Huron board restores Fox's pay; suspension stands

Embattled Huron Schools superindendent Fred Fox will be on paid leave as the investigation into his alleged misconduct continues.
Melissa Topey
Jun 25, 2012


Embattled Huron Schools superindendent Fred Fox will be on paid leave as the investigation into his alleged misconduct continues.

Fox was suspended without pay June 19 after a 3-2 vote by the Huron school board, which based its decision largely on a 50-page investigative report by the law firm McGown & Markling. (To review the report, click HERE.)

“Under advisement of legal counsel, suspending him without pay was not the best decision to preserve his rights to due process," board president Scott Slocum said Monday night. "We are backing up and trying to do right."

The board still intends to move foward with termination proceedings.

For more on what happened at Monday night's board meeting, pick up a copy of Tuesday's Register.




people only act this nuts about sex and money. 


Like I said, he has a right to defend himself and the board should not have had such a knee-jerk reaction. Will he get back pay for the past few weeks, I wonder?

I truly hope that people will learn from this to let their conscience be their guide and not their rush to judgements. We are all guilty of something.


breah of life, you are an idiot!


"We are all guilty of something." represents a kind of dumbing down of the moral code that allows corruption to proliferate unchecked. 

Havinag an affair on work time?  No big deal. We are all gulty of something.  

Submit false reimbursements. No big deal. We are alll gulty of something. 

Permanently borrow tools paid for by taxayers? No big deal. We are all gultybof something. 

Steer contracts? Rig bids?  .... well You get the picture!



so we start off by name-calling do we? Nowhere did I say his behavior should be excused! 

The dumbing-down of the moral code is because the punishments do not fit the crimes, people.

The lawyers,  judges and juries have the ability to do something and don't. In case no one has noticed, the crimes and misdemeanors are based on degrees, first, second and felony,, etc. and therein lies the problem.

Stealing is stealing, murder is murder and hate is hate.There are no degrees!

He will and is getting his punishments and I am not excusing his behaviors.

Those of you who are crime-free should count your blessings, especially the next time you run a stop-sign and don't get caught or when you get undercharged at the checkout and don't let the clerk know. Those are crimes are they not? How is your moral compass now?

Azure Ray

 For a local issue that raised 400+ comments on the last update, you'd think the register could pull together something a little more in depth for anxious readers and/or those who couldn't attend the meeting tonight.  


Mr. Fox and Ms. McNulty should be ashamed of themselves...and truly nailed to the cross for their actions! What a couple of morons!! Thank GOD my children are out of school!!


Did he steer this contract for the football field?  Did he get the the tax abatement?  Did he really steal anything?  Yes, it appears he may have had an affair which is his business and no one else's. 

So why did this board of Huron not follow the Sunshine law and do what is expected of them?  Why the hypocricy of the board?  why do they not have to follow the rules only cast stones at those who they say do not follow the rules?  I guess it is as the law professor said, "it depends on who's ox is being gored a the time".  He was so right.

Now that same board is back tracking to make sure they are covering their misguided tracks and doing so in a big hurry because they forgot to check with their attorney first.  Guess that was a big mistake on their part.  Hope someone read the new yellow book too. 


 wired, he made the affair the board's and Huron taxpayers' business the minute he used school district email and time to conduct it.  That is the same as stealing to me.  He was being paid to work and instead spent his time emailing, talking to, and seeing this woman--all during work hours.  And to make matters worse, he dragged an innocent person, Tanny Vonthron, into his web of lies.  

The board did follow the Sunshine Law.  They do not have to include the superintendent in executive session. So they realized they have to pay him temporarily until further procedures are followed.  They realized their mistake and corrected it.  Big deal.



I have heard two attorneys who I know that deal with Ohio employment law both say Fox has done nothing that is punishable by termination. Said if he is terminated he can sue and will probably get back pay, all his remaining pay in the contract and additional for emotional stress. Said he definitely has a case that is winable.


 Gardenman, they are wrong.  Do these lawyers know anything about either the Ohio Ethics Commission or the baord's contract wth Fox?  I doubt it.  The fact that he used district email and time to conduct his affair when he was supposed to be working alone is probably a fireable offense.  Add in the fact that he took almost $1000 worth of free golf plus discounted rooms from Kalahari, when he cannot accept anything over $25 in value is another one.   

Tsu Dho Nimh

wired mama

If Mr. Fox had an affair after 4:00 pm and did not use school email or use his email from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, it is not my concern.  But the emails, both school and personal are time stamped otherwise.    He was conducting his personal business on MY time and YOUR time..  I don't care how nice the field is.  He was wrong.  The Sunshine Law may have been violtated but has been correceted.  No matter what Mr. Fox has brought financially to the community, his actions are not acceptable.  Don't be surprised when ODE revokes his professional licenses.  It won't matter what you or I think, he won't be employable. Just sayin'



@TsuDhoNimh....With all due respect, do you think that because they corrected his pay while on temporary dismissal, the this board of yours has "corrected" their sunshine viiolations?  You cannot correct them once they have been violated.  That is not the violations to which I was referring anyway.  They cannot unring the bell that they rang.

I am not defending the wrong doings that Mr. Fox may or may not have done.  I am saying that your school board acted in an inappropriate and unethical way.  They, too, should be looked at by the OBE for ethics violations.  It seems to me the pot calls the kettle black over there in Huron. They failed to follow the most basic of things under transparency and acted like a pack of wolves.

I am on the outside looking in.  I have no vested interest in Huron. I am just an observer. But your school board didn't follow sunshine laws by even the most remote of possiblities and they cannot go back now and fix what they did not do.  It is too late.  The cat is out of the bag.

All they did was to fix and error in giving the man his pay.  That has nothing to do with the sunshine law at all. 


Almost every place I go I see employees on their phones sending texts or E-mails.  I dont care what the guy did with that lady.  I'll wait for the law to see if he did anything illegal before I judge.  They'll be sorry if they get Kalahari mad.  It would be like sandusky getting cedar point mad.



Weather he is a nice guy or not he broke the law and should lose his job. also just because some of you think he did an amazing job as the head of Huron schools doesn't negate the fact that HE BROKE THE LAW!


I can not believe that some of you:

A) Believe someone in Fred Fox's position are on "your time" of 7am - 4pm.  Administration positions like this are working nights and weekends answering questions and solving problems from teachers, parents, students, and the general public.  To say he is on your clock during this period is pretty short sided. He is always on the clock!

B) Want to fire every public employee who uses their work email for personal reasons.  Really?  Get a clue as you will have a hard time finding a single employee who never uses their email at least once for personal business.

I deal with employment issues like this on a daily basis and agree with GARDENMAN that this is not near the "done deal" that many of you believe it is.  The board was smart to reinstate his pay as that would have given his attornies even more ammo in the suit that Fred Fox will eventually have against the school.  Sorry to say Huron tax payers (which I am one), but we may be paying him for a long time when this is finally settled.


Those taking all the time and energy to post comments that either minimize the actions of Mr. Fox or make comparisions to the law as first degree, second degree, etc. need to also take some time to read and become more familiar with the professional requirements for educators within the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Revised Code.  Mr. Fox is well aware of these rules. Simply put, the rules are you "do" or "you don't".  The only "degrees" one might find would be in the punishment phase of a violation.  If Mr. Fox loses his educator's license, he can no longer be employed in any school district in Ohio.  If the school board had failed to report potential violations they could be found guilty and face their own consequences.

This controversy is unwanted.  The financial burden is unwanted.  But both will continue as long Mr. Fox allows it to happen.


Wired - you are not correctly applying the Sunshine laws in this case.


@ underthebridge.   I suggest the you go look at the following link.  It is from the Ohio Board of Education explaining the Sunshine Law for boards of education and how they are to perform in their dealings with the public and with their conduct and with the Ohio Sunshine laws.


wired, you need to specify which part of the Shunshine Law was violated, because I just don't see to what you are referring. 


@ I said to someone else, please go to this link and read it.   It explains what school boards must do in their EXECUTIVE meetings to file charges against someone and what constitutes a meeting among members of the board members.  It also explains what how an excutive session is supposed to be conducted and what you do in private and then in open session. 

