Fox files suit against Huron board member

Suspended Huron schools superintendent Fred Fox has filed a lawsuit against board of education member Tim Sowecke.
Jessica Cuffman
Sep 19, 2012

Suspended Huron schools superintendent Fred Fox has filed a lawsuit against board of education member Tim Sowecke.

Fox accuses Sowecke of intentionally delivering the McGown and Markling report to the Ohio Ethics Commission to publicly smear him, according to a lawsuit filed in Erie County Common Pleas Court last week.

Fox, suspended since June, and without pay since earlier this month, has been accused of dishonest and illegal conduct, fraud and unethical practices, neglect and carelessness in the performance of his duties, according to the lawsuit.

On Sept. 6, the Huron board of education voted to continue with termination proceedings against Fox with the Ohio Department of Education.

Since then, Fox has requested a public hearing on the charges, to be conducted by a public hearing officer. A date for the hearing has been tentatively set for Oct. 10.

Meanwhile, Fox's attorney, Patrick Murray, has filed the lawsuit against Sowecke, alleging libel and defamation and demanding  $2.5 million in punitive damages from Sowecke.

For more on this story, pick up Thursday's copy of the Register.


Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


(The SR does have this info according to what I have heard. I guess they would rather print 'speculation' about Fred Fox than the documented truth about Huron Board members ?)

Huron Board of Education member, Donna Greene, acting on her own outside of the scope of her responsibilities as a board member, (is this beginning to sound like a common theme ?), convinced the Huron treasurer to put up the funding, ($7,000), for a Huron Memorial Stadium sign to soothe the feelings of those who felt that the stadium should not have been renamed even though Kalahari/Todd Nelson had thrown in $750,000+ to rebuild it.

The Huron treasurer went ahead and wrote a check on Donna Greene's word that the Huron Alumni Association had promised her they would pay the $7,000 for the sign.

When asked to pay the Huron Alumni Association disavowed any knowledge of the sign or the $7,000, making the sign Donna Greene's personal responsibility.

(Try finding that in the board minutes, TDN)

Does this make what Fred Fox did/or did not do right, or wrong ? Not in the least. But, it does, once again underline the way business is being conducted by the Huron Board of Education, or actually by it's members on their own acting as board members when not officially in a board meeting.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Wow ! These comments are a mess.

This is an improvement SR ?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


I was being totally sarcastic about where the board's attornies were sitting. I was only making a point that no one, not even their own attornies want to be associated with what these three/two/one Huron Board of Ed member(s) have done. (I was not there to verify.. lol).

So tell me the 'plenty' of things I've said that have turned out not to be true ?

Now tell me one thing you have gone out on a limb on and said that HAS turned out to be true.

The board's attornies are now totally stuck going forward to show effort. If they stopped now they would be as big of a target as a beached whale is to flies.

Write that down: The board's attornies cannot possibly turn back now. They have gone too far and now need to show that they had reason to do what they have done. A reasonable person is sure to understand this ?

So tell me again the 'plenty' of things I've said that have turned out not to be true ?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


Why don't you go speak to Ms. Greene ?

Why would I have to do any more than the Sandusky Register ? I report EXACTLY what I've been told. Is the sign there ? Is there one brick with an imprinted name under it ?

Go ask Ms. Greene, Justme. Prove me wrong. I'm not on trial, nor will I be, but she well could be.

And you are TOTALLY wrong about the insurance company. At this point they will not allow the board to admit what they have done thus opening them up for even more liability. You obviously are not an attorney, Just, or you would be able to figure this out on your own.

Please try to come up with something original instead of just 'bottom feeding' on my words.

Tmm sound like a fired attorney from a Sandusky law firm with Huron ties/ownership.

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That was good.. Keep guessing.
This is more fun than talking about the injustice of how the 'Fred Fox Situation' has been handled.


Hey sold... any word on when we'll hear from courious georgeT space?

All you noobs on here need to understand Sold (ist eine Deutsch bag) has been spewing BS for many months now.  I suggest all who are unfamilar go back thru all of these Fox articles and read thru Sold's comments and you will get a true sence of what a nut Sold is.

Fox is in the situation he's in because he put himself there.  The affair issue alone is grounds for termination and it will happen.  At this point f'ing with Sold is all these Fox articles online are good for.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


You are a hater with no information to add.

Why are you here ? Just to say that what I say is BS ?

So.. You said it. Now go back under your rock.

You're entitled to your opinion and I am glad we live in a country where we can all read it. So.. Post it.

If the only opinion you have is that I'm a nut.. You said it.

Hey.. Everyone here on this thread. Tmm says I'm a nut.

There Tmm. I posted it, too.

And with proper spelling and punctuation which you seem to notice, but not use ?

So. Everything you always say has already been said by you and by me. Is it time now for you to call me out to your boat for a 'face to face' again ?

