Fox files suit against Huron board member

Suspended Huron schools superintendent Fred Fox has filed a lawsuit against board of education member Tim Sowecke.
Jessica Cuffman
Sep 19, 2012


Suspended Huron schools superintendent Fred Fox has filed a lawsuit against board of education member Tim Sowecke.

Fox accuses Sowecke of intentionally delivering the McGown and Markling report to the Ohio Ethics Commission to publicly smear him, according to a lawsuit filed in Erie County Common Pleas Court last week.

Fox, suspended since June, and without pay since earlier this month, has been accused of dishonest and illegal conduct, fraud and unethical practices, neglect and carelessness in the performance of his duties, according to the lawsuit.

On Sept. 6, the Huron board of education voted to continue with termination proceedings against Fox with the Ohio Department of Education.

Since then, Fox has requested a public hearing on the charges, to be conducted by a public hearing officer. A date for the hearing has been tentatively set for Oct. 10.

Meanwhile, Fox's attorney, Patrick Murray, has filed the lawsuit against Sowecke, alleging libel and defamation and demanding  $2.5 million in punitive damages from Sowecke.

For more on this story, pick up Thursday's copy of the Register.


Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


(The SR does have this info according to what I have heard. I guess they would rather print 'speculation' about Fred Fox than the documented truth about Huron Board members ?)

Huron Board of Education member, Donna Greene, acting on her own outside of the scope of her responsibilities as a board member, (is this beginning to sound like a common theme ?), convinced the Huron treasurer to put up the funding, ($7,000), for a Huron Memorial Stadium sign to soothe the feelings of those who felt that the stadium should not have been renamed even though Kalahari/Todd Nelson had thrown in $750,000+ to rebuild it.

The Huron treasurer went ahead and wrote a check on Donna Greene's word that the Huron Alumni Association had promised her they would pay the $7,000 for the sign.

When asked to pay the Huron Alumni Association disavowed any knowledge of the sign or the $7,000, making the sign Donna Greene's personal responsibility.

(Try finding that in the board minutes, TDN)

Does this make what Fred Fox did/or did not do right, or wrong ? Not in the least. But, it does, once again underline the way business is being conducted by the Huron Board of Education, or actually by it's members on their own acting as board members when not officially in a board meeting.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Wow ! These comments are a mess.

This is an improvement SR ?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


I was being totally sarcastic about where the board's attornies were sitting. I was only making a point that no one, not even their own attornies want to be associated with what these three/two/one Huron Board of Ed member(s) have done. (I was not there to verify.. lol).

So tell me the 'plenty' of things I've said that have turned out not to be true ?

Now tell me one thing you have gone out on a limb on and said that HAS turned out to be true.

The board's attornies are now totally stuck going forward to show effort. If they stopped now they would be as big of a target as a beached whale is to flies.

Write that down: The board's attornies cannot possibly turn back now. They have gone too far and now need to show that they had reason to do what they have done. A reasonable person is sure to understand this ?

So tell me again the 'plenty' of things I've said that have turned out not to be true ?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


Why don't you go speak to Ms. Greene ?

Why would I have to do any more than the Sandusky Register ? I report EXACTLY what I've been told. Is the sign there ? Is there one brick with an imprinted name under it ?

Go ask Ms. Greene, Justme. Prove me wrong. I'm not on trial, nor will I be, but she well could be.

And you are TOTALLY wrong about the insurance company. At this point they will not allow the board to admit what they have done thus opening them up for even more liability. You obviously are not an attorney, Just, or you would be able to figure this out on your own.

Please try to come up with something original instead of just 'bottom feeding' on my words.

Tmm sound like a fired attorney from a Sandusky law firm with Huron ties/ownership.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


That was good.. Keep guessing.
This is more fun than talking about the injustice of how the 'Fred Fox Situation' has been handled.


Hey sold... any word on when we'll hear from courious georgeT space?

All you noobs on here need to understand Sold (ist eine Deutsch bag) has been spewing BS for many months now.  I suggest all who are unfamilar go back thru all of these Fox articles and read thru Sold's comments and you will get a true sence of what a nut Sold is.

Fox is in the situation he's in because he put himself there.  The affair issue alone is grounds for termination and it will happen.  At this point f'ing with Sold is all these Fox articles online are good for.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


You are a hater with no information to add.

Why are you here ? Just to say that what I say is BS ?

So.. You said it. Now go back under your rock.

You're entitled to your opinion and I am glad we live in a country where we can all read it. So.. Post it.

If the only opinion you have is that I'm a nut.. You said it.

Hey.. Everyone here on this thread. Tmm says I'm a nut.

There Tmm. I posted it, too.

And with proper spelling and punctuation which you seem to notice, but not use ?

So. Everything you always say has already been said by you and by me. Is it time now for you to call me out to your boat for a 'face to face' again ?

Clearly a case of the nut calling the pot black..

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Still a jumble..

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


It's really called: Read, digest, and then really think about the big picture. In the big picture a lot has gone wrong and a lot of people are affected. Why do you, and others, find it so hard to believe that the unapproved, slanted, illegally distributed report generated by attorney Markling could have contained utter lies and falsifications ? Why is it so easy to believe what this person wrote, but not what others are saying ?

