt, for the most part, many times, I may disagree with what you have said, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it. Your opinion is strictly yours and that is your right when someone is speaking to you, to say EXACTLY what you think. Sharing your thoughts with others is how new ideas are born. You go, Kurt, you go.

Sit n Spin

My Lord you people have some serious issue's or no life at all...Probably both. Take the time you spend typing all this drivel & focus it elsewhere....somewhere you can actually make a difference. Pathetic.


The Huron School Board members responsible for this "mess" should be aware the troubles facing them in hiring a new superintendent and future teachers. Having been a former teacher, I would not want to work for a school system lead by people of such low character as to publicly accuse someone of false allegations. Good superitendents and teachers will avoid your school system like the plague.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

You said it, Jack !


To those in Huron who have a brain......I don't know if your Mr. Fox did the things your BOE says he did or not, but this I do know for sure.

1. Your BOE had a choice in how to handle his firing and they chose the wrong way to handle it. The Ohio Sunshine Laws are specific and absolute. They tell each and every board how they can and cannot handle their meetings and how they must deal with hirings, firings, raises, etc. Violations of these laws have very specific fines that go with them on top of putting yourself in jeopardy of being sued by the person who's rights you violate. Even if you win in local court, you run the risk of having them take it up the "food chain" so to speak to a higher court.

2. Airing of the employees "transgressions' in the open is an absolute "no no' and prescribed in the Sunshine law which comes during the middle of a regularly scheduled meeting. All that you can tell the public is that the person is being FIRED or DISMISSED but you cannot under any circumstances tell the public the particulars of the firing. This is part of the sunshine law as well. (to say nothing of federal law)

3. No one, it appears, ever asked Mr. Fox to explain himself unless they did so in private. Since there are no records of the Executive Session, then no one but the board and he knows what went on. HOWEVER, the board MUST inform him of why they let him go. They refused to give him a copy of the firing at an open meeting and a copy of the Markling report.

4. Any report that is turned into the OEB by hand delivery is considered a PUBLIC DOCUMENT and not a private one. Therefore anyone should have been able to get a copy of it. It is not a private document once delivered to the OEB.

5. The BOE did not have to wait to fire Mr Fox until the Ethics committee said so. If they felt they had enough charges they could do so at any time. Waiting for the ethics committee was a safe guard if they couldn't prove their reasons and nothing more. They must not have had sufficient cause on anything unless they thought they had it on the affair.

6. No public school equipment, buses, tools, etc have to have board approval before being sold. If a bus or tools comes up missing a theft report has to be filed. If that bus was sold, either there was a sold signed by the BOE or a theft report filed. Same with the tools.

If the tools were returned, no theft report need be filed. No charges were needed.

7. Firings of all members of the teaching and administrative staff sign contracts. In order for a firing to take place, the person MUST violate a portion of their contract. Otherwise the school board cannot fire the person.

If these criteria are not met, they are considered NOT DONE or ILLEGAL as they deal with contract and legal matters. Now I am not his attorney nor am I their attorney.

I do know this. The BOE violated the SL and the contract items UNLESS they can prove he had an affair or is the ethics committee says they have a case based on what they can supposedly prove by the Marklin report.

They must not have had enough with anything else. Very sad problems for your city.

But this could all have been solved if they had just done it by the book, followed the prescribed laws and been patient.

Like I said, I don't know if he is guilty or innocent but it doesn't appear that any of you really does either....that includes that SR. We all have opinions. We all THINK we know but no one is sure.

It will be interesting over the next few months to see what the court says. My opinion is the court won't be too thrilled with the board or its members. They won't like how this was handled at all.

Do I think Mr. Fox is lily white in all this. Probably not. But that doesn't mean anyone gets to trample his rights. No way. Not any more than he gets to steal if he did, cheat if he did, or lie if he did.

But I am afraid that Mr. Fox is going to cost the City Board of Education a LOT of money just on that point alone. Never but never embarass and employee in front of everyone like that. Not even if you think you have the right to.....because it never works out.


Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

'Do I think Mr. Fox is lily white in all this. Probably not. But that doesn't mean anyone gets to trample his rights. No way. Not any more than he gets to steal if he did, cheat if he did, or lie if he did.'

The best part of your post, Mama, and what I have been saying to this lynch mob over and over. In this country we have rights. One of them is not to have libelous documents published.


I want to read that thing myself. I would LOVE to see it. I would give even money it contains what that board WANTS it to contain. It would be interesting reading, no doubt.


