Huron board member files injunction

Huron School Board member Kevin Asher has filed an injunction against the board, three board members and the school treasurer.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 2, 2012

Huron School Board member Kevin Asher has filed an injunction against the board, three board members and the school treasurer.

Asher, represented by W. Patrick Murray, has asked the court to grant him a temporary injunction preventing the school district for paying McGown & Markling for an investigative report it prepared for the district looking into the activities of superintendent Fred Fox. (See the McGown & Markling report HERE.)

Read the full document below.



Sold, there is nothing "alledgedly" about Fox having an affair during work hours and with work resources--just read the emails and look at the times they are sent.  If that isn't proof, then I don't know what is.  The fact that you continue to describe these factual emails as rumors is ridiculous, and it is not simply friendly mentoring.  At best it is still horribly inappropriate.  And if you ran a private business, you would have no need to publicly disclose anything.  This is a different story and the taxpayers have a right to know.  Just like I am still a bit perturned that it was never disclosed why John Majoy was fired as police chief.  We have a right to know that as well.

Still Sold on Fox 3

While there is proof that emails were exchanged I still don't see where an actual affair happened in the proof ? And if it did there is really no way to prove that it happened during work hours because Fred Fox's work hours vary.

This is definately a matter of debate. And I agree.. Taxpayers have a right to know the facts, but not the inuendo that is the Markling report. Even public employees do not deserve to have the ramblings of subordinates published before any charges are even filed ?

And a good example is John Majoy. Why was he fired ? Can't you just go down to city hall and request the documents that led up to his firing along with the final determination ? He's/ He was a public employee.

Even if I agreed that Fred Fox had an affair; was reimburssed improperly for a trip to Arizona and got discounts on golf.. I'm not convinced that the severity of any of that is grounds for dismissal. And beyond all of that, no matter what. Even if Fred Fox was/is guilty on all counts the Markling report should NEVER have been released to the public as it is not a factual document. It is a series of slanted questions asked to people not under oathe and the answers they didn't like, or that cast doubt on Fred Fox's guilt were neutered out. The Markling report taken out of the mix and just going by emails there is proof that Fred Fox communicated with another administrator that he was mentoring. Is this not the truth ? Fred Fox communicated with the biggest taxpayer in Huron. Is this not the truth ?

Given these statements how could Fred Fox's communications be found to be 'horribly inappropriate' ? Never once did Fred Fox say anything 'horribly innappropriate' in any email ? I will say that it had to be horribly stupid for Fred Fox to carry on an affair on the school's email. That is why I am not convinced because Fred Fox is not stupid. I believe he does everything for a reason and am waiting for the Ohio Ethics Commision to give us all the reason. I will accept what they find. Will you ?


I too wonder why we have never heard the real and true story behind John Majoy, Informed!?  You & TMM & TSHU bring out many good points (& comments) regarding this case.  DEAR SOLD!!! - That is nice that you feel you need to be loyal to Fox.  I commend you for that but I do not respect you, as you obviously did not take the time to read or at least use an open MIND (any mind?) when reading the 50 page report.  I happen to know many people named in the report & I also happen to be somewhat close to the situation when it was going down. If Fred Fox has any shame, guilt, remorse or caring feelings for the Huron residents who believed in him, he would have RESIGNED already instead of adding insult to our injuries of having to pay for his lawyers.  Especially when using one of the best law firms (M&M) in the area.  If for any other reason then wasting valuable tax dollars, carrying on in ANY kind of NON PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIP while on company time should be grounds to fire him. You don't really believe he is innocent of the affair though, do you???  He has been a 'judge' to others when it comes to disciplining & now he should discipline himself!!!  That would come in a form of retiring as superintendent or pricipal in any school district, ever.  Maybe he could enter 'politics?'  ;-)

Tsu Dho Nimh


I forgot to answer your question:  Who do I think is telling the truth?  The documents sitting in the business office at  the board, at least on one of the issues.  These alone are enough and I don't need any information from the "slanted" report   :  )


 Mrs. Bulea will be back!

Still Sold on Fox 3


Once again I reiterate, the trip to Arizona was for a conference and it is reimbursable. Now.. Fred Fox apparently took his wife which would require him to pay for her transportation and meals unless she was under some official copacity at the conference.

If Fred spent a day before and a day after this would all be reimbursable, (at least on 80% of all business expense accounts ?)..

