Fred Fox gets first opportunity in front of board

UPDATED WITH VIDEO Embattled Huron Schools superintendent Fred Fox got his first opportunity to respond publicly to allegations of misconduct leveled at him by a law firm that was hired by the school board.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 8, 2012


UPDATED WITH VIDEO Embattled Huron Schools superintendent Fred Fox got his first opportunity to respond publicly to allegations of misconduct leveled at him by a law firm that was hired by the school board.

Fox attended the board meeting Thursday evening to respond to allegations of impropriety, although it was his attorney, Patrick Murray, who addressed the board.

For more photos from the meeting, click HERE

Said Murray: The allegations against Fox are ambiguous and ridiculous.

“What rule did he disobey?” Murray asked the board. “We’ve been asking that question, to no avail.”

About 100 people attended the meeting. The school board ultimately voted 3-2 to continue with termination proceedings against Fox. The vote included a measure to stop paying Fox his salary, pending the eventual outcome of the proceedings.

To read more about what Murray had to say, pick up Friday's Register.



No offense meant, Just me, but wasn't the board supposed to respond?  I thought that was the purpose here?  It was the audience that wasn't to respond with questions. 

Still, it doesn't appear that anything was settled if Mr Fox didn't speak and the board didn't really talk.  No real meaningful conversation took place on either side if the parties didn't talk to one another, how could anything get settled?

When you get together to answer questions and someone else does the talking, how do you expect anything to get resolved? 

It sounds like SSDD to me.  This was nothing more than a nothing day on both sides and done for because the law says it has to happen. 

This should have been done at the beginning and Fox should have spoken for himself, not some paid attorney.  It seems nothing got solved but a big fat ZERO.



No, Wired, the board was not supposed to respond.  This was simply a chance for Fox to make a public response/statement about the allegations to the board.

It amazes me that his attorney not only didn't do that, but tried to bring up something totally unrelated and had to be told more than once by the board president to stick to the subject at hand.

And Caporini's attempt to make the other three members look like they are hiding something by voting to go into executive session, which is the appropriate action to take, is so transparent and ridiculous.

Fox is guilty and needs to be gone.  The board may be as well, but we can deal with them after this Fox situation is done.



@ informed.....please read the passages below.  They are from the story about Fox and his attorney coming to the meeting.  This is where I got the impression that Mr Fox and his attorney expected the board to respond. 

"There will be no comments from the public at the meeting, and the school board has no plans to askFox any questions, district officials said.

Still, Fox’s attorney, Patrick Murray, said he hopes to have a dialogue rather than a monologue with the board."  

It is the second, bolded and italics line to which I am referring.  They expected no questions but did expect a DIALOGUE with the board.  In other words, a conversation with them.  It is to that comment that I was referring.  It is very plain to me that they expected the board to speak up.  No to ask questions, but to comment about what they were saying. 

Apparently, they had little to nothing to say, which is unfortunate for them.  I was not there, so I cannot fully speak about what went on.  I do not know about Mr. Fox or the board. 

I do know this.  This board handled this matter very poorly and backward of what they should have done.  They could get sued for what they did and it could cost them a great deal of money.  Does you school board have the funds to pay out for it?  I sincerely hope so.  Their insurance is going to be screaming bloody murder over the mistakes.  Eiher they got bad advice, didn't ask for advice or didn't take any before proceeding with this mess.  they should have.  Maybe Fox should be gone, but there is the right way to do things and they didn't do it the right way. 

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


I don't know how you can be NOT living in Huron and be so astute ?

'This should have been done at the beginning and Fox should have spoken for himself, not some paid attorney.'

I guess it is because this IS THE WAY this whole thing SHOULD HAVE happened.

So.. The rest of you: Criticize Fred Fox, his attorney and me, but if it were you.. I would even be fighting for YOUR rights.

John Caporini did just what you ALL have wanted SOMEONE to do. He suggested the board stay in open session and discuss what they had to discuss in front of the public. And some of you find fault with this ?

I will state this right here: I'm not the biggest John Caporini fan, but what he did last night should not go unrecognized while you spin your versions of what you saw.

And.. It's Donna Greene.. Not Nancy who misappropriated funds. See how that works. Someone says it out loud and it becomes a fact. How did she steal the money ? Why did she steal it ?

Now we have:
Fred Fox affair;
Fred Fox accepting discounted golf;
Huron Board of Education ignoring Sunshine Law;
Treasurer reimbursing Fred Fox improperly;
Tim Sowecke delivering Markling report on his own without consent of the rest of the Board;
Donna Greene stealing $7000;
Huron School Board perpetually voting 3-2..

What could possibly be next in this circus ?

I do know one thing for sure.. If the Huron Board of Education REALLY had something on Fred Fox..
He would HAVE BEEN FIRED BY NOW, experts ! (By a 3-2 vote which is, by the way, a majority).

Think about that before you post again.


and if you do.. You are not the expert you think you are..


@ Just me.  I will give you the same as I did for Informed.  This came from the article of a week ago. 

There will be no comments from the public at the meeting, and the school board has no plans to askFox any questions, district officials said.

Still, Fox’s attorney, Patrick Murray, said he hopes to have a dialogue rather than a monologue with the board.

It is the bolded and itialic line I was using to base my comment on.  I thought they might want to respond on his comments as they should.  But I guess they didn't. 

As for SSDD it means (same s_ _ _, different day)   I cannot fill in the other word on here and have it go through but I know your are smart enough to get my meaning.  It means nothing has changed since the first day. and probably won't. 