Then it says what a board is supposed to do in open session about conducting busisness.  You need to read it all.  I cannot take it out of context for you.  Read it all to understand it.

The sunshine law IS important in spite of what some people think.  Defying it or acting outside the framework indicates deception and lack of honor.  Why do people need to do that unless they are dishonroable people with lack of character.  Oh, just pay the $500 and sweep it under the rug is not the right answer.  If you are doing that, you are no better than Fox himself. 


I already have read it as well as the board minutes...and I still do not see where Sunshine Laws were violated.  So give me a specific example of what the board did that violated it. 


 I personally think in the long run, this will have a huge financial impact on Huron city schools. The board acted to quickly and the procedures on how they handled the situation was terrible. I think this will come back to bite them in butt. For some reason, I have this feeling that fox will come out a little richer. I just think they did not follow protocol somewhere and a good lawyer will find that and unfortunately that will be all one needs.


 I personally think in the long run, this will have a huge financial impact on Huron city schools. The board acted to quickly and the procedures on how they handled the situation was terrible. I think this will come back to bite them in butt. For some reason, I have this feeling that fox will come out a little richer. I just think they did not follow protocol somewhere and a good lawyer will find that and unfortunately that will be all one needs.


 Was the picture above from last night's meeting?  Look at the body language. I can you pick out the three that voted for the termination and the two that didn't ? Hint, they are grouped together.


 When the report comes back from ODE Ethics board and should it support the boards actions to fire Fred that will be a hugh blow for him. It will justify the board for removing Fred. As for his lawsuit that he may file. Doesn't suprise me. He has been bleeding the system for years , why stop now! 


I take it the Huron School doesn't have a handbook for their employees, so therefore, it is difficult to lay down rules where none were specified in regards to e-mails, absence, etc.  There are rules and ethics code of conduct for someone in Fox's position that must be followed. No matter what mistakes have been made,  there are enough violations to discharge the employee for anyone of them.  The Board is obligated to report and deal with the situation no matter what the cost.  The insurance dictates a liability that has to be dealt with no matter what kind of money has to be spent to get it straightened out.


I think folks should approach this as if they were an unbiased mediator examining the evidence before they make snap judgements.  There is a lot of hearsay evidence against Mr. Fox, unfortunately for Huron, it takes more than hearsay to prove breach of contract.  About the only thing that isnt hearsay are the emails.

I think most you are confusing "personal business" and personal communication.  As the rules are written, public employees are prohibited from conducting "personal business" using work email not personal communication.  Thus, the offender must be using work resources TO MAKE MONEY OR CONDUCT A BUSINESS WITH THE GOAL OF MAKING MONEY.  The term "personal business" does not apply to personal communication, no matter how raunchy it is.  So, the only hard evidence in that report does make Mr. Fox seem a pig, it does not in and of itself constitute a violation. 

As a salaried head of a school, it is doubtful that Mr. Fox is expected to only work from 8-5 or whenever, I am sure he was expected to be "on call" so to speak all the time.  People in these positions commonly execute personal communications and meetings during normal work hours and most systems are very lenient with that becuase they are often dealing with school issues over nights/weekends, well beyond the expected 40 hour work week. 

I agree his actions are despicable, but I worry the BOE jumped on this too fast without thinking first.  Seems to be some validity to the reimbursement stuff, but again, that case is shaky for termination (a few hundred dollars?, we don't have all the details on the trip, it could have been an honest mistake, there is no track record of doctoring reimbsurements, etc, etc) ... public sentiment on your side does not insure success in a lawsuit or in proving breach of contract.  



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most of you are to funny on here.  you say that because he e-mailed on work time he stole.  take a breath and think about yourselves!  ever make a phone call on work time?  go to the bathroom when it was not break time?  take an extra 3 minutes at lunch time?  take home a pen or pencil?  use an envelope from your employer?  sneak a peek at your cell  phone to check for a text/call?  we all either do it or have done it.  i don't condone what he has done but to be fired????


mikel read through the evidence.  he did much more than reading email.  he is a public employee who conducted an affair during the time he was being paid for. 


Here comes his friends back, the ones that ran for cover when the report came out. The want- a- be lawyers, doughnut shop want-a- be,breath of life, Gardenman,etc.. It won't be long before you run for cover again. Read the "Ohio Ethics Laws" for a school superintedent. You can look them up on you computer.

It will give you a head start on running for cover.


@retiree, I am not a friend of Fred Fox as I've never met the man so stop making assumptions on what you think you know. That is exactly my point here, too!  Everyone jumped to conclusions without knowing any facts and the school board should be able to handle their own mess and if not then get rid of them, Fred Fox and find new people, do you want the job?


 Why do we have to go through all this dancing.  Sorry, I forgot we need to pay high priced lawyers to resolve our issues.

Mr. Fox made hugh mistakes in judgement. The school board made little mistakes in judgement. All made mistakes.

After hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees spend by both parts Mr. Fox will walk away with his pension, a portion of his salary from his contract and a gag order that neither party can discuss this subject with the public.

Winners:   Lawyers

Losers:    Mr. Fox's family, Mrs. McNulty's family.


To the losers:  If this situation causes your marriage to end in divorce make sure you receive half of their pension in the settlement.


 With only 32 more posts needed, I predict the top four articles with comments will involve the "Fox Fiasco".

Sex, money, and scandal.  You couldn't write fiction this good.


Fox needs to resign. plain and simple. was he at the meeting last night?



The dumbing-down of the moral code is because the punishments do not fit the crimes, people.

The lawyers,  judges and juries have the ability to do something and don't. In case no one has noticed, the crimes and misdemeanors are based on degrees, first, second and felony,, etc. and therein lies the problem.


@ breath of life...Why do people blame our judges for these moral code violations, when this is something that should be learned and taught while growing up from the parents?  If anything blame the parents for allowing it to be okay to lie,cheat,and steal('because nobody is perfect') not the judges. jeepers!!!





@ kilroy, how does one teach the children when some parents, these days, are criminals and their parents had no moral code? The last time that I checked, if one goes before a judge, his ruling is the deciding factor. Letting criminals off with a slap on the wrist, is part of the problem.

Life teaches that the choices we make dictate the life we lead. Fred Fox made his choices and he is living with the consequences, just as the school board is doing in their decision to make a preemptive strike.

Nothing will change until we change the thinking that it's no big deal! It may not be a big thing to some, but it is to others.

If no one sees the crime committed, did the crime happen?  The moral code is inside us and those who are honest do not have to justify their behavior, their reputations preceed them, aka Tanny Von Thron.

Tsu Dho Nimh


Breaking the Sushine Law is not as big as a deal as some people believe.  The fine, if any, is $500 , the actions taken are void and the court can issue an injunction to force the board or committee to correct the action  However, if it is corrected at another meeting (righting the wrong), there is nothing to fine and the court will not get involved.  Not my take, it is what the Sunshine law states.  Google it. So in the scheme of what is going on, it's pretty minor.  It appears that Mr. Caporini is grasping at straws because he didn't share one bit of info that satisfied the majority of those in attendence last night of why he is against suspending Mr. Fox while the process is under investigation.  The vote was 3-2. Last week he voted to "issue a declaration of no wrong doing".  It's in the board minutes.


No doubt Fox is finished.  There will be a settlement, but the question is how much will the school have to fork over to get rid of him. He will walk away clean with just a smack on the wrist and don't do it again where ever you land at your next job. Due to the settlement nature, you keep passing the employee on quietly to some other school system as long as he is not at Huron. 


tmm - i don't dispute what he did.  i am just saying that everyone has taken advantage of their employer at one point or another.  doesn't matter if a person works in the private or public sector.  stealing is stealing and at one point or another everyone has done it.


Mikel i agree with you that many people take advantage of their employer.  Being the Superintendant of a public school system does raise the stakes a bit though don't you think?  Where's the leadership of this man?  Arn't educators supposed to show those whom they educate what being a good role model is about?  Or in this case was it all about getting the job, accomplishing a few goals such as securing the Kalahari Field, then sitting back and taking advantage of your possition above all the other "underlings" below you?  How long would this have gone on?  Was/is Fred Fox close to retirement or would he have dupped the school system for the next decade or so?

