Fred Fox gets first opportunity in front of board

UPDATED WITH VIDEO Embattled Huron Schools superintendent Fred Fox got his first opportunity to respond publicly to allegations of misconduct leveled at him by a law firm that was hired by the school board.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 8, 2012

UPDATED WITH VIDEO Embattled Huron Schools superintendent Fred Fox got his first opportunity to respond publicly to allegations of misconduct leveled at him by a law firm that was hired by the school board.

Fox attended the board meeting Thursday evening to respond to allegations of impropriety, although it was his attorney, Patrick Murray, who addressed the board.

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Said Murray: The allegations against Fox are ambiguous and ridiculous.

“What rule did he disobey?” Murray asked the board. “We’ve been asking that question, to no avail.”

About 100 people attended the meeting. The school board ultimately voted 3-2 to continue with termination proceedings against Fox. The vote included a measure to stop paying Fox his salary, pending the eventual outcome of the proceedings.

To read more about what Murray had to say, pick up Friday's Register.



our students like mr fernbaugh,  our teachers like mr fernbaugh. its time for change, make mr fernbaugh our leader!  time to lay this ugly set of events to rest.


I don't think the Board can say much at this time. Don't think Mr Fox can either. Its the attorney's speaking and for each side the meter is on and $$$ are adding up. This will ultimatley go into a court of law and then the parties will speak.

My guess some out of court settlement will be arrived at with thousands spent for attorneys and then the settlement dollars and it will be over. Not a dime of that meney spent will help educate children in the Huron City Schools.

My greater question is how is this Board going to go to the tax payers next year as they plan to do and ask for more funds to operate the schools. They have pretty much killed that issue before it every got started. The furture is not looking good for HCS and the students who attend classes in the system. The tax payers no the students have created this problem it's been all with the Board and Superintendent. By the time this is done there will be a lot more well healed attorneys.


thanks pussycat patrol for the fashion pointers. What really mystifies me are those individuals who wear socks, white or black, with sandals. Isn't the purpose of sandals to give one footwear that doesn't require socks? Your input please? thank you


Sold...its 12 am and I realize a retired 'working stiff" like you is probably sleeping so I'll wait for your response first thing in the morning as I realize this is your entire Life and without all this drama you would surely have nothing else to keep your mind going.  

You ask "Think" why hasn't Fox been fired already for what he has been accoused of.  The answer is quite see in todays day and age it is not easy to terminate an employee without first going through a sh#t load of red tape of which I assure you the "three stooges" are working through.  Its coming Sold, but first the proper procedures must be followed.   A self made former businees owner like you must surely know the proper human resourse procedures to terminating an employee.  Wait, Fox is a PUBLIC you have any idea what is involved in the termination process of a Public employee?  You have no idea do you but I'm sure your response will be to the contrary.

Sold, Fred Fox is realing over you trying to defend him through this blog.   You are doing nothing more than hurting his cause.  Ask him! Oh thats righ you only communicate in cognito through this face to face with you.  I would invite you again to come on down to the boat basin this weekend but the weather stinks so I wont be there.  Bar North maybe?


It could be that those who wear socks with sandals have ugly, smelly toe nail fungus.


My, my, my!!  One should NEVER wear socks with sandals and ladies, not wear sandals to work.  If one should wear sandals outside of work, please be sure that your feet are well pedicured and toenails painted.  The ring leaders of this little town meeting are fashion "don'ts" - if only these board members would take our advice and dress appropriately, the world would look up to and praise them.  Everyone would say "Wow, this group of people must really know what they are talking about - they are so handsomely dressed!"  Instead, they are saying "Wow, what a bunch of hillbillies - when was the last time they bathed?!"    Remember, if you want to be taken seriously, you must dress the part.    We would also like to take a moment to thank our many fans for having faith in us - WE LOVE YOU!!  Now, go forth Huronites and heed our suggestions - we are only here to help!!


