Fox court documents allege 'conspiracy'

An attorney for Huron superintendent Fred Fox has filed court documents outlining an alleged "conspiracy" to get Fox fired.
Jessica Cuffman
Nov 12, 2012

The 37-page document is a narrative of why and how Fox believes three school board members have conspired to oust him from his top spot at the school. Fox was ousted after a law firm hired by the district issued a report alleging Fox carried on an improper business relationship with a district vendor, improperly submitted expenses for reimbursement related to a April 2011 trip to Arizona, and was involved in an extramarital affair on school time using school computers and email.

Read a PDF of the court filing posted below.

For more on two pending lawsuits related to the saga, pick up a copy of Monday's Register.



So "the three" lost Huron Middle School $600,000 from Kalahari so they could run this smear campaign against Fox, which, as it seems, is filled with mostly lies? Wow. Way to go. All three of them should be removed and sued!

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Amen, Wald..

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

After reading the complaint.. I would like to ask all of the Fred Fox detractors how they enjoy their crow ?

Now that the details of Kevin Asher's suit have been spelled out and the Sandusky Register has published it's editorial claiming the Register has been used.. As I stated way back when this whole thing started: This whole drama began when Fred Fox was the principal in Berlin/Milan and has nothing to do with the way Fred Fox does his job in Huron. (And interesting that Fred Fox did what Joe Paterno should have done. Funny that both the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky situation and the Huron School District's situation center around the actions of a football coach ?)..

We, Huron taxpayers and the public in general, have been extensively used by the three rogue members of the Huron Board of Education to further their 'witch hunt'.

For those of you who needed it spelled out in legal papers I hope you noticed the part where Tim SOWecke, and against legal advice, hand delivered the illegal Markling report in order to make it a public document. This alone should be cause for not only the legal difficulties that Mr. SOWecke is going to encounter, but it should also be the cause for this ignorant little, (figurtively speaking, of course).. man to be totally removed from his position as a member of the Huron Board of Education.

And as you read this.. Did you notice it named the egomaniac that is TRYING to run the Huron School District from his room at the elementary school or from his office at the football stadium ? I don't even have to call him the 'puppet master' anymore because he has been named in this 'public' document.. lol

Please wake up, Huron. We need a better board ! A board that actually watches our money and our children's education.

This Huron Board of Education's majority is in place for one reason:
To get Fred Fox.


Sold, none of that changes the facts that Fox had an affair during school hours using school email on numerous over a long period of time. I don't think any Fox detractors ever said that the board handled this in a completely appropriate way, or that we agreed with how it was handled. However, their criticisms of Fox are legitimate no matter what the motives.

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You continually, (meaning = over and over and over), say that Fred Fox had an affair 'DURING SCHOOL HOURS'.

I continually answer you with: Prove what is 'DURING SCHOOL HOURS' for Fred Fox.

You never do.


Listen pal, he is paid very well to carry out the job in an apporiate manner. using SCHOOL EQUIPMENT (computer) on a SCHOOL server, using school email to carry out an affair is a BIG NO NO.. and YES THEY CAN PROVE where he was when those messages were sent.. thats not hard to do.. You or I would do that at our jobs using their email server we'd be fired.. so should he! period


School hours are the board office hours !!!! He is on call as the situation calls for during the rest of the day.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Where are the documented facts? Does Asher have email, receipts, or public records to support any of his claims in this suit? Why is it the General Petraeus will resign when caught in an affair and using employer email to conduct it but Fred won't?


I'm almost positive that there isn't any danger of compromising national security secrets in this case...

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hahah.. Perfect speechtx !

Sit n Spin

I agreed that this was NOT handled correctly by the 3 board members and I knew exactly what was going in regards to the "puppet master" and his deviant son. However, this complaint does not touch on the "other" misdeeds that Fred Fox is being "accused" of....affair on the clock....mis-use of e-mail...improper benefits golf outing...the AZ trip...etc, etc.....Hold on to that plate of crow and keep your bib on until the OEC renders their verdict ;)
Everyone involved needs to hit the road in my opinion, there is enough blame to go around.....including the "puppet master"....retire and leave for a Florida retirment community already.

