Huron board restores Fox's pay; suspension stands

Embattled Huron Schools superindendent Fred Fox will be on paid leave as the investigation into his alleged misconduct continues.
Melissa Topey
Jun 25, 2012


Embattled Huron Schools superindendent Fred Fox will be on paid leave as the investigation into his alleged misconduct continues.

Fox was suspended without pay June 19 after a 3-2 vote by the Huron school board, which based its decision largely on a 50-page investigative report by the law firm McGown & Markling. (To review the report, click HERE.)

“Under advisement of legal counsel, suspending him without pay was not the best decision to preserve his rights to due process," board president Scott Slocum said Monday night. "We are backing up and trying to do right."

The board still intends to move foward with termination proceedings.

For more on what happened at Monday night's board meeting, pick up a copy of Tuesday's Register.



Julie R.

I would like to aplogize for repeating that rumor I heard .......... and at the same time I would like to thank God that I didn't repeat the rest of them.


@Julie R.


Camera off grew legs....came back on..


HiH - do you know how much ($ wise) was stolen?


Camera off.....Tools were returned .....mysteriously......


Toolgate rumor has it @$40,000.  Is that even possible?  There has to be a record of requistions signed by an administrator and paid by the treasurer.

Tsu Dho Nimh

How much is a school bus worth? Now it's gone, now it's back.

huron girl

was the bus really returned?



Somebody took a bus?????????????? 

Swamp Fox

The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail and not his tongue.


Huron (and Norwalk) peeps may be interested in this article:

"An Oregon (Ohio) resident has begun distributing petitions to recall Oregon school board members.

There must be proof of misconduct, not that we disagree with you or we just don’t like you.”

Petitions are filed every year, across the state.

“I hear about two or three every year,” Reedy said, adding there are 710 school boards in Ohio. “Generally, the petitions do not result in the removal of the members.”

There have been a few cases in which petitions were successful and board members were removed by courts in Ohio.

The Rock Hill Local Schools, located near Ironton, in southern Ohio, had board members removed twice, in 2006 and 2009, Reedy said.

In 2004, board members were removed from office on the Madison-Plains Local School District, located in London, Ohio.

In that case, board members were found guilty of violating the Ohio Open Meetings Act, the Ohio Public Records Act and illegally delegating authority to one single member of the board."


get the petitions...start the Recall  !!!!  Hurry....they are out of control

Julie R.

I live in Huron and I'm not embarrassed over what Fred Fox did but then neither was I embarrassed over all the idiots that criminally defrauded my mother at the end of her life. With the exception of a snake Lorain County attorney, those idiots were all from Huron, too ---- but once again I sure wasn't embarrassed. Why would I be? Those idiots were a reflection on themselves and themselves only, just like Fred Fox is.


For anyone still on the fence on these issues, please just download the 50 page report. I do have questions on how this is all being conducted and I still think a more thorough investigation is needed, but I think we have some serious issues.  My biggest concern is the toolgate scandal.  Please read the report! The cover up with Fred Fox, Jim Blodgett, and the bus garage is insane. And how the heck did Jim "rotate" a bus out of the Huron school system?  How much was it sold for?  Who was it sold to? Interesting!


* Please Note....... The words "Steal, Stolen and Theft"" have been obmitted from the Huron School Districts Hand Book. The words to replace them are, "Gift, Reward, Perk, Spiff, Bonus,  Loan and FREE ....please make a note of this!  This will solve any and all future situations that my arise concerning all school administrators and supervisors from this district.

Tsu Dho Nimh


LOL (literally) on the updated handbook!

Swamp Fox

It was just a matter of time before some people would make this about themselves, right Julie R?


"All rumors should be fitted with girdles to keep them from spreading."

Julie R.

I didn't make it about myself ---- I made it about some of the other ignorant idiots from Huron. 

