Huron board hires deputy schools superintendent

A divided Huron school board voted Tuesday to hire a deputy superintendent to lead the district while Fred Fox is on paid leave.
Jessica Cuffman
Jul 26, 2012


A divided Huron school board voted Tuesday to hire a deputy superintendent to lead the district while Fred Fox is on paid leave.

John Fernbaugh will start in the position Aug. 1.

Fernbaugh was most recently superintendent at Woodmore Schools in Sandusky County last year. He has held similar positions at four other Ohio districts.

The board met for about 45 minutes in a closed-door executive session before later voting to hire Fernbaugh when it reconvened in open session on Tuesday.

For more on this story and an update on the Fox situation, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register.



SR can you put like and dislike buttons on the blogs?  It would be great to be able to agree or disagree with comments.


 Great Letter to the Editor in the SR today by Sherry Catri.   


 Wait....I thought the board was moving to fire Freddie Boy, not place him on leave?


Regardless of where one stands on this issue it is unfortunate the huge costs all this has racked up to date and far more are on the table that will cost. The $500+ a day this Deputy Superintendent is being paid is only on part of the costs..Add to that amount the State Teacher's Retirment System that will collect on this Deputy Superintendent's salary at 13% in addition to what he is beng paid. Helath insurance may well be a factor in adding even more costs.  And we have not even touched the legal costs and I am sure that is far from over. The costs that have already been spent will be a drop in the bucket to what lies ahead.

Sad part is taxpayers give money to Huron City Schools to educate children for the furture and this is where their money is being spent. Many property owners in Huron struggle to pay their taxes and this is how their hard earned dollars are being spent.  Money is being spent not educating children for the world of tomorrow but for attorneys, Deputy Superintendents, etc. 

Darwin's choice

Gardenman...........exactly !  Great post.



Who is Ms. Catri related to Mr. Caporini or Mr. Legando ?

With that information I don't have to read the article.


Donutshopguy and TDN....

I know Mrs. Sherry Catri and she is NOT related to Mr. Caporini or Mr. Legando.  In fact, I seriously doubt she knows either of these two men personally.  She is not originally from Huron. She is a frustrated resident. 

Tsu Dho Nimh


Mrs. Catri is not related to anyone.  As a matter of fact, she isn't originally from the area.  My understanding is that she is a teacher in another district and is just tired of the arrogance of two of the current board members.   Really don't think she has a horse in the race.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Here is the link that Mrs. Catri refers to in her letter:

Sit n Spin

I'm sure the citizens of Huron willl tell the school board to shove it when they propose another levey ! 

Sitting In The ...

Now there paying two people to do one persons job....way to go Huron !!!! First you accuse him of whatever then ignore the state and say we hired someone he guilty then you fire him then rehire him ....this just keeps getting better and better. 

Julie R.

So what is the reason Mr. Asher is not permitted to practice law in Ohio? Is it simply because he never registered with the state or is there another reason?

Tsu Dho Nimh


Based on the linked, it seems that Mr. Asher has not registered with the state and has not completed the necessary course work to maintain his license.  Wonder why he stated in his injunction that he is a licensed attorney in Ohio when it isn't true?  Hmmmm...sounds like he wouldn't recognize the truth if it bit him.

Oh come one now...

Sitting in the... (dark?) You need to get your facts straight.  When did they ignore the state of Ohio?  The ethics commission has not yet ruled.  When did they fire and rehire him?  They first put him on unpaid suspension, then determined they must pay him during the process, so had to change it to paid suspension. 


I was in a local establishment in the last few days that is a gathering place for folks talking about life in Huron. You can easily guess the location I am sure. When I go in to buy donuts for the family at home I always enjoy listening to the philosophical views of tthe Huron stool sitters. It's like yesteryear where the local men all gathered at the general store and debated the issues of the day. Its the modern day version of the general store I guess.

As I waited for service it was:

Did you see they are paying this guy $570 a day to be Deputy Superintendent?

Another said where did we find these three clowns we have on the school board who approved paying this guy that kind of money?

Well next year they say the school board will have a levy on the ballot and these board members will say its for the kids..............nada it's for the attorneys, legal costs and their stupid actions.

Another said...well I voted for all three but I never will again.....if Mickey Mouse ran for school board he would do a better job.