Yeah like you did it all. Thanks for looking s&s. Proves the point.

Sit n Spin

Whatever it is you are trying to relay makes no sense at by all means carry on....carry on with your feeble minded self.


Kurt, who are you addressing/ Me or sold or the Sandusky Register?

Tsu Dho Nimh

Since there has recently been some comments about what can be posted, how posts can be made, and when posts can be made, here is a copy of the discussion guidelines:

Community Guidelines

You cannot make posts (or create usernames) containing:
Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity or picking fights),
Personal information,
Remarks that discriminate based on age, race, religion, disability, etc,
Remarks advocating illegal or violent actions,
Libel and defamation,
Profane, obscene, sexual or derogatory language,
Off-topic comments,
Lengthy excerpts from other websites.

I believe everyone posting could be guilty of the presumption of guilt. It is very clear that people think Mr. Fox is guilty of something or that the 3 board members who took action are guilty of something.

I do not agree that responding to a comment or giving an answer or opinion is picking a fight. There is no such thing as a private conversation in a public forum. My comments to a particular person have not used profanity, named called, or questioned the person's ability to tell the truth. No one has the right to tell anyone what they can respond to. Also, we need to stop attaching real names to user names. I will state one last time that I am not Drew Legando and I have never met the attorney. Let's show him respect that he deserves. I am capable of holding my own and it is obvious that Sold and I throw some playful punches but I cannot be part of including Mr. Legando's name into our discussions.

Tsu Dho Nimh

On a side note, it is no one's place on this site to teach any "lessons" or make sure that some one has "learned their lesson" as atated in one of the posts.


Oh, TDN, you state the rules and turn right around and criticize the very thing you say you are allowed to do....state an opinion.

Look, this gets everyone no where so I guess I will have to be the bigger person and just apologize to you even though I didn't start this.


That should make you happy.

NOW, bury the hatchet and get over it, ok. You have your apology so deal with it as best you can and move on.


Ok.. I have read all the comments on here.
I think all of this is a witch hunt. Brought on by the school board. I lived in Huron for 30 some odd years. And when you lived in a place that long, you get to know, who's who.
There are some families in town who seem to think, they are above everyone else.
With that being said. Let me add...
How many people have sent emails on company time? I'll say it's a safe bet, that almost everyone does, that has access to a computer.
The school board started this mess. They didn't anticipate this sort of outcome.


Your name fits....just like a morningbreeze...That took guts to write this and be a dissenting opinion and live in Huron. Good for you. I see that not all of Huron, despite comments to the contrary, agrees that this was done correctly. I agree with what you say 100 %. Good post.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Great post and it's good to hear from another who realizes that in Huron it's not who you know.. It's who you are related to.

Thanks for bringing the posters back to what is, (and what is not), allowed.

Thank you for actually arguing with a bunch who does all of the things they accuse others of including repeating over and over the same warped arguements.

Let's all get up to speed:
#1) 'Toolgate' is not an issue in Fred Fox's termination. And no matter what you say, TDN, 'Toolgate' is over and does not exist according to the Huron Police; the Erie County Sheriff and the Auditor of Ohio. Find and post a document to the contrary.

#2) Kalahari is not in any way, shape or form a vendor to the Huron City Schools. Having said that there is no reason Fred Fox could not accept discounted anything from Kalahari.

#3) Fred Fox does not do his own reimbursement so the blame for anything he was reimbursed for on his Arizona conference trip needs to go to the reimbursor. (And the facts are that Fred Fox repaid some of the reimbursement when it was brought to his attention that it was improper).

#4) The personal use of email on your company's time rates a misconduct, not a termination.

#5) If Fred Fox would have been evaluated annually, as his contract called for, perhaps this use of email could have been brought up in the evaluation.

#6) The Huron BOE had no right to make employee Fox's business public.

#7) The only thing the Huron Board of Education has on Fred Fox is an illegally obtained and distributed Markling report that even the Sandusky Register has deamed not worth the paper it is printed on.

#8) (And the one I can't believe you of the lynch mob can get past), Fred Fox may have broken a school policy by using his company email for personal reasons, but the 3 Amigos/Stooges have actually broken laws. Not rules, not policies.. Laws.

Like I have said MANY times: Making Fred Fox's business public is what I most find fault with. No matter what Fred Fox did, or did not do should have been between him and the Huron Board of Education.


