Huron board member files injunction

Huron School Board member Kevin Asher has filed an injunction against the board, three board members and the school treasurer.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 2, 2012

Huron School Board member Kevin Asher has filed an injunction against the board, three board members and the school treasurer.

Asher, represented by W. Patrick Murray, has asked the court to grant him a temporary injunction preventing the school district for paying McGown & Markling for an investigative report it prepared for the district looking into the activities of superintendent Fred Fox. (See the McGown & Markling report HERE.)

Read the full document below.


Sold On Fox 2

Huron Grad-

I like this:

'Bloggers: let the OEC and OBOE decide the fate of the superintendent and, if the current BOE, the treasurer, the past board of education did anything wrong.Let them decide if toolgate should be re-opened. It's all going to come out, but let's start the healing process and stop the name calling, the spreading of rumurs, the personal attacks, etc. Huron has always rebounded from tough knocks and they'll get through this mess.'

I'm sorry to have sunk to the level of some other posters, but I have to disagree with you on two things. One.. I'm one not two. And the second thing is this has nothing to do with Kalahari Field. This goes way back. I'm willing to let the cards fall where they made with nothing but rumors on Fred Fox. The truth will eventually come out and I enjoyed reading your post.

Good luck to you !


 Come on SR, when are you going to get your hands ahold of all these other emails from the BOE members?

Wonder when Tony Legando gets connected to all of this?



Tsu Dho Nimh


I just wanted to remind you that people who are close to the situation have a "slanted" point of view.

There is no doubt that there is an ongoing feud between parties and much of it stems from the football program.  Did Mr. Sowecke run for the board because he wanted to deal with some issues?  Probably Remember, I posted a few weeks ago that I did not vote for Mr. Sowecke.  Does Mr. Asher have a personal relationship with Mr. Fox that goes back for years?  Absolutely.  He even admits that he has been part of the previous Kalahari golf trip prior to being on the board.  Is the "puppet master" sitting back and laughing as this all unfolds?  No doubt!  But as you reread my posts, please note that I have always contended that regardless of what sparked the investigation, what was found cannot be ignored and must be reported according to ethic laws.  The Arizona trip was handled in an illegal manner, not a careless manner.  Mr. Fox knew what were valid expenses and submitted hotel, food, and rental car receipts for dates that did not correspond with the conference dates of 3/2-3/5.  Mr. Asher admits that the board instructed the treasurer to reimburse Mr. Fox.  Board policy specifically spells out what is payable and this submission and approval was wrong in so many ways.  Their actions also violate IRS regulations and the use of public monies.  The treasurer also knows the laws as it is part of his job yet he reimbursed Mr. Fox as requested.  Why was that?  Inquiring minds like mine would like to know. Even if we find out  the money was paid back after the internal investigation exposed it, it was still illegal.  All parties involved need to answer to the public at  minimum.  The Arizona trip is just one area that can be documented.  It alone is enough for termination.  What happened in this situation is documented, not hearsay.

Bottom line is that I don't disagree that people have a personal dislike for one another.  Maybe the football groupies started the allegations but reread one of my previous posts:  they were mining for silver when they struck gold.  How it started will be trumped by what was found.

Sold On Fox 2


I am in agreement, (and in awe of your homework), with most of what you have posted.

One point I do not agree with is that Fred Fox should be terminated for being reimbursed for the Arizona trip. The people who OK'd the reimbursement and the treasurer, who should have known better seem to be the likely candidates for the next investigation.

Your posts, as always, are very well thought out, but I really think you are still buying into the rhetoric about Fred Fox's 'misdeads'.

Fred Fox did not reimburse himself for going to Arizona and he has receipts.

Fred Fox may, or may not have had a brief 'affair', but did it affect his work ? Probably some. Did it happen on the school's time ? Highly doubtful.

Fred Fox had no vote, nor influence on Kalahari's tax abatements ?

So.. to quote Clara Peller: 'Where's the beef ?'

I look forward to all of your future posts and the silver mining comment is a riot !
But.. I think they found pyrite.

Tsu Dho Nimh


The consequences for the AZ trip include a variety of options with termination being one of them.  Since the school board created the atmosphere for crime, I can respect your stance that termination is severe.  Maybe repayment of the money by Mr. Fox and an unpaid leave of absence could have been an appropriate action.  But how can the school board impose such a punishment when two current members okayed his action? This is a sticky situation for them.  Paying it back is not enough.  If it were just one night's stay or one day's food receipts, maybe.  So what does the board do?  One board member was not on the board in the spring of 2011 and Mrs. Green's emails support that she was against paying for the airfare as Mr. Fox had other options for comparable conferences in our on state.  Fair assumption that she did not  approve the receipts in question. I have not seen any documentation from Mr. Slocum regarding  his thoughts or involvement in the matter. Three board member, one no longer on the board, shared in emails that Mr. Fox deserved and earned this trip. Again, what should the current board do now that the situation is exposed?