A man who was in white shirt, tie and suit obviously a local professional in for his pastries said...well you know if Todd Nelson decides to sue these three on the school board for what they have said about him a couple things are for sure.....he has deep pockets to pay multiple attorneys and the school board''s directors and officers liability insurance will not cover their legal costs if sued individucally only collectively. Said he could sink them financially with personal legal costs and at the very least it will affect their credit reports with a pending  law suit against them that would make it hard for them to get a personal loan.


Not sure how much all this was true but one can always get their dose of local thoughts at the pastry shop, As I say to me it's a flash back to the old general store of yesteryear.




If Fred Fox would do the honorable thing and resign, Huron would not be paying two people to do the same job.  The Board could hire a replacement superintendent and the district could move forward. 


Gardenman, people in said establishment like to say a lot of things about which they know very little.  They just love to run their mouths and hear the sounds of their own voices.  They are a bunch of opinionated know-it-alls, what they say only contains a grain of truth.

Nothing has been said about Nelson...he is not the one that has violated ethics.


Informed ... well said.  As my dad always said  "a bunch of sh** house lawyers".  And I wonder who could the business man be??  Not really, we all know who that is. 

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


I loved your post about the Donut Shop stop..

So now..
The '3 Stooges' have made a 'deputy superintendent' the highest paid 'deputy superintendent' or superintendent in Erie County ? And.. Have rewritten board policy to include a 'deputy superintendent' ?

OK.. Here's a fact: The Huron Board of Education could have asked the Erie County School Superintendent to fill in while Fred Fox is on paid leave thus saving the $570 a day salery of the newly hired 'deputy superintendent'.

#2 - Then.. they hire a person who lives out of the county ? He might as well be a reporter for the Register for what he knows about running the Huron City Schools ?

#3 - Funny that the tide is turning at the Donut Shop to the point where even they are seeing what the '3 Stooges' are up to. These 3 will stop at nothing to make Fred Fox look bad and also to make themselves look like pathetic examples of why there should be a test before being allowed to run for public office.

Where is this going to go next ?

When Fred Fox is found 'not guilty' what will be this crazy board's next move ?


Sold on Greek....

#1  Whether you call it a deputy superintendent or interim superintendent, $570 per day is the going rate, even here in Erie County. Bill Pahl was the interim superintendent at Berlin-Milan last year and he was paid over $500 per day.  How could the Erie County Superintendent fill in for Fred Fox?  If it were possible for Bill Lally to run both Erie County and Huron City Schools at the same time, then the Huron superintendent position needs to be eliminated and let the taxpayers save money.  In fact, eliminate all administrative positions except for the building principals and let Erie County run the district. 

#2  Thank goodness he is not a "home town boy" or resident of the county.  Perhaps he will focus on running the district instead of juggling the politics.  He should have no reason or need to please a certain family, coach, or board member (past or present) since he has no affiliation with anyone.  Can you imagine a superintendent who can do the job without any threats?

#3  At what point in time was the Donut Shop crowd ever in favor of the "3 Stooges"?

What is next?  Will we continue to attempt to intimidate those individuals who question the practices of Huron Schools administrators and Board Members (past and present)?  ... 

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


#1 - When Dick Acerto was the Erie County Super he helped Huron out between Supers. It is not uncommon and if you are having Super problems no one who's official is running the school anyways ? The tail is now wagging the dog and Huron teachers are the only constant. Children will still be educated in the Huron City Schools.

#2 - Sorry TR.. Huron City Schools is all about politics. The whole mess we are discussing is nothing but politics. I wish this person all the luck in the world and hope he is the best thing since sliced toast, but in the end.. he will be just what he is hired to be: an overpaid stand in for the guy who raised the money these jokers are spending.

#3 - Obviously you do not frequent the Donut Shop. First it was get rid of Sowecke.. then it was get rid of Asher and Caporini.. Now it's maybe Asher and Caporini are right ? The politics of the Huron Donut Shop may not mirror the politics of the city, but they are at least an interesting straw poll.

To others posting:
'Allegedly' is the key to this whole mess. Imagine if this was you at your job. Suppose you had friendships that were a result of working with people. Suppose those friendships were noticed by people who work FOR you. Suppose the people that work FOR you decided to gossip about your relationships.