Think JustMe.

I in no way am trying to distract or intimidate. I just want the other side of this 'story' to be heard. There are ALWAYS two sides.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


Through trying to read the mess you call a blog I would have to say you are entirely entitled to your opinion and I'm glad to hear it.

You have no idea of who I am or what I know, but aparently I know something or I wouldn't touch so many nerves ?

Here's the rules monkey testis: If I know something I will tell you. If you want to know what I know, read it. If you don't agree then you are just not agreeing with something that is true, not just something I made up. Do you possibly understand ?

You folks want to attack me for reporting the facts.

I have half a mind to just stop.

But.. My reason for even being on here is because I feel that there are a group of people unjustly accusing Fred Fox of doing many things that he simply did not do.

You can agree, or disagree, but I would like it a whole lot better if you would just present your facts like I do instead of coming at me personally.

I don't want to hurt you in any way and I'm sorry if something I say affects you personally or financially. If it does maybe you are the one who should be on trial in public instead of Fred Fox ?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


Just How are the costs covered ?

Are you delusional, or not a Huron property taxpayer ?

Every one of these lawyers is on us.

And blame him, or her, or him, but this all started with 10 'free' hours of legal advice.

'Creating chaos'.. Who exactly created the chaos here, JustYou ? Would it have something to do with hand delivering an illegally obtained document that was totally slanted to a commission who wouldn't take it, but it did however make it a public documant, thus making it the object of all of the thousands of posts on here and conversations in the Donut Shop ? You mean that chaos ?

When the smoke clears and we can all see past it there will be decisions made. Some we will all like and some we all won't.

Get ready JustYou.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


They have it now, because it was presented properly, but would not accept it from Sowecke.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


I'm my own source.

Believe me, or don't. I really don't care, but if you have something to add, do it.

If you, like Tmm, (or some others on here), are only here to criticize what I say then go ahead and then move on because it really gets boring for me to have to repeat the facts to keep the story straight since the Register isn't doing it.

I thought monkey testis was funny, (and it was what the 'Vulgarity Police' allowed.. lol).

Why does it not make sense to you that if I hit a nerve with you with something I've said, (and from your responses I guess I have), you are either Tim Sowecke, Donna Greene, a coach, or related to one of them ? Or in business with one of them where my comments would hurt you financially ?

If none of that is true MT, why are you so upset ? It's not you 'on trial'. It's Fred Fox.

If you have any 'breaking' news.. If you have anything that has not been printed already in the thousand posts.. If you have anything original at all, (and by the way: Sold You Are Nuts is not original).. Post it and wait for a response from some of the fine, well read posters on here.

If you have nothing to add except: Sold you are whacked, half brained, nuts, etc.. you can still post it, but know that it's already been done. lol

Have a great day and hope you've enjoyed your trip on the Register Online !

PS.. Try to put a complete sentence together ! Where'd you go to high school ? Apparently not Huron ? lol

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines


Spell check?


Attitudes, attitudes.  It is all about attitudes.

Julie R.

Here we go again. Take away from the real issue by creating a half a dozen other issues. I think it's called a red herring i.e. an issue created to distract from the acutal issue. It's what attorneys and the courts are known for --- and I still say if a big-shot from Kalahari wasn't involved in the allegations against Fox, a Murray and the Erie County courts wouldn't look twice at this.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Julie R-
In this case it's not about Kalahari.
It's about a man's reputation and career.

Tim Sowecke has acted out of his scope of responsibilities and made this entire mess a public matter.

And.. He needs to answer for that.

What Fred Fox has/or has not done is all up to speculation and all over a totally slanted report that was illegally aquired and distributed.

A 'Red Herring' is how this whole thing started.

Maybe it was time for the Huron Board of Education to come clean on many of their actions. The next one we are going to hear about is the illegally funded Huron Memorial Stadium sign. Donna Greene's name is all over that one.

With 2.5 million dollars I wonder if Fred Fox will come back to work for the Huron Schools ?
If it were me I'd have to do a lot of thinking about it before I made THAT decision.

So now we have:
Fred Fox sueing Tim Sowecke.
Kevin Asher sueing the Huron Board of Education.
The Huron Board of Education continuing it's termination process for Fred Fox.
McGowin and Markling trying to get paid $50,000.
Donna Greene misappropriating funds for a sign.

Wow.. There's plenty of lawyer fees already and not even mentioning the lawsuit for defamation of charactor that will most certainly be filed by the owner of the Huron City School's largest taxpayer, Kalahari. Too bad the Huron City Schools were TURNED DOWN in their bid to double their liability coverage.

Plenty of the posters here on the Sandusky Register continue to beat up Fred Fox. By doing so you are all falling for the real 'Red Herring'. Fred Fox obviously knows too much and has stepped on toes doing his job. Has anyone else in this mess actually done their job ? (Besides the lawyers).

PS.. There's no spell check on here, (Please add one, Mr. Westerhold.).
If something is spelled wrong above, get over it ,and actually absorb the content.


at sold, what does your name spell exactly?