I think someone is getting sued over this and it won't be Mr. Fox.  I think he is going to sue someone else.  Just my opinion 

One thing I do know.  There is no honor amongst thieves.  Nothing is sacred to any of them. They will slit the throats of their nearest and dearest to save their own skin.  I cannot help but wonder if that is not what is going on over there.  Who is worse than the next one?  Just what IS going on in that school board????

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One more time for the pheonetically challenged:

(If you can figure that out, this probably does not mean you ! lol)

You act like you actually talk to Fred Fox ? You must be smiling in his face ? It's ok.. Backstabbing is a common practice where we live.

One more time: No lawyer involved in this will let their client(s) speak. It's simple. Why can't you wrap your head around this ?

You are really having a problem keeping up ? Not once have I backtracked. I do not believe, to this day, that Fred Fox did one thing wrong to anyone other than his own family. At what point is he allowed to get on with his life and career ?

This mess is going to linger on for a very long time. And.. There will definately be lawsuits. Sad really. Could someone in Huron concentrate on educating kids ? (And no doubt that at least teachers and support staff are still doing their jobs !) But leadership ? Forget about it..

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Spell it out for me:

(I want to see your interpretation.).

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


It's not an error that I seperate my ???

I do it because it looks right to me. It is definately a coincidence that Georgett did it in her post, too.

This blog is not about me, or my puncuation, however and I really am not going to change the way I puncuate because of similarities of a posting by a person trying to point out something that has no bearing on the way Fred Fox is being treated.

I know that I am way more interesting than what is going on here, but please try to refocus.

Sit n Spin

 If I was Fred I would hire another attorney. I have never heard more hot air come out of someones mouth as I did tonight. Murray did more damage & raised more questions than anything else for Freddie. Fred didnt even have the intestinal fortitude to speak ! Absolutely nothing was said that we didnt already know ! The entire board, super & treasurer all need to be gone ! Start fresh Huron !

You better sit and spin again!! I was at the same meeting and Murray made the 3 board members look like idiots! The citizens of Huron should be outraged that those 3 are on the board and wasting so much taxpayer money.

Sit n Spin

 I went there with an unbiased mindset & all he did was try to place blame on the 3 board members on how this was initially handled. We all know they screwed that up & yes they are idiots for that ! He gave no facts proving Freds innocence on anything ! The only fact he did provide was on the extra marital affair & that Murray looooves to hear himself talk ! I expected more from the "best" attorney in the area ! Time to clean house, this school district is being lead by an entire cast of fools !


I'll take the job!! I need $120,000 plus a yr, plus 8 wks. vacation, school bought car, paid gas..etc.... OOPS, sorry that won't work !!  Polar Bears and Tigers don't mingle too well...LOL

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'Time to clean house, this school district is being lead by an entire cast of fools !'

This is the truest statement posted on here.



 Was Mrs. Fox in attendance standing by her man?


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 Well fred keep putting the blame on the 3 people who called you out! You had an affair, the school district paid you for it, now be a man and go away quitely. i applaud them for taking a stand against you! how much money would you have us if you would have slipped out of town with the rest!

Julie R.

If some big shot from Kalahari wasn't involved in this, Murray wouldn't have looked twice. What I would like to see some of these grandstanding attorneys do is start taking cases that I'm sure God Himself would approve of. How about taking the case of that disbarred attorney, Mr. Murray? I mean, come on already. In this day and age somebody goes to prison for 8 years for calling some old rent-a-judge corrupt when we all know the majority of them ARE? Goes to show the mentality of the entire juvenile legal system. An embarrassment unto themselves.  


I don't think Fred Fox can even though he would like to speak. He is protecting his options. That what has the school board in the situation they are......actions and words.  This is not over by a long shot. The way this playad out tonight I have no doubt this is going to a law suit and its going to be a big one, City of Sandusky had their long legal process with the pokice chief and Huron BOE is heading down that same road. Hang on its going to be an expensive and bumpy road for all,


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Since I was not there, what exactly did get said?  From the pictures, it appears that the lawyer did the talking and spoke mostly to the audience as if they were a "jury'.  Did the "board" speak back?  Were specific charges discussed as promised?  Were they answered as they said they would be? 

The whole purpose of having a lawyer there is for the lawyer to speak when needed, not to have the lawyer speak for you, but it looks like the lawyer did all the talking.  Maybe that is what the agreement was.  Most lawyers can't shut up anyway. 

From the comments, it looks like nothing got resolved and it's still a divided community on all fronts.  I must agree with those who say this is going to end in one expensive lawsuit for Huron BOE.  How sad. 

Tsu Dho Nimh

 Well said, Retiree.  I could not have described it any better!

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


If it was so well said by Retiree.. Why can't I read it ?

Please repost your 'wisdom' and leave out what got it deleted, Retiree.

It's time for you to see the truth. When John Caporini said that he didn't agree with going into executive session a light bulb should have visably gone on over your head.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


So what's the big news on John C. and Nancy B. ?

Was she there ?  
What was she wearing ?
Was her husband there ?
Where did they go after the meeting ?

I know this is all more fascinating to you than the truth about what is really going on.
I mean it's only a man's reputation and career at stake ?


I wasn't there, but I doubt the board spoke back - they weren't supposed to.  It was just the opportunity for Fox/Murray to respond to the charges publicly.  If you read the letter, that is spelled out.  The board never said they would answer questions in this forum.  That will come later.

God Of Thunder

BWAHAHAHAH!!!    I knew it would find its way into the comment section of this article... You did not disappoint Julie

There you go again

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Game over Fred!  Once the money goes, you are next!