Please think about that.

I don't know what happened with 'Toolgate', but I trust it must not have been anywhere near what has 'allegedly' been gossiped about.

The 'Arizona Trip' Fred Fox took was apparently 'allegedly' reimbursed improperly. Since Fred Fox was on the receiving end, rather than the reimbursing end.. where is Fred Fox's fault here ?

'The Affair' or should I say 'The Alleged Affair'.. again.. NO ONE HAS PROOF that this was anything more than business. Fred Fox was/is her mentor. They are both school administrators.

'Discounted Golf' ..  So what ?

TaxRaider - I still think you work for the school. Who is trying to intimidate people who question practices of these people we are discussing ? If you think our illustrious board of ed members are not getting emails, phone calls and personal visits daily you would be wrong. This is how politics work.

I just hope Huron wins some football games so we can get back to what is really important in our town !


Sold ... unfortunately I am not able to give you specifics because of possible legal actions and criminal charges about who is doing the intimidating and who is being harrassed.  So I risk not being credible. 


 TaxRaider, according to some people on this board, just because some people might get away with wrongdoing, Fox should be able to as well.  Try that the next time you get pulled over for speeding---"but officer, other people are speeding, too!"  See how that works.


Informed ..... If your test scores are high and you are fiscally sound .... do what you want!


Don't you think it is time to stop all of this!  Huron should move on.  Fox should resign...this is just the beginning.  He is sitting pretty getting paid as the litigation begins.  Even if  he fights it and wins it is still a mark on his reputation and his personal record.  He should think of his family and many others involved.  So many have been damaged by this investigation. Stop the madness.  Huron was once a great it will have financial problems again.  Is this what the community really needs.  Or is all about ego.  People who are close to this situation know the turth and it will come many more people need to pay for this? 

Oh come one now...

Seems like those guys at the donut shop are being fed more than just donuts.

Julie R.

Wonder if the SR will put today's story about Kevin Baxter online? Baxter is retiring ..... sort of. He's putting in the paperwork now so he can lock in how much money he'll receive from his pension plan, which otherwise could be greatly reduced if the Ohio House of Representatives approve legislation changing the way the Ohio Public Retirement System works ......... but he has no plans to retire. He'll just be collecting his pension plus his $115,000.00 salary as prosecutor.  Baxter said: "At some point you start evaluating what's best for you."  In other words, I guess what he's trying to say is --- he's looking out for his own best interest. 

Lord Almighty, I could have a field day on THAT!


I would like to see the Sandusky Register request a copy of the hiring agreement with this Deputy Superintendent. There has to be some agreement between the HCS Board and this gentleman. It would have to have been voted on in public session. The agreement will detail all the compensation beyond just the daily about things like living expense in Huron since he is residing in Woodmore/Elmore area, things like mileage compensation, health insurance etc.


This has to be public recored and it should be made known in full to all the school district tax payers.

Tsu Dho Nimh


They voted on the hiring before the public last Tuesday.  It is not required that they disclose all of the details at the board meeting. If you are interested in the entire compensation package, request it from the board office.  It is your right to do so.


I was doing some figuring and at $570 a day that translates to:


           $ 570 a day

           $ 2850 a week (based on 5 working days)

          $ 148, 200 per year salary (based on 52 weeks in a year)

   Ran the yearly salary thru the ODE website for superintendent pay and this gentleman is the highest paid superintendent in Erie County. Actually. in this case he is only the Deputy Superintendent not the Superintendent and their was no numbers for an assistant superintendent or deputy superintendent on the website.

   At that salary I hope he is paying for his own travel costs from his home in Sandusky County to Huron.

   Wondering if the Board policies have to be changed as this is an entirely new position so for him to do this or that according to Board policy it would need to be spelled out that the deputy superintendent can do this or that according to policy?






Oh come one now...

It is a "per diem" agreement, so he isn't being paid for 52 weeks a year - just the weeks he works.