You present a very strong argument for what is going on and it makes perfect sense. thank you.


it spells local ice cream store owner and realtor who else would have that much free time and think he knows so much.He must have Fred at his side haha

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Reading Signs-

Thank you for reading it. My name spells: Sold on Fox in Greek.

and for the other post:
I am definately not Chris Whector, and if I was, I seriously doubt I would have the time between real estate and ice cream to post on here.

But.. Believe what you want ,but if I were you I would read what I say and see the injustice of how a man's reputation and career have been treated.

What if it were you ?

Dudley Do-Right


Where is the story about Donna Green that Patrick Murray mentioned at the Board meeting?  You mentioned misappropriating funds for a sign, so what's the scoop?  I can't believe the SR would miss a juicey story.


indolent indiff...

Patrick Murray wouldn't take a junk case, that is what his other family members are for.  I think Fox is going to be cashing a big check at the end of this

Sit n Spin

$2.5 million Hahahahahahaha !  While he is at it why doesn't  buy a turnip and hook an IV up to it !    What a bunch of egotistical putz's ! 

If Freddy does get any money I hope his wife dumps his lyin cheating a$$ and takes every dime of it !  Then what will you have Freddy ?  No job, no $, no wife...maybe the Fremont Administrator will be your side dish again...I heard she moved to the area after she resigned from the Fremont City Schools.  You won't have to drive as far Freddy ! That is a win win with gas prices these days on a budgeted income.


Sit and spin~

Get your fact straight...she always lived in Perkins....just proves you don't know anything..just ramble....


The Ethics Commission needs to rule soon on this matter so Huron can put all this matter to rest once and for all.  The Ethics Commission can take months rendering their decision.  I think it is premature to be suing until the results come in from the Ethics Commission. 2.5 million is over the top.  If Fox loses, does Fox have to pay Tom's attorney fees?  The board member is only doing his job and for this you get sued?  No school member will want to bring anything forward when they think they can get sued for just doing their job bringing something forward that doesn't look right and should be investigated. It  is enough to turn anyone away from running for any elected position.


With Fred and his supporters doing all this twisting and turning and looking for escape goats  makes a good case for a board member to forge ahead the way Tim did. He had the guts to stick his neck out on the line to make sure this didn't get the usual good'ol boys cover up and now the sly fox and his slick lawyer are trying another shake and bake. There's no telling to what depths they will sink



Well, I was wondering how long before this would happen?  I see it finally has.  I knew that "hand delivery" was a HUGE mistake and this entire mess isn't being handled properly.  You don't work this way unless you want to get sued....and here it is. 

I kind of feel sorry for the board.  Didn't they listen to their council before doing ANY of this?  Or didn't they care? 

Now its come down to a legal fight that could go on for years and waste money that need not be wasted at all.  What were they thinking?  

When egos go before legal get busted wide open.  Now it has happended.  When all is said and done, all that will be left will be a bunch of smiling lawyer and a BOE left in ruins.  This could ALL have been avoided if they had just followed procedure.  How silly can you get.....and how dumb can you be? 

It goes way beyond who supports who.  Who should go and who should stay.  It goes to who is handled it right and who handled it wrong.  Its that simple. 

This is going to cost Huron BOE a lot of money.  I do feel sorry for them.  And it all could have been avoided. 

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


'When egos go before legal get busted wide open. Now it has happended. When all is said and done, all that will be left will be a bunch of smiling lawyer and a BOE left in ruins. This could ALL have been avoided if they had just followed procedure. How silly can you get.....and how dumb can you be?

It goes way beyond who supports who. Who should go and who should stay. It goes to who is handled it right and who handled it wrong. Its that simple.'

You said this very well, as usual.

Actually the Huron Board of Education ignored their lawyers who, in turn, would not represent them which resulted in the Board's insurance company hiring two seperate firms to try to straighten out this mess.

I just said it in the last of my posts: At this point the lawyers cannot advise their clients, (The Huron BOE), to give up on firing Fred Fox because to do so would open them up to all kinds of other liability. If they don't continue to try to fire Fred Fox they are admitting that there was no reason to even initiate this whole mess. (No reason except to try to smear Fred Fox's name, of course).


@Akoun Sold oxet....TY,...I have limited legal knowledge, but what I do know is procedure and what I have seen is a lack thereof.  That is what gets you in total trouble. 

Either this board isn't listening to legal coucil or they haven't any.  I figured it had to be one of the two or both.  As of right now they have to be in so much hot water that beyond this point nothing but legal battles will fly one way and another.  This one will sue that one and so forth until you cannot tell who is suing whom. 

It would be best for all concerned to scap this who thing and everyone either resign or go back to square on and start over, which is just about impossible to do at this point.




What reputation are you talking about ? The one ,confirmed by his lawyer , as an adulterer? The one lying about the affair? The one where he tried to smear the good name of a school principal to cover his affair?

Maybe if Fred wins the above mentioned principal can sue Fred for the same thing?  What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Oops.