Tsu Dho Nimh

Sold on Fox

Did you go to the special board meeting?  If you did, you will recall that those who spoke publicy did not mention the affair.  What they did address is why would anyone on the board vote AGAINST pursuing further investigation of the matter.  Why would two members vote AGAINST susupension WITH PAY as the matter is investigated.  Why would two school members vote publicly against the investigation and want to "issue a declaration of no wrong doing" (which is found in the 6/19) minutes.  Why would the district have a policy that would suspend a student from school for misuse of district computers but two board members don't want to suspend Mr. Fox?  Why does one member want to continue to talk about Sunshine Laws (not suggesting that they not be followed) but doesn't want to take action against inappropriate use of email, breech of contract (conducting personal business during contracted hours), turning in receipts for travel that does not correspond with the dates of the professional development and was not included on the approved purchase order.  Mr. Asher said that the board told Mr. Weis to reimbure Mr. Fox as he earned it.  Really?  Since when does the board have the right to treat Mr. Fox to extra days of leisure on the taxpayers money?  Legally, they don't so please don't insult me and the others of why it is no big deal. The affair and Kalahari were not the issues that night.

Sold On Fox 2!/SupportFredFox

Support Fred Fox on Facebook !

Tsu Dho Nimh... I never said you do not have valid points. What I have said is that the investigation paid for by the Huron taxpayers will have no bearing on the Ohio Ethics Commission and thus should not have been paid for nor introduced into any public record. This was out and out smearing of Fred Fox.

I believe that all you know of this issue is what you have read, heard or seen at a board meeting. This is much deeper than that.

There are many inconsistancies in this situation mostly because Board of Education members are just people not specifically trained beyond seminars to deal with these situations.

The two board members you refer two do not believe the report or that Fred Fox has been involved in any wrongdoing. Whether you believe that or not is really inconsequental to the case.

The TRUTH is the report from the board hired lawyers, paid for by Huron's taxpayers, and delivered to the Ohio Ethics Commission by a Huron Board of Education member thus making it 'public', has as much bearing on Fred Fox's guilt, or lack of guilt as your own personal beliefs.

The lawyers report was ordered, paid for, and delivered specifically to defame Fred Fox.

Believe it !

If you read my prior post you will see why.


Sold On Fox 2

Fred is toast...give it up...your whaling on here is like a rusty gate swinging in the wind!  Like nails on a chalkboard. . Like my neighbor singing  in church!   .. ..get the picture?


5 likes since 7/21?   Get it down.  It will only embarrass him more.  

You know, sometimes the best thing you can do is to stand by your friend as they face the consequences of their own actions.  Standing by them so they don't face the consequences sometimes just prolongs the agony.   I don't doubt that you care about him or that you even feel he has been wronged, but you are not really helping him.  You are digging your heels in (along side him) and will only serve to hurt him and his family more.  


I don't know Mr. Fox but Knowing Gunner, I'd be willing to make Huron a deal,, We'll give you Gunner for Mr.Fox.  Huronites, be careful what you wish for, Perkins has been proof that you can do a lot worse, remember Sherri Buccieri also.

Tsu Dho Nimh


You are right, Huron could have worse.  What I am seeng are districts, who look good  on the State Report cards, with SOME school board members allowing inappropriate behaviors and dealings slide under the radar because they are doing such a great job.  Unfortunately, prior to the current mix on the Huron board, we had 3 (making a majority) acting in this manner.  Now one of them is gone and has been replaced with a person who makes the previous minority the majority.  If any of the superintendents you mentioned worked for Sandusky, the community would be much uglier with them and their board.  But then again, Sandusky is a district that has a harder job to make that Excellence mark with the state and would not tolerate this level of misconduct.  Just my opinion : )


Where is Mr. Fox his weekend.  Rumor has it  he is in the Dells for a big party.  Chartered plane  and all the extras.


@partyboy, so what if he is. He's on paid leave and probably spending it.


Breath of Life was just rumor..sarcastic..

Sold on Fox 2

Your comments were very well written and let the truth be told. 

These men with their own agendas have effected two families and two careers.

Their spouses and their children. Mr Fox has older children and may be able to deal with it in a mature manner. But their are younder children involved and they now have to deal with questions and remarks from their peers that could send young children over the edge.  It is sad how this way played out publicly.  I feel for them all.


@partyboy, in the future, please say that your comments are sarcastic as I am not a mind-reader. Let's put this topic to rest and move on to something more pleasant, shall we?