Brick Hamland

Julie R- are you in prison for 8 years? (or am I miss reading your statement?)


 its time for fred to cut and run and mr asher too. how much money are you willing to spend or waste trying to save whats left of your pride. Go! shew! get out of here already! 

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


Interesting to see all of the posts.

No matter what was said, we are all going to interpret it in our own way.

It has come down to attornies talking to attornies and this was the first actual public 'shot' back at the Huron Board of Ed. (Or at least the 3 Stooges).

I wish I was in attendence as the Register video apparently did not tell the whole story. Interesting story about Donna Greene and $7,000. Can't wait to read what that's all about. Apparently she was 'reimbursed' improperly ? (Where have we heard this before ? Maybe she was given a Hawiian golfing vacation from a vendor ?)..

For those of you who keep hammering on Asher and Caporini, don't miss the part where Johnny C. says 'There's nothing we have to discuss that can't be discussed in front of this audience'..

This is an exceptionally large powerplay we are witnessing. When it is all said and done I hope you all scratch your heads and decide that the REAL problem here is the Board of Education, not Fred Fox.

Paying the Huron Board of Education $140 per member for each of these meetings is completely out of whack. My suggestion would be for them to donate the money back to the school system as they are totally the cause of this expense.

There are two members of this board in serious, if not criminal, trouble over this mess. And it's not Caporini and Asher.


wired - I don't know what SSDD means, but I think you're correct.  This was probably just a matter of law, and what they were required to do - not meant to be a trial.  I guess that comes later.  And you're right - nothing got solved.  On we go...


p.s. wired - the article earlier in the week said the board would not be asking any questions.


 Patrick Murray said that Nancy G misappropriated $7000 in school funds.   For what?   

I'm beginnning to think that everyone has a little bit of dirt on everyone there.   But Mr. Murray, the unpunished acts of others do not exhonerate your client.  



bridge, your last sentence sums it up perfectly!  That's what many of us have been trying to sell Sold all along.


According to the meeting minutes, unless Fox fights this, he will be fired within 10 days.  He cannot fight the accusations, as they are true.  The only thing he can maybe fight is how this was handled by the board initially.  However, that doesn't change the fact that the allegations are true and if he goes to a formal hearing, he will still be fired.

The threats Fox made that his lawyer tried to trivialize are still threats.  You cannot tell a board member those things. It's called intimidation and it's against the law.  Free speech doesn't apply.

To sum it up, this lawyer was an idiot, not only because of what he said but for taking on this case in the first place. 


Watching Fox's attorney up there just goes to show that you can go to law school on your daddy's dime, get a law degree, pass the bar exam that was in existence many years ago (which was a joke) work in your daddys law firm and have absolutly no skill what so ever.  As a matter of fact, the only skill he needs is to hire law clerks to do all his work for him. 

Did Fox's attorney even know he had this meeting schedualed or did he just show up and wing it?  Was almost like he couldn't put his thoughts together and present them to the audience...isn't that covered in year 1 of law school? 

Heck, there was an attorney sitting in the front row of the audience who could have done a 100X better job and would charge a lot less.  Your last name doesn't guarentee you are good at what you do. 




The negative impact to our community and school system is getting worse and the Fred Fox cast of characters are just compounding matters. I was disappointed with Fred when all the information 1st came to light and thought Fred really messed up. Disappointment has now evolved to utter disdain - I cannot phantom how Fred thinks he can fight this,  let alone even try. Fred, be a man, own up to your actions.

Sit n Spin

Especially after Murray admitted that "Fred had an extra-marital affair, although it was for only a short time."  I nearly fell out of my chair when he actually admitted that, bad bad move there Fred and Pat !  That admission alone, along with the e-mail evidence is enough to send him packing !  Since the affair only lasted for a "short time" all should be forgiven I guess.  NOT !

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


Apparently.. It's not enough to send Fred Fox packing or at the conclusion of the executive session the Board would have fired him.

I keep telling you folks there's a whole lot more here than is meeting your eyes.. But, you prefer to think that all you have read in the Register is the truth ?

You, at least, are smarter than that Spinner..

Why does Fred Fox still have a job Spin ?


Sit n Spin

 I know enough & a helluvalot more than what this rag has printed. The S.S. Fox is listing and his "friends' will start slowly jumping ship ;) Wait for it...

Tsu Dho Nimh

 Sold...Retiree called last night's display a dog and pony show that was led by a horse's behind.



First, you say Mr. Fox didn't have an affair. Then later  you said he had an affair. Now, Mr. Murray admits he had a " short time" affair.

What is a "short affair" ?  Is this a Bill Clinton moment?

Politicians, lawyers and superintendents all of the same cloth.

Sit n Spin

No kidding donut....An affair is an affair whether it lasted 2 minutes or 2 years.  I still cannot believe he made that statement ! :D

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

One more time, Donut-

Why hasn't Fred Fox been fired if there is so much 'truth' against him ?

You people are way more educated than not to be able to answer this simple question.


Tsu Dho Nimh


You sure are stuck on thinking that I really give two hoots about your buddies, Nancy and John.  Again, I don't need binoculars to spy on them.  I just simply look out my window and see what I see.  I enjoy how you get on the defensive and continue to post about the two : )  Thank you for the free entertainment!