Tsu Dho Nimh


Like your comment and agree!

Someone questions if Huron has an employee handbook that addresses what is expected/what is unacceptable.  I don't know the answer to that but Candlemaker is correct when sharing that Mr. Fox should be aware of "professional requirements for educators within the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Revised Code."  Educators are expected to know this and in order to obtain a superintendents license, he would have taken course work in this area.  He has also sat in conferences/workshops that have focused on this topic along with other administrators in his district and surrounding districts.  Ignorance of what ODE and the RC is not a defense.

I stand by my comment that Mr. Fox is on the clock from 7-4.  He is on call the remaining hours. Pages of personal email (55 pages), either on company equipment or personal accounts during THESE hours is not acceptable.  Leaving his office and conducting a personal affair with a woman during THESE hours is not acceptable. ODE has suspended licenses over 1 or 2 personal emails using district equipment. It is public record and can be found on the ODE webiste through the SAFE account link. His misuse, especially the nature of the emails, may be enough to revoke his license. 

Public employees are held to a higher standard than private sector employees!

Sitting In The ...

Well my goodness what a great idea....wait until after the investigation done then proceed from there. Because the last thing you would want is the voters thinking you don't have a clue what your doing. Boy that sure didn't blow up in your face...So they spent taxpayer money to hire a law firm then when this unbias report came in they said "oh we got him now" then the State steps in and says "We'll investigate this " even then the Elite Huronites said "We don't need your help" then fire him before the investigation complete then a week later you reinstate him but add he under suspension with pay....YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP HAHAHAHAHA.  



you are incorrect.  not everyone takes advantage of their employer and not everyone steals.  additionally, not everyone sends personal email from their work email.  why are you trying to justify those actions?


Sandusky Register: can you please obtain the public commment portion of the school board meeeting?

Tsu Dho Nimh

Just want to add to the meeting minutes:

Mr. Sowecke immediately stated that he did not meet Mr. Markling at the meeting and that the law firm was not  linked to the meeting.  He shared that during Mr. Asher's reading of his statement.  Feel this is important for those of you who were not in attendance to know.  He formally stated that again after Mr. Asher was finished.


 Every last one of them knew damn well what was going on. The way I see it is all of them had something to do with it and every last one of them should be fired. The rest of the board just sat on this till they got mad at the whole board should be ashamed. 


Isn't the state of Ohio an at will state? Although I would prefer a reason for someone being fired, do they really need one?

Swamp Fox

Most government employment contracts for administers has a morals clause if Fox has one, he is toast....... As soon as Fox cuts his deal, watch the rest of his buddies jump ship and be more than willing to talk to save their sorry a&*es........ Fox a great example for our children, at least he has something in common with Bill Clinton......

Tsu Dho Nimh

Paying  a fine under the Sunshine Law is not sweeping it under the rug.  It is financial penalty to remind boards and committees what is expected/required of them.  Look at my previous post.  I shared that anything that was decided is void and that the courts can issue an injunction to correct the situation.  There is no evidence that the Sunshine Law was violated beyond a doubt (I'm not saying it wasn't ,either). What the board did last night was replaced last week's motion to suspend without pay and to suspend with pay.  They then voted on this in the public session.  Voting on the new motion in public corrected the wrong doing, assuming there was a wrong doing.  Voting for suspension with pay assured Mr. Fox's due process.  The board also stated that Mr. Fox was not denied his pay or benefits during the time of June 19 to last night's meeting.

My point, and the point of others, is that violating the Sunshine Law isn't as costly to the district as Mr. Caporini is suggesting.  The Sunshine Law allows lay people, who are willing to serve on such boards, the opportunity to fix mistakes.  They are expected to know a lot of legal information without in depth training. 


 And Tsu, whether he was suspended with or without pay has nothing to do with Sunshine Laws.  So I don't see where wire is getting that.

Tsu Dho Nimh


Wired shared this on a previous post:

"I am on the outside looking in.  I have no vested interest in Huron. I am just an observer"

I seriously doubt that Wired was at the board meeting.  But two attorneys, speaking as tax paying citizens of the school district, shared their interpretation of the Sunshine Law, its purpose, and the board taking corrective action.  One even supported that violation of the Sunshine Law is not the level of offense that Mr. Caporini is suggesting. 

If someone was not there the entire meeting and listened to what was said, then please don't question the knowledge of others.


Tsu Dho Nimh


Agree!!!!  The Sunshine Law is about HOW boards and committees meet not about what they decide.  If they meet illegally, then the decisions from that meeting are void.  Hopefully some people will get this concept.  The question at hand last night was if the board was incorrect when they voted in EXECUTIVE session on the 19th instead of in GENERAL session.  They recinded the previous action with the new action and voted in GENERAL session last evening, thus correcting the possible mistake. No fine involved and no court will issue and injuction because the action has been correct.  Plain and simple.


 Speaking of jumping the ship.

My understanding is the high school principal and athletic director have left the school system and have taken other jobs outside the district.


 Um, donut, yeah the hs school principal is old news.  He submitted his resignation and accepted a position with Northpoint ESC almost two months ago. They have already hired a new one.  Unfortunately, he is buddies with the assistant prinicipal going back to Sandusky school system.  More "good old boys" stuff.  Just what we need!

Have heard nothing about the AD.  That may be true.  If so, that is new news.


Where did the AD and principal go to?


 The HS principal accepted a job with Northpoint ESC.


 AD went to Avon Lake as Asst. Principal.


 Does anyone know what the status of McNulty's job is? 



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Julie R.

4 Top Comments are now all four stories on Fox.


 Huron got a great new principal and it is a huge loss for Sandusky school system.



@Breath of life: Thanks but no thanks for offering me the job. I do hope that this problem gets resolved as quick as possible for the sake of your school children. There is a lot of talk and rumors circulating about your superintedent and his mistress. I sure wish it would stop. The people involved and their families need time to heal. Did the two involved think they would never get caught? Your school board is on the right track in the direction they are going. Soon there will be one more big write up, the fighting between the groups will start up again, then things will settle down. I personall feel your superintendent is toast. Good luck and good-by

fudge pies

did anyone read mr asher's letter on the BOE minutes from last night.   possible twist of fate, as this entire probe was done illegally it appears.  as ive said many times over,  the report does open up some questions, but the report doesnt have a chance in hell in the court of law.  too many opinions, and hearsay. 


Yes, and Sowecke already denied what Asher said.  That is nothing but he said, he said.  It's not proof, unlike Fox's emails.  It is my opinion that Asher is just trying to cover his butt in terms of his voting no for the investigation, for turning things over to the OEC, and for suspending Fox.  He is trying to justify his inital support of Fox.

fudge pies

"informed says" Yes, and Sowecke already denied what Asher said. That is nothing but he said, he said. It's not proof, unlike Fox's emails. It is my opinion that Asher is just trying to cover his butt in terms of his voting no for the investigation, for turning things over to the OEC, and for suspending Fox. He is trying to justify his inital support of Fox.



There is so much though in his letter, that if you go back and research the minutes is correct.    Why wasn't Fox,  the treasurer nor Nelson  interviewed? 

understand a lawyers role !  whomever is footing the bill he's going to base his report on.  If they wanted Fox to stay, his report would show it.   If they want him out, his report will show it.  


far as the emails?  Did we get all of them or just the ones they wanted to show us?    




The fact that these emails exist at all is enough to fire him!  It doesn't matter if there are more or not.  It doesn't change the fact that he engaged in a personal relationship with school email on school time.


@small town, I just finished reading it and the question that came to my mind is "who has the most to gain by getting rid of Fred Fox?" Clearly, there are a group of unknown individuals who are trying to MANIPULATE a situation that has presented itself to the community. It reminds me of the secret individuals who rushed through Urban renewal, changing the name of Liberty Drive and the list goes on.

If this witchhunt was on the up and up, there is no need for desperation, in my opinion. The truth speaks for itself and will come out eventually, as the truth, in the end, can never be manipulated.

I will say that my gut tells me that fred was acting out and it may be as simple as he wanted a divorce and couldn't bring himself to ask for it. I have no inside knowledge nor do I know the parties involved and this is a disclaimor to that effect.