Fox is still on suspension so what does that tell you?  Now the Board would like to take away his pay, what does that tell you?  Things are proceeding but it takes time and you have to go through the legal loop holes. This is what happens when you have people on contract.  The Ethics Committee will take months to determine the evidence. 

car 54

   Why don't Murray ask for all the city of Huron school emails? Judge Judy could start a court movie in the sleepy community.

Darwin's choice

Wiredmammma.............As a taxpayer, and with children in school here, I totally agree with you on this being handled poorly. It seems that mob mentality has taken over, and with the comments by the "teachers and faculty"  that the cost of this farce "is worth it", is disgusting! We are going to pay for this for years....good luck getting a levy passed.............none of this money being spent is helping the students........!

Tsu Dho Nimh

 Mama... I believe the print edition stated that board members would not respond.  I know I read that somewhere and it wasn't on the discussion board.


Wired, the board's attorney's are being paid by the insurance company.  I would take that to mean they are guiding them properly.  I doubt the insurance company would allow otherwise.  Of course, you're entitled to your opinions, but they don't seem to be based on any facts.

There you go again

I don't see what the big issues is-Fox clearly violated employee standards by carrying on an affair on school time.  I am a teacher in another county but my principal reminds us teachers every year about appropriate behavior and using school email for personal business.  Fox is fully aware of "open records" when it comes to school email. He violated school rules- grounds for dismissal.  Say "Good by Huron" Freddy Fox!


Right, Iam going out and do a straw pole on a known thief of Huron taxpayers dollars. I do know that there are some Huron residents that reside under Fox's desk. Still, if you are telling everyone your innocent why not be a man and do your own talking. Of course, he way saying that he never had an affair which the man speaking on his behalf admitted that there was an alleged affair. That person speaking for him gets a big fat zero. That was credible, lie number one. His speaker proved nothing other than what is normal for a bottom-feeder.

Since he is not receiving anymore of Huron's taxpayers dollars, a request for a settlement or resignation should be coming soon. If not, lets see how many of his possey helps with the legal fee's. 


I find it hillarious, that so many find what is going on in our small town ,needs to be put in front of everyones face.  I was at Thursdays meeting, and loved seeing Mrs. Lagando making her remarks to her friends. Lets look into your familys closet. Your husband and step kid are sin free.  As a family relative to Soweke I see why you are on the side ot the three .. YesFred had an affair!  While it doesn't make it right, it happens. Lets go back to the  days when Ed and Mary met?????  This all should have been settled out of the publics eye, as recomended by the school boards lawyers.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


Seems you have been following along !

All the answers to this mess tied up in one not-so-pretty package..

Tsu Dho Nimh

If the Legando's are guilty of what rumors have been, the previous boards should have dealt with it properly. If they didn't, well shame on them. Other people's past behavior does not give current employees a free ride. Fred is responsible for his choices and the current board is responsible for holding him accountable. I was at the meeting and was focusing on what Fox's attorney and the board had to say. I could care less about who was talking to whom and unless I heard their coversation, what anyone has to say is just speculation.

Julie R.

"This all should have been settled out of the public's eye, as recommended by the school board's lawyers."

They settle enough out of the public eye in Erie County. Isn't it about time they stop that illegal and unfair practice? On the other hand, I can see where you're coming from. If some people are going to be held accountable and their names dragged through the mud, then this should apply to ALL.

Tsu Dho Nimh

 I most definitely inferred that someone is trying to hack another person's FB.  I never suggested it was mine.  I know people and talk to people, have even seen the email. You say your friends took a trip.  Wonder if they were near the failed login sit? Maybe you friends and mine could meet and compare travel receipts and FB notices.  Could be interesting, don't you think?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


Do you happen to speak German ?


For one certain person who lives under Fox's deck. An innocent person would not have to hire a bottom-feeder to do his talking. Tell the truth and let the chips fall where they should. One lie leads to another, and  another, until that person does not know what the truth is himself. Example, "I did not have an affair with any women". Lie number one and many more to be exposed.

A guilty person would immediately go out and hire a bottom-feeder because he is in trouble and doesn't know what to do. The cash flow has stopped so the end should be near. That is when a certain person will get his head out of the sand, move from under Fox's desk, and hopefully return to the hospital. 