Since you brought up the term "stalker" in a previous post when referring to me, I did learn something very interesting about 6 weeks ago that even you would find interesting.  Did you know that when someone tries to hack another person's FB account, FB will immediately lock the account, send a notice to the owner, and will report that suspicious activity from an unrecognizable mobile device attempted to log in?  FB will even provide the time and location of the attempt.  Pretty cool, huh?  And the owner of the account can actually get a report from the FB security team.  Isn't technology great?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


You are totally off of your rocker.
You should maybe get your report. Who would be interested in your Facebook account besides, you ?

Who do you believe tried to get on your Facebook ? Fred Fox... lol

I can't imagine there is anything there worth reading, (or writing) ? Conspiracy theories aside.. But.. You do have way too much information on John and Nancy for a casual observer.

If you can look out of your window, (and it's not your car window), and see John, or Nancy then it narrows it down to where you live and could be dangerously close to where I live. Too close for my comfort.. lol

I am now interested in who tried to get into your Facebook account.. lolol

And one more time: John Caporini's request to keep the meeting in public should speak very loudly.. Even to you.

Now The Rest of...

If you would betray your wife and the mother of your children what else would you do? 

Spy's picture

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When you go around saying your innocent of all charges, be a man, get up and tell your side of the story. People that are guilty let someone else do the talking for them and they try to put the blame on someone else.That is the American way in the corrupt legal system. That last night was two pompus individuals showing that they have nothing other than to keep draining the local taxpayer out of as much money as they can and two board members helping them. I would like to know their monetary agenda. It is time that those two elected members open their eyes and start looking out for the Huron taxpayer. The two of you are upsetting a lot of people.


Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


At this point NO ONE'S LAWYER is going to allow them to speak in public..

If you think that the 2 board members are upsetting people, maybe you better go out and do a straw pole ?

Maybe I'm talking to the wrong 'REAL' people, but it isn't Fred Fox, Caporini, or Asher that have 'REAL' people upset today ?


The Pussycat Patrol has been studying these pictures and we have only one thing to say:  When did it become acceptable for gentlemen not to wear a shirt and tie and for ladies not to wear hose?  We are simply appalled at the manner of dress at this little meeting in Huron.  My goodness, not only are these individuals dressed as hilljacks, but white socks?  Really?  And when is it ever appropriate for ladies to wear clunky, dirty sandals to a business meeting?  First of all, they just don't belong there and we are praying that at the very least, this young lady has had a pedicure.  As a rule, the Pussycat Patrol will only wear closed toe shoes WITH hose.  Now granted, we do have to wear Spanx, since we do have a little bit of a gut, but that's just because we do drinks a bit after crime fighting.  Now, people of Huron.......please, please, please pay attention to what you wear.  Don't be afraid to look in the mirror before going out.  It's important to look your best at all times - and people will take you seriously when you are looking your best.  Take that nice attorney who was speaking at your meeting - we do not know him, but he looks absolutely fabulous in his nicely pressed shirt, tie and suit.  We would take him very serious if we were at your little town meeting.  Not only does he present himself well, but he looks smart, too.  See what good personal hygiene can do?  Now, carry on Huronites! 

Tsu Dho Nimh

 Sit and Spin...I can't wait to hear the big slash when all those fools hit the water.


Sold...never said it was my FB. There you go, jumping to conclusions and that is so out of character for you. Hope it's not your dog that's leaving gifts in my yard, neighbor.

Sit n Spin

 TDN, the splash probably wont be all that big due to the fact that all the rats will jump ship & watch Fred sink to Davy Jones' locker in solo fashion. It's typical and so much en vogue for most "loyal" Huronites to do so !

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


My dog passed away a few years ago. Those 'gifts' would be petrified by now.. You might get some DNA ?

PS.. Go back and read your FB post and see if it does not infer that someone tried to hack YOUR FB. Just reading, not jumping..

Most Wanted

I love the PussycatPatrol!...but really, lose the weight and the spanx, nothing worse than fat chicks making fun of others!



First you were complaining that the board made the information public.  Mr. Caporini voted "no" to make the information public.

Now, you are praising Mr. Caporini for trying to keep the process open to the public.

You flip flop worse than any politician.  Say whatever fits your needs.


Thank you very much "Most Wanted" -  but we are not fat.  Yes, our tummies aren't as flat as we'd like, so that is why we wear Spanx.  We like that smooth look that only Spanx can give us.  Nobody likes seeing a pantyline!!  We always try to present ourselves in the best light possible and that's the point we are trying to get across to the Huronites.  Thank you again "Most Wanted" - we love our fans and we love you!!

Most Wanted

LOL!  Damn those pantylines!   Keep up the beauty patrol!


our students like mr fernbaugh,  our teachers like mr fernbaugh. its time for change, make mr fernbaugh our leader!  time to lay this ugly set of events to rest.


I don't think the Board can say much at this time. Don't think Mr Fox can either. Its the attorney's speaking and for each side the meter is on and $$$ are adding up. This will ultimatley go into a court of law and then the parties will speak.

My guess some out of court settlement will be arrived at with thousands spent for attorneys and then the settlement dollars and it will be over. Not a dime of that meney spent will help educate children in the Huron City Schools.

My greater question is how is this Board going to go to the tax payers next year as they plan to do and ask for more funds to operate the schools. They have pretty much killed that issue before it every got started. The furture is not looking good for HCS and the students who attend classes in the system. The tax payers no the students have created this problem it's been all with the Board and Superintendent. By the time this is done there will be a lot more well healed attorneys.


thanks pussycat patrol for the fashion pointers. What really mystifies me are those individuals who wear socks, white or black, with sandals. Isn't the purpose of sandals to give one footwear that doesn't require socks? Your input please? thank you


Sold...its 12 am and I realize a retired 'working stiff" like you is probably sleeping so I'll wait for your response first thing in the morning as I realize this is your entire Life and without all this drama you would surely have nothing else to keep your mind going.  

