Fox court documents allege 'conspiracy'

An attorney for Huron superintendent Fred Fox has filed court documents outlining an alleged "conspiracy" to get Fox fired.
Jessica Cuffman
Nov 12, 2012

The 37-page document is a narrative of why and how Fox believes three school board members have conspired to oust him from his top spot at the school. Fox was ousted after a law firm hired by the district issued a report alleging Fox carried on an improper business relationship with a district vendor, improperly submitted expenses for reimbursement related to a April 2011 trip to Arizona, and was involved in an extramarital affair on school time using school computers and email.

Read a PDF of the court filing posted below.

For more on two pending lawsuits related to the saga, pick up a copy of Monday's Register.


Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Amen, Wald..


The only one that can make that decision will be a judge based on the evidence presented in the suit presented and the briefs and the case filings. The judge will make the merit decisions.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

You really think that what the Huron Board of Education did to Fred Fox was not the cause of these 'frivolous' lawsuit(s) ?

I would caution you that if you were in Fred Fox's position and your career and name were treated so 'frivolously' that you may not find the ensuing lawsuits 'frivolous' ?

There you go again

I said frivolous because these lawsuits take away from the original crime allegedly committed by Fred Fox.
Did he use school e-mail to carry on an affair? Yes
Did he use school time to carry on an affair? Yes

These alone place Fred in the guilty seat (based on school staff handbooks that are given to employees). Let's not use lawsuits to take away from the real crime!


These are not "crimes". They don't rise to the level of a crime at all so why do you call them that?



Here is what the board did to Fox - they caught him stealing money and time. First he screws the principal and now he is screwing the taxpayers !


what money did he steal?


Sold...Like anyone with half a brain didn't already know the relationships involved between the current board members and Fox. If you are from Huron you know the history. Bottom line is Fox enjoyed his freedom from the time he was hired up until the broard (his bosses) changed. Unfortunately his behavior did not. Fox was hired in by a board that would wipe his A$$ and he knew it. He also should have known that eventually this protection would be gone.

Ask yourself, why is the average tenure of an Ohio public school superintendant at any given district less than 4 years?

Was this whole mess handled in an f'ed up way? yes! Are all to blame including Fox? Yes! Do all involved, including Fox, need to be dissmissed from the Huron School System? absolutly!!

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

While I find your statements to be at least partially true, the one I want to comment on is the 4 year tenure.

They, (the Supers), need to hit and run. Get out with either praise, or just a passing grade and not wait around for someone to find fault with their work.

I'm going to make a prediction here:
If Fred Fox never works for the Huron Board of Education again.. It will be by his/Fred Fox's decision and not the Huron Board of Education.

The things that the Huron Board of Education has/have done are way way way more illegal and just down right dirty than anything Fred Fox is even accused of. Conspiracy; Conspiracy to commit fraud; Libel; Slander; Manipulating the law; etc..

Time will tell but I will stand by my prediction.



You are such an expert - an expert on nothing !


My, thinks the pot is calling the kettle black over there in Huron. As I said from the beginning: there is the right way and then there is the wrong way and boy did they go at this the WRONG way. Some people are left with the fat flapping in the wind.

Sounds like you people will be needing SEVERAL new board members over there. What a terrible mess this is.

This is going to take a LOT of litigation to settle and those board members involved best get some VERY good lawyers; they will need them. How sad that jealousy, envy and hatred guided the hands and brains of otherwise logically sound persons when cool and thinking should have been the order of the day.

WOW and double WOW. Sounds like some people on here really hit the nail on the head with this one calling it just as it is and not as they wish it were. Sad state of affairs. Whether he had an affair on company time or not is the least of the school boards problems now.


Wiredmama you make absolutly no sence - pot calling the kettle black over there in Huron - what does this mean? jealousy & envy - explain please?

Sit n Spin

She tries to act like she is in the know and stir the pot...Typical Sandumpy mentality to take a shot at the city of Huron any chance they get. In Sandumpy thought process that equates to the uglier less talented sibling. Pathetic...put your teeth in, take your geritol and take a nap.


I think wiredmomma posts well written, thoughtful statements very often. But she often assumes what she has read is factual. She makes strong statements based on false premises.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Hahaha... Spinner..
I think we gave them a pretty good sized target to aim for ?


actually she is from margaretta and seems to think her school district is now above reproach. She fails to she the facts except for what she reads from these posts and what these attornies file through the courts.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

As you know Margaretta's superintendent was asked to testify. I am thinking he also went to the Arizona conference.

Tsu Dho Nimh

So what if Ed Kurt went to AZ. No one has questioned IF Fred went to AZ. The problem is the ILLEGAL submission and acceptance of reimbursement of unrelated expenses. He cannot, nor would not, justify the submission of these expenses. Ed is too busy to be brought into this circus. Yeah, we know...Fred does not write the checks, blah, blah, blah.


Sit and Spin....thanks for the advice but I don't take Geritol, only my lupus medication. Actually I don't "act like I am in the know" any more than any of you do, which I suspect is less than zero. Whether you live in Huron, Margaretta or Sandusky.

