Huron board member files injunction

Huron School Board member Kevin Asher has filed an injunction against the board, three board members and the school treasurer.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 2, 2012

Huron School Board member Kevin Asher has filed an injunction against the board, three board members and the school treasurer.

Asher, represented by W. Patrick Murray, has asked the court to grant him a temporary injunction preventing the school district for paying McGown & Markling for an investigative report it prepared for the district looking into the activities of superintendent Fred Fox. (See the McGown & Markling report HERE.)

Read the full document below.



 I guess in Huron if you are a "H-team" member, you get to relive the glory thru your kid.  If you are not from Huron, you are always looked as an outsider.  Bottom line, what TOny wants, Tony gets.  Never forget it.  Everything else is just a smokescreen.  Just remember the connection with Fox and Legando....Don't deny it.



As I stated my youngest son graduated 10 years ago and I'm still involved. What glory am I enjoying?

I moved to Huron, so I must be an outsider.  Haven't felt like an outsider but maybe because I got involved and didn't whine it helps. Never seen anyone turned away when they want to help.

I don't consider the highest GPA for a public school football team in Ohio a smokescreen.  If it is, I will continue to smoke. In fact, hand me another.


Does Huron Football win state championship often?  How many years has the coaching staff been in place?  Will they be good this year?



Huron has never won a state championship in football.

I believe Huron football has only had two head coaches over the last 50 years. Assistant coaches come and go dependent on their work, family and other interests.  Same with H-team members. 

My guess is they will be 8-2 or 7-3 this year. May or may not make the playoffs.

That is inconsequential. You are looking at the wrong numbers..

Tell me how many went to college? Tell me how many have a family and are a productive member of our society?                                                 

If I can have a positive effect on 70 boys a year count me in.  


donutshopguy .... too bad so many communities look at the W-L records and not what happens behind the scenes.  I am amazed at the critism and ridicule coaches (ignoring college and pro, that is a different world) everywhere are subject to and yet they continue to committ themselves to the teams and kids they coach.  The number of hours they put in, sacrafice their personal time and family time, and the worries they take on are monumental .... and the record books only show two numbers.

Thanks to all of those out there, like you, who take the time to impact a child in a positive way.

Still Sold on Fox 3


I think that Huron won the 8 man state championship years ago.

The state playoff championship game in 98(?) was a real heartache as most of Huron's players were food poisoned and some were blaming it on the H-Team's Lobster, (instead of Power Weinies), dinner at the Huron Yacht Club, although this was a ridiculous claim as food poisoning reacts much faster than two entire days.

About 85% of Huron grads go to college,
(this figure was derived from about a decade ago, but I would bet it's just about the same now ?).

Swamp Fox

Hasn't Asher Removed Himself from helping his buddy Fred, they retained the same attorney/law firm, wouldn't any further action by Asher be a conflict of interest and unethical?  Seems two board members and at least one local businessman has a reason to stop the investigation on Fox, they have much to lose, all the information has not surfaced, who is afraid of Fox making a deal and telling all?


Tsu Dho Nimh

Higher GPA requirements?  Young men going to college?  Becoming productive members of society?  Being able to provide for their families? We will have none of this!!!!  Let's CleanHouseNow!!!!!  (wink, wink )


 Fox=Legando Jr.=Legando Sr.  Research it.  This should never surpise anyone.

Still Sold on Fox 3


I believe, (without saying something that will get me deleted for the 4th time), that the proper equation is:

Fred Fox - Jr = Sr + (Soweke+Green+Slocum) x Fred Fox = Investigation


Tsu Dho Nimh

not dumb

I am assuming you are referring  to Jr. and his relationship with a student.  Fred Fox did not fire him, the Berlin-Milan school board fired him.  Principals don't have that power.  Did Fred Fox report the relationship to the board?  If he did, then he did the right thing just as whoever approached our board did the right thing.  The whistle blowers don't need to justify their actions to the public if their accusations are confirmed (i.e. receipts and emails). 


Look up the Don Henley song "DIRTY LAUNDRY"....just saying....from a Parma kid.....


Julie R.

If I read Asher's lawsuit correctly, Murray claimed the motivation behind the attorney Markling's investigation into Fred Fox was because Markling wants to become the attorney for the city of Huron. (?) That didn't really make any sense. Doesn't the city of Huron already have an attorney? Didn't the assistant Erie County prosecutor, Terry Griffith, retire on the taxpayers dime and then become the personal attorney for the city of Huron and the Erie County Health Department on the taxpayers dime doing the same job she once got paid to do as the assistant prosecutor?

The lawsuit also accuses this attorney Markling of unprofessional conduct for the sole purpose of doing the bidding of Board member Tim Soweke to undermine and smear the reputation of Fred Fox. (?) That doesn't make a bit of sense, either. I can't find anything in the Rules of Professional Conduct that backs up Murray's claim on that one. An attorney gets hired to do an investigation into the ethics of a superintendent and Murray is trying to say that's unprofessional conduct?