Clearly a case of the nut calling the pot black..

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Still a jumble..

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


It's really called: Read, digest, and then really think about the big picture. In the big picture a lot has gone wrong and a lot of people are affected. Why do you, and others, find it so hard to believe that the unapproved, slanted, illegally distributed report generated by attorney Markling could have contained utter lies and falsifications ? Why is it so easy to believe what this person wrote, but not what others are saying ?

Think JustMe.

I in no way am trying to distract or intimidate. I just want the other side of this 'story' to be heard. There are ALWAYS two sides.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


Through trying to read the mess you call a blog I would have to say you are entirely entitled to your opinion and I'm glad to hear it.

You have no idea of who I am or what I know, but aparently I know something or I wouldn't touch so many nerves ?

Here's the rules monkey testis: If I know something I will tell you. If you want to know what I know, read it. If you don't agree then you are just not agreeing with something that is true, not just something I made up. Do you possibly understand ?

You folks want to attack me for reporting the facts.

I have half a mind to just stop.

But.. My reason for even being on here is because I feel that there are a group of people unjustly accusing Fred Fox of doing many things that he simply did not do.

You can agree, or disagree, but I would like it a whole lot better if you would just present your facts like I do instead of coming at me personally.

I don't want to hurt you in any way and I'm sorry if something I say affects you personally or financially. If it does maybe you are the one who should be on trial in public instead of Fred Fox ?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


Just How are the costs covered ?

Are you delusional, or not a Huron property taxpayer ?

Every one of these lawyers is on us.

And blame him, or her, or him, but this all started with 10 'free' hours of legal advice.

'Creating chaos'.. Who exactly created the chaos here, JustYou ? Would it have something to do with hand delivering an illegally obtained document that was totally slanted to a commission who wouldn't take it, but it did however make it a public documant, thus making it the object of all of the thousands of posts on here and conversations in the Donut Shop ? You mean that chaos ?

When the smoke clears and we can all see past it there will be decisions made. Some we will all like and some we all won't.

Get ready JustYou.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


They have it now, because it was presented properly, but would not accept it from Sowecke.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


I'm my own source.

Believe me, or don't. I really don't care, but if you have something to add, do it.

If you, like Tmm, (or some others on here), are only here to criticize what I say then go ahead and then move on because it really gets boring for me to have to repeat the facts to keep the story straight since the Register isn't doing it.

I thought monkey testis was funny, (and it was what the 'Vulgarity Police' allowed.. lol).

Why does it not make sense to you that if I hit a nerve with you with something I've said, (and from your responses I guess I have), you are either Tim Sowecke, Donna Greene, a coach, or related to one of them ? Or in business with one of them where my comments would hurt you financially ?

If none of that is true MT, why are you so upset ? It's not you 'on trial'. It's Fred Fox.

If you have any 'breaking' news.. If you have anything that has not been printed already in the thousand posts.. If you have anything original at all, (and by the way: Sold You Are Nuts is not original).. Post it and wait for a response from some of the fine, well read posters on here.

If you have nothing to add except: Sold you are whacked, half brained, nuts, etc.. you can still post it, but know that it's already been done. lol

Have a great day and hope you've enjoyed your trip on the Register Online !

PS.. Try to put a complete sentence together ! Where'd you go to high school ? Apparently not Huron ? lol

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines


Spell check?


Attitudes, attitudes.  It is all about attitudes.

Julie R.

Here we go again. Take away from the real issue by creating a half a dozen other issues. I think it's called a red herring i.e. an issue created to distract from the acutal issue. It's what attorneys and the courts are known for --- and I still say if a big-shot from Kalahari wasn't involved in the allegations against Fox, a Murray and the Erie County courts wouldn't look twice at this.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Julie R-
In this case it's not about Kalahari.
It's about a man's reputation and career.

Tim Sowecke has acted out of his scope of responsibilities and made this entire mess a public matter.

And.. He needs to answer for that.

What Fred Fox has/or has not done is all up to speculation and all over a totally slanted report that was illegally aquired and distributed.

A 'Red Herring' is how this whole thing started.

Maybe it was time for the Huron Board of Education to come clean on many of their actions. The next one we are going to hear about is the illegally funded Huron Memorial Stadium sign. Donna Greene's name is all over that one.

With 2.5 million dollars I wonder if Fred Fox will come back to work for the Huron Schools ?
If it were me I'd have to do a lot of thinking about it before I made THAT decision.

So now we have:
Fred Fox sueing Tim Sowecke.
Kevin Asher sueing the Huron Board of Education.
The Huron Board of Education continuing it's termination process for Fred Fox.
McGowin and Markling trying to get paid $50,000.
Donna Greene misappropriating funds for a sign.

