Report: Inappropriate relationships distracted Fox from job

(UPDATED WITH FULL REPORT at 2:58 p.m.) The Huron school board has released a law firm's 50-page report on allegations against superintendent Fred Fox, who the board suspended Tuesday without pay.
Jessica Cuffman
Jun 25, 2012


(UPDATED WITH FULL REPORT at 2:58 p.m.) The Huron school board has released a law firm's 50-page report on allegations against superintendent Fred Fox, who the board suspended Tuesday without pay.

The much-awaited investigative report says Fox should be fired as result of his alleged misdeeds, including his improper business relationship with Kalahari Resorts CEO Todd Nelson. While Kalahari provided Fox with free golf, discount rooms and other perks, the school district gave Kalahari tax abatements that were more favorable than abatements offered to other companies, the report stated.

The report also said Fox's alleged affair with a Fremont Schools administrator has interfered with his ability to lead the school district. The law firm interviewed about 20 upper-level district employees to compile the report.  

For more on the report's findings, pick up Thursday's Register. For an in-depth look at the Kalahari tax abatement under scrutiny and the cost of the investigation check out Friday's Register.


The full report and supplemental documents are posted below.

A statement issued Thursday afternoon by representatives of Todd Nelson has also been posted.




Phil Packer

 Such decadence.

fudge pies

This does not sound good friends!

Sue Meredith

So he can't have friends and not allowed to be romantically involved. Think I would look for a new job.


"Inappropriate relationships"   really? like with a under age high school female student? i didn't bother to read the rest of the story. is the sandusky register trying to compete with the national enquirer? just saying. here is a good opportunity for another start up business for a newspaper that reports the real news.


hey sandusky register, take a hint from your current, past and future readers and subscribers will you? get a clue!!!! you have been informed. if i want to read the national enquirer, i can buy it in the store. i don't need a competiter to read day dream news. people want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. if people want fiction, they can watch the syfy channel. GIVE US THE TRUTH!!!!  stupid sticking caps key on my key board. i can pick up another one at goodwill cheap i hope.

Darwin's choice

bet you wanted to say "the law firm interviewed about 20 disgruntled upper- level district empoyees"  


If you were a law firm who was alleged to being paid $10,000 only for the school board later to say they are being paid more like $30,000 and then upon questioning the school district treasurer says this could cost as much a $100,000....................................... how do you think the law firm will investigate and write the report?  These lawyers are smart enough to know when they have three suckers on the school board who are willing to pay them thousands for their work. At this point the law firm sees even more on the horizon with several hundred thousand if this goes to lawsuits. 

I bet you a few of the senior members of that law firm already have their new BMW's on order and telling their kids no problem on where you want to go to college for we just hit pay dirt in Huron City Schools. Alas,  all due to the generosity of the majority of the Huron school board.


Not sure about the rest of you, but does something "SMELL FUNNY" here??  Starting to sound like that Erie Metroparks fiasco..just saying         Be careful Ed and Jim (polar bears/pirates)  wowee..  poor kids

fudge pies

is there a legal way of paying taxes for another school district w/o moving?  who the hell wants to support these yellow belly cowards?  


smalltown..if I remember from way back, Huron always depended on what side of the river you live on??  Anyone agree??


@ Gardenman:  Remember, it was Mr. Fox's poor decisions and the decision of Mr. Asher and Mr. Caporini to not allow the original request to turn over these issues to the Ethics Commission.  NOT the three members of the board who voted to have this looked into.  Please place the blame where it should be!!  Thank you!



now they have added an "alleged affair".  Ok, was this allegedly on school time?  Wow, I hope they have proof of this, true proof and didn't take some backfence story befoe they accused him. 

I have to agree with "small town".  It "sure does not sound good", but it would make a good movie.  Wait, they already did this one.  I would like to see the entire report before jumping to conclusions.   


Maybe the people who got Kalahari to donate the items for the Huron Football stadium should take them down and give them back to the resort. Then what would the citizens of Huron do with no football stadium. I can remember when it was just a field with a fence and bleachers. The people of Huron should clean off their own door steps before they start on someone elses.



You say "I would like to see the entire report before jumping to conclusions" but you begin by questioning an alleged affair .... hmmm.  I wonder why so many people disapprove of an investigation of any kind, be it the Ethics Commission or a third party.  An outside investigation should prove the innocent, so why fear it?

School time?  That is the focus of many questions .... how many folks conduct personal business during working hours?  I don't care what the excuse or reasoning is, I don't want to pay taxes so folks are paid to take care of their personal matters during working hours.  Using school equipment on school time to plow your driveway, not appropriate!  Paying your utility bills on the school computer on school time, not appropriate!  Flirting with your girlfriend via school email, not appropriate!  Purchasing household products on school computers during school time, not appropriate!  Leaving school to attend to personal matters during school hours, not appropriate!  Employees are provided vacation, sick, personal, and bereavement time to deal with personal matters and emergencies.  Administration would go after teachers, bus drivers, and janitors for any of the above examples and the union could not protect them .... rightfully so.  High academic performance and fiscally sound .... this means we can do what we want on the taxpayer's nickle? 

Sold On Fox 2


You seriously make very good sense.

As a supporter of Fred Fox I really welcome the investigation at this point.

The damage has already been done to the the Huron City Schools and Fred Fox.

An investigation will find Fred Fox guilty of being human.. Apparently that is not in his job description ?

As I said, at this point, Fred Fox has been tried and found guilty by Huron's BOE of three. Are they doing their 'jobs' or are they just seizing an opportunity ?

I don't have the answers. I'm going to watch what is going on and continue to support Fred Fox as he is the one we have to thank for the fiscal health of the Huron City Schools today. Fred Fox and his credibility with taxpayers and business/industry.

Who's credibility are we going to bank on now ?  Tim Sowecke's ?



 Sold on Fox 2,

I'm sure they are seizing the oppurtunity. Of course if Mr. Fox would not have given them the rope to hang him this would be a mute point.

Those darn e-mails will get you every time. Public employee on public time become public records.

Sold On Fox 2



Sold On Fox 2

Where does the law firm come up with 20 'upper level' employees ?

High School Principal

High School Vice Principal

Middle School Principal

Elementary Principal

Cuuriculum Director

Athletic director

Bus Garage Supervisor

Kitchen Mgr


That's 9 ?

Who are the other 11 ?


 So let me get this straight, they are firing a guy because he is friends with a local business owner, and because he is having a romantic relationship with an administrator from Fremont (an adult)?  My god man, who would want a job that had those types of restrictions?  From what I have seen, and with all the accolades that the Huron School District has received, I would say Fred was doing a pretty good job.  Sounds like a witch hunt by a few board members that are trying to install one of their buddies in the job.  Just wait until they announce his replacement, then the truth will be known.


