Fred Fox gets first opportunity in front of board

UPDATED WITH VIDEO Embattled Huron Schools superintendent Fred Fox got his first opportunity to respond publicly to allegations of misconduct leveled at him by a law firm that was hired by the school board.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 8, 2012

UPDATED WITH VIDEO Embattled Huron Schools superintendent Fred Fox got his first opportunity to respond publicly to allegations of misconduct leveled at him by a law firm that was hired by the school board.

Fox attended the board meeting Thursday evening to respond to allegations of impropriety, although it was his attorney, Patrick Murray, who addressed the board.

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Said Murray: The allegations against Fox are ambiguous and ridiculous.

“What rule did he disobey?” Murray asked the board. “We’ve been asking that question, to no avail.”

About 100 people attended the meeting. The school board ultimately voted 3-2 to continue with termination proceedings against Fox. The vote included a measure to stop paying Fox his salary, pending the eventual outcome of the proceedings.

To read more about what Murray had to say, pick up Friday's Register.



We love you, Julie R!!


This needs to get wrapped up.  Soon.  Its embarrassing that adults can't work this out.


Franklin, Ohio County Clerk of Courts

John H. Fernbaugh

Seems Mr. Fernbaugh had some similar situations going on ? Wonder how this all came about ? Inquiring minds want to know. With all this talk about Mr. Fox did Mr. Fernbaugh slip one by the Huron board ?

Tsu Dho Nimh

It will be completely up to Fred Fox if this continues.  There is enough evidence on the AZ trip, the excessive personal use of email,  documentation that he was engaging in personal activity during regular district hours, and email on his work email account that shows that Kalahari was offering Fred and his administrators a rate that was 1/2 the rate offered to the general public.  Any one of those charges is enough to terminate him, let alone all four.

Even Kevin Randleman was smart enough to recognize when the evidence was against him and his lawyers claimed he is mildly retarded.  You would think a man with a master's degree would be smarter than a man who is cognitively disadvantaged.

I know, Sold, Fox is great, blah.blah, blah,blah.  We don't know the truth, blah, blah, blah,blah.  We just believe what we read, blah, blah, blah,blah, and cannot think for ourselves, blah, blah, blah,blah.


Réside finalement révéler la vérité sur ceux de leur dire!


Sold: Tsu Dho Nimh does not speak German but I do you "Deutsch bag". Get a real life



Sit n Spin total German it would be "Deutsch tasche". Great minds think alike :)



Tsu Dho Nimh

Retiree...I laughed and laughed at your last comment (after looking up "Deutsch" online).  Now that's funny!


Tmm changed you name again? CuriousGeorgeT...tired of getting picked on! 

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

As usual you have no idea of what you are saying or to who. If you really think this bunch of mindless juvenile posts bothers me in the least.. Bring it on. If you are my, or Fred Fox's opposition then he'll be back to work in no time.

Also, as usual, you can't even read and then digest what you have read.. It's Curious Georg(et).. meaning SHE would have to be Huron's Ice Cream person, not man.

and PS.. I have no idea what this poster is talking about, but I'm going to look..



Sold I have no problem bringing it on.  I have tried with you numerous times to "bring it on"   You prefer to hide behind this blog instead of a face to face conversation.

Let me save you the's life and career are on the line...prove he was on school time...witch hunt...he'll get his job back...three stooges...

lets see what else?  oh ya...did nothing 24 hours a day...illegally made public...

I could go on and on.  You see Sold you are the one with the mindless juvenile posts that have been repeated and repeated for months.  Frado will never get his job as Super back. 

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

At least there is proof you are reading my posts.. lol

Why would I want a 'face to face' with a nut who continually threatens me because my beliefs are different than theirs ? You see Tmm.. I don't really care who you are or what you believe. I believe Fred Fox will be back to work at his 'present' position. It's MY belief. Rather than just regurgitate my posts, perhaps you might stray outside of your little box and find out what the truth actually is instead of someone else's version. You apparently know nothing unless I, or the Sandusky Register, say it ?

Why do you continuously 'accuse' me of being other people ? First I'm the Bulea's and now I'm Georgett ? How about if I am just Sold on Fox ? I did, however, follow Georgette's little clue and found two cases involving Huron Deputy Super Fernbaugh. He was, however, the plaintiff in the cases, not the defendant. Apparently the defendants did something to him that he sued them for ? I really could care less about Fernbaugh and just hope he's doing a good job of keeping Fred Fox's seat warm.

PS.. I asked if you spoke German just to clarify who I believe you are.. lol..