You ask "Think" why hasn't Fox been fired already for what he has been accoused of.  The answer is quite see in todays day and age it is not easy to terminate an employee without first going through a sh#t load of red tape of which I assure you the "three stooges" are working through.  Its coming Sold, but first the proper procedures must be followed.   A self made former businees owner like you must surely know the proper human resourse procedures to terminating an employee.  Wait, Fox is a PUBLIC you have any idea what is involved in the termination process of a Public employee?  You have no idea do you but I'm sure your response will be to the contrary.

Sold, Fred Fox is realing over you trying to defend him through this blog.   You are doing nothing more than hurting his cause.  Ask him! Oh thats righ you only communicate in cognito through this face to face with you.  I would invite you again to come on down to the boat basin this weekend but the weather stinks so I wont be there.  Bar North maybe?


It could be that those who wear socks with sandals have ugly, smelly toe nail fungus.


My, my, my!!  One should NEVER wear socks with sandals and ladies, not wear sandals to work.  If one should wear sandals outside of work, please be sure that your feet are well pedicured and toenails painted.  The ring leaders of this little town meeting are fashion "don'ts" - if only these board members would take our advice and dress appropriately, the world would look up to and praise them.  Everyone would say "Wow, this group of people must really know what they are talking about - they are so handsomely dressed!"  Instead, they are saying "Wow, what a bunch of hillbillies - when was the last time they bathed?!"    Remember, if you want to be taken seriously, you must dress the part.    We would also like to take a moment to thank our many fans for having faith in us - WE LOVE YOU!!  Now, go forth Huronites and heed our suggestions - we are only here to help!!


Fox is still on suspension so what does that tell you?  Now the Board would like to take away his pay, what does that tell you?  Things are proceeding but it takes time and you have to go through the legal loop holes. This is what happens when you have people on contract.  The Ethics Committee will take months to determine the evidence. 

car 54

   Why don't Murray ask for all the city of Huron school emails? Judge Judy could start a court movie in the sleepy community.

Darwin's choice

Wiredmammma.............As a taxpayer, and with children in school here, I totally agree with you on this being handled poorly. It seems that mob mentality has taken over, and with the comments by the "teachers and faculty"  that the cost of this farce "is worth it", is disgusting! We are going to pay for this for years....good luck getting a levy passed.............none of this money being spent is helping the students........!

Tsu Dho Nimh

 Mama... I believe the print edition stated that board members would not respond.  I know I read that somewhere and it wasn't on the discussion board.


Wired, the board's attorney's are being paid by the insurance company.  I would take that to mean they are guiding them properly.  I doubt the insurance company would allow otherwise.  Of course, you're entitled to your opinions, but they don't seem to be based on any facts.

There you go again

I don't see what the big issues is-Fox clearly violated employee standards by carrying on an affair on school time.  I am a teacher in another county but my principal reminds us teachers every year about appropriate behavior and using school email for personal business.  Fox is fully aware of "open records" when it comes to school email. He violated school rules- grounds for dismissal.  Say "Good by Huron" Freddy Fox!


Right, Iam going out and do a straw pole on a known thief of Huron taxpayers dollars. I do know that there are some Huron residents that reside under Fox's desk. Still, if you are telling everyone your innocent why not be a man and do your own talking. Of course, he way saying that he never had an affair which the man speaking on his behalf admitted that there was an alleged affair. That person speaking for him gets a big fat zero. That was credible, lie number one. His speaker proved nothing other than what is normal for a bottom-feeder.

Since he is not receiving anymore of Huron's taxpayers dollars, a request for a settlement or resignation should be coming soon. If not, lets see how many of his possey helps with the legal fee's. 


I find it hillarious, that so many find what is going on in our small town ,needs to be put in front of everyones face.  I was at Thursdays meeting, and loved seeing Mrs. Lagando making her remarks to her friends. Lets look into your familys closet. Your husband and step kid are sin free.  As a family relative to Soweke I see why you are on the side ot the three .. YesFred had an affair!  While it doesn't make it right, it happens. Lets go back to the  days when Ed and Mary met?????  This all should have been settled out of the publics eye, as recomended by the school boards lawyers.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


Seems you have been following along !

All the answers to this mess tied up in one not-so-pretty package..

Tsu Dho Nimh

If the Legando's are guilty of what rumors have been, the previous boards should have dealt with it properly. If they didn't, well shame on them. Other people's past behavior does not give current employees a free ride. Fred is responsible for his choices and the current board is responsible for holding him accountable. I was at the meeting and was focusing on what Fox's attorney and the board had to say. I could care less about who was talking to whom and unless I heard their coversation, what anyone has to say is just speculation.

Julie R.

"This all should have been settled out of the public's eye, as recommended by the school board's lawyers."

They settle enough out of the public eye in Erie County. Isn't it about time they stop that illegal and unfair practice? On the other hand, I can see where you're coming from. If some people are going to be held accountable and their names dragged through the mud, then this should apply to ALL.

Tsu Dho Nimh

 I most definitely inferred that someone is trying to hack another person's FB.  I never suggested it was mine.  I know people and talk to people, have even seen the email. You say your friends took a trip.  Wonder if they were near the failed login sit? Maybe you friends and mine could meet and compare travel receipts and FB notices.  Could be interesting, don't you think?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


Do you happen to speak German ?