Kalahari will annex to another district after this................... blame who?


I said Kalahari will annex to another district after this....

concerned huron...

I still don't understand why the board would waste money to investigate when it could have been done for free first by the Ohio Ethics Commission instead of involving them AFTER spending thousands of  dollars? Since the report has been released, can anyone request a copy?  What does upper-level district employee mean?  Is an upper-level district employee based on seniority or authority?

Allege means to assert without proof or before proving, to bring forward as a reason or excuse.  Anyone can claim anything, but does the investigation actually prove any of the allegations as true?


If it's not illegal activity, then it is only "improper"  in the eyes of the beholder.  These people need to mind their own business, and I would DARE them to put anything regarding a supposed affair in writing.... I would sue their their pants off.  Grow up you bunch of petty stone throwing hypacrites.

Sold On Fox 2

Not one thing mentioned in the Register's article about the BOE's lawyer's report is illegal ?

Kalahari gets better tax abatement ? So what ? Does the largest taxpayer in Huron deserve better treatment ? Does anyone in their right mind actually think that free / discounted golf and rooms constitutes a bribe ? a payment ? Is there really enough value here to warrent that type of judgement ?

And now to the 'alleged' affair. This time people have really gone too far. And.. If I am the Fremont Administrator at this point I am calling a lawyer. People in the system were interviewed to come up with the 'facts' ? I guess it is time to show us all the email so we may judge for ourselves ? That was sarcasm folks. I don't care what the emails say. The only thing I'm worried about is what the Huron BOE should be worried about and that is are Huron's children being properly educated and are school employees happy with their jobs. Period.

Fred Fox's hours are 24 hours a day on the job. It will be very hard to define when he was on the job and when he wasn't. It will also be very hard to determine when Fred was acting in his official capacity and when it was just Fred Fox, citizen.

The bigger problem at this point is the state of the Huron City Schools. Education will go on. Spending of tax dollars will continue.. and the Huron Tiger Football team will play under the lights on Kalahari Field on Friday nights.

But.. a good man's name and career have been tarnished. His family is probably right now wondering what is true even though they support him.

If the Register only allowed people who have worked as hard as Fred Fox or are as educated as Fred Fox comment here, there would be few comments. Fred Fox is a man. Not just a superintendent.

Now.. as Fred Fox has endured this anal exam the time has come to look to his accusers and find out what their agendas are and also to find out what kind of people they are. They threw the stones so I can only hope their 'glass houses' can withstand this barrage.

Everything Fred Fox has worked for and become is being trashed in public at this point. I am going to personally, through the web and the telephone contact anyone in a position of power who can find out why the 'Three Stooges' brought these charges. I am then going to turn over my findings to Fred Fox's civil attorney who I am sure is going to be retained after this thing plays it's course, (that was a golf reference in case you missed it !)..

Anyone who would like to help in this effort will find a Facebook site posted on here where they can go to help Fred Fox keep his name and reputation. Your help will be appreciated !


 Sold on Fox 2,

You are correct. We tolerate our Presidents having affairs why not Superintendents.

Lets not lead with morals and responsibility. We need to educate our children that promiscuity is a valued virtue.

Oops.... did I really say that?

You just want Huron school employees to be happy. Which ones? The ones that like Mr. Fox or the ones that don't like Mr. Fox?

Sold On Fox 2


I'm going to assume you always liked your boss ?

And am going to remind you that this is an 'alleged' affair and you apparently live in Huron, so I am going to assume that you also know what a rumor is ?

Now.. If there are definately Emails supporting an 'actual' affair ie, 'I love you, Fred'.. 'I need you, Fred'.. etc.. then I have no arguement.

But.. to ruin a man's reputation with 'I think he's having an affair with an administrator from Fremont' is absolutely without warrent.

I know you understand this oh sage of coffee and dunkers...

Sold On Fox 2

PS DonutShopGuy-

This whole situation hinges on when and where the alleged affair was going on. If Fred Fox was loving this Fremont administrator up on company time, ala Bill Clinton, then he needs to be repremanded for this.

If Fred Fox was not on company time..

If the 'alleged' affair is/was not going on..

If Fred Fox was just being cordial with a peer.. 

These are the 'ifs' that I would expect people to be asking about before branding Fred Fox 'promiscuous'. I would expect you to understand not ruining a man's reputation over hearsay.

Fred Fox would have more rights if he HAD committed a crime.


Cracks me up how some of you insist on blaming the SR!  Comparing SR to the National Enquirer is just silly.  Regardless of the outcome it is news!  I like Fred though and hope things work out for him.  However, people can and do have secrets.  Jus sayin'!

old dog

So, now we have Fred hung before  the jury voted, and ethics commission hasn't  even ruled on the issue. Seems like there was money spent before the trial began. Right or wrong, there will be no winner in this case. It is a terrible shame for all involved, but the social media has made their minds up on who is right or wrong, long before the commission has made their ruling.

Fred Fox- career ruined

School Board- lost respect from the cumminity

Students- will suffer in the end

Future levies- you make that call

Sold On Fox 2

Old Dog-

You are sadly correct on all points.

You did forget:

School Employees - Will also suffer in the end


 First, Mr. Fox will never work for the Huron School system again.  His chosing or there's it doesn't matter.

Second, there will be a lawsuit.  It will never make it to court. An agreement to limit the knowledge to the public will take place. Remember, this is for Mr. Fox's benifit in finding a new job.

Life will go on until another public official crosses the line.

Sold On Fox 2


Sadly, you are also correct. Fred Fox will not work for the Huron Schools again. Life will go on.

But.. I believe the lawsuit will be very public and will end up with Fred Fox not having to work again. Fred's being found not guilty of these 'charges' will not matter as perception IS reality and the BOE and the newspaper have broadcast many slanderous accusations Fred Fox's way.

The newspaper is just reporting them.


Maybe some of the board members, by getting the Ohio Ethics Commission involved, are covering their own butts by letting a law firm investigate the matter and the Ethics Commission make the decision. The way people are today they will sue at a pin drop. If there is a lawsuit then all the violations that have occurred will all be brought to light and it could be very ugly for many people. Quit speculating what happened. Things like this has happened in other districts so your not the only one Huron.  You do have the biggest cry babys though.

When there is no competition in the elections, that is when the corruption starts.

Home Boy

So all this comes about from one legal firm's "opinion" on what 'they' found from 'interviews' of individuals who were not 'interviewed' by anyone else....including school board memebers. There's an old saying, "if attorneys were always right, they wouldn't need judges". And even then that's why they have juries. Just sayin, ya know.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Well said, TaxRaider!