This whole thing is a mess.  I'm no expert, but there had to be a better way to handle this entire situation that wouldn't have resulted in the lawsuits, $50k legal bills, and the hiring of two people to do one job.  Poor leadership all the way around.  Not to mention the burning - or at the very least tarnishing - of the relationship w/ Mr. Nelson & Kalahari.  I find it hilarious when folks here and elsewhere claim (as Informed/Tax Raider et al. have) that "nothing has been said about Nelson..."  By definition, a kickback accusation (or favorable tax abatement, as stated in the original report) implicates two people..  did you really think Mr. Nelson wouldn't be offended by this accusation?

Also - why haven't they started the termination proceedings already?  What is the hold up there?




Common Cents ... you are so right this whole thing is a mess and there were other options the Board could have exercised to handle this issue,  if they had the ability to work together as a team.  It is very typical of a Board to hire an independent person or persons to investigate a treasurer or superintendent, I wonder why an auditing firm had not been used.  I wonder why the Board President didn't submit the concerns to the Ethics commission instead of bringing in the law firm, that is the responsibility of the Board President. 

Mr. Nelson and Kalahari have done nothing wrong.  It is the responsibility of the Board of Education to be consistant and fair with tax abatements, all businesses in Huron should be offerred the same tax abatement, in percentage form.  Obvisiously a large organization like Kalahari will realize a larger $$$ savings than a small business but all business owners should be treated equally.  It was the Board of Education, at that time, that voted on the tax abatement, not Fred Fox.   Mr. Nelson has the right to give away rooms, meals, golfing, the furniture, or whatever he desires but the Ohio Ethics Commission and the Teacher's Code of Conduct spell out that public employees can not accept goods or services greater than $25.  Again, this was the responsiblity of those educators who went on the trip to Wisconsin to know and practice the rules -- if they did accept free golf and rooms reduced below what is offerred to the general public, they were wrong. 

Tsu Dho Nimh

I believe the hold up in the termination process is the vote.  A 4-1 is needed  and all we can get at this point is 3-2.  The two board members should own some of the responsibility for why this is costing so much.  They keep defending Mr. Fox's actions as not being serious enough for termination when they have been part of the problem.  They created the environment for Mr. Fox to act the way he did.  Fox and Asher have been buddies since high school.

Tsu Dho Nimh

TaxRaider says

What is next?  Will we continue to attempt to intimidate those individuals who question the practices of Huron Schools administrators and Board Members (past and present)?  ... 


Wouldn't surprise me a bit.  It is clear that some members of the  board (past and present) do not play well with others and are taken back that anyone would dare question their actions.  Kudo's to Mrs. Catri for speaking out through the Register and the Huron Hometown News.  I imagine that the original three stooges (Asher, Caporini, and Bulea) will get some of their flunkies to start their intimidation techniques.  Doesn't she know that no one is to speak out and we just sweep bad behavior under the carpet here in Huron?

I think even Sold on Greek would agree with me on this one.


TR: I agree with most everything you said, and your final conclusion leads right back to my original point.  You concede that Mr. Nelson/Kalahari did nothing wrong, and that Mr. Fox had nothing to do with the tax abatements.  He was just wrong for accepting discounted golf.  So, the Huron BOE decided to upend a school system and suspend (with pay) a superintendent who over the past 6 years had led the schools from being in terrible fiscal shape and slightly above average academic rating to a system with a million dollar surplus and excellent academic ratings, because he accepted some discounted golf from a local businessman.  A businessman who appears to be quite a generous fellow anyway, so much so that he had just built the Huron Schools a brand new football stadium? 

This is the definition of poor leadership.  I can see no reasonable explanation for not simply submitting the questionable acceptance of gifts to the ethics commission, and waiting for their response without the expense and setbacks to the progress of the school system, and the public embarrassment of all involved.  But, I suppose the current situation is what you get when the people elected to run the schools are incompetent leaders.   Effective leadership takes vision, and clearly the BOE does not have it. I believe this was the reason the Ethics comission was formed in the first place, for the benefit of THE SCHOOLS, THE TAXPAYERS, AND THE KIDS.  


Common cents, you are forgetting about the improper use of school district resources and time to conduct an affair.  Also a violation of professional ethics.

You sound as if you don't think the public has a right to know what has transpired and that the board should have just kept quiet about the whole thing.  As a taxpayer in Huron, I could not disagree with you more.  We have a right to know exactly what has taken place, embarrassing or not.  The only people that should be embarrassed are Fox, the Fremont principal (whose husband, btw, insists she didn't have an affair with Fox, HA!), and Asher and Caporini.

