Fred Fox gets first opportunity in front of board

UPDATED WITH VIDEO Embattled Huron Schools superintendent Fred Fox got his first opportunity to respond publicly to allegations of misconduct leveled at him by a law firm that was hired by the school board.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 8, 2012

UPDATED WITH VIDEO Embattled Huron Schools superintendent Fred Fox got his first opportunity to respond publicly to allegations of misconduct leveled at him by a law firm that was hired by the school board.

Fox attended the board meeting Thursday evening to respond to allegations of impropriety, although it was his attorney, Patrick Murray, who addressed the board.

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Said Murray: The allegations against Fox are ambiguous and ridiculous.

“What rule did he disobey?” Murray asked the board. “We’ve been asking that question, to no avail.”

About 100 people attended the meeting. The school board ultimately voted 3-2 to continue with termination proceedings against Fox. The vote included a measure to stop paying Fox his salary, pending the eventual outcome of the proceedings.

To read more about what Murray had to say, pick up Friday's Register.



No offense meant, Just me, but wasn't the board supposed to respond?  I thought that was the purpose here?  It was the audience that wasn't to respond with questions. 

Still, it doesn't appear that anything was settled if Mr Fox didn't speak and the board didn't really talk.  No real meaningful conversation took place on either side if the parties didn't talk to one another, how could anything get settled?

When you get together to answer questions and someone else does the talking, how do you expect anything to get resolved? 

It sounds like SSDD to me.  This was nothing more than a nothing day on both sides and done for because the law says it has to happen. 

This should have been done at the beginning and Fox should have spoken for himself, not some paid attorney.  It seems nothing got solved but a big fat ZERO.



No, Wired, the board was not supposed to respond.  This was simply a chance for Fox to make a public response/statement about the allegations to the board.

It amazes me that his attorney not only didn't do that, but tried to bring up something totally unrelated and had to be told more than once by the board president to stick to the subject at hand.

And Caporini's attempt to make the other three members look like they are hiding something by voting to go into executive session, which is the appropriate action to take, is so transparent and ridiculous.

Fox is guilty and needs to be gone.  The board may be as well, but we can deal with them after this Fox situation is done.



@ informed.....please read the passages below.  They are from the story about Fox and his attorney coming to the meeting.  This is where I got the impression that Mr Fox and his attorney expected the board to respond. 

"There will be no comments from the public at the meeting, and the school board has no plans to askFox any questions, district officials said.

Still, Fox’s attorney, Patrick Murray, said he hopes to have a dialogue rather than a monologue with the board."  

It is the second, bolded and italics line to which I am referring.  They expected no questions but did expect a DIALOGUE with the board.  In other words, a conversation with them.  It is to that comment that I was referring.  It is very plain to me that they expected the board to speak up.  No to ask questions, but to comment about what they were saying. 

Apparently, they had little to nothing to say, which is unfortunate for them.  I was not there, so I cannot fully speak about what went on.  I do not know about Mr. Fox or the board. 

I do know this.  This board handled this matter very poorly and backward of what they should have done.  They could get sued for what they did and it could cost them a great deal of money.  Does you school board have the funds to pay out for it?  I sincerely hope so.  Their insurance is going to be screaming bloody murder over the mistakes.  Eiher they got bad advice, didn't ask for advice or didn't take any before proceeding with this mess.  they should have.  Maybe Fox should be gone, but there is the right way to do things and they didn't do it the right way. 

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I don't know how you can be NOT living in Huron and be so astute ?

'This should have been done at the beginning and Fox should have spoken for himself, not some paid attorney.'

I guess it is because this IS THE WAY this whole thing SHOULD HAVE happened.

So.. The rest of you: Criticize Fred Fox, his attorney and me, but if it were you.. I would even be fighting for YOUR rights.

John Caporini did just what you ALL have wanted SOMEONE to do. He suggested the board stay in open session and discuss what they had to discuss in front of the public. And some of you find fault with this ?

I will state this right here: I'm not the biggest John Caporini fan, but what he did last night should not go unrecognized while you spin your versions of what you saw.

And.. It's Donna Greene.. Not Nancy who misappropriated funds. See how that works. Someone says it out loud and it becomes a fact. How did she steal the money ? Why did she steal it ?

Now we have:
Fred Fox affair;
Fred Fox accepting discounted golf;
Huron Board of Education ignoring Sunshine Law;
Treasurer reimbursing Fred Fox improperly;
Tim Sowecke delivering Markling report on his own without consent of the rest of the Board;
Donna Greene stealing $7000;
Huron School Board perpetually voting 3-2..

What could possibly be next in this circus ?

I do know one thing for sure.. If the Huron Board of Education REALLY had something on Fred Fox..
He would HAVE BEEN FIRED BY NOW, experts ! (By a 3-2 vote which is, by the way, a majority).

Think about that before you post again.


and if you do.. You are not the expert you think you are..


@ Just me.  I will give you the same as I did for Informed.  This came from the article of a week ago. 

There will be no comments from the public at the meeting, and the school board has no plans to askFox any questions, district officials said.

Still, Fox’s attorney, Patrick Murray, said he hopes to have a dialogue rather than a monologue with the board.

It is the bolded and itialic line I was using to base my comment on.  I thought they might want to respond on his comments as they should.  But I guess they didn't. 

As for SSDD it means (same s_ _ _, different day)   I cannot fill in the other word on here and have it go through but I know your are smart enough to get my meaning.  It means nothing has changed since the first day. and probably won't. 