For one certain person who lives under Fox's deck. An innocent person would not have to hire a bottom-feeder to do his talking. Tell the truth and let the chips fall where they should. One lie leads to another, and  another, until that person does not know what the truth is himself. Example, "I did not have an affair with any women". Lie number one and many more to be exposed.

A guilty person would immediately go out and hire a bottom-feeder because he is in trouble and doesn't know what to do. The cash flow has stopped so the end should be near. That is when a certain person will get his head out of the sand, move from under Fox's desk, and hopefully return to the hospital. 



Re-read your posts.

 First, you said Mr. Fox did not have an affair. Then you said he did have an affair. How's that spin working?

Second, you said Mr. Caporini voted against certain proposals to keep this situation internal. Then you said Mr. Caporini voted recently to keep the information public.  So which spin do you use next time?

Bill Clinton lied and had affairs numerous times on government time. We condoned this behavior in our president. Might as well let Mr. Fox slide too, right?

The Clinton defense.  People are idiots.


Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


Ακόμη Sold σχετ... says

One more time for the pheonetically challenged:

(If you can figure that out, this probably does not mean you ! lol)

You act like you actually talk to Fred Fox ? You must be smiling in his face ? It's ok.. Backstabbing is a common practice where we live.

One more time, (Well, apparently I'm not getting through to you as your rage dominates your thinking): No lawyer involved in this will let their client(s) speak. It's simple. Why can't you wrap your head around this ? This is all lawyers now. NO MATTER HOW YOU feel about lawyers.. this is what it has come to..

You are really having a problem keeping up ? Not once have I backtracked. I do not believe, to this day, that Fred Fox did one thing wrong to anyone other than his own family. At what point is he allowed to get on with his life and career ?  And Caporini, from the beginning with Asher, tried to keep the 'allegations' a personal matter as they should have been until proven. Now that ALL has been leaked, he and Asher still have nothing to hide of their doing. What part of this, although spelled out, does not make sense in your donut hole ? This is not Chinese algebra..

This mess is going to linger on for a very long time. And.. There will definately be lawsuits. Sad really. Could someone in Huron concentrate on educating kids ? (And no doubt that at least teachers and support staff are still doing their jobs !) But leadership ? Forget about it..

Your conspiracy theory is rediculous. Mr. Bulea, although a very intelligent person, is not capable of 'hacking'. Call and ask him. His number's most likely in the book.

This whole thread has gotten tedious. The post before this one actually makes a lot of sense, but has nothing to do with what is being discussed here. A man's rights have been trampled. If he did nothing 'more' than have an affair what business is that of ours ? Prove that Fred Fox had an affair ON the school's time. Actually, don't bother. Wait and see what ends up happening here. You'll read it in the Register.


Pitiful.  Is this Fox's second lawyer?  Doubt all the Murray clan sound like this, or they could not make the money they do... he must be from the bottom of the pool to represent a snake like Fox. I am suprised that an attorney from that firm even took that case.  Did Fred and he have a history too?  Lawyers get a bad rap for a reason, guys like him who charge money to act like idiots, and don't have a clue what they are talking about, going on in their own mind and trying to draw attention from the REAL issue.  Just knowing Fred's ego won't let him just give in, what's the word for that....inflated ego, God Like complex----oh yes, bi polar.  That will be his next defense eh?

Fred and his cronies have operated as though the law does not apply to them, and they refused to even follow it, when it is brought to their attention.  Ignorance is no excuse in regard to law, correct?  Many a parent of special needs children, has had to PAY attorney fees to even attempt to get the administration to provide what the laws have required within the school system, yet they fought the parents every step of the way, and did everything they could to block the attorneys hired to protect IDEA and student rights to FAPE. Kind of hard for a parent to fight that battle, just look at what theses 3 members of the school board have had to do.  Not to mention the employees who have had to go all out to protect themselves from the good old boys.

I saw a comment in print that Fred Fox has done nothing wrong, but has raised children's test scores...........gag me please. Heaven forbid you don't fit the testing mold, those students are driven from the schools, one way or the other, right? 

Kids model their elders, thus the bullying (legacy) continues, and is alive and well here in the little town of Huron.  How could the Huron School Board members or any administrator even CLAIM to care about the children of the school district, if they are willing to try to defend the scum bag that Fox truly is? They must not have their own children in the school system else could they explain it to them? 

 At least Fred's  mistress had the decency to resign rather than cost her district money.  Fred had that chance too, to be a man, take his punishment, but oh no.  Just what kind of role model are you Fred? You have tried to continue the Huron teaching of "Might (or more money) Makes Right, but Karma is something isn't it!?  Your underlings had no idea.....  Please take the rest of the pitiful boys with you, and give the board a chance to clean house, so that the children of Huron can get the education they deserve, and their parents "pay" and fight so so hard for.

As for the 3, Scott, Donna and Tim, again I say, KUDOS to you, and it is about time.  It is apparent that you have seen and heard enough, and all I can say, is better late than never!


Sold, have you even bothered to read the terminaton letter?  Just curious.


That seems like a lot work, when you can READ it.  You keep harping on the affair and how that only impacted his family, as if he's being terminated for just having an affair.  There are 23 items, and that's not even one of them.  So it sounds to me like you haven't read it.

Tsu Dho Nimh

 Sold...that is a random and odd question.  Are you calling me a Nazi?

Common Sense

Re:  Sold

Can you please take a minute to carefully read AND think about this post before replying?

 I do not believe, to this day, that Fred Fox did one thing wrong to anyone other than his own family.