Please consider this scenario:  Three board members, the superintendent, and the treasurer ignore board policy (payment of rental car, 3 nights lodging, food receipt for 2/27, food receipts that are not itemized, etc.).  They also violate federal and state policies. There are also close friendships amongst some in the group. This smells of  Good Ole Boys Gone Wild.  Three current board members know that this needs to stop and stop now.  Where is their power?  Can they remove the other two? No. Can they legally terminate Mr. Fox.  Yes they can.  Now this particular problem is solved.


Tsu Dho Nimh .... I couldn't agree with your analysis of the Arizona trip more and have the same questions.  Careful, Darwin will make the assumption you are a trouble maker or an angry district employee.

Sold ... I am curious ... just because the board members approved the reimbursements and the treasurer cut the check that clears Mr. Fox of his accountability?  If my boss told me I could take home a piece of equipment owned by my employer and I know this is theft, then I can take it home?


Sold On Fox 2

Well said TDN..

Julie R.

A Murray prepared this lawsuit? The entire thing sounds like a description of a high-school girl cat-fight or something.........and then saying "Soweke's motivation to undermine and smear Fox's reputation was because Fox was buying supplies from merchants outside of Huron instead of Ace Hardware" --- how ridiculous. Murray must have had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to come up with that one.


Tsu Dho Nimh


Do you really think any of the 5 board members would participate in this online conversation?  Even as much as I dislike the actions of Mr. Asher and am suspicious of his involvement, I give him credit that he would not be so stupid as posting on the Register.


Tsu Dho Nimh ... I must say I disagree with you on this one about Asher, well, let me clarify.  I don't think any of the board members would blog, but I do believe they would get someone to blog for them.  I'm conflicted with the Letter to the Editor in the Huron Hometown News written by Asher and Caporini, is that any different than blogging? Except for the obvious signing of their names. 

Sold On Fox 2

I think it's possible that they could anonymously come on here. Anything is possible, although I wouldn't look for some huge declaration.. hahaha

To all-
The H-Team is a fine group of men that works hard for the coaches and players of the Huron Tiger football team. They do a lot and have fun. My only gripe is that people always say: 'The H-Team is made up of 99% Huron Athletic Booster Club members.'  Well guys.. Stop being exclusionary and just call yourselves members of the Huron Athletic Boosters. Is that so tough ? The Huron Athletic Boosters work for ALL of the athletes including cheerleaders.

You are really not such a bad guy and actually have a sense of humor. Stop pretending to be such a curmudgeon from the donut shop. I already think I know who you are but that's up to you to come out of the donut shop when you want to. Far be it from me to out you.

And for the last time, I hope.
This is not the former board member and her husband who are the parents of a fine bunch of Huron graduate triplets. Not that it's a bad thing, it's just not true. There may be a few other people in Huron who know the players and have a game card ?


Are you a disgruntled school employee ? hahaha.. Just kidding..

Sold On Fox 2


I do know that people are definately monitoring this site as I've heard comments from many places directly referencing what is said on here.

So.. If you have a message to send, you can at least feel like it is being read even if it's not commented on. I imagine it must cause a slow quiet simmer from some ?


Sold on Fox 2.

Just to clarify my membership in the H-Team and Huron Football.

I have been part of the program for over 20 years and God willing looking towards another 20 years.

My youngest son graduated 10 years ago. I don't worry about who plays or how much or even who wins.

I am involved because of the valuable life lessons we teach boys through the vehicle of football.


There are approximatly 70 boys involved over three grades.  No one in the area is even close to that participation.

The Huron Football program had the highest accumulative grade point average for any public school in the state of Ohio for 2011. There were only a couple private schools above them in the state.

Maybe its the mentoring by players, coaches and h-team members?

Maybe the participation and grade point average comes from the H-team members who offer guidance to those boys, from broken families , who don't have a male influnce in their lives.

Maybe its from the H-team members who supply shoes, clothes, supplies and  varsity jackets to those boys who's families cannot afford these items at this time.

Maybe its because no boy is turned away or no boy is shunned for lack of athletic ability.


Yes, i get a little grouchy, when people pick on an organization that support autistic boys  and other disabilities on a  high school football team.

I am not embarrassed.


Sold On Fox 2

As I said, DonutShopGuy, the H-Team is a great group.

Just wish they referred to themselves as Huron Athletic Boosters,
but I'm not embarrassed to admit it gives them an identity and one that the boys can also identify.

Hope you have another 20 years with them.

You also sound like the type of person who does help where he can.. no matter what the sport.
I can feel your pride in what you do from your post.

It is people like yourself that have kept the Huron Athletic Boosters on top of all other schools as far as booster clubs go.

The H doesn't need painting anymore..
that damn Fred Fox went and got Kalahari to put $750,000 into a stadium renovation.