 @      Heat  In Huron.....It is "Wailing"..... Not "whaling"...... Unless you are hunting Whales!!!

Swamp Fox

Sold on Fox 2, you seem to have a vested interest this this matter.  I think all the rumors from both sides  should cease but the truth should also be brought forward, are your two local business being effected by your close relations with Mr. Fox?

Sold On Fox 2

Swamp Fox-
I have no vested interest in Fred Fox except for our friendship which will continue no matter what happens with the investigation. I am, in fact, a past business owner in Huron and never have I done any business with Fred Fox in that business. Fred Fox and his family will survive this, but the 'investigation' did not have to go this way. It should have been handled in a way prescribed by the OSBA and as a personnel issue thus making it confidential. Fred Fox is wholly hired and employed by the Huron Board of Education, not the voters and good luck to the current Huron Board of Education finding another qualified candidate after the manner in which they treated Fred Fox. Even IF Fred Fox has done something wrong, his private life should have been kept confidential as it would have been if he was treated like any other employee. Instead, Tim Sowecke made sure the details became public.

If it were you Swamp Fox, how would you feel ?


The last place Fred Fox would be is the Dells ! (and I know you were being funny !)..
I am in total agreement with you. This investigation should have been handled by the Ohio Ethics Commission. It would have been private and all that would have been seen by the public is the results. I just hope when the results are released that the doubters/haters on here and in Huron will be satisfied. I believe they will be surprised.  Thank you Partyboy for looking past the hoopla !


All funny analogies.. Like my neighbor singing in church is priceless ! Fred Fox has yet to be found guilty of anything but being the victim of many vicious Huron rumors. If you were in the public eye in Huron you would know how it feels because the rumors get a life of their own in Huron. Sit back and wait for the results of the Ethics Commission's findings. Whatever the truth is they will find it and as a Fred Fox supporter I welcome those findings.


Tsu Dho Nimh-
You are so correct that Huron could have done much worse. Huron's last superintendent was a total drunk. He did business in bars. He was also rumored to be gay, which I have no problem with, but there were appearances of him buddying up with young male teachers and plying them with drinks. He spent way more time out of the district than Fred Fox and no one knew where he was, but he always claimed milage and expenses. That is what you get when you hire a superintendent that is 3 years from retirement. (This is also, by the way, the only type of candidate that the current Huron Board of Education will find willing to take Fred Fox's position after the way this 'public investigation has been handled)..


You speak the truth ! Sherri Buccieri... lol (She wouldn't even live in the district !)..


You have to start somewhere. I don't believe Fred Fox could be any more embarrassed than he is now ? When the Ohio Ethics Commission releases it's findings watch how many flock to the Facebook site. You probably would, too except you want to remain anonymous ? I don't blame you.


The truth will come out and when it does what happens.. happens. Fred Fox has been a great superintendent and there is no concrete proof to the contrary. He is also a great husband and father which is something most who comment have no idea of. The truth has not yet been found, but good luck to you who will continue to speculate. I don't blame you because after reading the 'made public' reports I had to do an inventory of my beliefs. I choose to believe Fred Fox.







@ sold on Fox 2


All funny analogies.. Like my neighbor singing in church is priceless ! Fred Fox has yet to be found guilty of anything but being the victim of many vicious Huron rumors. If you were in the public eye in Huron you would know how it feels because the rumors get a life of their own in Huron. Sit back and wait for the results of the Ethics Commission's findings. Whatever the truth is they will find it and as a Fred Fox supporter I welcome those findings.


Psst...listen..let me whisper in your ear...your are wrong about the witnesses on the are wrong that the bus was scrap.....just don't tell anyone....

Sold On Fox 2

lol... Don't whisper HeatInHuron.. Tell me/us what you know that is the absolute truth about either topic.

The bus in question was the band's equipment bus which was a decommissioned bus 'not able to haul passengers'. The bus was originally given/sold, (?), to the Huron Band Parents then I believe it may have had to stay in the school's possession for insurance reasons ? This is the only thing I'm not sure of, but I do know that the bus COULD NOT be used for passengers. The only driver of the Huron Band Bus that I ever knew of stated that the bus was not able to be repaired any longer.