Oh, and Asher still thinks that Fox's affair can't be proven!  OMG!!  Read the emails for crying out loud.  If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it's a duck. 

Also, Fox received complimentary rounds of golf for himself and his buddies.  Did everyone else at the resort during that time period receive the same?  Sounds to me like that was a "gift".  Fox cannot accept such gifts.

I'm sorry, it is clear to me that because Fox and Nelson are friends, Fox was "taken care of", which is in violation of ethics for someone in his position.

And don't forget the Blodgett situation.  If that doesn't stink to high heaven, I don't know what does.

The whole truth, unfortunately, will never come out.  You are naive to think it will.

Darwin's choice

At the end of the day, some commentors at the Board meeting stating " it doesn't matter what it costs, it's worth it " and " I don't care if it costs a million dollars.........."  just don't get it !  What concerns me is the way the board is throwing money away. Just how much is it going to take? When is everyone going to be "satisfied"? When the school system is broke?  The Treasurers cryptic comment about having a 5 million dollar insurance policy is chilling. Is it enough?  Tread lightly!  This is a slippery slope..... 



If it costs too much, we should ignore it?


Reporting the aligations to the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Ethics Committee would result in an unbiased investigation at minimal cost and would satisfy what the district is required to do.

Look at law suites filed against school districts, rarely does a jury award large sums of money against school districts.  Typically the jury wants to punish the district but is always concerned about taking money away from the classroom and the children.  Districts carry errors and omissions insurance policies to cover these types of situations, the treasurer indicated Huron's policy will cover up to $5 million.  I bet they also carry stop gap insurance to pick up from there. 


fudge pies

Tax Raider, reporting to any of those is ok, but its not ok using that lawyers report to do it.  hand over every single email,  hand over every single receipt.   i dont think in either case they're interested in the arizona trip nor the relationship / affair.   i think they would be looking at the kalahari thing.  do you agree?



 Of course they would be interested in the affair--it was conducted on school time using school email when he was being paid to work.  That is paramount to stealing.


Small Town..I think ODE and the OEC will want everything and will draw their own conclusions.  I think they will be interested in the Arizona trip, I understand the Board wanted to pay for the entire trip from March 1 - March 5 and wanted to pay for the plane ticket as well.  Why didn't they simply reimburse Fred Fox for the plane ticket?  This is the error of the treasurer, how did he let this one go through?  And Fred Fox knows how important it is to be transparent, the intent may not be criminal but it certainly is stupid.  I also believe the relationship/affair will be of interest to ODE and OEC from the point of when and how it was carried on and the disruption it may have caused.  Educators have been disciplined, which includes loosing their license, for participating in wet t-shirt contest and sharing pictures on facebook.  One educator had his license pulled because years ago he was in porn movies prior to becoming a teacher.  The reduced price Kalahari stay with potential free golf is going to be very difficult to explain and again, a stupid situation.  Fred Fox really did an injustice to all of his administrators who went along on the outing.  They should have made sure they ALL had receipts showing they paid for the room and the golf separately and the room charges must be fair market value (no more of a discount than the general public would receive).  It is Fred Fox's responsibility as the superintendent to make sure everyone knows and understands the laws.  I believe the OEC really picked up its power in 2008 and District's everywhere have been hammering the impact on teacher's behavior in the past few years.

If I were a betting man, I would bet ..... for the Arizona trip a letter of admonishment will be issued, for the relationship/affair license suspended, and for the Kalahari trip license revoked. 

Tsu Dho Nimh

Haven't heard from Donutshopwannabee in a while.  I was wanting to ask him if it's true that Mr. Fox is best friends with Chris Wechter.  Wannabee sure knows alot about that golf trip...just sayin'!


 Many of us knew previous to all of this that Fox and Wechter are close friends.

Darwin's choice

Tax you have any idea of the potential costs of litigation/damages? My comment is not to quantify the dollars and cents , but to think of the way this board has jumped off the cliff.  They have already gotten a "do-over" with the suspension of Mr. Fox, which may or may not have financial implications down the line.  The bottom line is "look before you leap".   Is the 50 thousand spent to date OK with you?  As a taxpayer, I'm concerned.  No where did I say to ignore anything because of potential cost, but the general "cut off our nose to spite our face" mentality is concerning.


Darwin ... I am well aware of the cost of litigation and potential damages.  That is why the Board has errors and omissions insurance.  Board members all over are made up of community members who often make procedural errors, again this is why error and omissions policies exist and their personal properties are protected from thier actions as a board member.  Mr Fox was originally suspended without pay and on Monday they changed that to with pay.  Mr. Fox has not had any pay withheld from him so he did not suffer any harm. I don't believe there was an infraction of the Sunshine law as some folks have indicated, but if they did break the Sunshine law the penalty is a max of $500 and correct the problem.  The problem was corrected. 

As a tax payer, I don't want the District to spend any more money than is necessary, and as a parent of children in Huron,  I don't want money taken away from the classroom to support poor decisions of adults; not the BOE's poor decisions and not Fred Fox's poor decisions. 

I agree the Board has jumped over the cliff because they can't be objective, they are not able to put aside personal feelings or agendas and do the right thing.  I understand the whistleblowers were not comfortable with speaking to the BOE members simply because of their positions, I also understand why they did not want to speak to the law firm the BOE retains, since this group of lawyers have a strong relationship with BOE members and top administration. Mr. Sowecke indicated the whistleblowers are apart of the administrative team, which tells me they don't have a union to back them and sticking their necks out is very  risky.  So, I understand why an independant law firm was used, and as the lady said at the meeting Monday night .... Huron is not that important for a fairly large firm out of Akron to risk their reputation and connection to other school districts to push a personal agenda of Mr. Sowecke. The law firm also donated 179 hours of time to this investigation at no charge, so the bill could be nearly $40,000 more.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Informed...I know that relationship exists.  Wannabee knows who he is : )


Mayflies are pretty much done now time for the lawyers to descend on Huron.



I recall that Kevin studied to be a lawyer but went into the family business instead. Does anyone know if this was the case? His letter was very legal sounding and well-written.




local observer

 Folks, I know everyone is hung up on the affair and the emails and they are a problem, a big one, for Mr. Fox since he carried it on during what is supposed to be work time and used district equipment in the process but, the real problem for Mr. Fox is 13.0pt;color:#363630;background:white">Kalahari.

The freebies and discounts from Kalahari are criminal violations with each instance carrying a maximum penalty of six months in jail.  From the sounds of it, Mr. Fox could easily be facing years in jail if convicted.

Please see for yourself at:

You can sue anybody for anything but can you win?  If Mr. Fox has good legal counsel, they’ll be looking for any procedural errors to use as leverage to negotiate a settlement with Board and then turn their full attention to defending him in front of the Ohio Ethics Commission.

Mr. Fox has not been wronged!  The Board may not have followed an ideal course in this matter but they have every right to oversee the actions of their employees and take disciplinary action (including termination) if merited.  Mr. Fox’s behavior and arrogance brought on this situation.

My guess is in the end the Board will not be sued by anybody.  It appears what the majority has done thus far is completely within their rights and they have taken good faith steps to remedy any errors.  Ask yourself, if you were a juror in a potential case of Fox vs. Board of Ed. over this matter would you find in his favor or award him anything?  

The stances of Mr. Caporini and Mr. Asher are very curious.  It appears at first they wanted to ignore these issues and now it appears they don’t want to admit the other members of the Board were right to pursue them.  The community should keep pressing them to explain their stances because the message they are sending is that they don’t seem to care if one of their employees is abusing and misusing their office.  If the apparent mindset of these two carries the day, this type of thing will happen again in the future.


Local observer .... if we were playing Family Feud, I'd be jumping up and down yelling Good Answer!  Good Answer!


Actually, I think I understand the stances of Caporini and Asher after reading Mr. Asher's letter.  The situation of how Mr. Soeweke hired this law firm is the curious one to me.  It appears that he TOLD the BOE initially that he met them at a conference, but he then retracted that statement the other night.  However, that does not change the fact that they were brought in under the assumption of being present and having met at the conference, and they weren't.  The fact that the report incorrectly states that the Board unanimously voted to start the investigation also calls the integrity of the report/law firm into question, as does their refusal to interview treasurer, super, and Mr. Nelson.  As does their unwillingness to record interviews and/or provide transcripts. 