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lol.. Great post, Spin n Sit !

AZ trip / Fred Fox does not reimburse himself
Golf benefits / Kalahari is not a vender
Mis-use of email / Antiquated rules that are not even still in use
Affair on clock / This one is very hard to prove when Fred Fox is/or is not on the clock.

I really did NOT enjoy reading how much money the current Huron Board of Education squandered by slandering Kalahari. School monies are too hard to obtain from anyone besides property owners through property taxes.

Am in total agreement with you that 'there is enough blame to go around'.. Funny thing is that Fred Fox is not going to go away from this whole situation as the one who broke the law.

Let's wait and see what those OEC people say, Spinner..
Then, when they decide Fox is not in trouble with them what will we be waiting for next ?


So put this document out in public, which may or may not contain facts, but they don't allow the public to hear testimony. Nice.


Just like the judge put a gag order on a murder case and everyone knew what the hearing was about. Make no sense there, either.

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This was not a 'gag order'..

The reason that the testimony was not shared with the jury we call: The Public, is that there has been enough of this bantered about 'in public'.

We/you all know what is being testified.

And.. When it is all said and done and the OEC finds Fred Fox 'NOT GUILTY' what will be our next reason to attack Fred Fox ?

It is stated very plainly in this document: Tim SOWecke went above and beyond the law to GET Fred Fox. Everything we/you have in your hands and in your head is the result of that.


It was an analogy...not a fact....just an analogy


Conspiracy ? fox on the grassy knoll ?


Fox was on something, or should I say someone.

Darwin's choice

Wellllllll, where are all the "letter to the editor " writers now?

Tsu Dho Nimh

The letters have been written but the election must have taken priority on the ones that were published. Just be patient, they are coming!


Cleaning house is way overdue.... Fox, the Board, puppet & son are a disgrace to the school system and community

There you go again

I am with you Sit-n-Spin! Fred clearly violated ethical issues by his misuse of school emails, conducting an affair in school time, etc. etc.

Is Fred Fox guilty? YES

Why are Asher, et al, trying to take away from these proofs of guilt with a frivolous lawsuit????

Julie R.

It's the Murray attorney that's behind the frivolous lawsuit.

There you go again

Yes, Julie R., and those Murrays know how to win those frivolous lawsuits. That is what worries me!

There you go again

Yes, Julie R., and those Murrays know how to win those frivolous lawsuits. That is what worries me!

Julie R.

Isn't it illegal for attorneys to tie up the courts with frivolous lawsuits? Course Ohio Law also flatly prohibits judges from working in collusion with one side, too, but they do it all the time in Erie County.

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Julie R-
From what I've read of your posts before now, I truly believe YOU KNOW that this is hardly a frivolous lawsuit.

The one's against Tim SOWecke and the Huron Board of Education will also.. not be even reasonably frivolous.

These people, (the 3 Stooges), made their own decisions, despite what their school board paid for attorney told them to do.. And now: They are going to have to live with what they reaped through their own sowing.


Lawyers file frivilous suits all the time. The judges decide whether or not they meet the criteria of sufficiency for trial or not. Each case filed must meet enough criteria to stand trial through a pre trial briefs and motions and hearings first so only a judge can make that decision based on presented evidence. No filed suit can be deemed frivioulous until a judge says it is. (according to my lawyer friend) FYI


How is it frivolous? Seems legit to me. Not only was a man's reputation ruined, but also so was a whole school system's because of the actions of "the three" and their personal vendetta.

Julie R.

Considering how the Erie County courts take part in unlawful conspiracies themselves, I don't know how they can even take a "conspiracy" case. God Himself must shudder over that!