Busses, past their prime, are routinely sold for next to nothing by school districts all over the world. They make great campers, equipment haulers, or band tour busses.

This particular bus was made the band's equipment bus in about the year 1999 ? What part of THAT bus was valuable to the Huron City Schools, HeatInHuron ?

And... 'Alledgidly' Rick Gadd was a witness to something involved with the tools ? Since his was the only name mentioned in the lawyer's report, (although the lawyer did not interview him), nor did anyone else interviewed mention 'toolgate' as anything except for something they 'heard' about.. Imagine my confusion ?

I do know, and understand, that there is obvious disention among the ranks at the bus garage towards Jim Blodgett. Some would say this is proof of his 'doing his job' thus not making him popular. Others would say other things about Jim, but I personally have never had a problem with Jim.. although to qualify that.. I have never worked for Jim.

So... What you have whispered is the same thing that other's actually named in the lawyer's report also 'whispered'... Rumors.


Tsu Dho Nimh

Swamp Fox

I think you have Sold on Fox confused with Donutshopwannabee.  Wannabee hasn't been on here since Mr. Asher scolded the public for commenting behind fake names. I personally don't know how he had time to "blog" when there are so many golf trips to pack for and

Swamp Fox

Sold on Fox 2, I would not have put my family  or future in such an embarrassing  position.  You can thank the Register for making it public and for Fox putting the entire community through this. The two board members who attempted to sweep everything under the rug should resign or be recalled.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Swamp Fox

I could not agree more!

The first canon has been shot by Mr. Pat Murray. This will be a fun week!  It will be interesting to see how the dialogue on the blog changes as this unfolds.
Tsu Dho Nimh

If I were Mr. Fox or the two school board members who support him, I'd contact K. Ronald Bailey.  He comes highly recommended by Kevin "Cackle" Randleman.  He is the attorney of choice by wrong-doers and criminals.

Edwin Ison

 By most accounts, Fox was largely MIA the last 2 1/2 years.

Yet the Huron district still achieved at a high level. Thanks to the parents, kids and teachers.

Superintendents are not that important. Actually, there needs to be fundamental changes to how our schools are structured and run.

Huron will have little trouble finding another schmuck to keep the chair warm while the teachers, kids and parents do the REAL WORK!





Parents, kids and teachers are the heart and soul of any school system.  The rest are bureaucrats.

Sold On Fox 2


'Parents, kids and teachers are the heart and soul of any school system. The rest are bureaucrats.'

An example of the common sense I was referring to. You left out taxpayers, though, and they have a place somewhere between the heart and the soul..

Tsu Dho Nimh

Sold on Fox

Most people who work in a public school district don't like their information made available, either but the fact is, it is.  With the exception of medical records, school transcripts, and social security numbers the rest of their personnel file is available to the public and the requestor does not even have to explain why he or she is interested.  Its there for the taking.  You or I can go to the board today and request any file on any employee and can view it and request that a copy be made.  If it is not convenient to give it at the time of the request, there is a "reasonable" time frame which I believe is 48 hours but don't quote me. Before the Fox fiasco, the treausrer in Sandusky got himself into a behavior situation.  His emails were also out on the Register web page.  The investigation was conducted by a 3rd party and it didn't look good for him on the report.  The school board has always thought highly of him and there was not witch hunt but the results that came back they could not ignore. His disciplinary action was published in the Register because it was public record. No one drove his situation down to Columbus to make it public records : )

Sold On Fox 2

People of the post:

The investigation of Fred Fox was done internally by the Huron Board of Education and had it been kept there it would not be available for your eyes. The emails are a different story.

A member of the Huron Board of Education took it upon himself to enter the report into public record by turning it over to the Ohio Ethics Commission, who will not even look at it, but that is niether here nor there.. giving it to the commission makes it a public record.

The message I am attempting to send to you all is that Fred Fox's actions and deeds are not as terrible as they are made to sound in the report. If you have read them there are few 'first hand' accounts of anything. The emails tell me nothing except there were friendships that were also business relationships.

