Huron board member files injunction

Huron School Board member Kevin Asher has filed an injunction against the board, three board members and the school treasurer.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 2, 2012

Huron School Board member Kevin Asher has filed an injunction against the board, three board members and the school treasurer.

Asher, represented by W. Patrick Murray, has asked the court to grant him a temporary injunction preventing the school district for paying McGown & Markling for an investigative report it prepared for the district looking into the activities of superintendent Fred Fox. (See the McGown & Markling report HERE.)

Read the full document below.



Be sure to read the Editorial in tonights paper from the past board members.


 If you think Markly's bill is too high, wait until you get the invoice from Murray and Murray!!! Probably ten grand just to file the injunction motion. Attorneys 2, Huron students 0 .


 Wow! Huron and thier drama was crazy back in the early 70's but wow. WOW. Drugs were rampant back then but I'm thinkin it's a flash back to the days! Somebody is havin a trip!!!


Okay, here's the deal no matter who says what.  Fox took free golf outings on more than one occasion from Kalahari.  He is not allowed to accept any gift over $25 from a vendor--that is in the Ohio code of ethics/conduct.

He used school email and time to conduct a personal illicit relationship for several months (not a short time).  Also, against code of ethics/conduct.

"Toolgate" is very suspicious.  Many people have thought this for quite some time.

Now, if anything can be actually PROVEN against the school board, and not just Asher's statements of opinion, then that is a different issue and can be dealt with separately.  It doesn't change what Fox did.


Informed .. well said ... the BOE's actions or lack of action doesn't eliminate the need to look into the issues you mention.  Also, what about the Arizona trip, it looks as though the district paid for the Superintendent to vacation for a day or two.  The BOE may have meant to reimburse Mr. Fox for his plane ticket but his receipts indicate something else. 


 Curious to know a few things:  Is the H-Team a part of the Huron Booster Club?  Does the H-Team support all athletic boy and girl teams?



The H-Team is under the umbrella of the Athletic Booster Club. It's primary focus is the football team but I know they help other sports and individuals when ask.

Darwin's choice're suspicious.  That statement has the same validity as "people believe in aliens".....I read it on the register blog, so it must be true!  Your armchair quarterbacking is exactly what the schoolboard members were counting on for the witch hunt.  I'm very concerned about the actions of this board ten times more that what Fred has been accused of.  Huron's school system has been thrown out with the bath water................  School starts in less than 70 days, do you think that we will have a functional board and school staff by then?


Darwin ... aliens really?  Read the emails ... one emails says sorry about the rates but we will make it up with complimentary golf.  Aliens didn't land, I read it in the emails, not the blogs.  Look at the receipts for the Arizona trip.

I am also concerned about the actions of the board ... this a terrible situation caused by many folks who are not fulfilling their job or elected responsibilities.


No, Darwin, many people in the community, including school district employees, have been questioning the way toolgate was handled since the beginning.  And too many coincidences, including the lack of security tapes, corroborate those suspicions.  While that's not proof, it should be investigated in a more thorough manner.

The rest of what I said is not a witch hunt.  They are facts.  And why are you more concerned about lay people making mistakes in what is almost a volunteer position than a professional who makes over $100, 000 a year and is expected to follow his profession's code of ethics?

As I said, being concerned about what the school board members may or may not have done does not change what FACTS show that Fox did.

Now I am totally confused. I just read this Asher injunction thing. It appears that the basis of his entire claim is violations of the Sunshine Law. But wasn’t there an attorney at the last Board meeting that said the Sunshine Law has no teeth and it is only a $500 fine. So who is right? I don’t know who spoke at the meeting and if that attorney is more experienced. Does anyone know who this is?  Does he/she have the whiskers of Murray and Murray?  Also, aren’t they (M&M) Plaintiff attorneys and don’t they work on a 33% cut. What do you all make of this? I am now really confused. Who is right? They both can’t be.  Again, we know Murray and Murray but who was the expert at the last Board meeting?  Does anyone know?