I think someone is getting sued over this and it won't be Mr. Fox.  I think he is going to sue someone else.  Just my opinion 

One thing I do know.  There is no honor amongst thieves.  Nothing is sacred to any of them. They will slit the throats of their nearest and dearest to save their own skin.  I cannot help but wonder if that is not what is going on over there.  Who is worse than the next one?  Just what IS going on in that school board????

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One more time for the pheonetically challenged:

(If you can figure that out, this probably does not mean you ! lol)

You act like you actually talk to Fred Fox ? You must be smiling in his face ? It's ok.. Backstabbing is a common practice where we live.

One more time: No lawyer involved in this will let their client(s) speak. It's simple. Why can't you wrap your head around this ?

You are really having a problem keeping up ? Not once have I backtracked. I do not believe, to this day, that Fred Fox did one thing wrong to anyone other than his own family. At what point is he allowed to get on with his life and career ?

This mess is going to linger on for a very long time. And.. There will definately be lawsuits. Sad really. Could someone in Huron concentrate on educating kids ? (And no doubt that at least teachers and support staff are still doing their jobs !) But leadership ? Forget about it..

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Spell it out for me:

(I want to see your interpretation.).

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It's not an error that I seperate my ???

I do it because it looks right to me. It is definately a coincidence that Georgett did it in her post, too.

This blog is not about me, or my puncuation, however and I really am not going to change the way I puncuate because of similarities of a posting by a person trying to point out something that has no bearing on the way Fred Fox is being treated.

I know that I am way more interesting than what is going on here, but please try to refocus.

Sit n Spin

 If I was Fred I would hire another attorney. I have never heard more hot air come out of someones mouth as I did tonight. Murray did more damage & raised more questions than anything else for Freddie. Fred didnt even have the intestinal fortitude to speak ! Absolutely nothing was said that we didnt already know ! The entire board, super & treasurer all need to be gone ! Start fresh Huron !

You better sit and spin again!! I was at the same meeting and Murray made the 3 board members look like idiots! The citizens of Huron should be outraged that those 3 are on the board and wasting so much taxpayer money.

Sit n Spin

 I went there with an unbiased mindset & all he did was try to place blame on the 3 board members on how this was initially handled. We all know they screwed that up & yes they are idiots for that ! He gave no facts proving Freds innocence on anything ! The only fact he did provide was on the extra marital affair & that Murray looooves to hear himself talk ! I expected more from the "best" attorney in the area ! Time to clean house, this school district is being lead by an entire cast of fools !


I'll take the job!! I need $120,000 plus a yr, plus 8 wks. vacation, school bought car, paid gas..etc.... OOPS, sorry that won't work !!  Polar Bears and Tigers don't mingle too well...LOL

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'Time to clean house, this school district is being lead by an entire cast of fools !'

This is the truest statement posted on here.



 Was Mrs. Fox in attendance standing by her man?


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 Well fred keep putting the blame on the 3 people who called you out! You had an affair, the school district paid you for it, now be a man and go away quitely. i applaud them for taking a stand against you! how much money would you have us if you would have slipped out of town with the rest!

Julie R.

If some big shot from Kalahari wasn't involved in this, Murray wouldn't have looked twice. What I would like to see some of these grandstanding attorneys do is start taking cases that I'm sure God Himself would approve of. How about taking the case of that disbarred attorney, Mr. Murray? I mean, come on already. In this day and age somebody goes to prison for 8 years for calling some old rent-a-judge corrupt when we all know the majority of them ARE? Goes to show the mentality of the entire juvenile legal system. An embarrassment unto themselves.  


I don't think Fred Fox can even though he would like to speak. He is protecting his options. That what has the school board in the situation they are......actions and words.  This is not over by a long shot. The way this playad out tonight I have no doubt this is going to a law suit and its going to be a big one, City of Sandusky had their long legal process with the pokice chief and Huron BOE is heading down that same road. Hang on its going to be an expensive and bumpy road for all,


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Since I was not there, what exactly did get said?  From the pictures, it appears that the lawyer did the talking and spoke mostly to the audience as if they were a "jury'.  Did the "board" speak back?  Were specific charges discussed as promised?  Were they answered as they said they would be? 

The whole purpose of having a lawyer there is for the lawyer to speak when needed, not to have the lawyer speak for you, but it looks like the lawyer did all the talking.  Maybe that is what the agreement was.  Most lawyers can't shut up anyway. 

From the comments, it looks like nothing got resolved and it's still a divided community on all fronts.  I must agree with those who say this is going to end in one expensive lawsuit for Huron BOE.  How sad. 

Tsu Dho Nimh

 Well said, Retiree.  I could not have described it any better!

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If it was so well said by Retiree.. Why can't I read it ?

Please repost your 'wisdom' and leave out what got it deleted, Retiree.

It's time for you to see the truth. When John Caporini said that he didn't agree with going into executive session a light bulb should have visably gone on over your head.

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So what's the big news on John C. and Nancy B. ?

Was she there ?  
What was she wearing ?
Was her husband there ?
Where did they go after the meeting ?

I know this is all more fascinating to you than the truth about what is really going on.
I mean it's only a man's reputation and career at stake ?


I wasn't there, but I doubt the board spoke back - they weren't supposed to.  It was just the opportunity for Fox/Murray to respond to the charges publicly.  If you read the letter, that is spelled out.  The board never said they would answer questions in this forum.  That will come later.

God Of Thunder

BWAHAHAHAH!!!    I knew it would find its way into the comment section of this article... You did not disappoint Julie

There you go again

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Game over Fred!  Once the money goes, you are next!

Brick Hamland

Julie R- are you in prison for 8 years? (or am I miss reading your statement?)


 its time for fred to cut and run and mr asher too. how much money are you willing to spend or waste trying to save whats left of your pride. Go! shew! get out of here already!