Tsu Dho Nimh


There has not been any evidence that proper procedures were not followed.  Sold on Fox shares a lot of "information" but nothing that can be supported by public records or board minutes.  Those of us who live in Huron know who Sold on Fox is and his relationship to Fred Fox.  Tabloid newspapers carry more credibility than he does.

Someday, when the state makes it's ruling, I think you will find that two board members were protecting themselves when they defended Mr. Fox.


Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

TDN and WiredMama-
You know nothing about who I am even though you continually attempt to guess.

And it's funny to hear about my credibility from the stalker of the Buleas. Oh yes WiredMama, first TDN had me pegged as one, or both of the Buleas, (past Huron Board Member and/or her husband). Now TDN is sure that I am Chris Whector, (Realtor, owner of Pied Piper and lifelong friend of Fred Fox).

I am neither of these and does it really matter who I am ? I don't care who anyone else here is ? Yet, continually, TDN ignores that all that I have said has come to be true. Why does calling what's going to happen before it happens bring MY credibility in question ?

Listen TDN: You know NOTHING except what you read. You have done a few Board minutes searches and think you are an expert on something. What has happened here will not be found in board minutes.

I know what I know through listening and history and will continue to support Fred Fox as the excellent superintendent he is no matter what the Huron School Board or the Ohio Ethics Commission decides.

Tsu Dho Nimh




Perkins residents will remember that now incarcerated and former chief of the Perkins Police Department,Tim cClung also filed a lawsuit against township commissioner Dwelle alleging defamation and libel. 

From a SR article about his sentencing:  

"During a lengthy recess, Carr obtained records from McClung's 2006 harassment lawsuit against Dwelle to see if McClung might have brought the suit to cover his tracks.


In the suit, McClung claimed -- among other things -- that Dwelle falsely accused him of stealing inventory from the department.

Dwelle's accusations turned out to be true.

"You knew Mr. Dwelle was on to you?" Carr asked.

"Yes, your honor," McClung said.   





Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Are you saying Fred Fox bought a helicopter, too ? lolol

Tsu Dho Nimh

Dudley...I recall hearing Mr. Murray saying that, too.  It sounded like he had already sent the SR the information prior to the meeting.  That was two weeks ago.  Wonder why they haven't run the story? 

Dudley, this is totally authentic!

Tsu Dho Nimh

Dudley...I recall hearing Mr. Murray saying that, too.  It sounded like he had already sent the SR the information prior to the meeting.  That was two weeks ago.  Wonder why they haven't run the story? 

Dudley, this is totally authentic!

Sit n Spin

 Awwww partyboy do I strike a nerve when I speak of the Fremont Administrator that Freddy was "mentoring"? That's the only time you seem to chime up !  Her poor husband must be quite the man, a door mat or both to stay with her.  Poor thing needs to get some morals & re-read her wedding vows :D

As for the uneducated comment, please read your last post again ;) I rest my case !


This is a new low for the bottom feeders (attorneys) against a board member that is looking out for the best interest of the Huron taxpayer. They will do and say anything to get a dollar by protecting a thief and a liar. You people in Huron should bring a lawsuit against your past superintendent for the questional activities done in the previous years. This guy is no good and all he is doing is trying to intimidate people. All he wants is free taxpayer money. If this had not been brought to the attention of the board the stealing and corruption within the school system would still be going on. The fleecing by him, his friends and buddies of  taxpayers monies would never have stopped. You should be demanding a full investigation of the tools, bus superitendent, snow removal, windows, bus sold for a dollar, trips out of state,expenses,etc.. This person used his position for criminal activities within the system along with threats and intimidation. With this lawsuit being filed against a board member, people will think twice about running for a school board position for fear of being sued. The only people affected by that will be the children. 

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


'You should be demanding a full investigation of the tools, bus superitendent, snow removal, windows, bus sold for a dollar, trips out of state,expenses,etc.. '

At least you have honestly been following this part of this story. How could you miss the part where Tim Sowecke, (acting not as a board member and not with the consent of other board members), illegally delivered an equally illegal document to the Ohio Ethics Commission ?

Even in your obvious disgust, these actions should also disgust you ?

What if it turns out that the only information YOU know about has been altered by the attorney THAT WAS NOT HIRED TO GENERATE A $50,000 report ? What then Retiree ?

PS: We are both in agreement about bottom feeders and them taking advantage of this situation. At my last count there are now 6 lawyers involved and probably soon to increase when Todd Nelson gets sick of hearing his name bantered about.


Everybody is suing everybody in this mess. By gosh one's popularity or importance in Huron will be judged by how many lawsuits they have against them in this fiasco. The legal community has to be rubbing their hands together for their is enough business coming from this to put their kids thru college and possibly their grandkids.

And as it has been said Todd Nelson has deep pockets and he has yet to fire a volley over the bow BUT I bet he does before this is over.

There is going to be more attorneys involved in this than students in law school at Ohio State. A lot of Lexus, Cadillacs, BMW;s etc will be bought by attorneys before this is over. 

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


You certainly said it well. Lawyers rubbing their hands with their mouths watering.

'There is going to be more attorneys involved in this than students in law school at Ohio State.'