The 'disciplinary action', (if there is one), will be in Fred's personnel file. Until that time the public should not have been privy to the details, (even if they themselves requested the information from Fred's file), because it would not have included the lawyer's investigation.

You have to agree with me on this ?

How would 'public' employees feel if their entire work personnel file was made available to the public by the newspaper ? How would students and parents feel if their personnel files were available to the public ? It's bad enough that newspapers can report their salaries.  Last time I checked, my salary is my own business ? Having said that, I would be in full agreement to releasing the average teacher salary. At least then the public can compare districts.

So... We can't solve that 'problem' here, but I can say again: The report from the lawyers on Fred Fox was entered as a public document on purpose so it would have the effect it has. 


Don't take my word for it ... Read this article concerning the public's right to personnel files of employees working for tax-supported agencies .... that includes teachers and superintendents.


By  Jill Riepenhoff

The Columbus Dispatch Sunday November 11, 2007 11:00 AM

Comments: 0     ShareThis Enlarge Image

Many teachers' contracts are written to block Ohioans from learning about misconduct, but such provisions often violate state law.

Some union contracts give teachers the right to create obstacles to public viewing of their personnel files, purge negative information and hide things in off-the-record files.

All defy Ohio's public-records law.

The Dispatch reviewed dozens of union contracts from throughout the state, in large, small, urban, suburban and rural school districts.

The contracts commonly imply that teachers' personnel files aren't public. Dublin's states that the district won't share the files with "any third parties not associated with the Dublin City Schools."

That language is meaningless, said Bill Mulbarger, human-resources director for the district. It was created in 1990, before Ohio's public-records laws were refined.

"It doesn't stop anybody from getting what's in a file," Mulbarger said. "It's simple: The law says you have every right to it, and you do have every right to it."

The president of the Dublin teachers union couldn't be reached.

In many other contracts, such language is old, but districts and their unions have not bothered to negotiate its removal. Some districts agreed to a "waiting period" of several days after someone asks to review a teacher's personnel file. Others require written requests, names and addresses to request a file. And some try to force anyone who sees the file to sign a form.

The contract for Clearview schools in Lorain County, for example, says that a teacher or union representative has the right to be present when a member of the public looks at his or her file.

That's not uncommon, but it is illegal.

The public has the right to see the personnel files of anyone who works for a tax-supported agency, including public schools. Ohio law says school districts must immediately make a personnel file available when someone asks to see it. Only certain personal information -- such as Social Security numbers or medical records -- can be withheld or blacked out.

"You can't enforce a contract that's contrary to state law," Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann said.

Although school districts can't legally enforce those parts of teacher contracts, they create a chilling effect by discouraging the public from even trying to look, said Van Keating, a negotiator for the Ohio School Boards Association.

"I don't think you'd find anyone to admit that's one of the purposes, but I'd say that is one of the side effects of that type of language," Keating said. "School employees have never been very comfortable with the notion that they are public-sector employees and their records are open to public inspection."

School boards, which represent the public, are partially responsible, he said. Boards feel pressured to approve contracts that please teachers and avoid strikes.

"Strikes tend to be very unpopular. (Public) sentiment tends to go against the school board," Keating said.

The Dispatch recently published the results of a 10-month investigation about flaws in Ohio's educator-discipline system. " The ABCs of Betrayal" described myriad ways that teachers were able to remain in schools despite wrongdoing.

A common theme was that discipline-related information wasn't properly reported. It often was absent from offenders' personnel records.

Negatives removed

Several union contracts allow discipline records to be purged after a period of time.

Dayton's says "All negative material will be removed from the file after 36 months," as long as the teacher hasn't re-offended. It's unclear whether that means school districts destroy the records or they store them in a separate, unofficial file. State law says that's illegal.

"It's definitely labor-friendly, one that generally management doesn't like and specifically, I don't like it," said John Concannon, Dayton's attorney. "It's nice to know what a person's history is to be able to use it to show a pattern of behavior that's more than 3 years old."

Dayton's union president couldn't be reached, and the union doesn't allow its other officials to speak to news media.

Purging files is bad public policy, an expert on teachers unions said.