He and his protege crossed the line of ethics (in business or public education) and morality in the affair.  Do you think her family was left unscathed?  They were both adults and knew what they were doing.  They even went so far as to use their public e-mail accounts to tease and cajole one another.  It backfired.

What about the principal at Woodland Elementary School that Fred told his office he was visiting on several occasions?  He made her the "fall guy" for his lies and when she found out about it, she confronted him with the stories that had been ciriculating.  He thought it was funny.  Do you think she thought it was funny? 

As for being able to reach him by cell phone, that would be laudable if he hadn't lied about his whereabouts.  After all, the distance from Woodland to the board office or any school under any emergency would have been much easier to have him get to that location than from Fremont or wherever they were "mentoring".

 Could someone in Huron concentrate on educating kids ? (And no doubt that at least teachers and support staff are still doing their jobs !) But leadership ? Forget about it.

Since Fred Fox was the leader and is currently under investigation for wrongful reimbursement as well as possible ethic violations in terms of vacations with other administrators within the Huron School system, who should the teachers and the support staff look to for leadership?

Finally, please put spell check on and leave it on. For instance,"definately" is definitely and "pheonetically" should be phonetically.  When you go on and on (as I have done in this post), it serves to improve your credibility if you spell correctly and use the proper terminology (phonetically means to use sound. I believe you meant tto tell them their comprehension was poor).



Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Common Sense -

Usually in these cases the leadership that everyone is looking for would most likely be the board of education. Good luck in this situation !

If you knew as much as you think you know, you would know that there is no spell check here and I'll be damned that I am going to take that much time to write this on Word and then cut and paste when you are obviously the only one who knows how to spell here.. lol

But thanks for going after me for spelling.
It's not as if a person's career and reputation was on the line here.

The Huron Board of Education has this entire 'witch hunt' screwed up and it WILL come back to haunt them. (I only wish it would come back to haunt the group of know-it-all posters who obviously never did anything positive to put themselves in the public eye. Let no good deed go unpunished)..


Yes, we agree with you "Common Sense" - it sounds to us, the Pussycat Patrol, that this Mr. Fox is guilty of having a questionable relationship while at work.  That's a no-no!!  We believe you should have your little trysts on your own time, not your employer's time.  

we believe he is a "time thief" - Shame on you, Mr. Fox for neglecting your job and not taking care of your students - rembember, they are our future - teach them well and let them lead the way.  I think a good punishment for Mr. Fox would be to write on the chalk board 100 times  -  "I will not be a time thief and keep my brains in my pants."  Then, we would like to see the Board members write "I will look in the mirror before I go out in public to make sure I'm properly dressed."   The Pussycat Patrol would like to know what is going to happen to the other hooligans mentioned in this sordid little mess.  Will they be next to go in front of the Board?  Thank you, Huronites......the Pussycat Patrol is going to do their best to make sure justice is served in this case and that from now on, anyone in the public eye will be properly dressed.........

Julie R.

PussycatPatrol certainly does lighten up the situation. I'll bet even the ones that aren't properly dressed can't resist laughing if they are reading these comments.

Once again, thanks for the laugh.


We love you, Julie R!!


This needs to get wrapped up.  Soon.  Its embarrassing that adults can't work this out.


Franklin, Ohio County Clerk of Courts

John H. Fernbaugh

Seems Mr. Fernbaugh had some similar situations going on ? Wonder how this all came about ? Inquiring minds want to know. With all this talk about Mr. Fox did Mr. Fernbaugh slip one by the Huron board ?

Tsu Dho Nimh

It will be completely up to Fred Fox if this continues.  There is enough evidence on the AZ trip, the excessive personal use of email,  documentation that he was engaging in personal activity during regular district hours, and email on his work email account that shows that Kalahari was offering Fred and his administrators a rate that was 1/2 the rate offered to the general public.  Any one of those charges is enough to terminate him, let alone all four.

Even Kevin Randleman was smart enough to recognize when the evidence was against him and his lawyers claimed he is mildly retarded.  You would think a man with a master's degree would be smarter than a man who is cognitively disadvantaged.

I know, Sold, Fox is great, blah.blah, blah,blah.  We don't know the truth, blah, blah, blah,blah.  We just believe what we read, blah, blah, blah,blah, and cannot think for ourselves, blah, blah, blah,blah.


Réside finalement révéler la vérité sur ceux de leur dire!


Sold: Tsu Dho Nimh does not speak German but I do you "Deutsch bag". Get a real life



Sit n Spin total German it would be "Deutsch tasche". Great minds think alike :)



Tsu Dho Nimh

Retiree...I laughed and laughed at your last comment (after looking up "Deutsch" online).  Now that's funny!


Tmm changed you name again? CuriousGeorgeT...tired of getting picked on! 

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

As usual you have no idea of what you are saying or to who. If you really think this bunch of mindless juvenile posts bothers me in the least.. Bring it on. If you are my, or Fred Fox's opposition then he'll be back to work in no time.

Also, as usual, you can't even read and then digest what you have read.. It's Curious Georg(et).. meaning SHE would have to be Huron's Ice Cream person, not man.

and PS.. I have no idea what this poster is talking about, but I'm going to look..



Sold I have no problem bringing it on.  I have tried with you numerous times to "bring it on"   You prefer to hide behind this blog instead of a face to face conversation.

Let me save you the's life and career are on the line...prove he was on school time...witch hunt...he'll get his job back...three stooges...

lets see what else?  oh ya...did nothing 24 hours a day...illegally made public...

I could go on and on.  You see Sold you are the one with the mindless juvenile posts that have been repeated and repeated for months.  Frado will never get his job as Super back. 