Somehow I love and hate that line at the same time. Thanks for the funny analogies that are sad, but true.

Phil Packer

 You said member.


 1. All involved busy getting their stories straight; 2. lawyers proclaim "FF Day!"; 3. media (SR) fans the flame; 4. school budget takes mighty whallop . . .This is not going to end well for Huron Schools.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

'Lawyers proclaim 'FF Day !'

Hahaha... Now that is some funny stuff !


Sold you have said plenty of things that turned out not to be true.  Here's just one:  A while back you said the board's attorneys were sitting with Cap/Ash during executive session because they wanted nothing to do the the three.  Obviously that turned out to be false, considering the 23 item termination letter that followed. Do you honestly think these attorneys (who are being paid for by the insurance company, in case anyone forgot) would move forward if they didn't believe in the validity of the charges?


Sold On Fox......(and others for that matter)


Regardless of who anyone feels is right or wrong....and regardless of who wins (and I use that term very loosely),  when the smoke clears, there needs to be 5 new members on the school board and a new Superintedent.   That is the only way that the Huron school system will be able to move forward.  Individuals on both sides have smeared the other and in some cases have probably taken out innocent people who are trying to do nothing but the right thing.  This is a mess....again regardless of which side is right and the taxpayers are going to lose.  Please don't say that this is the school boards fault or that it is Fox's fault because that really doesn't matter anymore...we're too deep into this mess.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...



Sadly, I have to agree with what you have posted except in this scenario:

Fred Fox proves that the charges that have been 'publicly' leveled against him are false.

At that point, I believe, (that's I as in I), that the board has to go, but Fred Fox is exonerated.

Any agreement on this point Silent ?




I don't thnk it really matters going forward which side is proven right.  There will be too much money spent on attorney fees and there is such a sour taste of the entire situation that leaves me believing that taxpayers will never approve another levy in Huron if any of the parties involved with this are still around.  There will be a time in the future when local community support is going to be needed and the support will be too divided if any of the members are still present.  If Fox is proven right, he will probably get a large settlement, so hopefully he will be able to move on.  If this is the case, how sad for the school board and community.  If the board is proven right, then how sad for Fox and the community. 

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Amen SilentMajority, Amen.


I totally disagree Sold.  I think at any time, these attorneys could and would tell them they are wrong, especially since their boss (the insurance company) has to pay for all this if they lose.  As for Ms. Green, I assume you spoke with her and got her side before you spouted off?

google me

 Who cares how the report got there. Bottom line Fox screwed up and is unfit to be the leader of a school system that deserves the highest of quality people to educate and lead our future.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Google Me-

Fred Fox is unfit to be the leader according to who ?

You ?

Attorney Markling ?

Tim Sowecke ?

You're in great company, Google !

Sit n Spin

Since we are guessing who Sold is....My guess is one of Fred's Sand Bar Lot Lizard's !  Am I right ?  Did I win ?  What do I win if I was right ? Just kidding....I could care less. 

I'm just enjoying sitting back and watching all these people make monkey butt's out of themselves.  It's quite the entertainment watching once successfull people dearly pay for their past transgression's.  Karma is beeeyatch and the beat goes on.... 


 Sit and spin~

You are a fool...I can see you have no education.  Just a street words.   Name calling.??? REALLY???.. time to grow up and blog something that it backed with factual information.   

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


hahaaha.. Even if you win you don't win.

Karma is a beeeyatch and the beat is still going on..

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


Who are 'Fred's Sand Bar Lizard's' ?


Keep up the great commentary, sold. I enjoy your banter and it makes perfect sense, so I'm in your corner.


I can not wait until the board has to run again.  This whole process has been a disappointment and embarassment to the people of Huron. I personally will vote against all five just because of the black eye they put on all of us.  For me, it does not matter if you agree with either side.  We need a fresh five.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...



Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Reading Signs-

TY.. I think I'm going to put it all together into a book. lol

It's you and me with our backs against the wall.

(Remember the end of 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' ?)


Google, its called "Distract and intimidate". 

Sold, you missed your true calling, you would have made a great publicist for Bill Clinton   I can see the mantra now "I did not have sexual relations with that women. I was mentoring her"
Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


You know.. I am laughing about your post because it is truly funny.

Although President Clinton clearly did have 'oral sex' with that woman, Americans seemed to be able to look past that because things were basically good in their lives while he was in office.

What seems to be the problem with the Huron City Schools now ?

Still laughing..


I've never blogged on one of these articles but felt the need to make a statement to this Sold on Fox person.  You are waaaaaaaayyyyy out there.  You don't pay attention to what anyone says but shoot back at people.  Trackme calls you Wechter but you lash out at Tsu Dho Nimh for calling you Wechter.  You mispell names all the time.  Are you trying to prove you don't know these people?  You report what you've been told?  Who is your inside contact?  Why are you informed on decisions and discussions that go on behind close doors?  You're just a big nobody who wants to hang with the "big dogs". No one is stalking the board members but your precious superintendent sure did use intimidation to keep employees in check. No one cares about the Buleas.  You're the only blogger bringing up their names.  You make a complete $$$ out of yourself everytime you blog. 