Re-read your posts.

 First, you said Mr. Fox did not have an affair. Then you said he did have an affair. How's that spin working?

Second, you said Mr. Caporini voted against certain proposals to keep this situation internal. Then you said Mr. Caporini voted recently to keep the information public.  So which spin do you use next time?

Bill Clinton lied and had affairs numerous times on government time. We condoned this behavior in our president. Might as well let Mr. Fox slide too, right?

The Clinton defense.  People are idiots.


Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


Ακόμη Sold σχετ... says

One more time for the pheonetically challenged:

(If you can figure that out, this probably does not mean you ! lol)

You act like you actually talk to Fred Fox ? You must be smiling in his face ? It's ok.. Backstabbing is a common practice where we live.

One more time, (Well, apparently I'm not getting through to you as your rage dominates your thinking): No lawyer involved in this will let their client(s) speak. It's simple. Why can't you wrap your head around this ? This is all lawyers now. NO MATTER HOW YOU feel about lawyers.. this is what it has come to..

You are really having a problem keeping up ? Not once have I backtracked. I do not believe, to this day, that Fred Fox did one thing wrong to anyone other than his own family. At what point is he allowed to get on with his life and career ?  And Caporini, from the beginning with Asher, tried to keep the 'allegations' a personal matter as they should have been until proven. Now that ALL has been leaked, he and Asher still have nothing to hide of their doing. What part of this, although spelled out, does not make sense in your donut hole ? This is not Chinese algebra..

This mess is going to linger on for a very long time. And.. There will definately be lawsuits. Sad really. Could someone in Huron concentrate on educating kids ? (And no doubt that at least teachers and support staff are still doing their jobs !) But leadership ? Forget about it..

Your conspiracy theory is rediculous. Mr. Bulea, although a very intelligent person, is not capable of 'hacking'. Call and ask him. His number's most likely in the book.

This whole thread has gotten tedious. The post before this one actually makes a lot of sense, but has nothing to do with what is being discussed here. A man's rights have been trampled. If he did nothing 'more' than have an affair what business is that of ours ? Prove that Fred Fox had an affair ON the school's time. Actually, don't bother. Wait and see what ends up happening here. You'll read it in the Register.


Pitiful.  Is this Fox's second lawyer?  Doubt all the Murray clan sound like this, or they could not make the money they do... he must be from the bottom of the pool to represent a snake like Fox. I am suprised that an attorney from that firm even took that case.  Did Fred and he have a history too?  Lawyers get a bad rap for a reason, guys like him who charge money to act like idiots, and don't have a clue what they are talking about, going on in their own mind and trying to draw attention from the REAL issue.  Just knowing Fred's ego won't let him just give in, what's the word for that....inflated ego, God Like complex----oh yes, bi polar.  That will be his next defense eh?

Fred and his cronies have operated as though the law does not apply to them, and they refused to even follow it, when it is brought to their attention.  Ignorance is no excuse in regard to law, correct?  Many a parent of special needs children, has had to PAY attorney fees to even attempt to get the administration to provide what the laws have required within the school system, yet they fought the parents every step of the way, and did everything they could to block the attorneys hired to protect IDEA and student rights to FAPE. Kind of hard for a parent to fight that battle, just look at what theses 3 members of the school board have had to do.  Not to mention the employees who have had to go all out to protect themselves from the good old boys.

I saw a comment in print that Fred Fox has done nothing wrong, but has raised children's test scores...........gag me please. Heaven forbid you don't fit the testing mold, those students are driven from the schools, one way or the other, right? 

Kids model their elders, thus the bullying (legacy) continues, and is alive and well here in the little town of Huron.  How could the Huron School Board members or any administrator even CLAIM to care about the children of the school district, if they are willing to try to defend the scum bag that Fox truly is? They must not have their own children in the school system else could they explain it to them? 

 At least Fred's  mistress had the decency to resign rather than cost her district money.  Fred had that chance too, to be a man, take his punishment, but oh no.  Just what kind of role model are you Fred? You have tried to continue the Huron teaching of "Might (or more money) Makes Right, but Karma is something isn't it!?  Your underlings had no idea.....  Please take the rest of the pitiful boys with you, and give the board a chance to clean house, so that the children of Huron can get the education they deserve, and their parents "pay" and fight so so hard for.