You are quite welcome. I hate seeing people who think they can do so, publically humiliate and (dare I say it again) "railroad" someone like this has been done. It sits wrong with me, right is right, wrong is wrong. I think brave Morningbreeze is right on target. This board just didn't think this through. She is spot on.

wiredmama222 your list of complaints and the stating of the above statements I say AMEN. If some of these doubting thomases would only go to the State of Ohio Sunshine laws and READ what they say about what the BOE did, they would find the their board did indeed violate the Sunshine laws of the State of Ohio. That is fact. In terminating him the way they did, they also violated contract law, that is why they had to go back and pay him until they straightened out their FIRST error in firing.

They have created one heck of a mess. Are they waiting for he State ethics board to bail them out? Oh, they will be waiting forever. They missed the opportunity with that as well, when the ethics board finds out what has happened they will close this case if they haven't already. Wait until they find out Mr. Fox was not evaluated or reprimanded BEFORE claims were filed against him which is the prescribed method for filing a claim. WOW.

Tsu Dho Nimh


I will agree that 'toolgate' is not one of the points for termination and the legal investigation is over. I will beg to differ that the State Auditor's Office if finished with the investigation. I do not believe that the investigation is open to public records law but the office does send confirmation email to the reporting party and an occassional update to which office is handling it. Last email stated it has been forwarded to the Toledo office for special investigation.

Kalahari has not been mentioned much lately. I am going to guess it is because the current hearng process is being conducted by the Ohio Department of Education. This department handles the issues of whether or not Mr. Fox should have been aware that the AZ trip reimbursement was illegal, if he took a vacation day without properly reporting it, the issue of excessive use of school email to conduct an affair, and if the affair took place during the typical work hours of a school district. The Ohio Ethics Commission will focus on the Kalahari claim, determine if their was a relationship, and if Mr. Fox benefitted by the relationship.

As I have stated before, whether we agree on how the information was obtained or turned over, time will answer those questions. Based on what I have actually read and reviewed (not the Markling report), I have not seen one piece of evidence that supports Mr. Asher's claim. I have requested emails and found that both Mr. Asher and Caporini have contradicted themselves when they make statements at board meetings and published letters. At this time, I have not read or heard a contradiction from the other three (believe it or not, I ask for records on all five!).

You know, Sold, we have been bantering for several months now and with the exceptions of a few times where we both have crossed the line, it has been fun. This is not directed at you but I will be honest, it does bother me that someone would refer to me as being a liar because I could not have seen what I have claim to have seen as an average citizen, that I am not open to another point of view, and that I am closed minded. To be told when I am allowed to post and who I can answer just blows my mind. I will give you credit, as much as we can disagree, you have never stooped to such a level as that. My only complaint is that you please not refer to me as DL anymore. I promise you that I have never met the man. Jab at me all you want but please do not include a non-participant. Will you do that? Thanks.


TDN....You make reference to what you have seen and read...what exactly HAVE you seen and read, if not the Markling report, which would give you any information that is not seen by the public?

This is the second time you have made reference to having seen what could be considered "priviledged' information.

Please inform us of what information it is that you have actually "seen' that is pertinent to this investigation that would be relevent. Thank you.

Tsu Dho Nimh

I do not have any priviledged information. You can do the same thing that I and many others have done. Contact the treasurer and request all emails relating to the current and former board members, travel reibursement of employees,travel requisitions/purchase orders/reimbursements, and so forth. Anyone, not just Huronites, are entitled to do this. I have shared many points in my posts such as which board members follow the proper procedures when submitting reciepts for travel, which board members were part of the team to interview for the temporary superintendent, and which board member has an 18 year history of selling goods to the school district that violates the rules of the OEC. You can go to the OEC website and they have a nice checklist of the few exceptions to the conflict of interest rule. It is very clear and when matched next to the purchase orders and payments, he did not meet the exception. Kevin Asher states in point #1 of his first injunction that he is a lawyer in Ohio. I went to the the Ohio Bar website and saw that he was not a licensed attorney in Ohio. I made a phone call to the agency and the woman was very nice. She explained the codes in more detail and said that he NEVER has been a registered attorney in Ohio. They were notified when he finished his law requirements in NY state because he had an Ohio address but that was as far as it went. I could go on and on but I could go all night and never repeat myself. I document every phone call that I have ever had with theses agencies. What I have found during all of this is that Mr. Asher and Mr. Caporini have on several occassions made statements that were contrary to what the emails and other documents show. I have yet to hear the other 3 make statements that contradicted anything that I have found in my requested records. It is a known fact that both Asher and Caporini have deep personal roots with Fred Fox. They do not deny there is a friendship. My opinion is if a person will lie about something that can be proven to be a lie, then why should I believe anything Kevin Asher has to say that transpired in a conversation (ie Mr. Sowecke told the board...yada yada yada). This is why I feel strong in my opinion that the 3 are not the bafoons that Mr. Murray would like us to think they are.