Saddest part in all this is the money being spent by this Board of Education for their removal of Fred Fox is not helping any of the children in Huron City Schools. We as tax payers did not pay our taxes for them to be used in this manner.

I see kids walking home every afternoon from school. I ask the question of the five school board members.........tell me how this expenditure of money is helping any one of those kids I see?  Is this helping them understand math or science or able to write better or read with more comprehension? 

I think every parent with a child in Huron City Schools should be looking at what there child needs to learn at a higher level and then make that request to the Board of Education. If you are turned down then you ask all 5 of have money to waste on attorneys BUT you don't have money to education my that what you are saying?






I also did not pay taxes for Fox to be conducting an affair on work time, or for th email system he used to do so.  That is abuse of taxpayer money and is the equivalent of stealing.

Maybe the board should turn around and sue Fox for stealing. 

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


'Maybe the board should turn around and sue Fox for stealing.'

Maybe they should ? Write to your 'elected officials' and suggest it ?



Monkey testis? Really?  And you wonder why most people attack your opinions?  You spew a lot of nonsense and keep repeating it over and over and over again.  Are you the omnipotent keeper of the truth?You don't cite any valid sources for your so called facts.  At least those who attack you can support their point of view with the emails on the SR and website links.  What do you have?  Nothing!  

I am assuming that you were directing your statement  to me of not wanting to hurt me personally or financially. You think I should be on trial instead of Fred Fox? For what?  You are one whacked out dude! You said if you had half a brain you would stop.  If you HAD half a brain you would make more sense.


City girls just seem to find out early  how to open doors with just a smile  a rich ole man she won't have to worry  he'll dress her upon in lace and go in style  late at night a big old house gets lonely  I guess every port of refuge has it's price  and it breaks her heart  to think her love is only   given to a man with hands as cold as ice  so she tells him she must go out for the evening  to comfort an old friend who is feeling down but he knows where she going and she's leaving  she's heading for the cheating side of town

On the other side of town a boy is waiting  with stary eyes and dreams no one can steal  she drives through the night anticipating   cause he makes her feel the way she use to feel  she rushes to his arms they fall together   she whispers and it's only for a while  she swears soon she'll be coming back forever   she pulls away and leaves him with a smile  

She gets up and pours herself a strong one and stares out at the stars up in the sky   another night it's going to be a long one   she draws the shade and hangs her head to cry   she wonders how it ever got this crazy   she thinks about a boy she knew in school  did she get tired or did she just get lazy  she so far gone she feels just like a fool    my oh my you sure knew how to arrange things   you said it so well so carefully  ain't it funny how you knew I didn't change things   your still the same ole girl you use to be


Ah, a song.....what it has to do with any of this, I have no idea, but its a good song. 

I did like you post about steal, and the like. If this man did this, then he should be removed. And so should any board member who did the same.  If the allegations against any board member who did anything illegal or not above board be true, they too, should step down immediately.

Such as misdirecting funds, allocating funds that did not get spent the right way, causing or ording reviews that were not fully completed to be used for research.  Overspending funds for "researching' against board members when funds could be used for school betterment and students.

These things are ALL forms of misconduct by ANY school board as far as I am concerned and any school board that does it should have its members removed. 

Not just those in Huron, but any school board that puts its personal decisions and petty problems in front of those of the children's needs should not be working on a school board. 

They have shown they do not really care about the children's needs but only their own pettiness and apathy toward education.  Those people need to step down for the benefit of the education of that areas school and let someone who does care take over. 

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


You said it.. All forms of misconduct.

This whole mess brings to light all kinds of misconduct. And petty needs.

These are people. Somehow, when we elect them, or hire them to a really public office we expect them not to be people. But.. They are.

Next year at this time I hope none of us are thinking about this. 

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


Could you just do some Joe Walsh, too ?

Thanks for lightening the mood !

Tsu Dho Nimh

The OEC has procedures to begin an investigation for an allegation.  First, Mr. Sowecke would have spoken with an investigator on the phone.  He or she would have led a conversation of what is the allegation and what type of evidence he had to support it.  This would have included his relationship to the situation and how the evidence was obtained. Based on the conversation, the OEC would decide if they would open a file and provide Mr. Sowecke with the proper paper work.  They would not have accepted the Markling Report if Mr. Sowecke was handing it over illegally.

The OEC has a screening process and few of the complaints are without merit.  It would be nice if the courts had a screening process for filing lawsuits.  I doubt Mr. Asher's lawsuit would have made the cut.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


With all of your research it finally paid off !!!

'The OEC has procedures to begin an investigation for an allegation. First, Mr. Sowecke would have spoken with an investigator on the phone. He or she would have led a conversation of what is the allegation and what type of evidence he had to support it. This would have included his relationship to the situation and how the evidence was obtained. Based on the conversation, the OEC would decide if they would open a file and provide Mr. Sowecke with the proper paper work. They would not have accepted the Markling Report if Mr. Sowecke was handing it over illegally.'

TDN.. Finally ! You did it !