@Concerned_Citizen...when I go back and read the original articles, two board members were AGAINST sending the matter to the OEC.  Then the law firm was hired, the report was returned, and two board members were STILL against handing it over to the OEC.  I believe this was the meeting in which the first audio was provided on the Register with Mr. Sowecke and Mr. Asher sounding like they were ready to settle the matter in the parking lot.  You are absolutely right that it should have been sent to the OEC and thousands of dollars would have been saved.

We have FIVE board members involved - including one with a grudge and two who would prefer to ignore their responsibility to let the OEC investigate and rule.  If Mr. Fox is innocent of  violating ethic laws, he would have been cleared and this would be a non-issue now.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Sold on Fox

How do you know that the lawyer's report is illegal?  Are you privy to executive sessions?  Are you suggesting that the board did not approve the investigation with a vote?  Do you really believe that a law firm, with hundreds of clients, would be swayed by the three stooges to not allow the "ostriches" to see the report?  I have heard Mr. Fox's attorney on tape accuse them of not handing over the report to him.  This is between the two attorneys and I feel confident that the board's attorney knows what is required by law.  So if you know something that can be supported by FACTS,  please advise.

Natti Light

 It always boils down to sex on some level.  Why is that?  How does an affair interfere with one's job performance unless they are the pope?  Why is this news worthy?  Sorry, but I don't want a bunch of townies on the school board prying into the private lives of public employees.  Next thing you know, teachers will have to walk the streets with a red letter on their jacket....and not an H.

Fred having an affair is no one's business...not the BOE's, the OEC's, not ours, and certainly not the Sandusky Register's.

We all want to talk trash about Fred's personal life, so let's start talking trash.  Let's talk trash about one of the athletic coaches who slept his way through 3 different women.  2 of them were married and had kids in the school.  Why don't we want to talk about that?  Why doesn't the Register run a story on that?  Oh...because it's no one's business and has nothing to do with his job performance.  And it certainly doesn't take away from the countless young men's lives he has made a positive difference in.  Same goes for Fred.  If we're going to talk about Fred's personal life, believe me, we're going to talk about the personal lives of others right here on this forum.  I'm just getting warmed up.

What Fred does with his willy is between him, his wife, and whoever else is involved.  It has nothing to do with the school system, and is none of our business..myself included.

Last time I checked, teachers and administrators didn't take a vow of celibacy.  This is a public school, not a private school.  If you want your public school employees to be monks, then send them to a private school....but I bet you'll find the same problems.

Sold On Fox 2

Natti Lite-

A vow of celibacy... You are killing me.

Fred Fox's high profile position gives newspapers, politicians and apparently the public a chance to hear/see the details of his sex/private life ? This 'affair' is 'alleged'. Who knows the truth except Fred Fox ?

If having an affair is 'illegal' where do we start ?

Let me give you a hypothetic example:

A teacher/coach in elementary school has an affair with another elementary teacher who happens to be married to the Board of Education's president's son.

As proof of this affair and that it was being held on company time the teacher/coach asked an elementary student to pass a note to Mrs. So and So..

Well.. Mrs. So and So had a popular last name in the town and there was another Mrs. So and So who also taught at the elementary school and was the Mrs. So and So that the elementary student passed the note to.

The other Mrs. So and So, who got the note from the teacher/coach, was appalled, but did not pass this note, or the fact that it was delivered by an elementary student on to her bosses. But.. she talked about it.

The school board president and another board member did everything they could to bring this affair to light but the superintendent and athletic director did everything they could to stop this from hitting the main stream.

This whole  'affair' should have resulted in both teachers being repremanded/possibly fired but because of the 'stature' of the elementary teacher/coach it never happened.

The elementary teacher, Mrs. So and So later died and the elementary teacher/coach went on to other prey.

Is Fred Fox guilty of passing E-Notes to another administrator ? I really don't care. I'm sure it was done on Fred Fox's own time and because the man works 24 hours a day he only has access to his school computer. Why is an elementary teacher/coach more important to a school system than an effective leader ?

In the 'real world' Fred Fox would have been promoted to at least vice president status by now. Why is the 'public world' so different ?


Natti Light-

I too would like to know when this "Casanova" is going to be investigated for ALL of his inappropriate behavior. If they want to dig up dirt on Fox... then it should be across the board-all inappropriate behavior..and they'd better get a backhoe, they will definitely need it for the dirt they would find on certain people!

Tsu Dho Nimh


Why is it about sex?  Because people do stupid things when it comes to sex. The issue of his affair isn't that he may have had one.  You are correct in that it is not my business or the district's business what he does in his personal love life as long as it is with a consenting adult.  If you read the charges without "Fox colored glasses", the issue is the number of personal emails that are sent using school email during WORK  hours.  Even if it is just a platonic friendship, a dozen personal emails a days on numerous days is not appropriate and violates the district's policy.  Please do not defend him with the 24/7.  Work hours are 7:00 to 4:00 and the remainder of the day he is on call.  Most of us have used employee email for personal use and feel justified.  However, a dozen or more contacts a day on numerous occassions is excessive.  I assure you that if Mr. Fox was made aware of any of his teachers using personal email with this frequency, he would reprimand them and would be right in doing so.

Sold On Fox 2

Tsu Dho Nimh-

An email to one of his peers is fully justifiable no matter what glasses I'm wearing.

The content of the emails have not been shared.

I agree with you that 'personal' emails are not tolerated in any business.

It is just a shame that this is important enough to derail the Huron City Schools ?

And as for the hypothetical situation.. the person is still there and is actually behind all of this in a sick and twisted way. I have never been afraid of him, and he does not like anyone who rises above minion status. His day will come. (and what is sad is that his program is sound and good for kids and is great for getting people together.. Absolute power corrupts)..

Tsu Dho Nimh


I have never understood why this Super and board and the previous supers and boards would not address Mr. Hypothetical Situation.  Let this mess be a warning to him...Huron expects more from its employees and rules apply to everyone, even those with "special" last  names : ) 

Natti Light

 Wow.  It's amazing how many of us know that exact story about the elementary teacher/coach.  Obviously, no one wants to investigate that while we're talking about morality clauses....and you know what?  They shouldn't!  It's his business.  (though I will say the passing of a note using a student should result in terminiation and public stupid can you possibly be???)