Still Sold on Fox 3

OK... Deleted again but back again, too..

Julie R-
Without looking back at it.. Did it not say that attorney Markling was looking to get a new client, meaning either Tim SOWecke or the Huron Board of Education not the city of Huron ? 

Still Sold on Fox 3

Don't know who is responsible for my multiple deletions on here, but I keep coming back.

The truth of this entire mess will eventually be found and hopefully before the end of August when school resumes business as usual. The staff and students will be there no matter what.

I like what Kevin Asher has done because he has seen and heard enough to go out on a limb and attempt to reel this mess back in.

Fred Fox deserves his 'day in court' and he also deserves a chance to face his accusers.

Come on Ohio Ethics Commission.. Do your job !


 If I want to become an H-Team member, who do I have to talk too?  Do I call the head coach and ask him?  

I'm not italian, does that hold any bearing to me joining.  I have seen alot of names with a vowel at the end of it which leads me to believe that alot of people involved are italian.

How are the board members affiliated with the football team?

Is 8-2 and 7-3 an acceptable season here?  





 HuronClean House NOW,

There is no membership, no roll call and no dues.  People come and people go. If you want to join send me a PM I will forward the upcoming schedule of projects, events and get togethers. You just show up and offer to help. It's that easy.

With just my memory I believe the ration of non-Italians to Italians is about 3 to 1. Considering the town was founded by Italian immigrants a couple generations ago the mix is not too focused on one nationality.

Mr. Sowecke was a volunteer football coach. I'm sure all the others have had some relative that has participated in the program over the years.

I'm sure everyone would like an undefeated season and a state championship.  But, the reality is that most likely won't happen. 

I'll take kids coming back ,after a couple years of college, and thanking me for time in the program.  Most wish they could come back and play one more time.

I may sound bias. Because I am.  This total program is tops in the area and maybe even the state.  Now off my soapbox.

Swamp Fox

7 posts in 90 minutes without anyone else posting anything, Sold on Fox 2, one of three options; vested interest to save Fred, man crush or absolutely no life? 

Still Sold on Fox 3

Swamp Fox-

1)  I believe in Fred Fox and know of his many accomplishments

2)  I have no vested interest except in the Huron City Schools which at this time is in a crises

3)  Fred Fox is not my type

4)  I type and read really fast and usually have more to say than the one sentence posts you seem to prefer

5)  The fact that you know I posted 7 times in 90 minutes suggests it may be you who has no life ?

I'm retired Swamp F and have all the time in the world to do what I want. Sorry my schedule doesn't meet your 'lofty' standards ? If you read the 7 posts maybe you might think there is some logic at work and at the same time I enjoy communication with people who have something to say whether they agree with me or not, because somewhere in most people there is common ground.

Let me see if I can break that record and post 10 times in 60 minutes ?


Stay on that soap box. I know what fun it is to mould/help kids. It's very rewarding without the usual awards. It takes years to see what you have accomplished. Thank God for people like yourself who care enough to be involved. Glad you are a Huron Athletic Booster ! (Sorry.. Had to get that in. I should have posted this seperately so Swamp F would have something to do. Could you count this as two Swamp F ? You make the rules. I'll play by them !)


 Still Sold on Fox 3,

I am in the Huron Athletic Boosters. 

In fact my favorite day as a parent, athletic booster and Huron citizen was a fall day in 2001. That day my wife and I drove to Columbus to watch the Huron boys and girls place in the state cross country meet. Then we drove to Mansfield to watch the Huron girls volleyball team compete in the state playoff. And, to finish off the day we attended the Huron football playoff game in Toledo to watch my son. 

I use to be very involved. I leave this now to the younger generation. Wouldn't give up any of the experience then or now.

Still Sold on Fox 3


I remember that day well !

We did the same thing, so I know I know you. Was that football game not the shoot out where the last team to score won and it was like 64-62, or something like that ? Our QB was Robert Dence ? What a game ! Run and Shoot vs Run and Shoot..

We've had much more to celebrate in Huron than just our athletics, but athletics brings our district closer together and we've enjoyed much success there, too, despite our small number of students.

I've never seen a high school football program run so well and where all parts work so hard. The boys are taught a lot more than football. I won't go into how I feel about Mr. Hyde, but Dr. Jeckle is a great guy who really cares about his program.

Huron has provided some great days/nights on the field, court, track or diamond and also in the classroom and on to colleges all over the country. I am so proud of our school. But.. (you knew it was coming didn't you ?), I disagree that this whole situation is not causing shame and embarrassment. We are better than this. We have way more important things going on that involves kids rather than the chaos that is currently upon us.

School boards come and go, but they represent us, the taxpayers, and I do not believe this particular board is doing what I as a taxpayer, would hope that they would achieve.