"I advise school boards never to agree to that. If a teacher does something that really shocks the community, you have to tell them, 'Well, we erased the information,' " said Myron Lieberman, a Washington, D.C.-based researcher who has written more than a dozen books about teachers and unions. "You cannot take it into account when it's deleted from a teacher's file."

The Columbus teachers contract is one of few reviewed by The Dispatch that doesn't restrict viewing of personnel files. But it allows Columbus teachers to purge discipline for minor violations, such as tardiness or sick-time abuses, after two years.

"Two years is a long time" to prove that you've learned your lesson, said Rhonda Johnson, Columbus Education Association president.

But she added that the clause will be rephrased when a new contract is negotiated in coming months because of changes in state law that prohibit keeping disciplinary information in secret or separate files.

Secrets kept

Some districts still keep some information in secret files despite the state law that took effect in March.

That's partly because some union contracts, including those in Dayton and Dublin, bar anonymous complaints or notes from the district's official personnel files.

Some contracts say a principal can keep files on teachers but that they can't be shared publicly. Dann said that there is no provision in public-records law that shields documents such as handwritten notes and anonymous complaints from public eyes.

"A lot of things don't get turned over because they don't understand the law," he said. "I don't care if it's in a blue file or a green file -- it's public."

Lieberman, the union expert, said some blame has to fall on school boards. They're the ones agreeing to the illegal secrecy and privacy clauses, as well as promises that the district won't discipline teachers for things that happen outside school or in their personal lives.

"You get a lot of weak school boards in the country. I don't think it makes any sense," he said.

The public has the right to see the personnel files of employees of tax-supported agencies.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Sold on Fox

You are correct that the bus was no longer able to be used  for passengers but I have to believe it was worth more than $1.  The scrap yard pays better than that.  Why would the bus be somewhere off school premises?  Why would it "magically" appear back at the school garage if it was in the hands of the band parents?  Doesn't make a lot of sense to me, although I am not a member of Mensa.

The district does has the right to sell their equipment BUT it must be APPROVED by the school board for the sale or the DISPOSAL.of the equipment and should be part of the meeting minutes.  I can't find it in the minutes.  Can you?

Sold On Fox 2

Tsu Dho Nimh -

Where did you 'hear' that the bus in question 'magically' appeared ?

As far as I know, that bus was 'scrapped' in the 90's ? The details of the 'transaction' escape this Mensa member, but I do remember it happening. The bus was stored at the bus garage for years. It was only driven by a non-school employee, but he could have been employed by the school just to drive that bus for insurance purposes ?

If the bus was 'disposed' of in the 90's you may have to look back a few Board minutes to find it. As far as selling equipment, you are correct that the Board would vote on this, but it would most likely be in a 'blanket' disposal covering a lot of items at once and the list may, or may not be attached.

Most school busses do not go to scrap for some reason ?

PS.. I'm in total agreement with you that the bus had to be worth more than a dollar, but if it was sold it had to go through the Board. Period. Whether you can find it or not, it HAD TO go through the Board.

Unless.. the Board did not own the bus because it was disposed of in the 90's ?

All good posts ! (I do not believe that the lawyer's report should have been introduced into public record, but am not here to sway anyone. I am just presenting the facts, AS I SEE THEM, which may not be the way you see them, but I accept that and will continue to read what you post and your opinions !)

Tsu Dho Nimh


Your comment  "The investigation of Fred Fox was done internally by the Huron Board of Education and had it been kept there it would not be available for your eyes." supports my argument and the opinions of most people commenting. Two wanted to sweep it under the rug, three wanted to handle it under the rules and guidelines set forth by ODE and OSBA.

How are 55 pages of personal email contact, during contracted work hours, hearsay?  How is turning in personal expenses for a professional development trip hearsay?  The receipts and dispersement records support this.  And for the record, NO school board member has any LEGAL right to pay ANYTHING that is NOT directly related to the professional development with PUBLIC monies.  This is supported by the IRS, the rules and responsibilities of Ohio School Boards, AND in the written policies of OUR school district.  If Mr. Asher is correct when he said that the board instructed the treasurer to pay, then he, Mr. Caporini and Mrs. Bulea have some serious EXPLAINING to do.  Mrs. Bulea is gone but the other two are still here.