I've always thought highly of said elementary teacher/coach.  I didn't allow his personal life decisions to influence the way I thought he performed/performs his job.  He runs a heck of a program, the kids look up to and respect him.  He's doeshis job and he does it well.  He tries to make sure his players are upstanding and learn some values.  He needs to do a better job of policing his personal transgressions, but that alone is not worthy of termination.  Contrary to popular belief, he's not a saint....but does he need to be? Again, though, how could you be so dumb to use a student to pass a note like that???

If this congregation wants to go after Fox, they better get ready to see their entire church crumble.  Sowecke opened a can of worms that I fear he won't be able to contain.

tax payer

There may be more to this story than what meets the eye, may stem back to the Majoy situation. Firing Fred seems harsh in light of what we know. Why can't we tell the truth, get on with the business of educating our children and doing the job that we are hired or voted in to serve do with pride. Everyone has an agenda, and usually they are not healthy, someone always gets the short end of the stick. And no one succeeds.

Local politics mirror the behavior of Washington politics, and in the end we all suffer, because power, not common sense,rules.

Natti Light

 Maybe so.  But it is a stretch to say that it interferes with his job performance.  A few years ago, school emails were the only email address many school employees used.  I have friends at other schools that use their school email account for EVERYTHING.  They don't even have a home email address.  No one is getting fired over it, it's common practice.

You get into trouble when you are sending personal emails during a scheduled class, etc.  Just like anything else, if you don't abuse the privilege you don't get into trouble.  If I go 30mph in a 25 zone, I'm probably not going to get a ticket.  If I go flying through at 55, I'm going to get into trouble.  Common sense.

Public records request these emails.  What's in them?  If they are so crippling, then why aren't they posted?

Interfering with job performance?  I doubt it.  It just took me 1 minute and 33 seconds to write this post. And it's much longer than your average email.

Tsu Dho Nimh


The 20 may also include dept chairpeople,individuals on building committees, lead teacherrs, building level custodial supervisors, coaches, etc.  Every district has teachers/employees who are not administrators but have responisibilities that go beyond the basic job description.  It would not be difficult to find 20 upper-level employees in a distric this size.

Mama of 4

Sounds like a classic case of you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. Which normally if everything is legal is perfectly fine. Except I think if Fred actually sat down to think about it he would know that -even if not intended-  it would look like a trade of services behind people backs.It might have been all very harmless but I can say if it was me I wouldnt have done it just becasue I know what people would think if found out. The affair with another member of another school system not on school hours, is he married? If so them not really a employment issue although not great image for a superintendent either. Maybe he shouldnt have been fired but I think if they both would have used thier common sense if it was found out- wether it was the intent or not- it would look like trading favors. Just sayin

Natti Light


I've never seen this "evil" side of Mr. Hypothetical.  I've heard about it, but like a fool, I give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they prove directly otherwise.  Mr. Hypo has always acted the way I thought he should, with the degree of class and respect that one would think fits his position.

The same goes for Fred.  Fred is hands down the best CEO/Leader that I have ever dealt with.  Huron is about to lose a great one.  I'm not friends with Fred, I don't hang out with him.  And I'm not looking through "fox colored glasses".  I'm just telling it like it his.  Some here can either disregard that or believe it, I don't care.  What's happening is wrong on every level, whether you like the man or not.  When Sowecke's time has passed, and he's no longer on the BOE, I wonder if he will sleep well at night?  Takes a pretty big set of stones to ruin a man for a personal grudge.

Tsu Dho Nimh


The use of email probably did not impact his job performance.  I have stated all through these posts that Mr. Fox as the superintendent  had to be aware of the computer use policy which prohibits employees from using email for personal use.  Other districts may have a different opinion regarding computer use but Huron's policy prohibits frequent use.  He isn't stupid, so he had to know that he had enemies.  Unfortunately for Mr. Fox, he handed over the ammunition to his foes and they are using it to shoot him down, in a legal, documented manner. Can we find other employees who have violated the policy?  I'm sure we can if they choose to look.  Mr. Fox is like a speeding car going down route two.  There may be 10 others speeding but he is the one that was pulled over and it doesn't matter that  the other 10 got lucky. Legal and fair  sometimes differ.

Natti Light


Agreed.  Everyone has some form of dirt...some of it dirtier than others.  I'd like to think that Fred was the perfect family man, but maybe he's not.  And who really cares?  This should not have even been brought into the investigation.

Republican or Democratic politics aside, this reminds me of Clinton.  Can't find enough dirt to get what you want, so let's go after sex.  Everyone likes a good sex scandal.  Let's ruin the man's reputation so thoroughly that it's impossible for him to do his job.  Never mind that we started the problem by bringing to light what was otherwise kept discreet.  Never mind that not only are we ruining his career, let's ruin his family and friendships as well.  This is a filthy and disgusting game that the 3 Musketeers are playing.  I certainly hope it's worth it for them.

Further, if you think they are going to come out with emails of Fred saying "I want to do this to you" or "I can't wait to.....", you're nuts.  The man is not stupid.  More likely, it will say something like "Should we meet for dinner at 6PM?" or "How does 4:30 sound?"  Not nearly enough to prove anything.  They could have been meeting to discuss water polo schedules.  And maybe they were???  Maybe...just maybe....this never took place at all??  Maybe we should all shut up about Fred's personal life, and focus on the topics that actually matter.  Just because a big scary law firm said it, doesn't make it true.  Law firms are just like any other business....full of geniuses and idiots.  Anyone remember the OJ trial?  I rest my case.

Since school board members are so perfect since we elected them, why don't we talk about the old BOE member who was so fond of getting into bar fights....while his daughter was a student at Huron.  Why don't we talk about how he was an absolute lech.  Let's air all of Huron's dirty little secrets.  Isn't that what Sowecke's mission is?  Truth, justice, the American way, and all of that horsecrap?


The Answer Person

So he had sex with someone.  Big deal.

Please find someone on the stone throwing committee that hasn't done something one could interpret as inappropriate.

Huron....rhymes with urine.

Natti Light

 Download the school's AUP form.  Just did it myself and read it.  It says "students", but is the same form given to employees.

Find where it says school email can't be used for personal email.  The only thing it says is "educational use only".  That's pretty broad, and open to debate.  If I email the cook and ask what's for lunch, is that educational?  If I email the math teacher at Perkins and ask "would you like to meet for dinner", is that non-educational?

It does not specifically state that you may not send a personal message using your school email account.  If it does, and I missed it, please correct me.  If there is another form, please point it out to me.




Past Chamber President Doug Studer presented the “Unsung Hero Award” to Huron City Schools Superintendent Fred Fox.

 A Huron native, he chose to return to the helm of the local schools “because of his love of our community,” said Studer.

“One way or another, we and all our children, have been touched by Fred’s dedication to Huron.”

Sitting In The ...