It seems to me that Mr. Asher and Mr. Caporini suspected everything was not above board with this firm, and simply wanted to handle the investigation in house.  This would have saved the tax payers money, as they could have actually, you know, spoken with the people involved in the allegations and then the entire board could have voted to either send it to the ethics committee for review.  Not to mention that the whole thing would likely not have blown up in public, giving the entire town a black eye, including saving the families of the school officials, who are definitely one of the victims here.

It seems to me that the other 3 BOE were intent on getting this into the public, and couldn't be talked down.  It's a shame, b/c in the end I think that will end up hurting the schools as much as antyhing else.  Being an effective public leader requires foresight, and I think the BOE did not show much here.  I am starting to think Mr. Asher and Mr. Caporini had the right idea, as handling it privately would have likely still got things to the ethics commission, without this public hoopla, and while possibly saving the relationship w/ Kalahari as well.


WHAT? Having an in house investigation is what Asher and Caporini wanted...are you kidding me?  They wanted this sweeped under the rug as fast as possible..this would have gotten no futher, it would have been put in their file..the trash ben!!!!! The "good ol boy network"   Man you guys gatta wake up!!!! A crime has been committed and your worried about how the board went about exposing it?   No school board should or would tolorate such behavior from their super..Fox created this mess..not the board!!


 Common Cents,

I look at the direction Mr. Asher and Mr. Caporini wanted the investigation to go from a different viewpoint.

Mr. Asher and Mr. Caporini are old established family names in the community.  The old established way of handling these situations in Huron was to sweep the unsavory situation under the rug.  Similar to the numerous sorted affairs between teachers and teachers. Let alone teachers and students.

I believe the three new board members wanted to get away from the normal way things are handled. They decided on a new route to handle these situations.

The majority of the board made the decision. 

Sometime change is scary to those entrenched in their ways.





Admitted, I am not that familiar with workings of so called "old boys network" or whatever in Huron, but for your interpretation to be correct, Mr. Asher must be lying in his letter documented in the meeting minutes.  He states that the BOE legal counsel (not Markling) stated that no vote was necessary to send this issue to the ethics commmittee, and that no report was necessary.  The legal counsel of Huron City Schools handles the ethics complaints and send things to OEC, according to Mr. Asher in his letter.  Is he just wrong about this?

Thus, it seems it would not have been swept under the rug.  It seems it would have been forwarded on avdice of counsel, which is unbiased.  And, this report would never have been necessary (50K or more saved), and likely the public embarrasment for the district would have been minimized.  It seems the report and voting on it to make it public record were totally uncalled for, so I am not sure what the purpose of that was, other than to embarrass Mr. Fox, and the district.  I fear it also had the unintended side effect of ruining Huron's relations with Kalahari.  Just don't think this was the best way for all this to be handled, but we can agree to disagree.



I believe Mr. Asher is trying to put a positive spin on his involvement after the fact. Might be wrong but past practice leads me to believe this is true.

There are so many people ducking from the fallout it's hard to look anyone in the eye.

Sold On Fox 2

From Common_Cents:

'Thus, it seems it would not have been swept under the rug. It seems it would have been forwarded on advice of counsil, which is unbiased. And, this report would never have been necessary (50K or more saved), and likely the public embarrasment for the district would have been minimized. It seems the report and voting on it to make it public record were totally uncalled for, so I am not sure what the purpose of that was, other than to embarrass Mr. Fox, and the district. I fear it also had the unintended side effect of ruining Huron's relations with Kalahari. Just don't think this was the best way for all this to be handled, but we can agree to disagree.'

I am in total agreement with what Common_Cents has said here. This entire 'affair' could have been handled by the Ohio Ethics Commission and the results would be the same, but all of the administrators, (including Fred Fox), would have been spared the public anal exam.

I know we all love to know what's going on and the dirty details, but what if this entire case against Fred Fox is based on rumors and inuendo.. Wait.. It is based on rumors and inuendo. Eventually the truth about Fred Fox's trip to Arizona; Fred Fox's relationship with Kalahari; Fred Fox's 'alledged' affair and the 'Toolgate' scandel will come out. I highly doubt that the findings will be as public as the investigation has been.

Please do not be so quick to judge Caporini and Asher as it seems they wanted to save the district the exact embarressment that can be seen right here on this site. If the investigation had been handled differently we would all still have no 'educated' opinion at this point and as the 'justice' system says: Innocent until proven guilty. By making all of this public, Fred Fox has been tried and convicted by the public, (including the 'public' on this comment section, apparently).

If this investigation had been handled properly, Fred Fox would still be working; the administrators who talked would not be in fear for their jobs; Fred Fox's family would have been spared; the Huron taxpayers/voters would not have their faith shattered; and no students or school employees would have read anything thus saving them from the anguish this 'affair' has caused.

Apparently the Huron Board of Education needed to spend more money on public relations and less on attorneys.

I will question the motivation of the three board members for eternity, but unless one of them tells me directly why they so wanted to make this a public flogging, I guess I/we will never really know the truth.

But.. as in this entire 'affair'.. We all sure can speculate.


 Sold on Fox 2,

If Mr. Fox would have handled his business and personal affairs in a proper and ethical manner we would not be here now. All of your misdeeds by others would not even be in play.

So where should the blame start?

That was easy.

Sold On Fox 2

No blame DonutShopGuy..

Just could have all been handled better with less embarressment.. and not just for Fred Fox.

We are all embarressed. Aren't you ?

That was easier !


 Sold on Fox 2,

No I'm not embarrassed. 

That was easiest.

Sold On Fox 2

I'm not going to sit here, or in public and defend Fred Fox at this point, because everyone has been privy to the investigation's results which are entirely based on hearsay and rumors, (which by the way, just because a rumor is repeated often does not make it true).

Fred Fox may lose his career and his wife over this. And it may be some how justified, but if it's not Fred Fox will still suffer from the public investigation. You can bet on that.

I will still be in Fred Fox's corner no matter what the result. I am not going to judge Fred Fox, nor you for having an opinion, DonutShopGuy. I have not always been an angel myself, so do not feel qualified to judge others.

When it's all said and done, we will all still be embarressed. No matter which way Huron's World Turns..


Sold on Fox 2,

Why should we all be embarrassed?

 From a person who doesn't make judgements, how did you make this judgement? 

Sold On Fox 2

Clementine and DonutShopGuy-

If you truly live in Huron.. How can you not be embarressed by any of this ?

I'm embarressed to be a resident in a town where not only do these things go on, but they are frequently swept under proverbial rugs. I'm embarressed that Fred Fox has been 'tried' in public and found 'guilty' by rumor. I'm embarressed that a Huron Board of Education cannot conduct an investigation using the tools provided by the state and not 'leaking' the information to sway public opinion.

And I'm embarressed that I even need to explain to you why we should ALL be embarressed.

But listen... You had nothing to do with this and you both obviously have lived with no sin or wrongdoing and have clear consciences.. Good for you. I'm glad you are 'above' embarressment..

I'm, however, concerned by the lack of empathy which is a traditional part of healthy people.

I'm embarressed.. You don't need to be. It's not something someone can tell you to be. It's upbringing. Don't they teach this in Alvito ?


 Sold on Fox 2,

Man, you get embarrassed alot.

Would like your definition on embarrassment. 

You are embarrassed because someone does not follow lock step with beliefs? Yikes.

Most normal people would call that a disagreement but I don't have your definition on embarrassment.



Sit n Spin

Sold on Fox 2 says....I'm embarressed that Fred Fox has been 'tried' in public and found 'guilty' by rumor.  Really ? Rumor ?  You obviously must not be able to read, the e-mails are undeniable !  Hell, I'm embarrassed for ya !  I can't believe someone from Huron can't spell embarrassed ! Do us all a favor...walk down Wall Street until you reach the pier...stroll out to the lighthouse, take a right until you fall in the lake. Embarrassment over ;)

Sold On Fox 2

Sit and Spin-

I'm now embarrAssed that I spelled embarrAssed wrong.. but.. the big picture is still that, once again, Huron's government officials duly elected by... ummm... US.. have actually gone the extra mile to 'try' and 'convict' another Huron resident/taxpayer in public.