It wouldn't have mattered what direction the board took, if Fox was going to be reprimanded or terminated he would have fought it.  He is the one costing the district money, no one else.


No, I haven't forgotten about the alleged improper use of resources.  People around here seem to forget that word, alleged.  As I said before, anyone who has dealt with ethical issues in the past knows that it is not as black and white as most poeple think.  You have drawn the conclusion that ethics violations occurred, and I'm not saying they haven't, but I am saying that just because you, or a certain board member, or a law firm without power of arbitration, or anyone else says they have, that doesn't make it so.  A contract employee is entitled to due process prior to termination of the contract.  This is the reason the Ethics Commission exists.  

And I do think the public has a right to know. The results of the investigation by the Ethics Commission WOULD HAVE BEEN PUBLIC, when it was concluded.  And, the Huron Schools would not be out $50k, and they would not currently be paying two supers to do one job.

I also think the public has a right to have their tax dollars valued by elected officials charged with doing so.  As a taxpayer, the wasted expense on this is more concerning to me than the ill-advised public airing of the incident.  Has it even been officially reported to the commission yet???  Again, the results of a FREE investigation by the Ohio Ethics committee would/will be made public.  What conerns me more is the poor leadership by THE ENTIRE BOE (I'm not singling out any of them, as everyone else seems to do).  


Informed... you personally know the husband of he Fremont administrator?  You should get your facts straight before commenting.  I know that there is far more to this story then anyone is saying.  It is all speculation.  Fox has not been charged as far as anyone knows and he will sit on it get paid for two years while Huron figures it out.  Way to go...!!!!


Those emails were not speculation.  They were right there in black and white.  Look at the dates and times on them.  Read the content.  And as a matter of fact, I do know the husband.


So when Fox and the Fremont Prinicipal were talking in their emails about their agreement that they can end their relationship at anytime, and that it may take wine or drugs to get them through that, that was appropriate email between a mentor and his "mentee"?  Give me a break!



Really...this situation must really bother you. What do the e-mail have to do with with anything that is going on in Huron..people at work e-mail all the time..these were just made public.  It is their families that suffer not the Huron School. That is on them.  Look at the bigger picture that is happening in Huron.  I too know the husband very well. Great man! 

Oh come one now...

Common Cents - if the other 2 board members and Mr. Fox had been capable of and willing to acknowledge the wrongdoing, things would have likely have gone differently.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Oh Come One...excellent point!


Clearly, the superintendent disagrees that his offenses were fireable (he may even disagree that he even committed any ethics violations, but that is neither here nor there).  A competent BOE should have anticipated this development, as most people who are accused of wrongdoing have alternate interpretations of the facts.  Hence, the process of arbitration or judicial review.  The BOE also should have known that the field of ethics is not as black and white as most people believe. That is the reason the state has an indpendent Ethics commission, so they can decide if there was a violation, if it was terminable, etc etc. 

Bottom line, the BOE should have known this, and handled it better.  That is part of the challenge of being the elected leader of an organization.     

Oh come one now...

My understanding is it has been reported, and it could take up to two years for a ruling.

Tsu Dho Nimh


I was starting to worry about you. Wasn't sure if you were ill or out of town for a few weeks ; )


 Hey, stop picking on my namesake. AARP will bring up a lawsuit to protect the right of a bunch of old geezers to cackle the morning away.  Got to love small town America.

PS, Don't drop your sprinkles on the floor.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Hahaha.. Not picking at all. Was commending the group on their common sense.

The 'Shop' is a great 'straw poll' !

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Was just lurking.. waiting around for the state to make some kind of decision is definately going to take some time. Ever been to the license bureau ? lol.. (Was waiting for you to post.. lol)..

I would like to see all of the email from everyone who was at work when it was written or received. All of it ! Dates.. Times.. All are irrelevant in this case as there are no 'set' hours to the superintendent's job. To us 'normal' working stiffs 8-5.. 9-5.. Whatever.. does not apply. A super works odd hours depending on where/when they are needed.

Having said that I do agree that email that is provided by the employer should not be used for personal use.