So they paid a law firm with taxpayer money to investigate Mr. Fox and the best they could come up with was basically "Mr.Fox has a life outside of work". Thank you board members for validating Mr. Fox only statement " This is a smear campaign". They didnt wait for the state's finding before suspending him which means they didnt care what the state was going to say. I smell a lawsuit and are the board members up for re-election this year if so I would start looking elsewhere. 

concerned huron...

None of the board members are up for re-election this year.  This is what Huron will have to live with unless there is enough evidence to prove any of the board members committed misfeasance, malfeasance, or nonfeasance to proceed with filing a recall with the court of common pleas.

On board thru 12/31/15:


On board thru 12/31/13


If there is any evidence, please pursue a recall.  I fear for the future of Huron City Schools.

Sitting In The ...

 Thanks for the Info Concerned Huron

Natti Light

 I'd also be interested to know how Mr. Hypothetical's current wife and her relation with Sowecke are influencing all of this.  This is so incestuous, and typical of Huron politics it's frightening.

Sold On Fox 2

Natti Light-

Exactly. Incestuous and dirty.

We've had many BOE members in Huron who have had 'interesting' personal lives. The current board is where my interest lies.

Most of the people discussed on here have done some good for the Huron City Schools. Mr. Hypothetical has a wonderful program that builds charactor in students no matter what kind of charactor he is. The BOE 'absolute lech' actually raised over a million and a half dollars for the athletic boosters, negotiated the 'pop' contract to the tune of a half million dollars and was the board president who hired Fred Fox.  The past superintendent was a drinking buddy with the past, (twice past), treasurer and was rumored to be gay, but he was responsible for strategic planning. Teachers have run their 'driving school' businesses on sick days.. Bus drivers have stopped at McDonalds in the middle of their bus routes.  

And yes.. Fred Fox 'alledgidly' is having/has had an affair ?

I am really having trouble grasping where this belonged in the news ? And who put it there ? Three people who collectively have no experiance neccesary to be legislating policy in a school district.

I want to know EVERYTHING about these people. They are now 'public' figures so anything is fair.

Tell us all what you know about Slocum, SOWecke and Greene..

They wanted this all to be public.. An open invitation to look at the accuser's private lives..

Tsu Dho Nimh


If a parent contacts an employee about something that is related to school, such as a lunch menu, of course it is not personal.  If a teacher contacts a friend in another district for the sole purpose of dinner plans, it is personal.

Here is a little story that I was told two months ago by someone who works for the district : )  There most likely is a significant amount of truth to it.

The state auditors come in for a standard audit.  They notice that an item of significant value was sold for the price of a pepsi.  When questioned, it was revealed that the board did not approve this.  You said you are a teacher so you would agree that the board would need to approve the disposal or sale of any district tagged item.  The purchaser reports directly to Mr. Fox.  The story goes on that said purchaser could return the item and that would be enough.  Okay, problem solved except that through talking with other employees, it was learned that same employee was using school equipment to maintain his home.  Also, same supervisor was sending employees over to Mr. Fox's home for snow removal purposes. Question that arose: was Mr. Fox aware of this and if so, did he approve it or did he reprimand the supervisor?  Now the district starts investigating the situation and guess what?  They stumble upon the Kalahari golf trip. It sounds like the board was given a can of worms that was already opened : )


and Mr Fox is able to leave his now cleared out driveway to do his job of making a determination that schools should  be

1. closed, 2. delayed and get to the school to be there for any student walkers that still get sent to school by their parents who may be

1. working, 2. sleeping, 3. ignorant to the weather.


and Mr Fox is able to leave his now cleared out driveway to do his job of making a determination that schools should  be

1. closed, 2. delayed and get to the school to be there for any student walkers that still get sent to school by their parents who may be

1. working, 2. sleeping, 3. ignorant to the weather.



Fox is a fine lookin man. I'd like to distract him from school business!

Natti Light

 So if a superintendent contacts a local business owner about setting up a retreat for his administrative team, that's not personal.  If a school official contacts another school offical about dinner plans, that's not personal either.  Thank you for ending that debate for us.

How about  a teacher using a student to pass a note to a fellow teacher about hooking up later that evening?  Oh.....he didn't use his computer, so I guess he's in the clear...right?  Or.....someone on the school board is looking out for said teacher's interests so we can't talk about that.  Maybe we need to start including kids in the acceptable use policy.

Which incident is more egregious?


 Hey Sandusky Register-   Why don't you publish the entire report rather than the sordid little excerpts that were conveniently placed on the front page to sell papers. Oh don't have the entire report! Then where did your trashy front page teasers come from? And BTW school board- way to go in your sabotage of this quiet little town.   You have just pi$$ed off all of the taxpayers and voters with your lack of transparency and unethical actions. You have also publicly embarrassed all of the employees of Huron City Schools and citizens of the town. The end result is that you are hurting the kids...our future.  Everyone else will move on. I am just glad that school is not in session for all of the division this has created.


I hope the affair thing is found to be untrue. Best wishes to his family.


 Typical Huron baloney and gossip.  Much to do about nothing in Ohio's version of Peyton Place.  Somebody, probably a woman, got rejected by Fox and now there is h3ll to pay.  

Tsu Dho Nimh

lil Dab

I'll agree with your point that he needs to get out and check the roads.  Now please explain why the supervisor needs to maintain HIS drive, lawn, and his home's interior/exterior with school equipment?  If the allegation is made, should it not be investigated to either confirm it or clear the man's name? And if during the investigation something unexpected comes up, do we ignore it?  There is a reason why the emails were exposed and I personally can believe the board was mining for silver when they struck gold.

Sold On Fox 2

The Super and the Bus Supervisor need to get out of their driveways to check the roads and get to the bus garage. This is NOT an issue !


 So, Natti, because administration didn't do their job in dealing with Mr. Coach/Teacher, that means that the current board shouldn't do theirs in regard to Fred Fox?  Here's an old saying--two wrongs don't make a right.


 All of you Fox supporters don't know how he operates.  He has on several occasions told teachers to do things in violation of their contract, and when they tell him no, he does everything he can to try to mess with them.  Does that sound like an upstanding leader?  The contract is there for BOTH sides to follow.  You think that Huron City Schools have succeeded because of him--I think they have succeeded in spite of him.  There are teachers and administrators that should have never been hired, and should have been since fired.  No one in adminstration seems to want to do their jobs.

As far as financial stats, they have come at a cost.  There is only one high school counselor for 500 students. There are no foreign language classes until high school.  AP classes are sometimes combined with regular classes, and the AP offerings are slim to begin with, and with such high achieving students, this is unacceptable.  We still have a swim team that has to travel almost an hour round trip just to practice.  Substitute teachers are paid a measly $80 a day (and if you say they are babysitters, keep in mind even babysitters get paid more).