Instead of dealing with these IDIOTS that are paid by the tax payer how's about dealing with some of the problems your school has like no in school suspension's I have a 16 year old that spent his freshmen year at huron high.  7 suspensions all out of school. Now after the first 3 i think the parents should have been held responsable. I talk to "oh i better not say his name or they won't post this"  Taxpayer paid employee told me they did'nt have the facilities or staff to do a in school suspendtion, but with them high tax's you should beable to afford it.  Check this out, my son gets a 3 day OOSS  on a wednesday goes home for thursday,friday and of course monday. Stays home and plays XBOX.

I would have perfered them to make him clean toilets ,floors,lockers get creative who care's. Don't send him homes dummies. He played ya.  LOL   And lets not forget his 22 absent !!!! Since  then I have custody and he's in PC  Honar roll  perfect attendance  get ta that Huron  YOU SUCK   LOL


Darwin's choice

Taxraider and Informed.........please go purchase a print paper and read the " Readers Forum".  Also, do you have some specific allegations against someone? Or, are you simply trying to generate more problems?  Your words here seem to reflect an aggrieved party of the "toolgate", whatever that is! Are you an employee of the schools? 





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Darwin …. I did read today’s Readers' Forum and agree with much that was written.  I also read the Huron Hometown News letter to the editor from Mr. Ahser and Mr. Caporini.

Funny, I question some actions of the Superintendent, Board Members and the Treasurer and I’m trying to cause greater problems or I must be a disgruntled employee.  I have questions and they have not been answered to my satisfaction.  I also believe the Board does not have the objectivity to answer the questions raised. They certainly have proven my point over the last several weeks.  The Ohio Ethics Commission and the Ohio Department of Education are the objective means to answer my questions.

The professional code of conduct that governs the teaching profession says an educator can not accept anything of value greater than $25 from an organization that does business with the district.  Mr. Fox’s emails indicate he received free golf from Kalahari.   If this is so, he may have violated the code of ethics.

Mr. Fox attended a conference in Arizona that was approved by the BOE, however, he submitted receipts for reimbursement for a few nights stay before the conference began and was reimbursed.  The Board says they were reimbursing him for the plane ticket he purchased when they paid for the additional nights stay.  Really, why not simply reimburse him for the plane ticket?  This sounds like an after the fact cover up. Why was a rental car needed?  Look through the receipts, some of them are not itemized as required by public funds policies.  I don’t accept this as laxed or sloppy accounting practices.  This is a problem with the Superintendent, Board Members, and the Treasurer.

These are just two of the questions I will address for the purposes of this blog.  Like Informed, I don’t think the grandstanding of Board Members should allow folks to forget the fundamental policies and practices that started this mess. As a taxpayer, member of the community, and parent of children within the Huron School District, I have the right to ask questions or gnenerate more problems as you put it, Darwin.


What business relationship does Kalahari have with the Huron School District? 


For the taxpayer in Huron: Keep your superintedent and let him represent your community by breaking all the ethics laws that exist within the State of Ohio. Golf for administration personal at a reduced rate, having an affair during working hours, telling  administration personal to have people moving into the area, to support a local real estate company, because he is your friend, (question: was he in return receiving any compensation for doing so?) , ordering removal of video tapes so personal can bring back stolen items, involved with Kalahari Real Estate Taxes, submitting additional bills for a trip tp Arizona without merit. Those are good reason to keep a person like that to represent your school district

I am somewhat confused by the injuction filed. There are actualizations but no proof.  As for releasing the charges, his attorney and supporters requested those charges. Remember his attorney demanding the records. You got them, now cry in your beer at the local pub. Maybe he will be there with his girlfriend.     


I'll say again,even trade, we'll give you Gunner for Fox.  We'll take Asher and you can have your choice.  Huron would lose and Perkins wins.  Fox can go to Sandusky, He'll have many choices.


I find this whole mess to be a subversive and punitive attempt to change the power structure in the Huron City Schools and Board of Education.