Again, you are correct that public employees do not like their business made available to the public. However, OHIO LAW makes it so and to hide it come with some serious consequences.  I don't like paying taxes but let's see what would happen if I don't.


Tsu Dho Nimh


You are talking about a different bus!  The rest of us our talking about a more recent situation, uncovered by the State Auditors on a routine review of the district accounts.  A sale of an item in the transportation dept was noticed and questioned about the "bargain basement" price.  Also, the board was not  publicly aware of the transaction. The bus in question showed up when the cameras were out of operation (some people would say "turned off") for a couple of days. 

Just because YOU have not been aware of this doesn't mean it didn't happen.  There are lots of people who would have witnessed the surprise appearance of the bus and let's just leave it at that.  Don't want anyone demoted or losing a job over this shared information.

Sold On Fox 2

I believe it is you who are talking about a different bus.
The bus that was sold was the band equipment bus. Period. It now sits on the property of a hunter in southern Ohio. Cameras, or no cameras that IS the bus.

Now. I'm not aware, (and freely admit it, obvious insider, or relative, who is in no danger of losing your job because of comments made here, although I am not alone in noticing YOUR personal agenda in this matter), as I was saying.. I'm not aware of a newer version of the band equipment bus, but if there was I stand corrected.

I'm constantly amazed when people get called on their 'stories' how nasty they get. I'm being civil with you, aren't I Tsu Dho Nimh ? Why all of the little digs ? I'm just here, like you.. expressing MY opinion. Refute it if you like, but I guarentee when the facts are checked that you will find I have honestly reported the facts with my only agenda that Fred Fox and the Huron City Schools are treated fairly and governed fairly. If you have personal issues with Fred Fox I'm sorry to hear it because Fred Fox has been nothing but a pleasure for me to deal with.


Tsu Dho Nimh


Why do you believe that the OEC would not accept the info from the board member?  Was this shared with you by another individual?  The reason I ask is because I sent recently an email to ODE and OEC asking if the information requires being reported.  The answer was if in doubt, report.  I spelled out that it was a third party report with the opinions of employees, receipts and dispersements that did not coincide, and 55 pages of personal email/twitter exchanges during contracted hours.Why would they tell me, a citizen of the district one thing but tell a school board member that it wasn't worth their time? 

I have nothing personal against Fred Fox.  I am just taken back with the actions that can be supported by first hand documents(receipts/emails that are dated and time stamped) and the justification of two of our 5 members.

Sold On Fox 2


The OEC will do their own investigation and form their own conclusions.

What you said just proves my point. If something is reported then it becomes public record. I am telling you that the Huron Board of Education is not an individual and the report was internal. It should have been held as the Board's property and an investigation then should have been requested from the OEC.

The document, property of the board, should not have been given to them.

Period. It is not a public document. Beat up my opinion all you want, but the board, or actually one member, gave board material to another public entity to make sure it went public. Period.

Tsu Dho Nimh


Other than the Mensa comment, I have not made an inappropriate comment directed toward you. I apologize that it offended you.  It most certainly was not my intention and can see why it came across as such.

As I stated earlier, I have nothing against Mr. Fox.  I am just puzzled and question two members of the board and their actions.  The more I learn, I am becoming very concerned and perhaps upset with them.  Remember, this whole situation began with folks calling the other 3 the "three stooges".  All I ever did was defend them as trying to turn over the information to the correct agengies.  When the Register provided the reports, people started to change their tunes, even Fox supporters like yourself.  I respect that you have a like for Mr. Fox.  Again, I don't know him.  What I do have is a dislike for his actions that can be documented and am thoroughly disgusted with the actions of the previous school board.  It appears that they gave him the go ahead to do these things because they felt he was doing a good job.  If that is an agenda, then I guess I have an agenda.