The Huron Board of Education reimbursed Fred Fox for taking the trip and he in return gave them receipts. Where is the discrepensy ? Or is that descrepency ? (Wouldn't want anyone without an intelligent reply to get stuck on mis-spellings !)..

If the Board and Treasurer paid/reimbursed Fred Fox and he did not ever misrepresent where, when, how and with who he was going.. Where is the problem with this trip ?

Julie R.

Still can't figure out why the Murrays would take a case like this over the so-called unprofessional conduct of an attorney from the law firm of McGown & Markling. I thought the Murrays didn't take cases against other attorneys because of a "conflict of interest."  

This should be very interesting.  

Still Sold on Fox 3

Julie R-

The Murrays don't do anything not motivated by profit ? What's there to figure out ?

Tsu Dho Nimh


What you describe with receipts would be acceptable and permissible.  In the words of Paul the rest of the story.

Time will show that you don't know all that was involved.

Still Sold on Fox 3


Only about five people actually know 'all that was involved' and I don't think it's all been shared yet. Although, I don't believe what gets shared will be what you and others are apparently looking for as the '3 Stooges' have already showed all their cards and it was called the Markling report.

I can't wait for all of the 'new' information !

Having said that I also know when dealing with the government, ie Ohio Ethics Commission, that even an accusation with no merit can result in the loss of a job, or career. At this point nothing could ever surprise me with this fiasco.

Hope you have a nice Sunday and enjoy your Register !

And TDN.. I am very interested in seeing what happens with 'Toolgate' as that seems like an unresolved issue that is in need of that resolution ! I don't know if anyone, with the exception of a few disgruntled transportation garage employees even cares about this as, once again, there most likely is NO proof of any wrongdoing to substantuate any kind of further investigation. Like the rest of this mess.. It makes great reading but when doing the wash it all comes out in the rinse.

Julie R.

"The Murrays don't do anything not motivated by profit."

@ Still Sold on Fox 3:  So where's the profit in filing an injunction to stop the Huron school board from paying a law firm that was hired to do an investigation into the ethics of Fred Fox's relationship with Kalahari? You might also ask yourself this question ---- would the Murrays have taken the Kim Nuesse case and filed an injunction to stop the city of Sandusky from paying that shady Cleveland law firm of Murman & Murman for that idiot Murman Report? Bet not! 


Still Sold on Fox 3

Julie R-

The profit will come when the 'witch trial' is over. Think of the injunction as a 'pre-emptive' strike. The Murrays are not known for defense. They are known for offense. And as offensive as this whole thing is, they obviously smell a profit down the road or would not be involved. Doesn't that make sense ?

Tsu Dho Nimh


Patience, my friend, patience.  You're going to find out that at Mr. Fox and at least 3 members of the previous board made decisions that cannot be legitimately explained.  There is no rabbit and a magic hat.

Still Sold on Fox 3


Tell me more. What type of decisions ?

Tsu Dho Nimh


Just exercise YOUR rights to public records : )

Still Sold on Fox 3

Hahaha.. OK TDN

I'm way too lazy to look through a bunch of, (YAWN), board minutes.

But am very patient so since you won't JUST TELL ME.. I'll have to wait.

Like I said to someone else earlier: If accusers had to have their own Markling report they may choose their words more wisely when talking about someone who has.

You can reach me at:

Still Sold on Fox 3

You can reach me at:

Sit n Spin

He was mentoring her alright !  The Fox was caught in the hen house !!!!


I am not a member of the Huron community, but I must admit I have pulled up a chair and popped some corn to eat while reading these comments.  It's pretty entertaining!


I have read the e-mails and the report.  It seems clear to me, from the e-mails alone, that Mr. Fox was having an affair using Huron taxpayer resources and while being paid a salary by the taxpayer.  Can he be fired for that?  I don't know, but I would hope so.  Forget about if it was an affair; it's inappropriate use of company property for personal "business".  The argument "everyone does it" is not a solid defense as I don't believe the issue is everyone.  It's Fred Fox's conduct, correct?


There are some really logical, apparently non-emotional based posts on here. (Tsu Dho Nimh being one) But I am confused about one thing... Sold on Fox (and the iterations of) is the poster that claimed to be the Mensa member, correct?


Time to pop more corn!!!


Still Sold on Fox 3

Three's Company-

Pop your popcorn. You talk about 'everyone does it' but I don't.

Here's the test:

You too could be Mensa material. If you do well, you to can CLAIM to be a member.