(BTW.. Hope my lack of a spell check due to furious typing does not lesson the impact of the FACTS that I am talking about here. I didn't see where spelling correctly was required to post here, but I guess if I had nothing more to add than that I just wouldn't post. The emails you talk about DO NOT prove anything beyond a platonic relationship between two school administrators. Where is the problem ? Did you read anything that said 'I love you' ? 'I need you' ? 'That was great last night' ?)..

And thank you 'Spinner' it's a great day for a swim in our fabulous lake !
(Haven't seen a sit-n-spin for years... very clever ! Anyone who could picture their adult self on one could feel some embarrAssment, but the real point is apparently their feeling of going nowhere ?)..



You definitely do seem to have crawled from the primordial ooze known as Huron's Donut Shop where opinions abound, but action is non-existent. Eat the donuts and please don't talk with your mouth full..

My 'personal' embarrAssment starts with Fred Fox, (who IS my school system's superintendent), who has 'allegedly' had a public affair. In most cases I would say, 'Hey.. that's Fred's business'.. but because Fred Fox used a school computer and email to talk to another administrator it is at least a matter to look into. I'm, at this point, feeling empathetically embarrAssed for Fred Fox, the other administrator, their families and then taxpayers who were forced to feel this embarrAssment by a Huron Board of Education member who could not wait for the proper channels to sort out this 'alleged' mess.. so.. he took it upon himself to actually drive the Board hired attorney to Columbus to file the Attorney's report with the Ohio Ethics Commission, thus making the report a 'public document'. Then the same Huron School Board member came back to Huron screaming 'PUBLIC DOCUMENT' ! for everyone including the newspapers to hear thus extending his planned Fred Fox smear campaign.

Motives behind this Huron School Board Member's smear campaign ?
1) The Board member's hardware store can no longer sell to the school district due to his seat on the board. He somehow blames Fred Fox for this although in reality it is the district's treasurer who stopped this.
2) The Board member had heard he was going to be denied his 'volunteer' football coaching position which would have made him directly answerable to the head football coach.
3) The Board Member's lifelong friendship with the football coach who still holds a grudge over the firing of his own son by Fred Fox when Fred was then a principal in Berlin/Milan.

(And by the way 'coach'.. Keep you son out of it ? Only you and your son could have done that. Think about it..)..

To most of us, all of these things do not make for a reason to ruin someone's career over, but what we are dealing with here is a 'mob' mentality that is running amuck. It would be more fascinating to me if I did not see this same mentality over and over in Huron and the Donut Shop, (where the donuts are good but the shop is also the 'simmering pot' for community problems). Don't get me wrong.. the guys in the shop are not always wrong, but none of them are really 'insiders' or are privy to any information that they have not read or just heard. They are after all, human..

All of the 'public humiliation' could have been avoided had the Huron Board of Ed taken their concerns to the Ohio Ethics Commission where it would have been treated like any other personnel issue, (including the ones constantly referenced here about the 'firings' of other school employees. Do you know the details of those firings ? NO.. Because they were done the right way and kept 'personal')

So.. There was INTENT by at least one of the Huron Board of Education members to make this entire mess a public issue, even though not one thing anyone said in the 'private' $50,000 attorney's report can be used in court, or believed because no one was under oath. If you read it, as I have, I see a rumor gone out of control. Actually several. (and there's more, but let's start with 6..)..

1) Toolgate: Rumors.. Has anyone said they saw Jim Blodgett take or possess a tool ?

2) The Tools Reappearing: Rumors.. As far as any of us knows this is also a rumor. Once again.. No eye witnesses ?

3) The Affair: Rumors.. He said, she said. Did anyone see Fred Fox and his 'girlfriend' in a compromising position ? Is there proof of anything besides a mentorship/friendship here ?

4) Kalahari: Rumors.. Fred Fox was discounted golf along with other administrators because Fred Fox is friends with Todd Nelson. Period. Fred never voted on anything having to do with Kalahari. He has no vote. The School Board votes. City Counsel votes. Not Fred Fox.

5) Todd Nelson's Son's Wedding: Rumors.. Fred Fox did not pay for a room when he attended the wedding. Neither did ANY OTHER guest.

6) The School Bus: Rumors and coming from an unlikely source familier for being voted out of office and even being thrown out of his beloved Huron Donut Shop several times.. The bus did not run and could not be fixed. It was the Huron Band's equipment bus that had already had a life of hauling students followed by another life of hauling band equipment. The bus was done and rather than being scrapped it was sold for $1 which is the proper way to get rid of old, unused equipment. Why is it that you have never heard what happens to a school bus when it is DONE ? They are sold cheap, folks.

Read the Attorney's report. It's all: 'I heard from so and so that Fred Fox was doing this and that.' No one concretely says anything. Tanni Von Thron actually went as far as to say, 'Fred got pale and started acting nervous'.. Last I knew Tanni's diploma was for administrator, not criminal body language. John Ruff, on his way out, made the comment that 'Tony Munafo, Jr. said...'

And the best part of the attorney's report was the attorney's 'credibility' rating scale. If someone said something incriminating.. they were highly credible. If, on the other hand, the person had nothing juicy to throw in on Fred they were labled, 'Not Credible'.

Here is a fact that I hope all of you who read to here will understand:

The report from the Huron School Board's hired and paid for attorneys WILL NOT BE USED in the Ohio Ethics Commissions’ investigation which is the only investigation that means anything here !

So... Blame Fred Fox for causing this ? His ACTIONS caused this ? At best Fred Fox's actions, along with the rumor mill we refer to as Huron, caused there to be some concern among Huron Board of Education members and the rumor loving Huron community. At best the Huron Board of Education, secret agendas intact, should have turned their 'suspicions' over to the OSBA, (Ohio School Board's Association for those of you who are initially challenged) and the Ohio Ethics Commission where the 'suspicions' would have been handled in the correct manor which would have included the privacy afforded to those accused, but not confirmed guilty. Isn't this the same we would all expect for ourselves ?

Instead.. Fred Fox's business, (which is also the Huron School Board's business), was made public by a Huron Board of Education member who actually went out of his way to make sure the reports were made public. Due process ? Kangaroo court is more like it.

So good people of the Register's online comments section.. Continue to bash Fred Fox for the 'public' allegations that have been made, but remember that when the 'real' investigation is completed I believe that there will be an entirely different 'truth' than the one you have been reading.

And yes.. I am personally embarrassed by the handling of this situation no matter who is at fault. I'm allowed to be. I have rights, too ! (and so do you to your own opinion.. I just wish you actually checked into the 'facts' before forming that conclusion)..

and... My embarrAssment is actually bordering on outrage that the Huron Board of Education would spend all of that money, ($100,000 maybe ?), to do an investigation that is not even relevant to the issue at hand because it is inadmissible..

Sit and Spin on this... Spell-check... lol


Sold on Fox 2,

Sorry for my late response. I was so embarrassed I had to leave town for the weekend. I am contemplating selling my house and business and moving out of state because of the public shame Mr. Fox brought on all of us. How can you stand all the attention?

 Wow," primordial ooze known as the Donut Shop". Are we practicing to write a novel or trying to make yourself look intelligent? Doesn't really matter to me, I not a regular at  the place in Huron,  but it seems to tick you off. Why's that?

For someone who complains of people spreading rumors without facts its like the pot calling the kettle black.

Rumors about the football coach. Rumor about the owner of the hardware store. Rumors about the football coaches son. Cripes sakes man, you are great at "smear" tactics.

"I just wish you would actually check into the "facts" before forming that conclusion"  Are you speaking of yourself here? 

Sold On Fox 2


'Wow," primordial ooze known as the Donut Shop". Are we practicing to write a novel or trying to make yourself look intelligent? Doesn't really matter to me, I not a regular at the place in Huron, but it seems to tick you off. Why's that?'

As a matter of fact, DSG.. I actually am a writer and am according to my Mensa membership slightly intelligent, but any place where people meet to compare gossip and complain about people who are actually doing something does tend to tick me off. And.. they don't even make their own donuts, but I like the Messenburgs. By the way, you sound like a Donut Shop regular, but I have detected some common sense in your posts.