As for the 3, Scott, Donna and Tim, again I say, KUDOS to you, and it is about time.  It is apparent that you have seen and heard enough, and all I can say, is better late than never!


Sold, have you even bothered to read the terminaton letter?  Just curious.


That seems like a lot work, when you can READ it.  You keep harping on the affair and how that only impacted his family, as if he's being terminated for just having an affair.  There are 23 items, and that's not even one of them.  So it sounds to me like you haven't read it.

Tsu Dho Nimh

 Sold...that is a random and odd question.  Are you calling me a Nazi?

Common Sense

Re:  Sold

Can you please take a minute to carefully read AND think about this post before replying?

 I do not believe, to this day, that Fred Fox did one thing wrong to anyone other than his own family.

He and his protege crossed the line of ethics (in business or public education) and morality in the affair.  Do you think her family was left unscathed?  They were both adults and knew what they were doing.  They even went so far as to use their public e-mail accounts to tease and cajole one another.  It backfired.

What about the principal at Woodland Elementary School that Fred told his office he was visiting on several occasions?  He made her the "fall guy" for his lies and when she found out about it, she confronted him with the stories that had been ciriculating.  He thought it was funny.  Do you think she thought it was funny? 

As for being able to reach him by cell phone, that would be laudable if he hadn't lied about his whereabouts.  After all, the distance from Woodland to the board office or any school under any emergency would have been much easier to have him get to that location than from Fremont or wherever they were "mentoring".

 Could someone in Huron concentrate on educating kids ? (And no doubt that at least teachers and support staff are still doing their jobs !) But leadership ? Forget about it.

Since Fred Fox was the leader and is currently under investigation for wrongful reimbursement as well as possible ethic violations in terms of vacations with other administrators within the Huron School system, who should the teachers and the support staff look to for leadership?

Finally, please put spell check on and leave it on. For instance,"definately" is definitely and "pheonetically" should be phonetically.  When you go on and on (as I have done in this post), it serves to improve your credibility if you spell correctly and use the proper terminology (phonetically means to use sound. I believe you meant tto tell them their comprehension was poor).



Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Common Sense -

Usually in these cases the leadership that everyone is looking for would most likely be the board of education. Good luck in this situation !

If you knew as much as you think you know, you would know that there is no spell check here and I'll be damned that I am going to take that much time to write this on Word and then cut and paste when you are obviously the only one who knows how to spell here.. lol

But thanks for going after me for spelling.
It's not as if a person's career and reputation was on the line here.

The Huron Board of Education has this entire 'witch hunt' screwed up and it WILL come back to haunt them. (I only wish it would come back to haunt the group of know-it-all posters who obviously never did anything positive to put themselves in the public eye. Let no good deed go unpunished)..


Yes, we agree with you "Common Sense" - it sounds to us, the Pussycat Patrol, that this Mr. Fox is guilty of having a questionable relationship while at work.  That's a no-no!!  We believe you should have your little trysts on your own time, not your employer's time.  

we believe he is a "time thief" - Shame on you, Mr. Fox for neglecting your job and not taking care of your students - rembember, they are our future - teach them well and let them lead the way.  I think a good punishment for Mr. Fox would be to write on the chalk board 100 times  -  "I will not be a time thief and keep my brains in my pants."  Then, we would like to see the Board members write "I will look in the mirror before I go out in public to make sure I'm properly dressed."   The Pussycat Patrol would like to know what is going to happen to the other hooligans mentioned in this sordid little mess.  Will they be next to go in front of the Board?  Thank you, Huronites......the Pussycat Patrol is going to do their best to make sure justice is served in this case and that from now on, anyone in the public eye will be properly dressed.........

Julie R.

PussycatPatrol certainly does lighten up the situation. I'll bet even the ones that aren't properly dressed can't resist laughing if they are reading these comments.

Once again, thanks for the laugh.