There are many issues that need dealt with. Neither Fred nor HCS are the perfection that some of you make them out to be.

Sold On Fox 2


Fred Fox makes 'business' decisions which is what he's hired to do.

It is not unusual to feel that your boss is doing nothing.

The big picture is that the Huron City Schools run much better with Fred Fox and I'm sorry you do not appreciate the job he's done.

Having said that I also think it is crazy that subs are only paid $80 a day; AP classes being combined and slim; no foreign languages taught until high school which is too late; and the swim team. Many have tried to build a pool and the plans always crumbled for lack of support.

If you are a Huron City Schools employee I hope you find employment elsewhere that is more suitable to your needs. We have that freedom to move on. 

Nothings perfect but the Huron City Schools are a work in progress that gets results in spite of a miniscule budget compared to other districts. Funding schools is a national problem, not just in Huron.


 Sold, I am not a HCS employee, but thanks for your concern.

Natti Light

 Nearly every person you've mentioned has been good in some way for Huron.  And not one of them deserves to have their personal lives pushed through the mud.  The elephant in the room is that the current BOE didn't think of the ramifications of what this is going to bring down on the Huron City Schools.  It will ruin more than one life, and there is going to be some very bad blood for many years to come.  Sad on every level.

If you want dirt on the 3, then start looking at their relationships.  Who are they connected/related to?  Who are they friends with?  Who has the most to gain from this?  It all points back to one circle of people, no matter how you look at it.

Tsu Dho Nimh


Okay, for the moment I will agree with you that the golf trip emails were of the business nature.  According to the State of Ohio, not me, the participants were not allowed to accept any discounts that are not made availabe to EVERY customer that visited during that time period. The emails confirm that they paid $500, not the $1,000 going rate.  They were given free golf and other services. It is in the email, not hear say.  This violation is a bigger problem than misuse of district email.  I respect your feelings of being disgusted with what is going on and that you are happy with Mr. Fox's job performance but I am very puzzled as why you keep arguing about the law.  Sometimes good people make very serious mistakes and pay the consequence.

Natti Light


No.  That's not what I'm saying.  Neither issue warrants termination.

Sold On Fox 2

NO Natti-

I believe passing a note to another teacher using a student to do it warrents termination.

Sold On Fox 2
Sold On Fox 2

Try this one !

Support Fred Fox


A place to exchange ideas and information. I'm going to open it only for members.

Natti Light

 Did Fred ask for the discount?  Did Todd apply the discount?  The email with the rate came from someone other than Todd.  Maybe the received a group rate?  An educational discount?  There is not enough information in those emails to warrant termination!  There is nothing there that points to an abuse of power, or anything illegal/unethical.  Could those emails suggest it?  Possibly..if you're really looking.  But no hard evidence, and nothing that warrants the step that the BOE took Tuesday night.

Now, let's blow my entire argument to shreds and say that the email was of a personal nature.  Is getting a group rate, from a friend, enough to fire someone?  Well, if it's a personal relationship, then no.  If a close friend of mine happens to own Cedar Point, and offers me a discount ticket, is that illegal?  No.

Either way you want to look at the issue, there is not enough to take action.  Maybe there is more...why isn't that public knowledge?  I would think that the BOE would only push out the evidence that makes their side of the issue look strong.  If this is all they have, you might as well get ready to pay through the nose.

Every single person here has done something that they could get fired for, if someone really wanted to get rid of you.  But most intelligent people base their decisions on common sense and reality.  Unfortunately, both of those seem to be in short supply in this town.

Natti Light


Possibly.  But I wouldn't ruin a stellar teaching record over one incident.  I'd say a 3-5 day suspension and a written letter in the file would probably be enough.  It was isolated, and didn't do damage/harm to anyone.

let the truth b...
I am not a normal blogger but wish to intervene here to set some of the record straight. 1) As all are aware, the Huron School District allocated approx. $10,000 to conduct the M&M report. This has been widely published. Please all be aware that the initial invoice from M&M was submitted on Thurs.   While this invoice is not itemized, the lump sum total is upwards of $50,000. At this point in time, Mr. Slocum is withholding the itemized records under the Attorney/Client Privilege.   Since Mr. Soweckie has released the report and the report itself is now a public document, the Attorney/Client Privilege for the invoice is also waived. Mr. Slocum must release this detail and the public has a right to see this. 2) The M&M report has many, many flaws. A) The exact questions asked and the exact answers are not documented. Instead we have a summary of “what was allegedly said”.   B) There is no signed affidavit by each of the interviewees to validate their statements. C) If you really read the report – it is all hearsay. There is not one piece of hard evidence that could ever be admitted in a Court of Law. D) Note that two people wanted their interview to be recorded and Mr. Markling, at the direction of Mr. Slocum, chose not to interview these people. Why? Why would he be concerned to have the interview recorded? E) The people interviewed are not under oath and accordingly not compelled to tell the truth. F) The entire report is filled with untruths. G)There clearly are many, many violations of the Sunshine Law. Mr. Markling has advised his clients that there are not any Sunshine Law violations. This in itself could be grounds for Mr. Markling to be penalized by the Ohio Bar Association. H). Mr. Nelson is not interviewed. Why? I) Mr. Fox has receipts for all. Where is that evidence?  Finally, ORC 3319.16 clearly states that termination can only be for “good and just cause”. If you research Case history you will see that good and just cause has been defined to be repeated and documented substandard on the job performance. This means shortfalls must be pointed out in writing and improvement plans developed. In this case, the Board DID NOT EVEN WRITE A PERFORMANCE REVIEW FOR FRED LAST YEAR. Furthermore the last performance review on record has an Excellent rating.   We will see who wins this one. The “three stooges” trying to run this mess can’t even get the motions correct. Go figure. Mark my words, there will be many, many individual Law suits. The sad part about this is that I’m willing to bet that Markling did not advise the people being interviewed that they must be cautious, careful and very truthful with their statements as there is a strong possibility that they will be sued.  Of course then, we don’t have their statements only Markling’s take on what they said. Katy bar the door Mr. Ruff, Tanny and others. Maybe Mr. Markling will give you a discount to defend each of you in Court. Just so the Public is aware, there is a formal effort being organized in Huron to go through the process of recalling the three Board members. The process is actually very simple. In the long run we will see who wins this. The real sad part about this is that ever since Mr. Soweckie has been elected, the Board has been focused on this farcical effort and has done -- nothing, zero to move the District forward and that is their principle job. They must be removed from office!
Sold On Fox 2


Let the Truth be Known -

You have spelled it all out. I don't know where you practice law but I could have used you in my past ! lol

I hope those organizing the recall will go to FaceBook:
and post their progress.