The Commission would not accept the report, but it was also given to the SR. Upon attempting to give the Markling Report to the OEC it made the report a 'PUBLIC DOCUMENT' and the Repeater.. I mean Register, published it thus guarenteeing Fred Fox not having a fair 'public' trial because of the slanted report. If Sowecke had not attempted to give the OEC the Markling report the only thing we/most would all know is that the Huron Board of Education had put Fred Fox on Disciplinary Leave and an investigation was happening and I, for one, would have been happy with that result.

See TDN.. You are exactly right, but it played out differently than you thought.

I have never lied to you, TDN.

I'm telling you the truth now.

There you go again

Fred, admit your guilt and move on.  After all, the Open Records proves your guilt.  Enough of the smoke and mirrors (thanks to Mr. Murray).  Saddness goes out to the families of the Fremont principal and Fred (maybe the affair was in retaliation for a previous indiscretion by a spouse ?).


One thing is for sure, Fox and freinds are succeeding in creating chaos with lawsuits and accusations and getting everyone in an uproar - making it seem like a runaway train.  Luckily the cost is covered, and the schools are moving forward with different leadership.


 Come in people wake up ! Let the board members finally do their job !! Wait until the report comes back them make ur comments ! This new board has done more already compared to the previous board ! It's time to stand up for our schools and the kids ! And back the people on the board that are finally trying to make things right ! It's about the kids !!! 

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Saying this board is doing it's job is like saying the Titanic couldn't sink.
You must be related to them ?

What part of this mess is about the kids ?

Ask Tim Sowecke some educational questions.
If he was educated he would have never taken it upon himself to deliver the Markling report to the Ohio Ethics Commission without even the consent of the other 2 Stooges.

Some here want to make him seem like some kind of hero ?

Clearly heroes do not go out of their way to circumvent the system or their lawyer's advice ? Or, maybe they do and I'm wrong. I just don't see any heroes here. All I see is losers. All of us.


Sold are you saying the ethics commission does not have the report because they refused to accecpt it from Sowecki???????


Hahahahahahahaha    aaaaaaahhhhhh hahahahahahah oh, lol, that's a good one.  You are being played.  My sides hurt.

Julie R.

Wiredmama is right --- this is nothing more than pettiness. My opinion it's more like a 'Hatfield & McCoy' feud amongst the Huronites. That's not to say that I don't believe there are some ethics violations involved but unlike other morons I know from Huron, I don't think Fox's alleged lack of ethics was of a criminal nature and done with the malicious intent of injuring others. In other words, it's not like a lack of ethics and morals is anything new in little Huron, Ohio. Add on the fact that a total lack of ethics and morals ~ not to mention a total lack of respect for the LAW itself ~ is alive and kicking at your corrupt Erie County courthouse, I would have to say this whole petty expensive fiasco that the joke Erie County courts are allowing should go under the heading of class-A hypocrites and/or the pot calling the kettle black. 

Sit n Spin

 Yawn.....I can't wait for the moment when the taxpaying public has the opportunity to address the BOE, that will be epic ! It's too bad Freddy doesn't have the monkey testis to do so & had to lawyer up !

Julie R.why is it every time you comment it ends with the corrupt Erie county courthouse. Sweet baby Jesus go seek help & get over it ! NOBODY cares but you !

Julie R.

@ Sit n Spin: Isn't this now in the hands of the Eeerie County courthouse? I can't WAIT to see if they even address it --- but then we all know they will. After all, it's one of the MURRAYS that filed it. And why I should I seek help? I'm not a moron that goes around criminally defrauding the elderly and neither do I think crimes against the elderly are hilarious like the clowns at your Erie County courthouse do.  

Tsu Dho Nimh state that the OEC refused to accept the Markling report and then it was resubmitted in a legal manner later.  Would you please tell me where that is documented?  I'm not being facetious, I really would like to know where you got that information.  I do not recall reading that in anything published or released.


I wouldn't hold your breath Tsu.  Sold doesn't have any proof of anything he says. He never does.  He'll just spout off as always that he knows and you're too stupid to understand.  He's clearly one of Fox's flunkies and if you put together every thing they know combined they still wouldn't have the sense that God gave a billy goat.


The song has to do with cheating on your spouse and getting bored with your present situation your in. That is part of why these two were terminated.. The song tells pretty much what happened


I want to print one thing and hope you read it. I do not trust anything that has to do with Erie County Courts. These are the same judges that recomended Baumgardner and O'Toole to represent Erie MetroParks in the Greenway stealing of land. It is interesting how they sided with MetroParks. I look for them to side with their friend and fellow bottomfeeder, Murray  


I wonder if Sowecke went to the BOE with his concerns and Asher and Caproni said that they didn't want to take it to the OEC without more info which is how the Markling law firm got involved. 

Tsu Dho Nimh

Under the Bridge...I do believe that Sowecke, Green, and Slocum tried to get the board to investigate the concerns of the "whistle blowers".  Based on the voting record of the other two members and the two motions made by Mr. Caporini since June to reinstate Fox and clear him of wrong doing, there is no doubt in my mind that Sowecke had no support from them.  Kudo's to him for having the courage to pursue this.