'For someone who complains of people spreading rumors without facts its like the pot calling the kettle black.

Rumors about the football coach. Rumor about the owner of the hardware store. Rumors about the football coaches son. Cripes sakes man, you are great at "smear" tactics.'

If telling the truth makes me a smearing black kettle then so be it, but not one thing I have ever said on here, (including the things you have highlighted), is not a fact. These are not, I repeat, are NOT rumors. And... Whether you know it, or not, every one of these 'rumors' has direct bearing on what is happening now.

Now DSG, I am really not defending anyone in this matter at the present time. I am only pointing out the facts that this 'investigation' should have been handled in a way that would have afforded Fred Fox the same rights that are given any other employee of the Huron Board of Education. The 'owner of the hardware' store went way out of his way to actually drive to Columbus in order to get the lawyer's report into the public record, thus making it a 'public' document. This is excessive and since the report from the attorney could not possibly be entered into the investigation, what could possibly be the reason for the 'owner of the hardware store's' action besides making sure people saw the report which should not have been made public due to an employee's right to privacy ?


DonutShopGuy, I have no reason to NOT tell the truth. I'm not under oath, or on trial, but feel that Fred Fox has had his rights completely trampled by some people who are attempting to get even with him. If Fred has actually done the things he is accused of, then the Ohio Ethics Commission will make sure he pays for his indescretions. In the meantime, Fred has already been 'convicted' by people like yourself who want to believe that he is bopping the principal on company time while planning his next golf getaway.

You may laugh about the embarrassment, DSG, but I have heard it from businessmen all the way to school children.. people embarrassed by the way the politicians of Huron conduct business. I understand that you are not personally embarrassed as you have not personally done anything wrong, DonutShopGuy.. unless you are actually Tim Sowecke ? As a matter of fact you really do sound like you have a vested interest in all of this ? Is this really you, Tim ? Sorry about your coaching job and not being able to sell hardware to the Huron City Schools, Tim !


Sold on Fox 2

In today's world of technology, why would anyone drive a report to Columbus?  It can be delivered electronically in nano seconds.  The delivery of the lawyer's report is not what makes that document public record.  The Ohio Public Records law makes it a public document. Anyone can request to see any document including emails from a school district and they must be released with a few exceptions. 

Sold On Fox 2


I'm not making 'the Drive' up ? It happened. Apparently people of Tim Sowecke's age group don't believe in today's world of technology ? hahahaaha..

And.. In reference to your statement that 'any' document from a school district can be seen: request something from a school employee's personnel file. Go ahead and use today's technology and you will find in 'nano seconds' that you will not be allowed access to it.

The lawyer's report ON FRED FOX was a personnel issue and should have/was discussed in Executive Session. Executive Session discussions are exempt from public records.

Personnel records are exempt from public records.

Documents entered into public record, whether driven and hand delivered directly to, or electronically delivered become public records, thus making them available to the PUBLIC !

I don't know about you TaxRaider, but I personally do not want the public privy to my work, school or medical records ?

Fred Fox was not hired/elected by the public. He's a Huron City School employee thus providing him with some privacy that he deserves like any other employee. By circumventing the system and personally delivering Fred Fox's investigation to a 'public entity', Mr. SOWecke effectively also circumvented Fred Fox's right to privacy. Fred Fox didn't get a copy before the Ohio Ethics Commission ? And.. The Ohio Ethics Commission will not even look at the report ? So what do you suggest the reason Mr. SOWecke felt the need to personally deliver the report into public record was ?

*(and in addendum.. If Fred Fox had broken a law the police would have been called and then the arrest and trial that followed would be a matter of public record.. as it should be).

This is not all hear say.. just as, even as I support Fred Fox, I know that all that he has been accused of is not hear say. Something HAS TO happen to start a rumor. Something.

My only argument at the present time is that Fred Fox's rights have been totally trampled. Some may feel justifiably so. I'm not a judge, juror, commission member, or a school board member so I have to wait and see what is decided, but I still defend Fred Fox's right to have privacy in regards to his 'personnel issue'.

Sold On Fox 2

Support Fred Fox on Facebook !


Sold on Fox .... As I said there are few exceptions . . . .  medical records and school transcripts are exempt from public view otherwise it is fair game.  The public records law is very scarey but currently it is the law; another one of those laws intended to protect the public but is way overboard and has some negative unintended outcomes.  In fact, there are a few attornies in Ohio getting rich from this law since a $100 per day per document for a max of $1000 can be charged to the public entity.  Do some research Bucyrus was hit hard financially by this law, I believe the attorney was awarded nearly $11 million but settled for $1 million. 

Wanna know what public employees are paid?  Check out  When you work for a school district, you live in a fish bowl. 

Sold On Fox 2

TaxRaider -

I know what you have said is correct and if you are not a school employee you have thoroughly done your homework.

The reality is there will not be much of anything in a school employee's personnel file for the very reasons you have stated. I'm not saying this is any more 'right' then it is for the entire file to be available to the public, but it is reality.

The public records law is indeed scary and is an extreme invasion of privacy which no other business would allow to happen !

My point here is still that the lawyer's report on Fred Fox was done internally by the Huron Board of Education and was ONLY discussed in EXECUTIVE SESSION thus making it NOT a part of Fred Fox's personnel file. It only became public when it was given to the Ohio Ethics Commision and since the commission won't use it there was definately intent to make the report public.

Some followers will see this action as a positive since they enjoyed reading the material collected. I see it as a direct attempt to change public perception and take the heat off of the Huron Board of Education. The ploy worked, but as I stated before there is little in the report that claims first hand knowledge of any wrong doing by Fred Fox. It's a lot of he told me, or she told me, or he said, or he was gone and said he was here and he wasn't... The discounted golf ? So what ? If Fred Fox was actually bopping the principal on 'company' time there's a problem, but short of that ? And if Fred Fox knowingly covered for his friend/bus supervisor Jim Blodgett then there is a problem. BUT.. NO ONE even in the report ever comes out and says, "I saw Fred do this'..

If the Huron Board of Education was doing their job, (which keeping track of the super's actions is part of), this would not have gotten this far. I don't blame the board for anything that Fred Fox is 'alledged' to have committed, but I do blame the board for not being in touch with their one of two board employees. (besides the treasurer). And.. I do blame the board for knowingly putting the lawyer's report in the hands of another public entity, thus making it a public document(s). They went out of their way to do this and there is definately a reason.

What is happening in the Huron City Schools is a reflection on Huron. The only positive I can see is that for once we're not talking about sports, or football, when discussing the Huron City Schools. Then again.. I guess I wish we were ?


Sold on Fox .. Rarely do I open my mouth or express my opinion without doing my homework.  I understand why a teacher's record/personnel file is open to the public, after all we send our most prized "possessions", our children to school 180 days a year.  I want to know who is interacting with my children.  I want to know if a teacher has been disciplined, what a teacher's evaluation says, and what a teacher's creditials are.  Don't you?

Sold On Fox 2


I said I am in agreement with you. I am just telling you that rarely does anything make the file for the very reason we are discussing. It's public.


Sold on Fox ... I thought you indicated " Personnel records are exempt from public records".  My point has been they are a matter of public record, it is the law, and there are consequences attached.

Sold On Fox 2


Personnel information in executive sessions is exempt from public records. I stand corrected.


Sold on Fox 2,

I have empathy.

For Mr. Fox's wife and children and Mrs. McNulty's husband and children.

Am I healthy in your eyes now?


"I have not been an angel so I don't feel qualified to judge others"  Do you remember your quote?

You have done nothing but judge others based on your beliefs.


 He looked you in the eye and dared everyone to take your best shot.!!!!!!........Guess what?     WE DID!!!!!! 

Tsu Dho Nimh

Local Observer

And I would be Richard Dawson, giving a huge kiss!