So.. That is a reason to fire someone ? How about warning them first ? How about asking them not to do it anymore ?

Because Fred Fox is the CEO of the school district he receives no warnings ? He is not told what is expected of him by the board of ed before attempting to fire him ? He is not told 'privately' what he has done wrong before it is blasted in the press ? He's not entitled to any of these expectations of any employee ?

Anyone who is crucifying Fred Fox REALLY needs to put themselves in Fred Fox's shoes and see if they are throwing stones in their own glass houses.



When you combine the emails with the fact that he took gifts above $25 (which again violates code of ethics), then no, he didn't deserve a warning first.  He is the head of the school district.  If he doesn't have enough sense not to do these things, then he shouldn't have the job.


Informed .... that you are!!!  The emails are inappropriate in many ways:  time and date, content, and on school property, even if they were sent from home, the email system belongs to the school district.  A reasonable prudent person understands what is being said in the emails, just ask anyone's significant other how they would feel if these emails were being sent between their "spouse" and another person. Emails also show the golf was free as well.   Informed, don't forget about the Arizona trip and the questionable reimbursements.  The emails and reimbursements are documented!  How many rules does a person need to break before action is taken?  If Fred Fox had done one of these things, a warning or written reprimand may be appropriate but collectively they show there is a big problem.  What other incidents are there that remain undiscovered?



"To us 'normal' working stiffs 8-5.. 9-5.. Whatever.. " 

Arn't you the same Sold who less than a month ago stated you owned you own business and was able to retire early because you were so good at what you did?


So what is it - retired and able to spout off on this blog all day and night and defend Fred Fox or a normal working stiff who spouts off on this blog when not on the clock?


Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

While I'm flattered that you read what I write, I'm not as thrilled with your revisionist history.

This story is not about me, but.. I owned my own business for 25 years and yes.. I'm lucky enough to be retired. Having said that I still consider myself to be among the normal 'working stiffs' as that is what I have been all of my life.

Normal 'working stiffs' have trouble understanding someone on call 24 hours a day. Normal 'working stiffs' have trouble understanding how teachers get paid for 12 months while working 9. Normal 'working stiffs' have trouble understanding anything that has never been a part of their lives.. And yes.. I consider myself a 'normal working stiff', but one who has been educated in several ways about the educational community.


I'm having a real problem understanding the anger displayed here for anything that Fred Fox 'allegidly' did ? The 'facts' are that the state will decide the merit of these issues and then we can all debate the outcome. In the interim I would like to go over the Fred Fox case one more time.

'Toolgate' - Alleged theft of tools and a bus ? Fred Fox was supposed to investigate and then everything came back ? Oh wait. This was just another rumor, but not something that is being investigated. Arizona Trip - Fred Fox does not authorize his own reimbursment so I would be looking elsewhere to place blame if in fact there is a problem with reimbursement. I was of the understanding that when a problem was found, that Fred Fox paid it back ? The Affair - If you have followed along on here, you know how I feel about this 'alleged' affair. Even with the 'top secret' emails.. Who cares ? Fred Fox is her mentor and fellow administrator. They are both human. Who does this really concern ? I have stated before that no matter when these emails were sent or received that it would be hard to say if Fred Fox was on or off the clock because of his 24/7 schedule. And really.. Besides their spouses and children.. who does this 'alleged' affair affect ? If Fred Fox has put effective people in place around him they continued to do their jobs, (at least between their gossiping about Fred Fox). The Golf Trip - Once again.. A golf discount for a friend who is on their own time and dime is NOT A CRIME.

Did I forget anything haters ?

Let's wait and see what the 'experts' say.


'So what is it - retired and able to spout off on this blog all day and night and defend Fred Fox or a normal working stiff who spouts off on this blog when not on the clock?'

Tmm.. What the heck does this mean ? If it really made a difference to anyone what I do then you would be waisting your employer's time writing about me instead of Fred Fox. I'm a retired 'working stiff' who was lucky enough to have my own company and to be able to retire. Does this change the way I feel about Fred Fox.. or about you ?  


Sold, in regard to #3--You ask who does the affair really concern?  Well since he wasted my tax dollars conducting it, it concerns me and every other tax payer in Huron.  Who did this affair affect?  Well, apparently Tanny Von Thron, since he used her as his excuse which led to people thinking she was his mistress.  It also affects anyone who was trying to contact him (teachers, staff, or parents) but couldn't because he was out meeting with her.