The person who wrote the anonymous letter succeeded beyond their wildest dreams to stir up trouble without taking any of the heat! Shame on you and you know what you are, a coward. Identify yourself and have the guts to stand before this town and admit why you did such a cowardly thing!

With that said, put the parties involved in a room, with the previous school board members listed in today's editorial, and GET THIS WORKED OUT AND FINISHED. You owe the students and the taxpayers of this town at least that much for all the shame you have inflicted on your friends and neighbors.


 Kein Asher-it is better to remain quiet and be thought a fool than  to open your mouth and remove all doubt.  Seriously ,what is wrong with you?  If you hired someone at your business and they failed to perform up to par, how long would you keep them? Then, add in the immoral part and all.  And you are purposly defendinding him publically? You may actually have taken some of the embarrassment away from Fred Fox. 

Darwin's choice are employed by the school system.................!


Huron School Board has two members that have a monetary agenda with the superintendent. These two people feel they have to protect this person and it will cost the taxpayers a lot of money. They want to put the blame on the rest of the board but they are the ones to blame for future expenses Their agenda is going to destroy the reputation of past board members and let the taxpayers see how much corruption has gone on. It will not be an investigation anymore, it will be depositions.  I do not understand why a person would want to expose himself and past members with all the "little games" that went on with your tax dollars.

The future will be very interesting.

Put all your refuge in the Lord and none in man.


Perkins residents will remember that now incarcerated McClung filed a lawsuit against township commissioner Dwelle when it was becoming increasingly clear that the heat was on.  

From a SR article about his sentencing:  

"During a lengthy recess, Carr obtained records from McClung's 2006 harassment lawsuit against Dwelle to see if McClung might have brought the suit to cover his tracks.


In the suit, McClung claimed -- among other things -- that Dwelle falsely accused him of stealing inventory from the department.

Dwelle's accusations turned out to be true.

"You knew Mr. Dwelle was on to you?" Carr asked.

"Yes, your honor,"  McClung said. 







Tsu Dho Nimh


You're right!  Tax Raider must be a school employee...probably salty because he had to turn his tools back in.  Lucky for him the cameras were malfunctioning! (please insert sarcastic tone)


E-mails don't lie.  It is all  there in black and white. Huron has written documentation.  As for the Sunshine Law and ignoring it, most of the Sunshine Law is written into the Ohio Revised Code and that  is nothing to be ignored.


 What's with this Asher family?  First Needham, now they want to keep a law breaker in charge of a school.  Whats next for "the Ashers"?  What gets me the most is the way Fox sees the people of Huron.  His sarcastic remark about how the good people of Huron want to save the world with the wind turbine, shows his true view of what he thinks of the people of Huron.  They should get someone in that position who really wants to be there to help, not just for the paycheck and free stuff.  Maybe the public (who pay his salary) should vote whether they want to keep him after all of this, not rely on the school board who might not hold the same concerns as they did when they were elected into that position.


Asher knows he can't save Fox. . But his problem is that he owes Fox many many favors......he is getting in over his head!!

Tsu Dho Nimh

Shared By Sold

Asher's injunction tells why it happened and how it happened. IT DOES NOT MINCE WORDS and unlike the Board's 'not really officially hired' attorney's entirely slanted report.. there is actually stated who said what and when.. not he told me, she told me, they said, etc..

So are you saying that Asher had these conversation DIRECTLY with the people of the who, what, and where?  Everything that he states is from a face to face conversation with the people who he names? Wow!  I am in awe that he could get the puppet master to confess his sins to him.

My point:  Kevin Asher IS reporting he said-she said but is using names and dates.  Unless these people will support his story in a deposition, he has nothing at all.



(Funny that the same guy who pulls the H-Teams strings is also the puppet master in this whole debacle ? Couldn't help calling the red kettle black this time, DSG).. 

Sold, please use Mr. Asher as a model and don't mince words.  Quit referring to the puppet master and say what you really mean, the football coach.