I want to personally thank you for finally being the voice of reason. The only way Fred Fox stays in Huron and as the superintendent is if at least 2 out of those 'Three Stooges' are removed from office.

What these idiots have done to the Huron City Schools should be the target of an investigation.

And Natti Light-
You are also the voice of reason here. I'm glad you are working with kids !

Sold On Fox 2

Support Fred Fox on Facebook:


Not them...Fred!   Trying to cover it up and sweep it under the rug is what created the opening for lawyer fees. Reality bites. Have to believe there are more who are glad to see the truth come out for a change.  Refreshing for Huron, where the truth is always ignored!

Sold On Fox 2


Maybe you're not reading the other posts but I suggest the one by 'LET THE TRUTH B..'

It should answer any questions you have about what needs to be swept under the rug. There is nothing worth sweeping. You sure you're not Tim Sowecke ? Trying to stir things up ? lol


Reading the posts and the report too!



Sold on Fox 2--- are you serious?  Or are you Jim?  Blodgett should have been swept and kicked out the door years ago, and Fred has spent years defending his good old buddy, who is just as dirty as he is.

As for Sowecke, I am going to seek him out and shake his hand!  Scott Slocum, I was hoping you would rise to the occasion years ago, and Donna, I'm thrilled, I just knew you had it in you, thanks for stepping up!  Let's hope the cleansing doesn't stop here.  Read how Munafo squeals, either get rid of him too, or make him enforce the dress code instead of drooling over those young girls.

Maybe once they clean house, the other 2 board members will also step down, and the focus can go back to the kids.

Time to focus on getting and keeping good teachers and purging all the incompetent bullies, (which Fred was) and hungover "I will just pretend I'm teaching/working employees".  Maybe the kids....ALL the kids***** can get the education that the taxpayers are shelling out for, and any money coming from those who are getting abatements can be used for the good of ALL the students, not just the 'athletically inclined', or 'named' students.  Everyone knows, athletics in Huron are only for those Huron insiders, with a name, and the rest stay on the bench right?

Do not blame anyone else for the pain that Fred Fox has caused his family and others, he has no one to blame but himself.  He not only was ignorant enough to put it in writing on the school email, but arrogant enough to brag to his buddies.

I don't know Mr. Nelson, but all companies strive for abatements, I guess.  Maybe he can just do good on his own, and see where that leads?  Huron could use a swimming pool, once you are done with the baseball field and McCormick auditorium.  Surely there would be plenty of people who would support your abatements if you are supporting ALL of the kids, and the school, and not just Fred, his running buddies, football and the H Team.  We all know that Fred and the guys go way back, but since Mr. Nelson is a 'new guy' maybe I will give him the benefit of doubt, and hope that he IS just a generous guy.

Yes, I am praying for all of them, and especially for the innocent loved ones.  Trust God, no one else.


 Karma is great eh?  It is not always easy to do the right thing, but it is worth it in the long run.  Kudos to the three for finally having guts to put those who have operated as if the law doesn't apply, in their place.  Gives some peace to the little guys who have been bullied by Fox's few throughout the years. Academic record? Ha. All depends on who you are and the name you have, that's why the friends are the ones who get the perks, escape justice and laugh at others, as long as they continue to "get their's"!  So how's it feel now--are we having fun yet?  Where's the video boys?  I still have mine.  Enjoy!

Natti Light


Back it up.  Tell us exactly what Fred told teachers to do in violation of the contract.  Don't allege, or spread hearsay...tell the story.  Withold names, but provide exact violations.  If you can't do that, then shut up.

All schools are cutting to the bone.  All of them.  Those that aren't will soon be asking for major levies.  The administration and the BOE are tasked with keeping the school in the black.  If that means cutting things that are above state minimums, then that's how it has to de done.  Some schools stick their head in the sand and hope funding will get fixed.  Some schools take steps to make sure they stay in the black in a worst case scenario.  How would you manage your personal checkbook?  It's sad, but the advanced kids always seem to get the shaft when cuts are made.  That's state requirements/policy, not local, that determine those decisions.  If you have a problem with that, then you go after the funding's a mess for everyone.


 Well Natti, for starters, he asked a certain high school teacher to teach classes that were larger than the maximum specified in the contract.  When Fred was told no (because it violates the contract), he moved the teacher from the subject she was teaching for years (with much success, and the only one teaching such subject in the district) to teach a regular academic class where there was an opening, and then hired a new teacher to take the place of the classes she was removed from, instead of hiring the new person for the opening (I apologize for the run-on sentence).  And oh, this new teacher is now on the retirement list. Hiring a teacher for one year on purpose and messing up the students' education (which it did, just ask the students) doesn't phase him in the least.  It's his way or no way.  

There have been numerous grievances filed against Fox for not following the contract and the teachers have won them.  That is not good leadership.  Also, when a certain administrator had several legitimate, factual complaints against him in the first couple of years in his position that he had to be reprimanded for, what happened?  He got a promotion!  If he gets another, something is seriously wrong.  He should never been hired in the first place, but he has the name.




 Does anyone really believe that school children are in jeopardy because of this issue?

Mr. Fox's job is in jeopardy. His marriage maybe in jeopardy. His reputation maybe in jeopardy.

But, come on folks, this having any affect on the kids of Huron schools is a stretch at best.

Sold On Fox 2

Natti Light says

Well, I just read through the material the Register just attached to this article. Wow. WOW. I will now shut my mouth and start eating crow. I still respect the work he has done for Huron, but I will respect that with my mouth shut.

This info should have been released weeks ago.


And still in agreement with Natti Light..

I want to state right here and will continue to not only state it here, but also in public that I believe Fred Fox to be a good man with the welfare of students and employees at heart.

I am not:  Jim Blodgett; Fred Fox; Chris Wechter; John Caporini; a disgruntled ex-BOE or their spouse; an employee of the Huron City Schools or anything else others on here have chosen to label me because I believe in Fred Fox. Isn't it enough to know that I am a friend to Fred Fox ?

I cannot read the attached articles for some reason, but from the other comments I am going to assume that there is more to the investigation than I ever thought.

At this time I am going to get to another computer and read these things that have been said and most likely my opinion of Fred will not change except to see him in a different light. I was told about the Fremont administrator and chose to believe it was just a 'friendly' relationship. I am still going to reserve my judgement on this until I read the transcripts. I was not there so I do not have the facts that have been presented here, although I still caution that no one interviewed was under oath.