In regard to #4--Taking gifts may not be a crime, but the code of ethics is black and white--he cannot accept anything over $25 in value from someone the district does business with.  Look it up.

As far as "toolgate" goes, anyone that doesn't admit that stinks to high heaven if out of his mind.  That nneds to be reinvestigated by law enforcement that don't have any connections to the district. 

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


I would be very interested to see what Tanny Von Thron's master's degree is in. Superentendency ?

I agree that 'toolgate' needs to be looked into and finally laid to rest as the gossip that it is !


Sold, well I'm sure her master's is in education, just like every other educator.  What does that have to do with anything?  You do realize she was a special education teacher at the high school before she became principal of the elementary school, and a very fine one at that.


I now get the picture Sold...You are a retired POS who will defend a school administrater to no end regardless of what they have done.  You obviously dislike teachers based on your comments about them being paid for 12 months while only working 9.  Thats the profession they choose.  Thats the way the profession works.  They went to college, worked hard, got the degree, passed the state boards, and go to work educating or at the least trying to educate americas children...or at least that is how it is done everywhere else but Huron, OH where the teachers go to work doing their job while their Super is out and about sitting in his vehicle getting a BJ or in Fremont on a desk with the Principle after a nice lunch.  Let me ask you Sold where would you be without teachers?   I know, I know you are a self made person who has done everything on their own.

Hate to tell you but most people who have owned their own business and can retire after 25 years don't consider themselves working stiffs.   I'm certainly not saying they arn't hard workers  but a working stiff they are not.  A working stiff is someone who comes to work day in and day out, busts their a$$ so they can live paycheck to paycheck with no future of retiring after 25 years.   Most working stiffs have little to no job skills so they are stuck working a job someone who isn't a working stiff would never take.

I'll give you a heads up again Sold...I will be docked down at the boat basin this weekend directly behind the stage.  Stop by and we can discuss face to face instead of this blog.  There will be a few teachers down there as well who would love to hear your ideas on how they can work harder to make you happy.


Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

You know, Tmm.. You continue to attack me and what I say but you totally revise it to fit your own bias.

#1 - I said 'working stiffs' have trouble understanding that teachers get paid for 12 months while only working 9 months.

Tmm.. I didn't say I didn't understand that their pay is distributed over 12 months and they really are paid for 9. If my generlizing got you mixed up, this 'working stiff' understands.

I have great friends who are teachers, Tmm, and without teachers I would not have personally taken what they taught me and found my niche in this world.

I worked for it, Tmm. I don't know what self employed people you know that don't work ? I worked everyday, (including holidays), for 25 years and now.. I am reaping the benefits.

Apparently you've done all right, too as you at least have a boat.

The comments on this blog have nothing to do with teachers. What it does have to do is with the wasting of tax payer dollars from the property owners in Huron, Ohio. This board has wasted plenty and continues to do so.

So.. Enjoy the weather, Tmm..

Tsu Dho Nimh


Glad to see you are okay.  Again,  I wasn't sure if you "called off sick" or took a trip across the country : )


 Tax, apparently that is exactly the thought processes some people have.  Let me remind them, it's not Fox that made the district finacially sound--it's the Huron WINS committee and the taxpayers the finally voted for the levy that made the district financially sound.  The district would have even more money if not for all the grievances the teachers have won because Fox constantly tried to underhandedly violate the contract.

Oh, and Sold, despite the fact that Fox's job requires him to work at various hours, he is still responsible to be working during school hours unless he has the day off!

Tsu Dho Nimh

Sold.....Arizona Trip - Fred Fox does not authorize his own reimbursment so I would be looking elsewhere to place blame if in fact there is a problem with reimbursement.

I think someone has publicly questioned the board members who authorized this reimbursement.  Three of them put their names out in a public forum acknowledging that they approved the non-reimbursable expenses.

I actually agree with you.  Sounds like three people need some kind of consequence to their involvement in this mess.  "Mr. Fox had already purchased his own plane ticket so we thought the extra days would offset that and we should pay such.  Mr. Caporini, Mrs. Bulea and I are all in agreement that was the plan."