I'm sure you are probably wondering why I have gone to such great lengths to get the information. I have never been involved in school board meetings and such prior to this. I heard some of the rumors but pretty much keep to myself. With the exception of my spouse's family and some neighbors, my social circle does not include Huronites. When this ugliness started, I did not know what to believe. There were many rumors beyond what is being posted here. Instead of getting into the gossip an knowing that people will side with their friends, I started doing some research. Some of the rumors have some basis and most are out and out lies.

Put stock in what I have to say or not but I feel that I have done enough research and state only what I can provide evidence to support.


TDN....I have a great deal of experience with boards and take great pride in doing things BY THE BOOK. If you will read what the SR says on the next page..I am right about what I have been righting. You board blew it on what they did.

I don't lie, cheat or try and do things the wrong way. I cannot stand those who do. I don't put stock in those who bend the rules for their own devises and it makes me madder than all get out to see a board take advantage of their postitions to do something like this. It is pretty obvious that someone is the leader of the pack and there is move than two or three trying to embarrass and harass Mr. Fox. What they did was wrong in so many ways it is a terrible thing. The truth is, they are the guilty parties here. They have an obligation to the taxpayers and they let you down. I don't know what their motivations are and I do not care. It means nothing as to the reason why.

The fact remains that the ends do not justify the means and it will cost the taxpayers perhaps millions of dollars. The board is the one who leaked this story to the media in order to gain attention. Who does that? (again see SR comments to me on next page). This was all a set up from the word go. You cannot do that when you are a public official.

Your entire board should be dismissed and you should start anew. I wouldn't expect too much help from the ethics board either. What can they do now? Pretty much nothing. Your BOE has already done the damage. Mr. Fox is finished and your board is all but killed their credibility.

If the city of Huron is smart, they will recall the entire board and start over. Get rid of all of them and re elect a whole new board. You have a new superintendant so start over. Get rid of the mess and just start over.

That is the best thing you can do for yourselves at this point. Just get people who can read and understand the LAW this time and make darn sure they get it.

You should run yourself, and perhaps some others who have posted on here. But let this really be a lesson to the people of Huron that the law is the law. You cannot circumvent what the law says or demands. You taxpayers need to be sure your elected officials follow it to the letter, not do as they please. That never works. Those manuals that the state sends out are meant to be followed. They are not suggestions, they are rules.

Seriously, since you are so good at research, run for the board offices. You might suprise even yourself. Good researchers make great officials.

Julie R.

I don't know if this was a conspiracy by Huronites to oust Fred Fox or not, but I sure know a lot of other troublemaking Huronites that worked together in a sneaky conspiracy --- and a criminal conspiracy at that. Attorneys that prepared new fraud power of attorneys and new fraud Wills when an elderly client was in the end stages of Alzheimers naming two of her Huronite children to be her fraud attorneys-in-fact without the knowledge of a 3rd child or the knowledge of a 4th beneficiary in an irrevocable trust .... a Huron insurance agent that worked in the same building as the Huron attorneys .... the Huronite manager of a Huron bank .... and even the Erie County auditor, Jute Hammond (another Huronite) who authorized a fraudulent transfer of an incompetent person's half to property under a forged power of attorney concealed in a another county that caused serious defects in the title to the property.

Got to watch some of those Huronites. When it comes to conspiracies they're just like the jokes at the Erie County courthouse!


Julie R Here is a little fyi: NOBODY CARES for your off topic-ramblings that you some how relate to every article on this site. Get over it. Some of you people need to get a life and stop acting as if you are the authority on everything (this is to you wired mama). These blogs, which I used to find interesting and informative are absolutely exhausting to read and are laden with fact-less BS that I will cease to waste any more time on. ALL of you obsessive posters need to get a life. The Register needs to turn off posting for this article as all of you are making Huron look bad.


Last post from me for a while...In the immortal words of BAM272 - Amen! I assure you that when a ruling is made by someone who has authority to make a ruling you will hear from me again - to either say told you so or eat crow. I would suggest perhaps many of you follow this advise.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Good post, Tmm !


Thank Goodness, he needs a rest. Happy Thanksgiving