Tsu Dho Nimh

Posted by Sold on Fox 6/22 9:07pm

I want to appologize to those of you who posted earlier who were asking for facts that I thought I had due to believing what I had been told from some pretty good sources. Now I am led to believe that there may have been some 'covering up' being done in what I was told.

Just a question to Sold:  Did you find some new sources for the recent comments that you have been sharing?

Sold On Fox 2

Hahaha... TDN leave it to you to rehash my 'crow eating'.

You know I was referring to the Markling document and I still stand by my thought that if there were nothing, there would be no rumors, it's just a matter of the severity. BUT I fell into believing some of the people who were interviewed including John Ruff who is, in my opinion, a stand up guy. (Although after rereading his 'testimony' and others I found them to also contain the 'he told me this', 'she told me this').

You got me in a weak moment... hahahahaha...

My source is usually me, TDN. I am a Huron historian and have watched and learned and connected the dots. There is no mystery as to who the 'puppet master' is but my posts get deleted when I name his name ? So.. You know who I am referring to.

As for Kevin Asher, his injunction names names and I am POSITIVE that the Murrays and Murrays are not going to put their names to something they cannot at least have a good chance of proving. You suggested Fred Fox, Asher and Caporini hire another attorney 'famous' for defending criminals, but look who they got ? The kings of lawsuits !

Do not make me go back and reread all of your posts as we are both profolic posters and it will take some time, but I will gather your 'type bites'.. Like: 'Any idiot can file for $50'... Not with the Murrays attached !

Be happy TDN. Both sides of the 'story' are on the table. Now to sort out the truth.

Huron Grad

I have read all of the blogs, the report, and all of the attachments. I'm really disturbed that some people live their lives through the blogs.  Some reveal rumors just to get things started. Some are cruel. It's really getting old.

My first and hopefully last blog is based on my opinion.

One, 99% of the H-Team members are Huron Athletic Booster Club members.  They want to help the football team, just like some people want to help the volleyball team, or the basketball teams. Most people who don't like the H-Team are just plain jealous, in my opinion, because they can't understand how hundreds of men and women would want to help the football team.  It's called pride. It's called devotion.  It's called love. 

Two, people are dead wrong when they claim the "puppet master" is behind this. Top-level administrators revealed their concerns to some board members which started the investigation.  It makes no sense to blame and attack the football coach.

Three, why would the puppet master go after the superintendent which exposed information about the Kalahari relationship?  Why would he slay the goose that laid the golden egg?  This also makes no sense!  Kalahari made a wonderful donation to the Huron City Schools.  The football team now has a great facility.  Why would you upset the person who was responsible for the donation?????  Someone, trying to cover his tracks, is blaming the football program. Mr. Nelson, you're getting the wrong information.

In conclusion, some people made some bad decisions to start this mess and now other people are making more bad decisions and the Huron Schools are suffering from it.  I applaud the past board members for their commentary in the reader's forum.  What they say makes so much sense!

I read the report.  The emails don't lie. I respect the top-level administrators and for what they had to say.  The question everyone must answer is you want this person to be your leader? I don't, but that's not my decision to make.

Sold on Fox:  I admired your passion in defending the superintendent.  I really admired your turn-about after you read the report and how you said you were "eating crow."  Now, you want to go after the people who found out what the superintendent supposedly did, while forgetting the misuse of school email, the acceptance of gifts over the limit from someone the school is doing business with, the moral issue, and the lack of leadership from the superintendent in the last two years, as stated from top-level administrators.  I have a feeling I know who you are, or should I say, who the two of you are.....

Bloggers:  let the OEC and OBOE decide the fate of the superintendent and, if the current BOE, the treasurer, the past board of education did anything wrong.Let them decide if toolgate should be re-opened. It's all going to come out, but let's start the healing process and stop the name calling, the spreading of rumurs, the personal attacks, etc.  Huron has always rebounded from tough knocks and they'll get through this mess.