Huron board restores Fox's pay; suspension stands

Embattled Huron Schools superindendent Fred Fox will be on paid leave as the investigation into his alleged misconduct continues.
Melissa Topey
Jun 25, 2012

Embattled Huron Schools superindendent Fred Fox will be on paid leave as the investigation into his alleged misconduct continues.

Fox was suspended without pay June 19 after a 3-2 vote by the Huron school board, which based its decision largely on a 50-page investigative report by the law firm McGown & Markling. (To review the report, click HERE.)

“Under advisement of legal counsel, suspending him without pay was not the best decision to preserve his rights to due process," board president Scott Slocum said Monday night. "We are backing up and trying to do right."

The board still intends to move foward with termination proceedings.

For more on what happened at Monday night's board meeting, pick up a copy of Tuesday's Register.



Julie R.

@PussycatPatrol: Your 1st comment --- thanks for the laugh.  

Second comment --- you're right. The theft of tools IS important. The only thing worse then a THIEF is a LIAR.


Agreed, Julie.  Although we have never met the individuals named in this scandal, it appears they have no regard for the people who have put their trust in them.  It sounds like they have no regard for women, either.  Extra marital affairs, strip, my, my!  It's hard to believe that any woman would want to lower herself to be connected to these  "gentlemen" - If we didn't know any better, we would say these men are teenagers with raging hormones.   We always thought that when men matured, their hormones tamed down a bit..........thanks a lot, Viagra!!!  By the way,'re welcome for the laugh!  


One week ago I thought 3 of the school board members were wasting money and I was in favor of getting a petition put together requesting their removal. Then I read all of the supporting documents the Register made available

Today.... please pass the crow

I have lived in Huron for over 40 years and graduated with many of the people mentioned in this saga. I was never part of the "in crowd" or the school athletics, but I sure had a wonderful time in high school and received an excellent education.   What is referred to as the 'good ol boys club' has gone on for decades loaded with drama, unethical behavior and bits of criminal activity too. Over the years, these events always seem to get swept under the rug or minimized in one fashion or another. IMO the 3 board members are well aware of this history and are trying their best to keep it from happening again. If they wait for the OEC to complete their investigation, the 'good ol boys' will have plenty of time to cover their tracks and do the usual cover up. It's important to understand this was going to be expensive no matter what direction was taken, and we only have Fred Fox to blame for that.  

I agree the board needs to move forward as they have and stand corrected from a week ago (another helping of crow please)



I am in total agreement.


Does anyone know what is going on with the Fremont Principal? I know their are several people that live in Fremont that would like to know.. This all just a shame..


@ Local Observer


And I would be Steve Harvey saying: "Daaaaaang, what was that man thinkin'!"   Just sayin'



As far as" Toolgate" goes....when the investigation was started some of the tools mysteriously started showing up under Blodgetts nice thiefs we have..Fred had a private firm investigate this and he said to Mr.Ruf that they (the private firm)..couldn.t find any wrongdoing!  Where is the report from the firm that Mr.Fox hired to handled this toolgate fiasco? Who did they interview.? Has anyone ever seen it? Was it made public to the citizens of Huron? .The Good ol Boy network is crumbling and with the citizens of Huron demanding accountability the network will be finished..Don't turn back now! .


Wait a minute.....are you saying that a private investigator was hired to find out what happened to the missing tools????  What a waste of money........why not hook everyone up to a lie detector?  Wouldn't that be a lot easier?  And isn't it a conflict of interest that Mr. Fox was the one who hired the PI to investigate his friend, Mr. Blodgett?  Please enlighten us.


    ..your getting warm...

huron girl

Is Blodgette still working in thw school system? 



 Yes!!     doing his job so well that Fred  put in for a raise for him...

huron girl

Seriously?  Are you pullin my leg?


Just a bunch of Good Ol Boys!...what's the problem, everyone  does it!         Don't they?

huron girl

no!  I think if I took something from the company I work for, they would let me go if I was caught!



This is just the tip of the iceburg....let the investigation continue and you'll see plenty of wrongdoing...just you wait and see.... Just remember ...I told you so...

Tsu Dho Nimh


You have valid points.  However, I personally feel that Mr. Asher is not being truthful.  I feel that he talks in circles, directs questions back to the questioner, and projects blame on others.  Just my take of listening to and watching his body language.

HeatinHuron of the "Good Ol Boys"   LMAO

Tsu Dho Nimh


Here is a halelujah from the Amen choir!


 if u know the rest if the story/details then why not share it?


 Was Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil written about Savanna or Huron?  All we need is a shooting and a transvestite!!!

Julie R.

I heard the rumor if a certain tool needed to be replaced (like a power saw or something) instead of just buying one they were buying two or three. Now take note that's just a rumor but if it turns out to be true and the "missing" tools are no longer "missing"  looks like they won't have to buy any tools for awhile!


This is going to get even uglier before it's resolved. 

If (when) Fox goes down, I wouldn't be surprised if every "questionable" relationship within the district comes to it SHOULD.  Wouldn't that be the RIGHT thing to do?



Once this has been settled it seems like everyone will need to actually do their jobs properly instead of goofing off and helping themselves to whatever they like.  I wonder if that will be possible?

Swamp Fox

For those who heard a rumor "What you don't see with your eyes, don't witness with your mouth."


Very profound, Swamp Fox.........but it sounds to us that this "Toolgate thievery" should be re-looked at and by an outside source and by lie detectors.  If the Pussycat Patrol was accused of thievery and found innocent by a biased source.......we would have to insist on a lie detector test.  We would never want the public to question our integrity.  We, the Pussycat Patrol, are crime fighters who track down evil-doers and bring them to justice.  We need our public to believe in us, as we believe in them.  We hope this tool thief is found and punished.  Someone took those tools!  Please, city of HUron.........if we can be of assistance, please let us's what we do.  Thank you.


I see that the Huron Playhouse is performing "The Fox in the Fairway" this summer.  How appropriate.


Choose the behavior-choose the consequences.


@ sold on fox

Please do not place me in the "embarrassed" group.  I am not at all embarrassed by what has happened with the whole investigation and what has come to light.  I was not arrogant nor will I ever be to think I am above reproach.

I am so sad to realize that it is important to some (and the group seems to be dwindling in numbers) to "hide" from reality to save face.  Like someone so eloquently stated at the last borad meeting:  the corruption scandal in Cleveland started small.  These hooligan antics have long been a part of the Huron culture, AKA as Good ol boys club. 

As far as the corner you will be in with Mr. Fox, will you be expecting beverages and food trays?  Just askin'.


"Toolgate" comments keep popping up and peak my interest. First are we talking a missing hammer and saw, or are we describing thousands of dollars worth of tools and equipment?  Second, when it was investigated by the superintendent is there any public record of his actions, i.e. hiring and paying for a private investigator, requistions or inventories to document items missing, actions by the board, etc.? Third, who are the personnel involved in this escapade, administrators, board members, maintenance, etc.?  And lastly, isn't anybody bothered by security tapes that go missing at the same time the tools are returned?

Seems to me while we're doing some housekeeping, we roll the carpet back a bit more and see what there is to find.

Julie R.

"And lastly, isn't anybody bothered by security tapes that go missing at the same time the tools are returned." 

Could be the security system malfunctioned or something on the date in question. If so, that would mean the security tapes didn't go missing --- they just don't exist.