There is no excuse for a board member NOT to know their own board policy.

Oh come one now...

When exactly did Caparini/Asher/Beula approve this?  Was it in a meeting?  Did the other two even know about it?

Tsu Dho Nimh

I honestly believe Slocum and Green were unaware of this because professional development fund usage does not need to be approved in a meeting. My understanding when talking to teachers and administrators in other districts, there would be a fund earmarked for professional development.  All a teacher or administrator has to do is submit a request with documentation of professional development prior to the event, the supervisor either approves/rejects the request and the treasurer verifies that the money is available.  I think the woman's point who questioned the board at the July meeting was why were the funds misused to pay unrelated conference expenses.

Fred Fox may have not approved his expenses but as a man who runs a school district he should have known that the expenses were not permitted and he was ultimately the one who cashed the check.

What would happen if the federal government accidentally paid a person $10,000 when the check should have been $1,000?  Folks have paid hefty penalties for cashing checks in my example.

Oh come one now...

Why the heck didn't he just submit the receipt for the plane ticket for reimbursement along with only expenses related to the conference?  Something is missing here.

Tsu Dho Nimh

They told the community that Mr. Fox was paying for his own airfare prior to the trip.  The info was used for positive publicity.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Why the snide remark about Ms. Von Thron?  A low blow even for you SOLD.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Not snide at all. Just wondering. After all, it was Fred Fox who gave Ms. Von Thron a chance to be an administrator.

I am just simply wondering if Ms. Von Thron is studying to be a superintendent. Simple.

And to others: I have no problem with Tanni Von Thron or her work. I do however have a problem with what it was reported that she said. Go back and read it in the Markling report. She states as to Fred Fox's demeanor and his shiftiness. I do not believe that Ms. Von Thron has ever been accredited as a behavioral scientist ?

Why did Tanni Von Thron go so far out on a limb to give minute details about Fred Fox's demeanor ? I am just curious and know that no one here can give me that answer.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Sounds like you need a vacation, SOLD.

just ice

Is Sold actually Fox?  The agendas are the same.  Deflect blame and go after others, anything to take the heat off the issue at hand.


I wonder if the Fremont principal's resignation has anything to do with Fox's hands-on style of mentoring.


Just ice say-

If you are wondering...why don't you just ask her?   Or maybe her spouse or kids?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

This is rediculous. Who, what, where was 'personally attacked' in my comments ?

**(Although it is always fun to see when you hit a nerve here..)**


Tsu Dho Nimh

It's either Fox or the spouse of our former board member.  He says he's not but sure defends both of their actions.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Interesting commentary going on here. 
All about me instead of the Huron Board of Education wasting time and money ?

If I were Fred Fox I think I would argue the points slightly differently. I would start by attempting to debunk the emails and go into detai,l because I would be familier with them because I wrote them. I, on the other hand, have not gone into great detail as I have heard from 'the source' that the emails were nothing. If you remember, I also have said that company email should not be used for personal reasons. Does that sound like Fred Fox ?

I am definately not Nancy Bulea.. lol.. or her husband, although I do know them. In fact, I have never defended Nancy Bulea, Asher and Caporini about the 'Arizona Trip' reimbursements except to say that I KNOW these people would not intentionally do anything that was not board policy.The three of them put together have not got it in them to break a rule/law/policy. It is the treasurer's job to keep them between the lines on issues such as this.

And TDN..  I'm retired. No need for vacations here. Every day is a vacation !

Tsu Dho Nimh are one of the few people who have their posts removed.  Gee, maybe you are reporting yourself in order to look like a target.  Maybe I'll have Markling investigate your

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

You know TDN...
By now you know a little bit about me..
Just as I know a bit about you..

You are funny ! Really.

But.. the truth is I have never.. ever reported anyone including myself. I don't even remember what I said. I used to copy and save what I wrote on here but it was filling up my memory.. lol

I've been deleted for mentioning a coach and his son.

I've been deleted for talking about hardware prices in Huron..

I've been deleted for defending the good name of a friend who did not deserve his life being put on public display for speculation..

But.. TDN.. I've never been deleted for anything I've said about you.. lol

Tsu Dho Nimh

Welcome home, Sold!