I remember when tearing down and replacing the visitor's stands was a big deal. The football team tore them down and then the Huron Athletic Boosters used $10,000 of Tiger Bingo money to replace them. The stands the team tore down actually started out as stands for a circus and then were placed at the old field behind McCormick. The football team actually carried those stands, intact, over to the present field and placed them on the visitor's side. Everyone worked together to get these projects done. There was a lot of pride in that stadium because we all worked together to build and continually renovate it.

Ahhh... memories I'm not embarrassed to admit I enjoy remembering.

Thanks DonutShopGuy !



Tsu Dho Nimh


Point well taken and I stand corrected!


You people in Huron are in a class of their own. You have businesses in a small town trying to make a living, yet some immature citizens are telling other people not to support them. What kind of hypocrites are you, not supporting a local business? In your blogs you sound like a bunch of eight year old children. These businesses pay taxes and support your school system. Whether your for or against the superintendent he committed ethics violations and you can not do anything about it. It is out of your hands citizens of Huron, SO GROW UP.


 Sold on Fox 2,

You have caught me. I am Tim Soweke.

Oops, can even spell my name correctly.  Darn.

How will we every get along?



Sold on Fox 2,sound like a couple who's wife is a x school board member sour grapes !!  who will also be in trouble with the law!!! and I know your not them ha ha


 The "H" team is made fun of all the other area schools because they are nothing but bunch of wannabe coaches/boosters

Tsu Dho Nimh


Did you read my post from last night?  TaxRaider is a disgruntled employee who had to turn his tools back

jk TaxRaider

Sold On Fox 2

lol... I knew it ! Where's the bus, TaxRaider ?


So if the H-Team is a fine group of individuals helping the football team and other people when asked, then why don't they just help all team's within Huron?  

What makes the football program "better" than the rest of the Huron athletic teams?  Is it that football is more popular or is it the coaching or is it because they win?


I'm living on the bus since my taxes are so high .... gotta pay high taxes to support the good ole boys. ... jk.......I'm disgruntled alright but not an employee

Julie R.

Wonder why the Murrays are getting involved in this? This case certainly doesn't fit their profile. Are they trying to intimidate Mr. Soweke and the other two board members ........ or maybe the attorneys from McGown & Markling? Why also would they file an injunction so those attorneys don't get paid? After all, I'll bet the Murrays wouldn't like it if everybody in class-action lawsuits that get $5.00 checks started filing injunctions to prevent attorneys from making millions off of those lawsuits. 

So what's so different about this case that even the Murrays are getting involved? I also would be curious as to who is paying for it ----- Kalahari maybe? 

Julie R. you just hit the nail on the head. The real purpose of the injunction is to get a ruling from the Court that based on major Sunshine Law violations; all actions that follow are void. That is the real teeth of the Sunshine Law.  This would then negate the Markling report.  And all actions that hinge on this report are nullified. Yes, additionally they are requesting that Markling not be paid but wouldn’t you. If they violated the law and conducted such a rogue investigation that cannot even be utilized in Court, then why should the taxpayers pay this bill? Right behind all of this Murray and Murray will be filing a Plaintiff lawsuit asking for major damages.  In a Plaintiff suit like this, there is no fee charged by the attorney’s, they just take 33%. Also, as I think you have hit on, firms like Murray and Murray do not take losers.  Trust me, I think that $5.0 mil insurance may not be enough. Plus the insurance company can walk if things don’t go the way they want. Then the real losers are all of Huron. Go figure. But I think you have really hit the nail on the head. I also think Asher’s account is 100% accurate. The cover-up is by the three “stooges”,  not Asher and Cap. But Murray and Murray will uncover all of it!  Stay tuned!
Still Sold on Fox 3


I believe you have hit the nail on the head with:

'In a Plaintiff suit like this, there is no fee charged by the attorney’s, they just take 33%. Also, as I think you have hit on, firms like Murray and Murray do not take losers.  Trust me, I think that $5.0 mil insurance may not be enough. Plus the insurance company can walk if things don’t go the way they want. Then the real losers are all of Huron. Go figure. But I think you have really hit the nail on the head. I also think Asher’s account is 100% accurate. The cover-up is by the three “stooges”, not Asher and Cap. But Murray and Murray will uncover all of it! Stay tuned!'

This being the key phrase:
'Then the real losers are all of Huron.'

The Murray's are not known for taking on losers
and are probably going to walk away with about a million Huron Taxpayer dollars.


Still Sold on Fox 3

To quote Austin Powers: 'A million dollars !!!'

(and actually the figure will be more like 4 million Huron Taxpayer /insurance dollars)..

Still Sold on Fox 3

Support Fred Fox on Facebook >>>

Fred Fox does not endorse nor is he a part of this !

Julie R.

Wonder what would have happened if Ron Bailey had filed an injunction to prevent the law firm of Murman & Murman from getting paid for that stupid Murman Report in the Nuesse case? I'll bet Baxter and his judge buds at the courthouse never would have gone along with THAT! 

Julie R.

HHGUY:  You're preaching to the wrong choir when you preach to me.  I know how the more than dirty corrupt Erie County courts work ........... and I also know how their favorite bottom-feeders do.