2nd PS.. I actually did go on vacation this time, TDN ! Agreed to leave all electronics at home !



Sold, your space before your ?mark gives you away.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Tmm...I was wondering if CuriousGeorge was Huron's ice cream man : )



Sounds like you live in the Fox den...come on let's not be haters...AF

WE know what you are trying to do.   Only a member for a day or so..interesting

Isn't Huron School hurt they need more???  

Tsu Dho Nimh

Sold...Gee, if it is Georget, it MUST be a woman.  People certainly would not try to throw the rest of us off guard, right Elvis?

Tsu Dho Nimh

Sold...I never said you are Curious Georget. Tmm said that. I shared with Tmm that I thought Curious Georget was Huron's ice cream man. Then you told me I couldn't read then digest what I read, that Georget would be a woman. Don't you remember? Now why is it that people say that you can't keep your stories straight and don't know what you're talking about?

I'm still not clear about your German statement and what German has to do with Fred Fox. For the record, I don't speak German but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Not Georgette by a long shot. I told all who cared to read what she was referring to in her post. I really have no interest in Fernbaugh, or that he was a plaintiff in some cases from a previous job. If he was the defendant I would be mildly interested, although it sure seems he had something going on that would require the Huron Board of Education to at least question from a background check ?

Amazing, Tmm, you would look at what I write so closely as to notice a similarity in puncuation ? Does she also have my perpencity to mis-spell and actually make up words to fit what I feel ? lol
 I would have to strongly advise YOU to get a life.

Hope you enjoyed your stay at the Holiday Inn Express ! Were you staking out the Buleas again ? lol
The German question was in reference to Ms. Catri the letter writer who is also a German teacher. Guess you only do the PI gig with Fred Fox supporters ?


Sold ....

I'm curious about Mr. Fernbaugh, as a parent and tax payer, I am interested in his professional reputation.  What popped on his background check that is questionable?  Also, what is the Board doing sharing information about the man's background check?   Furthermore, why would they hire anyone with a questionable background ?  Background checks are required for anyone who is in charge of children, they are done to avoid this.  They really can't get anything right. 

I know Mrs. Catri and she is an Intervention Specialist, which means she is a special education teacher.



Tsu Dho Nimh


I see what you mean about his Sold's spacing and it does match Curious Georget.  Wonder if Sold speaks German?

Dudley Do-Right

Tmm and Tsu Dho Nimh,

Good detective work.  The spacing error is not very common.  It is not likely that two people posting on the same blog would make the same mistake.

Meanwhile, back at Snedley's not-so-secret hide out ....


Tsu Dho Nimh

My, my, Sold!!!! You flatter me!  I make reference that you are a former board member's husband and you think I'm Mrs. Catri. Sounds like you got the short end of the straw, my friend : )

Your logic doesn't make sense.  You accuse me of stalking your friends but the truth is that your friends have been doing research on Mrs. Catri.  I believe she shared at one of the board meetings that Mr. Bulea requested information on her numerous times.  Why would he want to do that?  Is she that interesting? Does her letter writing make the Buleas nervous? Sounds like your friend are stalkers.

I've been told that she is a special education teacher in Sandusky. The school's website shows her as an Intervention Specialist.  Why would you think she teaches German?  Have you seen her employment file?  Does your stalker friends know something that they shared?  Just as Curious Georget stated, inquiring minds want to know.


Taxraider I think you are a little confused.  This has nothing to do with background check.  According to the link that was posted by a blogger (not the board) he was the plaintiff in case...which means he sued somebody.


Looks like Taxraider was making a sarcastic statement in response to Sold's idiotic statement about the board doing a background check on the new guy.  Of course they would do a back ground check. Here is a challenge.  Try googling the new superintendent and see what you can find.  Nothing, notta, zilch.  If he was involved in a lawsuit it doesn't show.  Search Franklin County.  Nothing.  How would Sold know about a lawsuit?  If it did show on a background check then someone at the board office shared it with him and that is a big no no.  I think Sold is Curious Georget and was trying to stir up some crap.  Anyone else agree ? (space was intentional)


 Instead of all this crap everyone is putting on here why don't you just wait until the report comes out then make comments ?? Another thing don't cut on the board members that have finally stepped up to the plate and finally are making a difference cause in the past it's always been 3-2 in favor of the superintendent. Now that things are finally getting done the right way it's funny how things turn !  When it was the old school board ( the yes men) it was never about the kids it was about what benifited them ,now we have a board that cares about the kids and things are getting done,people complain! Come on Huron wake up and smell the coffee !! Give the board members some space and let them finally do their job !!