Both sides have fired their shots and both sides are equally disrespectful to the other. I suspect the truth lies somewhere in the middle, but I also believe that Fred Fox will come out of this scrap with only a black eye while others will be layed out on the floor.

Keep helping kids, DonutShopGuy.. Someone has to think about them while the 'adults' fight it out.


(The other football coach was Tony Munafo Sr. for whoever asked that. Tony had a DUI back in the 80's before it was such a big deal. He didn't lose his job. The Sandusky Register had fun with it, though !)


Monetary agenda: Do any of you hypocrites in Huron know what that means. Your two board members are part of that category. 

Put your refuge in the Lord and not in man


 Thanks for the information regarding the H-Team.  After I read that ever so famed "markling report" it states that the H-Team does not like outsiders in the interview from that munafo guy.  So who knows what to believe.  I guess I'll try to get involved and I'll see what happens for myself.

Someone wrote earlier that the Huron Football program has had 2 coaches for the past 50 years, who is the other one?  I know the current one.

Still Sold on Fox 3


Could you please explain exactly what the 'Monetary Agenda' is for Caporini and Asher ?

I am intrigued to hear what it is that either is gaining monetarily besides the $100+ per meeting each board member gets ? Do you think Huron Cement or Asher Brothers make a lot of money dealing with the Huron City Schools ? (When they actually, by law, cannot make a profit as board members dealing with the school system ?)

I think the Lord said something about not casting stones ? (Maybe he was referring to not casting stones especially when you know not what you speak of ?)

***Swamp F-
5 in 30 minutes ! Call the Guiness Book people !

Swamp Fox

Sold on Fox2 says "1) I believe in Fred Fox and know of his many accomplishments."  I assume you are referring to his" mentoring" of the Fremont Principal?


I do agree Huron needs a new board, when is Asher and his buddy resigning?

Still Sold on Fox 3

Swamp F-

1) What if all that was going on between Fred Fox and his mentee was mentoring ?

2) What if you and others are throwing around this accusation that has already caused problems in a man's personal life and it turns out that it was all nothing ?

3) What if it turns out that there was some type of short affair that did not affect anyone or anything besides the Fox's and now the other administrator's family because someone, (ummm.. Tim SOWecke), had to make sure this information went public ?

4) What if someone looked at your life through a microscope ? Is there a person alive who hasn't sinned ? And why do you believe you are qualified to judge ? What have you accomplished in this lifetime that qualifies you to judge a man who has accomplished so much ? And because he accomplished so much and did it in the public eye he is now a target for those who do nothing but talk ?

5) I'm changing my mind.. It's not DonutShopGuy that is Tim SOWecke.. I think it's you ? Listen Tim I think you should be more worried about the high prices of your hardware than the 'imaginary' misdeads of a guy who rebuilt the school system you are supposed to represent. Are you jealous of Fred Fox ? Will you do just about anything to get your name in the paper ?

Before you judge Fred Fox go and get a 'public' anal exam like he has and see if there are any fissures.

***And in case you are having problems counting and keeping track of the time, I believe this is 4 posts in 20 minutes. Does that qualify for a new record ?

Julie R.

Wonder if Roger Binette is going to follow his own precedent and treat Kevin Asher with the same arrogant disrespect as he treats the average citizens in Erie County. I certainly hope so.

I'm also surprised that Murray got away with accusing an attorney from McGown & Markling of unprofessional conduct.  I thought complaints against attorneys were prohibited in corrupt Erie County, similar to the Erie County Bar Association that prohibits complaints against JUDGES.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Still Sold

I like what Kevin Asher has done because he has seen and heard enough to go out on a limb and attempt to reel this mess back in.

I'm glad that you like what Kevin Asher has done.  Don't be surprised when the State of Ohio, not the OEC, doesn't like what he has done.  He'll be exposed and he has personally provided the evidence needed.  He is just too arogant to know it.

Patience is a virtue and Karma is a ......well, you can figure the word    ;  )

Still Sold on Fox 3


Where are you getting this 'other' conspiracy theory ? Kevin Asher is going to be fine and when this is all said and done the lawsuits will be monumental !

Please don't be so negative. I'm telling you Fred Fox is really a great guy and a very thorough superintendent. There REALLY is no case against him. Watch. These trumped up 'charges' will go away, but the hangover from them won't.

My personal best guess is that the Huron City Schools will have at least three new principals, a new superintendent, possibly a new treasurer and definately, three new board members as soon as it's possible to vote.

I just wish TaxRaider would bring the tools and the bus back so that all wouldn't be such an issue ! lol

Tsu Dho Nimh

Julie R

I don't think that Murray has actually accused McGown and Markling of anything at this point.  He has filed the request for an injunction for his client, Mr. Asher.  Mr. Asher is the one making the accussations. 

Mr. Murray only knows Mr. Asher's take on the situation.  I am betting that Mr. Asher is going to need his services later as a defense attorney.