Good morning. Huronites!  As much fun as it would be to fly down to Huron and knock some heads together, the Pussycat Patrol has decided to remain neutral on this "Fifty Shades of Fox" situation.  But, unfortunately, after viewing this photo with your "School Board" - we just have to comment.  We have never seen such a motley crew...........................The gentleman with the white socks and work boots - Really?  And the lone lady in the group - we are praying that you are not wearing hose and that your toe nails are painted.  Please people, you are on display now.  You must look your best.  If you don't have respect for yourself, how do you expect others to respect you?  The Pussycat Patrol always look their best, even when fighting crime.  Just last week, we had an audience with the Pope at the Vatican (that's another story for another time) and we made sure we wore our Spanx and that our clothes were neat and clean.  Appearance is extremely important!  Now, carry on, fine city of Huron.  The Pussycat Patrol will be watching this situation closely.  We hope that we don't have to intervene in this matter, but if so, we will be there STAT!  Now, Cheetah is firing up the engine of our private jet (she's also a pilot) because we are needed in France.  But before we go, can anyone direct us to a nice spot for cocktails?  We gets mighty thirsty fighting crime.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  And remember.........appearances do count.  A lot can be said for nice, clean clothes and good personal hygiene.  Thank you, fine Huronites!    


For the out-of-towners, starting on the left is Tim (Mr. Hardware) Sowecke, Donna Hastings Green, Scott Slocum, Kevin Asher and John Caporini.

Julie R.

This certainly has been an embarrassment for Huron --- for Fred Fox, anyway. Just think of all the high-school kids ~ and probably even the jr. high ~ that have read those reports.  And then there's his poor wife, who must be humiliated beyond belief. It's none of my business but if I was her I would kick him to the curb so fast he wouldn't know what hit him --- and then I would soak him for every penny he had!  


The Pussycat Patrol is more concerned about the thievery of tools - were these ever located?  Approximately how much was stolen??  

Julie R.

@PussycatPatrol: Your 1st comment --- thanks for the laugh.  

Second comment --- you're right. The theft of tools IS important. The only thing worse then a THIEF is a LIAR.


Agreed, Julie.  Although we have never met the individuals named in this scandal, it appears they have no regard for the people who have put their trust in them.  It sounds like they have no regard for women, either.  Extra marital affairs, strip, my, my!  It's hard to believe that any woman would want to lower herself to be connected to these  "gentlemen" - If we didn't know any better, we would say these men are teenagers with raging hormones.   We always thought that when men matured, their hormones tamed down a bit..........thanks a lot, Viagra!!!  By the way,'re welcome for the laugh!  


One week ago I thought 3 of the school board members were wasting money and I was in favor of getting a petition put together requesting their removal. Then I read all of the supporting documents the Register made available

Today.... please pass the crow

I have lived in Huron for over 40 years and graduated with many of the people mentioned in this saga. I was never part of the "in crowd" or the school athletics, but I sure had a wonderful time in high school and received an excellent education.   What is referred to as the 'good ol boys club' has gone on for decades loaded with drama, unethical behavior and bits of criminal activity too. Over the years, these events always seem to get swept under the rug or minimized in one fashion or another. IMO the 3 board members are well aware of this history and are trying their best to keep it from happening again. If they wait for the OEC to complete their investigation, the 'good ol boys' will have plenty of time to cover their tracks and do the usual cover up. It's important to understand this was going to be expensive no matter what direction was taken, and we only have Fred Fox to blame for that.  

I agree the board needs to move forward as they have and stand corrected from a week ago (another helping of crow please)



I am in total agreement.


Does anyone know what is going on with the Fremont Principal? I know their are several people that live in Fremont that would like to know.. This all just a shame..


@ Local Observer


And I would be Steve Harvey saying: "Daaaaaang, what was that man thinkin'!"   Just sayin'



As far as" Toolgate" goes....when the investigation was started some of the tools mysteriously started showing up under Blodgetts nice thiefs we have..Fred had a private firm investigate this and he said to Mr.Ruf that they (the private firm)..couldn.t find any wrongdoing!  Where is the report from the firm that Mr.Fox hired to handled this toolgate fiasco? Who did they interview.? Has anyone ever seen it? Was it made public to the citizens of Huron? .The Good ol Boy network is crumbling and with the citizens of Huron demanding accountability the network will be finished..Don't turn back now! .


Wait a minute.....are you saying that a private investigator was hired to find out what happened to the missing tools????  What a waste of money........why not hook everyone up to a lie detector?  Wouldn't that be a lot easier?  And isn't it a conflict of interest that Mr. Fox was the one who hired the PI to investigate his friend, Mr. Blodgett?  Please enlighten us.


    ..your getting warm...

huron girl

Is Blodgette still working in thw school system? 



 Yes!!     doing his job so well that Fred  put in for a raise for him...

huron girl

Seriously?  Are you pullin my leg?


Just a bunch of Good Ol Boys!...what's the problem, everyone  does it!         Don't they?

huron girl

no!  I think if I took something from the company I work for, they would let me go if I was caught!



This is just the tip of the iceburg....let the investigation continue and you'll see plenty of wrongdoing...just you wait and see.... Just remember ...I told you so...

Tsu Dho Nimh


You have valid points.  However, I personally feel that Mr. Asher is not being truthful.  I feel that he talks in circles, directs questions back to the questioner, and projects blame on others.  Just my take of listening to and watching his body language.

HeatinHuron of the "Good Ol Boys"   LMAO

Tsu Dho Nimh


Here is a halelujah from the Amen choir!


 if u know the rest if the story/details then why not share it?


 Was Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil written about Savanna or Huron?  All we need is a shooting and a transvestite!!!

Julie R.

I heard the rumor if a certain tool needed to be replaced (like a power saw or something) instead of just buying one they were buying two or three. Now take note that's just a rumor but if it turns out to be true and the "missing" tools are no longer "missing"  looks like they won't have to buy any tools for awhile!


This is going to get even uglier before it's resolved. 

If (when) Fox goes down, I wouldn't be surprised if every "questionable" relationship within the district comes to it SHOULD.  Wouldn't that be the RIGHT thing to do?



Once this has been settled it seems like everyone will need to actually do their jobs properly instead of goofing off and helping themselves to whatever they like.  I wonder if that will be possible?

Swamp Fox

For those who heard a rumor "What you don't see with your eyes, don't witness with your mouth."


Very profound, Swamp Fox.........but it sounds to us that this "Toolgate thievery" should be re-looked at and by an outside source and by lie detectors.  If the Pussycat Patrol was accused of thievery and found innocent by a biased source.......we would have to insist on a lie detector test.  We would never want the public to question our integrity.  We, the Pussycat Patrol, are crime fighters who track down evil-doers and bring them to justice.  We need our public to believe in us, as we believe in them.  We hope this tool thief is found and punished.  Someone took those tools!  Please, city of HUron.........if we can be of assistance, please let us's what we do.  Thank you.


I see that the Huron Playhouse is performing "The Fox in the Fairway" this summer.  How appropriate.


Choose the behavior-choose the consequences.


@ sold on fox

Please do not place me in the "embarrassed" group.  I am not at all embarrassed by what has happened with the whole investigation and what has come to light.  I was not arrogant nor will I ever be to think I am above reproach.

I am so sad to realize that it is important to some (and the group seems to be dwindling in numbers) to "hide" from reality to save face.  Like someone so eloquently stated at the last borad meeting:  the corruption scandal in Cleveland started small.  These hooligan antics have long been a part of the Huron culture, AKA as Good ol boys club. 

As far as the corner you will be in with Mr. Fox, will you be expecting beverages and food trays?  Just askin'.


"Toolgate" comments keep popping up and peak my interest. First are we talking a missing hammer and saw, or are we describing thousands of dollars worth of tools and equipment?  Second, when it was investigated by the superintendent is there any public record of his actions, i.e. hiring and paying for a private investigator, requistions or inventories to document items missing, actions by the board, etc.? Third, who are the personnel involved in this escapade, administrators, board members, maintenance, etc.?  And lastly, isn't anybody bothered by security tapes that go missing at the same time the tools are returned?

Seems to me while we're doing some housekeeping, we roll the carpet back a bit more and see what there is to find.

Julie R.

"And lastly, isn't anybody bothered by security tapes that go missing at the same time the tools are returned." 

Could be the security system malfunctioned or something on the date in question. If so, that would mean the security tapes didn't go missing --- they just don't exist.