I know you don't want to believe it but I am not one of the people you mentioned nor am I associated with any of those people. At least when you call me Monkey Testis, I can say monkeys have testis.  That is more than someone who is led blindly.


My gut instinct says that when this is over,  the alleged affair will be the least of the ethics violations that these people have to deal with.   Why?  

People behave crazy about sex.   People behave desperately about money.   


You take Gunner and we'll take Fox.


You complain about folks trying to guess who you are but as soon as I join the conversation, you are quick to start implying who I might be. (I am neither of these and does it really matter who I am ? I don't care who anyone else here is ? Remembering posting this, Sold?) That sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. You point out that I am Green, Sowecke, or a coach. You also criticize my ability to write a complete sentence and suggest that I didn’t attend Huron schools. Really? All of the folks you mentioned are graduates from Huron. Show me where I don’t write complete sentences. Here are some examples of incomplete and poorly written sentences:

Lawyers rubbing their hands with their mouths watering. (sentence fragment)

Even in your obvious disgust, these actions should also disgust you ? (not a question, this is a statement)

A reasonable person is sure to understand this ? (again, not a question)

Or in business with one of them where my comments would hurt you financially ? (fragment)

Apparently not Huron ? (fragment and also not a question)

Sold, I’m sure we did not attend school together as I did attend Huron. Did you read the article last week about how high school graduates are not able to write? I’m just glad Amherst has improved its writing expectations of today’s youth.

Here is some advice to you:

If something is spelled wrong above, get over it ,and actually absorb the content. (no comma needed after it)

Today’s lesson in humility has been brought to you by the letters M and T!

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Hahaa... Ugt2BkddnMe... or whatever:
That was the best post by you ever !
I really enjoyed reading your well thought out and researched commentary.

I do not pretend to spell, puncuate or even complete a sentence. Many people who have no real arguement with what I say on here stoop to attacking what I write in these ways.

Thank you again for only attacking the way I write instead of what I say.

Fred Fox will be back at work and there will be a recall of school board members.

Bet on it and get used to it.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Sold...go back and look at what you said to kdnme. You attacked him for not being able to write. You sound foolish.


While waiting to be seated at a Huron restraunt I pick up the local news paper and started reading it. To my surprise there was a letter to the editor from the past city manager supporting the past,now defunk, school superintedent. I was shocked to read that he gave Fox all the credit for bringing the system from the brink of bankruptcy. You taxpayers in Huron did not get any credit at all. This is a typicial "pat on the back" by the white collar prima donna's that could not run a one car funeral. This ex city manager gives readings at the Catholic church in Huron. I wonder if he is aware of the Ten Commandments that say "thou shall not committ adultery" and "thou shall not steal". I guess those two "white collar" people in Huron live by different morals.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Do you know either of these people you are criticizing ?

As with Fred Fox and the school, the city under Mike Tann's leadership flourished.

What is there to criticize ?


thats like a robber breaking into your house and slipping and sueing the homeowner. Go away Freddy


and the robbers accomplice would sue the neighbor for calling 911, with Sold and Wiredmama in a tizzy because the robber should not have been exposed

Great analogy!


I couldn't help but smile while reading the exchanges between Sold and Tmm. Sold tells Tmm that he/she notices proper spelling and punctuation but does not use it. Sold, are YOU aware that attornies (your spelling, not mine) is actually spelled ATTORNEYS(plural?) Honest it is. Look it up. The web is at your fingertips. :)

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Well crazy..
You have hit me where it hurts.. I spelled attorneys wrong ?

Thanks for your input on this serious blog where a man's reputation and career are being ruined by a slanted report by an attorney who was not hired legally and by a board member who illegally delivered the illegal report to the public just to smear him.

So.. I spelled attorneys wrong ?

Tsu Dho Nimh

If you do not want people addressing your writing errors, stop critizing others and how they write. Just sayin'!


no no no.... don't get Sold fired up. It's been nice without the mindless ranting LOL

Tsu Dho Nimh

LOL...Got to admit his rants are entertaining. Just when I think I have heard the ultimate in stupid excuses, he proves me wrong.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

It is funny as I have proved you wrong every step along this journey and not once have you, with all of your board minute research, been able to find something I have said not to be true.

So.. stoop to the tactic of laughing what I have said off.

Fred Fox will be back at work and there will be a recall of at least one board member.. (Prove that wrong and laugh. It's sad).

Tsu Dho Nimh

You are not your jovial self. Did someone pee in your Wheaties or are you nervous what ODE will decide regarding your boy Fox? The first public hearing is less than 2 weeks away. ODE is pretty strict regarding actions not becoming to the teaching profession :(

There you go again

Ακόμη Sold σχετικά fox, Man, I think you might have a case of diarrhea of the mouth (or keyboard). Do you ever stop blogging the same opinions over and over and over again?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

There You Go Again-
Glad you have so much to add to this post. I see you are up to speed as to what we are talking about.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Again... What a mess the webmaster has made of these posts.
Great job 'improving' SR !