I have done alot of research and have contacted several agencies to find out what the law requires.  I do not take the words of anyone out here for fact.  However, I do value the responses that I get from ODE, OEC, and am very capable of reading and intepreting the board policies.  Although the board is not a person, the law requires that the superintendent report questionable actions to the state and if the actions are conducted by the superintendent, then the school board president is required to report.  His responsibiltiy is not subject to a majority vote. I take advantage of public records. I also question why Mr. Slocum didn't report it but left is to Mr. Sowecke.  Bottom line, howerver, is that is was reported as the law requires. You  do not have to believe me when I share what I think I know.  I don't know if the bus I am referring to was ever in the hands of the band parents, I was assuming that we were talking about the same bus.  Now from what you have shared, we are talking about 2 different buses.  The bus I am referring to opened the door to the so called "tool gate" investigation along with some allegations shared by others.

In my opinion, the bottom line is this:  The district had a situation that could not be ignored and the responsibility to hand it to higher authorities  has been a 3-2 split the entire time.  If the matter would have been handled within the law, then you and I would most likely know very little, Mr. Fox would have his hands slapped, and the district would have moved on.  When the proper action was not taken, then further investigation took place and all hell broke loose.


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Great post and it all makes sense.

The only part that needs tweeking is:

'In my opinion, the bottom line is this: The district had a situation that could not be ignored and the responsibility to hand it to higher authorities has been a 3-2 split the entire time. If the matter would have been handled within the law, then you and I would most likely know very little, Mr. Fox would have his hands slapped, and the district would have moved on. When the proper action was not taken, then further investigation took place and all hell broke loose.'

Caporini and Asher actually voted no because they wanted the information turned over to the OEC. They, in principal, did not totally agree, but had to go along with an investigation, just not a Board investigation. The things we didn't see and hear were not so much that Caporini and Asher wanted to cover it up.. it was that they wanted to do it in a different way. If any of the alegations are true, Fred would get more than a slap on the hand no matter who investigated, but the details would not have been public except for the penalty and a brief description. I just don't believe that the public, (me included), needs to know the gritty details of the he said, she said. All the board had to do was request the OEC to investigate and it would have cost the district about $100, 000 less.

You and TaxRaider both do your homework and I can appreciate that in reading your posts.

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When I search board minutes, I don't see where the two were ever in agreement about turning it over to the OEC.  The minutes that I read show in regards to the OEC were voted upon 3-2 with the nays coming from Caporini and Asher.  Please advise me of the public records/minutes that support what you are saying.  Maybe I have missed something and am open to your point of view. I only give credibility to things that have the suppport in black in white so please share what you can.

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It won't be in black and white because all of the communications happened in executive session where no minutes are taken. What we didn't see and hear are the arguments there, but Kevin Asher's injunction spells out that the two of them, (Caporini and Asher), suggested a different route and only approved Markling for 10 free hours.

That's all in black and white !


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What will be proven is that Mr. Asher and Mr. Caporini, along with Nancy Bulea approved the additional expenses to be paid for the March 2011 Arizona trip.  They also instructed the treasurer, who answers directly to the board, to pay said expenses.  Did the treasurer feel bullied or is he part of the group?  Don't know but he had to know it was wrong when he dispersed the check to Mr. Fox. Mr. Asher made this very clear at the last meeting during the public portion that the board approved the personal expenses instead of paying airfare and that Mr. Fox has done a great job leading the district. He was clearing Mr. Fox of wrong doing in the matter.  Even told the crowd to ask Nancy Bulea if we did not believe him. The emails between 4 of the board members on public record support that three of them felt that he was deserving of some extras.  The LAW  and POLICIES on so many levels (Federal, State, and local) were ignored.  EXPERIENCED board members should know what is legal and what is not!!!!! He should be worried about his own neck and quit worrying about Mr. Fox, his golf buddy. (And he did admit to joining Fred on golf outings prior to becoming a board member!)


 Sold on Fox 2,

How do you know what was said in executive session? Were you there? Yes or No answer please.

Shall we meet for coffee? You seem intrigued with who I am. Pick a time and place. or just ask around, half the people in town know who I am.  Research my boy.

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No DonutShopGuy.. Was not present at the executive session, but now in Kevin Asher's injunction what I have said is pretty well mapped out.


Got the Bulea connection. Thanks !

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