I like TDN's comments because she does her homework, but her comments are as slanted as mine in a different direction. Most of the comments here are well written and thought out and do offer a certain kind of entertainment. Glad you've been entertained as a man's reputation is attacked and ruined.

I've read it all, too. Fred Fox is allowed to communicate with people he is doing business with ie Kalahari and the other administrator he was mentoring. Read into it what you want, but I can only hope that there is more sense in the members of the appointed Ohio ethics Commission.

Enjoy the show, Crissy.


I don't doubt that there are more public records that will shed more light on to the wrong-doing (as TDN mentions).  I do get frustrated that the SR does not exercise THEIR right to public records.  It seems to me that it may have implications for the other district that recently got a huge donation for their stadium from a local regional medical center.   It makes me wonder if FRMC got any tax abatements on their facility by Wal-Mart.  For that matter, I also wonder if NOMS got any tax abatements for their huge facility at Strub and Hayes. 


What is the update on this situation with Fox?  Wasn't he supposed to get back with the Board in so many days with his comments on the situation?  Is this coming to any resolution anytime soon?  What happened at Monday's meeting?  Can anyone update us? 


  Where did SR get it's copy of the Lawyers report?  Did anyone notice the notes in the right hand margins of pgs  8,9,14,27, & 48?

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for the comment Seung-yul Noh. The Register obtained its copy of the Markling report via a public records request to the Huron school board. If you review the list of documents included with the story, the first document is an email from the district treasurer confirming it as a public document. You have to page down a bit if you hit this link to view the email. 

Still Sold on Fox 3

Well Mr. Matt Westerhold..

To what do we owe the honor of your presence on our little chat ?

That document should never have seen the light of day as it was generated illegally, because it was never voted on to authorize it's generation in a 'regular' Huron Board of Education meeting.

Markling was 'hired' to provide 10 'free' hours and turned it into an illegal $50,000 report.

I do not blame the Register for snatching up this slanted, slanderous pile of great reading. I actually commend the Register staff for snatching it up and running with it.

Tim SOWecke got his wish when it was published. He wanted this information to be public. He wanted to make Fred Fox look bad. He succeeded beyond even his wildest dreams.

But now.. the truth is actually rising like cream to the top of freshly squeezed milk. Kevin Asher's injunction details the events and conversations that led to the Markling report's generation and the illegal actions that not only authorized it, but also got it published.

At some point, the Ohio Ethics Commission is going to rule on Fred Fox's actions. Hopefully their investigation will center on both sides of the issues unlike the Markling report that only focused on the jaded views of the Huron City School's rumor mongers.

When you wrestle the control of a school system away from the most powerful entities there's bound to be some waves created. This has been turned into a tsunami..

Julie R.

"Markling was 'hired' to provide 10 'free' hours and turned it into an illegal $50,000.00 report."

An attorney was hired to provide 10 hours of FREE work? Wow! I never heard of attorneys that would ever work for free.  I mean, come on already --- most attorneys would steal the pennies off a dead man's eyes!  I know morons from Huron that made an appointment and took their wealthy old Italian stepfather ~ who already had two strokes and 3 heart attacks ~  down to some Lorain County attorney from the big Lorain County law firm of Stumphauzer & O'Toole and records I have show the attorney charged $800.00 for one 60-minute appointment and $507.00 for the 2nd. Yet you're saying this law firm of McGown & Markling that was hired by the Huron board members were working for FREE? I don't believe it.  

Still Sold on Fox 3

Julie R-

It's in the documented record. Read the injunction. Markling was attempting to gain a client.

Your cynical view sounds like you just don't like attorneys. Are you one ?


Did anyone read the letter to the editor of the Huron Hometown News?  Sold... how do you defend that information?

Still Sold on Fox 3

Tax Raider-

Don't read Tim SOWecke's Hometown News. Could you post it here so I may see what I cannot defend from yet another rumormonger ?

Thanks !

And to the other poster: The 'ALLEGED' affair could be just a mentoring relationship which is under the definition of WORK. Fred Fox has been the boss. No one really likes the boss. Spreading rumors about the boss should be in their job description.

I wish Fred would retire. The damage to the Huron City Schools has already been done and will take years to undo. With the leadership of Tim SOWecke and Co.. it could take decades.

Still Sold on Fox 3

Miss Research-

The 50 pages were totally slanted and did not include anything anyone had to say except those who had slanted information to provide. I hope as you read it YOU kept an open mind, (IF ANY ?).

Please go back and do some more research.