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

At least there is proof you are reading my posts.. lol

Why would I want a 'face to face' with a nut who continually threatens me because my beliefs are different than theirs ? You see Tmm.. I don't really care who you are or what you believe. I believe Fred Fox will be back to work at his 'present' position. It's MY belief. Rather than just regurgitate my posts, perhaps you might stray outside of your little box and find out what the truth actually is instead of someone else's version. You apparently know nothing unless I, or the Sandusky Register, say it ?

Why do you continuously 'accuse' me of being other people ? First I'm the Bulea's and now I'm Georgett ? How about if I am just Sold on Fox ? I did, however, follow Georgette's little clue and found two cases involving Huron Deputy Super Fernbaugh. He was, however, the plaintiff in the cases, not the defendant. Apparently the defendants did something to him that he sued them for ? I really could care less about Fernbaugh and just hope he's doing a good job of keeping Fred Fox's seat warm.

PS.. I asked if you spoke German just to clarify who I believe you are.. lol..

2nd PS.. I actually did go on vacation this time, TDN ! Agreed to leave all electronics at home !



Sold, your space before your ?mark gives you away.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Tmm...I was wondering if CuriousGeorge was Huron's ice cream man : )



Sounds like you live in the Fox den...come on let's not be haters...AF

WE know what you are trying to do.   Only a member for a day or so..interesting

Isn't Huron School hurt they need more???  

Tsu Dho Nimh

Sold...Gee, if it is Georget, it MUST be a woman.  People certainly would not try to throw the rest of us off guard, right Elvis?

Tsu Dho Nimh

Sold...I never said you are Curious Georget. Tmm said that. I shared with Tmm that I thought Curious Georget was Huron's ice cream man. Then you told me I couldn't read then digest what I read, that Georget would be a woman. Don't you remember? Now why is it that people say that you can't keep your stories straight and don't know what you're talking about?

I'm still not clear about your German statement and what German has to do with Fred Fox. For the record, I don't speak German but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Not Georgette by a long shot. I told all who cared to read what she was referring to in her post. I really have no interest in Fernbaugh, or that he was a plaintiff in some cases from a previous job. If he was the defendant I would be mildly interested, although it sure seems he had something going on that would require the Huron Board of Education to at least question from a background check ?

Amazing, Tmm, you would look at what I write so closely as to notice a similarity in puncuation ? Does she also have my perpencity to mis-spell and actually make up words to fit what I feel ? lol
 I would have to strongly advise YOU to get a life.

Hope you enjoyed your stay at the Holiday Inn Express ! Were you staking out the Buleas again ? lol
The German question was in reference to Ms. Catri the letter writer who is also a German teacher. Guess you only do the PI gig with Fred Fox supporters ?


Sold ....

I'm curious about Mr. Fernbaugh, as a parent and tax payer, I am interested in his professional reputation.  What popped on his background check that is questionable?  Also, what is the Board doing sharing information about the man's background check?   Furthermore, why would they hire anyone with a questionable background ?  Background checks are required for anyone who is in charge of children, they are done to avoid this.  They really can't get anything right. 

I know Mrs. Catri and she is an Intervention Specialist, which means she is a special education teacher.



Tsu Dho Nimh


I see what you mean about his Sold's spacing and it does match Curious Georget.  Wonder if Sold speaks German?

Dudley Do-Right

Tmm and Tsu Dho Nimh,

Good detective work.  The spacing error is not very common.  It is not likely that two people posting on the same blog would make the same mistake.

Meanwhile, back at Snedley's not-so-secret hide out ....


Tsu Dho Nimh

My, my, Sold!!!! You flatter me!  I make reference that you are a former board member's husband and you think I'm Mrs. Catri. Sounds like you got the short end of the straw, my friend : )

Your logic doesn't make sense.  You accuse me of stalking your friends but the truth is that your friends have been doing research on Mrs. Catri.  I believe she shared at one of the board meetings that Mr. Bulea requested information on her numerous times.  Why would he want to do that?  Is she that interesting? Does her letter writing make the Buleas nervous? Sounds like your friend are stalkers.

I've been told that she is a special education teacher in Sandusky. The school's website shows her as an Intervention Specialist.  Why would you think she teaches German?  Have you seen her employment file?  Does your stalker friends know something that they shared?  Just as Curious Georget stated, inquiring minds want to know.


Taxraider I think you are a little confused.  This has nothing to do with background check.  According to the link that was posted by a blogger (not the board) he was the plaintiff in case...which means he sued somebody.


Looks like Taxraider was making a sarcastic statement in response to Sold's idiotic statement about the board doing a background check on the new guy.  Of course they would do a back ground check. Here is a challenge.  Try googling the new superintendent and see what you can find.  Nothing, notta, zilch.  If he was involved in a lawsuit it doesn't show.  Search Franklin County.  Nothing.  How would Sold know about a lawsuit?  If it did show on a background check then someone at the board office shared it with him and that is a big no no.  I think Sold is Curious Georget and was trying to stir up some crap.  Anyone else agree ? (space was intentional)


 Instead of all this crap everyone is putting on here why don't you just wait until the report comes out then make comments ?? Another thing don't cut on the board members that have finally stepped up to the plate and finally are making a difference cause in the past it's always been 3-2 in favor of the superintendent. Now that things are finally getting done the right way it's funny how things turn !  When it was the old school board ( the yes men) it was never about the kids it was about what benifited them ,now we have a board that cares about the kids and things are getting done,people complain! Come on Huron wake up and smell the coffee !! Give the board members some space and let them finally do their job !!