My mentality is, I would suggest, every bit as good as yours, but I would guess that is hard for you to take and to admit, coming for your superior feelings in Huron as most of you over there have that "I am better than everyone else" kind of attitude over there. We have all learned to excuse that, however and tolerate it as best we can. LOL.

I inteneded to make a point about your school boards "mighty three' who seems to be in a little too deep here. If they are indeed the cause of this, and they did do something wrong, they will be held accountable whether you or anyone in Huron likes it or not.

I said from the very beginning that this board handled this entrie matter WRONG from the start. Apparently I was right. My comment about the pot calling the kettle black met just that.

I cannot imagine why you had such trouble figuring that out. I thought you were far more intelligent than that. I should never assume with you again. So sorry.


The pot (the three board members) are saying the kettle (Fred Fox) is black (corrupt), when they are just as corrupt. It doesn't take a Master's in English to understand, only a nonbiased point-of-view.


You, Wald, are assuming that everything you have read is true. What if it isn't?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Take your own advice:
You are assuming that everything you have read is true ? Even the Sandusky Register told you it wasn't ?


No Sold, I am not assuming that everything I have read is true. You on the other hand, believe nothing that one side says and everything the other side says.


wald i can assure you that in not what she meant.


TMM......You are SOOOOOOO wrong and he is SOOOOOO right. You assurance is just misplaced.

How can you be that obtuse?
I do not live in Margaretta by the way. Whatever gave you that misconception? Another of your wrong assumptions?

You just don't like being told you are wrong on anything, do you? I understand that you are trying very hard to defend your school board and your town. I get that. But you have to understand something. This is about perception. The perception of the outside world looking in. You may have an inside edge because you live there and you know some of these people personally. You may even have PERSONAL knowledge of what is going on with some of them.

The rest of us see what is happening from a distance and from what is being printed, that is true. But it is still about perception. Right now, the perception is that your board and Mr Fox and some of the people in Huron look like a bunch of kids all fighting over some invisible problem that really isn't being said outloud. It looks like a vendetta fight....seriously. Someone got mad about something and they were out to get Fox. That's how this all looks to people who aren't "involved". It isn't a pretty picture.

These same people who have this perception would be the people drawn to sit on a jury should something like this go to trial. Do you realize that? These same people would sit in judgement and listen to all this "junk" being dragged out in public. Again, perception.

So don't be too angry or upset that many "outsiders" of Huron don't see it the way you wish they would. They just don't. The perception isn't on your side right now. It looks like he's getting railroaded and bullied because he got caught having an affair and you guys just couldn't wait to embarrass him in public for it.

That single fact is what is killing you in the perception. The one thing you all keep harping on, the one thing you all keep yelling about is the one thing that may be the one thing that keeps the "pot calling the kettle black" swinging toward him.

The board looks like bullies. Had they done this in private, it wouldn't look like this. Perception....all in the perception.






Sorry I didn't get back on here sooner to "explain" my comment of what I meant. Your "pot calling the kettle black" means that those doing the accusing on your board seem to be JUST as bad as Mr. Fox.

There is no jealousy here. I have no reason to be jealous of what?, Huron? Oh, please! You people really do love to flatter yourselves, don't you? Right now, none of you should be shouting too loudly at how great you are or how wonderful you are. You should all be rather resolute and quiet until this is over. Then, when it is finished, you should speak. Until then, I would think quiet would be the order of the day.

Tsu Dho Nimh is very unfair of you to make blanket statements about the people in Huron and that everybody thinks they are better than the rest of the world. Just like every community, there is a "good 'ole boy" system and some of us just want to see that our leaders take responsibility. If you had ever attended a board meeting you would have heard the board president state that there is information that the public does not know and Mr. Fox's guilt or innocence will be determined by the proper agencies. We 'uppity' Huronites have our opinions about the situation. You and the other residents in other communities do not have to worry about being on a jury as you suggested in a post. If you don't like our attitudes and 'arrogance', please feel free not to be part of the discussion.


TDN....Sorry that you feel your "uppity" attitudes and arrogance don't affect others and can be so easily dismissed but they can't. You all put them out there for everyone to see and read.

It is the right of all to post and read what is on these boards, so to suggest that anyone NOT partake of them is just another "shot" fired from Huron at the rest of us to not make any so called "judgements" about Huron. While your school board president may be right about any "agency" making a decision on guilt or innocense of Mr Fox, it appears a court room and jury will also be making the same decision on others as well. So my statement of who will make up a jury is quite valid whether you people in Huron want to accept that reality or not.

Oh, and we in the rest of Erie County will most definitely be considered for any jury selections about any forthcoming lawsuits which I am sure will be coming up. For anyone in your community to think they will just go away is folly on your part.

So put away your claws and smug attitudes. Huron was pulled into the limelight of all of this by your school board and its actions. If the residents do not like what the rest of us say and see, it is just too bad. None of us did this, they did. What a shame the "family laundry" is being washed in public. How much of this could of and should have been done the right way. It could all have been avoided had someone over there not been so anxious to publically humiliate one person. What a shame. And funny that your BOARD PRESIDENT is the one making the claims that an AGENCY would make the decision. Was that prior to them being sued?