Wow.. There's plenty of lawyer fees already and not even mentioning the lawsuit for defamation of charactor that will most certainly be filed by the owner of the Huron City School's largest taxpayer, Kalahari. Too bad the Huron City Schools were TURNED DOWN in their bid to double their liability coverage.

Plenty of the posters here on the Sandusky Register continue to beat up Fred Fox. By doing so you are all falling for the real 'Red Herring'. Fred Fox obviously knows too much and has stepped on toes doing his job. Has anyone else in this mess actually done their job ? (Besides the lawyers).

PS.. There's no spell check on here, (Please add one, Mr. Westerhold.).
If something is spelled wrong above, get over it ,and actually absorb the content.


at sold, what does your name spell exactly?

You present a very strong argument for what is going on and it makes perfect sense. thank you.


it spells local ice cream store owner and realtor who else would have that much free time and think he knows so much.He must have Fred at his side haha

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Reading Signs-

Thank you for reading it. My name spells: Sold on Fox in Greek.

and for the other post:
I am definately not Chris Whector, and if I was, I seriously doubt I would have the time between real estate and ice cream to post on here.

But.. Believe what you want ,but if I were you I would read what I say and see the injustice of how a man's reputation and career have been treated.

What if it were you ?

Dudley Do-Right


Where is the story about Donna Green that Patrick Murray mentioned at the Board meeting?  You mentioned misappropriating funds for a sign, so what's the scoop?  I can't believe the SR would miss a juicey story.


indolent indiff...

Patrick Murray wouldn't take a junk case, that is what his other family members are for.  I think Fox is going to be cashing a big check at the end of this

Sit n Spin

$2.5 million Hahahahahahaha !  While he is at it why doesn't  buy a turnip and hook an IV up to it !    What a bunch of egotistical putz's ! 

If Freddy does get any money I hope his wife dumps his lyin cheating a$$ and takes every dime of it !  Then what will you have Freddy ?  No job, no $, no wife...maybe the Fremont Administrator will be your side dish again...I heard she moved to the area after she resigned from the Fremont City Schools.  You won't have to drive as far Freddy ! That is a win win with gas prices these days on a budgeted income.


Sit and spin~

Get your fact straight...she always lived in Perkins....just proves you don't know anything..just ramble....


The Ethics Commission needs to rule soon on this matter so Huron can put all this matter to rest once and for all.  The Ethics Commission can take months rendering their decision.  I think it is premature to be suing until the results come in from the Ethics Commission. 2.5 million is over the top.  If Fox loses, does Fox have to pay Tom's attorney fees?  The board member is only doing his job and for this you get sued?  No school member will want to bring anything forward when they think they can get sued for just doing their job bringing something forward that doesn't look right and should be investigated. It  is enough to turn anyone away from running for any elected position.


With Fred and his supporters doing all this twisting and turning and looking for escape goats  makes a good case for a board member to forge ahead the way Tim did. He had the guts to stick his neck out on the line to make sure this didn't get the usual good'ol boys cover up and now the sly fox and his slick lawyer are trying another shake and bake. There's no telling to what depths they will sink



Well, I was wondering how long before this would happen?  I see it finally has.  I knew that "hand delivery" was a HUGE mistake and this entire mess isn't being handled properly.  You don't work this way unless you want to get sued....and here it is. 

I kind of feel sorry for the board.  Didn't they listen to their council before doing ANY of this?  Or didn't they care? 

Now its come down to a legal fight that could go on for years and waste money that need not be wasted at all.  What were they thinking?  

When egos go before legal get busted wide open.  Now it has happended.  When all is said and done, all that will be left will be a bunch of smiling lawyer and a BOE left in ruins.  This could ALL have been avoided if they had just followed procedure.  How silly can you get.....and how dumb can you be? 

It goes way beyond who supports who.  Who should go and who should stay.  It goes to who is handled it right and who handled it wrong.  Its that simple. 

This is going to cost Huron BOE a lot of money.  I do feel sorry for them.  And it all could have been avoided. 

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


'When egos go before legal get busted wide open. Now it has happended. When all is said and done, all that will be left will be a bunch of smiling lawyer and a BOE left in ruins. This could ALL have been avoided if they had just followed procedure. How silly can you get.....and how dumb can you be?

It goes way beyond who supports who. Who should go and who should stay. It goes to who is handled it right and who handled it wrong. Its that simple.'

You said this very well, as usual.

Actually the Huron Board of Education ignored their lawyers who, in turn, would not represent them which resulted in the Board's insurance company hiring two seperate firms to try to straighten out this mess.

I just said it in the last of my posts: At this point the lawyers cannot advise their clients, (The Huron BOE), to give up on firing Fred Fox because to do so would open them up to all kinds of other liability. If they don't continue to try to fire Fred Fox they are admitting that there was no reason to even initiate this whole mess. (No reason except to try to smear Fred Fox's name, of course).