I want to appologize to those of you who posted earlier who were asking for facts that I thought I had due to believing what I had been told from some pretty good sources. Now I am led to believe that there may have been some 'covering up' being done in what I was told.

My heart aches for Huron. No one wins in this situation. Especially Fred Fox's wife and children. I will continue to offer my support to Fred Fox and his family because Fred Fox has been a good friend. That is not changed by what has transpired here. 

Once again, I'm now going to go read what has been reported and form my own opinion, but want anyone who is reading this not to let what is going on affect the way you feel about education. We spend $3500 a year educating a child and $43,000 a year housing a criminal. Education is the strongest deterent to incarceration.

And for the record: I still detest Tim Sowecke's way of doing things, but from reading other posts.. this time it may have been warrented and he didn't know what else to do.



I would like to know a few things about this mess? 

1.  Did the school board have the descency to talk to Fox before airing all this in public? 

2.  Did they give him the chance to answer the charges before airing this in public so he could resign first? 

3.  Did they do this in public to embarrass him and his family? 

Why would a school board do something this nasty in public before giving a man the opportunity to resign first?  I would have thought that would be the right thing to do before telling the entire community about his affair, his lapse of judgement and his going outside the law.  Why would a school board be so callous and calculating that they would crucify a man with children and a wife in a public place like this where the kids and wife would have to suffer as well as he?  What kind of people do this?  Wow, am I glad I don't live in Huron.  These are vicious and unfeeling people.  They better hope they NEVER get into a position where someone gets something on them.  They could end up like poor Mr Fox and his family. 



Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks and libelous or defamatory statements. Discussion Guidelines



So if the answers to your first three questions are yes and nothing was being done what would you do as a school board? Let it slide? That's what two board members voted for .

Why would you say "poor Mr. Fox"? Did he not bring this on himself?  I agree to have some compassion and sympathy to his wife and kids. Also, for Mrs. McNulty's husband and kids.

Natti Light


It certainly does not have a direct impact on the current students of Huron.  But the costs of this will eventually impact all of the students.  Huron is probably not that far off from having to go on the ballot.  This BOE is going to spend you right back into fiscal emergency.


Not sure where I stated that I work with kids, but thanks for the sentiment.  Maybe I work for Kalahari? Haha


I wouldn't think $100,000 would send a district into fiscal emergency, but nice scare tactic.  Statements like that are why is so hard to do the right thing.


i think that   let the truth b needs to put his head back in the sand where it belongs let the truth b dosnt have the slightest idea about the conditions the huron teachers have to work under. if you say no to fred you are singled out and harrased, i wonder how much fred fox has cost the huron tax payers in suits brought against him. i have to applaud tim sowecke and the others for standing up  for what is right for a change. it is finally a refreshing change


Amythe K

 I am not a fan of witchhunts, unfortunately many people in these small narrow minded towns are. My sympathies lie with Mr Fox simply for being at the pointing end of so many fingers. Jerk or no, philanderer or saint...this whole thing smacks of railroading. 

choo choo


The fact remains that certain members of the board seem to have their own agendas so that should make us question if they will truly put the needs of the students first, and not prioritize their personal needs. So in that sense, it does directly affect the students. Many feel that it is quite obvious that there is a board member who is a "puppet" for a member of their family.. and it's been said that this person has had some pretty questionable behavior, and this person is affiliated with the school as well. Wonder if this will be investigated?

The Rudy

What position (no pun intended) does the Fremont Administrator hold? This could get real interesting.


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I wonder if Ash and Cap have something to hide or gain with their no votes? We should ask Mr Nelson...


 I don't comment often but I will here.

I am outraged by the action to terminate fox by the three board members… They have lost the confidence and support of most of the community in this unsubstantiated witch hunt.. Who else do you have in mind for Superintendent? Who could do a better job? We are talking about discounted golf here not embezzlement.. And a man's personal relationship business has no import on his job performance. Look at the results Fox brought to Huron. Do not lose sight of his accomplishments!! 

Fox gave the district his heart and this is how you repay him. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. I, with most of the community, am ashamed of the three board members who pried a crack into a canyon with your crowbar of egotistical power.

Fox is good to this community and his personal life is none of my business, your business, or anyone else's but his own.

I wonder what is hidden in your closet?

Fox, I encourage you to see this through to the end. Please do not lose your interest in our community. It is these board members that are interested in this smear campaign, not the community. We love and support you and will be around to shake your hand after this ridiculous business is all over with.


 TheIrish, you are dead wrong.  There are plenty in the community who have been fed up with how HCS are run, starting at the top.  There are many who feel that Fox is like a snakeoil salesman.  And I find it odd that the only two no votes were the two names in town.  And as far as one of them, I have no use for him.  I once many years ago emailed board members a very simple request to consider something when making a small decision in the scheme of things.  It was polite, straighforward letter.  The reply I got from him was rude, disrespectful, and arrogant. I couldn't believe it.  It was like how dare I question his authority!   

Why is it that people have a problem with Sowecke's relationship with a certain someone's wife and decisions that may come from that, but not with Asher's relationship with the AD?  That makes no sense.  How do you know his dissenting vote isn't based on that relationship?

There should be no one allowed to run for school board who has any familial ties to a school district employee. That is a conflict of interest if you ask me.



Is that in violation of the contract and did he force this teacher to teach the extra students?  I'm pretty sure that teachers can be assigned anywhere they are certified to teach.

You might not like what he asks you to do, you might not like your teaching assignment, but that is irrelivant.  Unless he asks you to do something unethical or illegal, then you should probably do it and keep your mouth shut.  Argue, debate, defend yourself, whatever you need to do.  But you are the employee and you do what you are told.  Sometimes that sucks, but that's the way it works.  If you tell your boss in the private sector "no", you get fired.  Thank you're lucky stars that this person just had an assignment they did not like.




 Panda, the point you are missing is the reason for the move--retaliation for not honoring his request that violated the contract.


When your friend builds a football stadium with track facilities included, for the students of a school system that you love and work for, I would not feel at all guilty about being treated to a discounted golf outing by a most generous friend.  Giving seems to be your friend's nature. 

Fred has not accepted any landscape uprades to his personal property nor paid vacations to popular hot spots. 

Nor has he pulled a 'Clinton' in his Board of Education office.

What the h#ll is the problem?  Somebody is looking to step up to that office.


Natti Light

 That's your answer?  He asked someone to take on extra student load?  Big deal.  Did he force them to?  Did he threaten them with retaliation if they didn't do it?  If not, then he did nothing wrong.  

Is it, or is it not, within his right (and contractually correct) to assign teachers as needed?  Then what did he do wrong?  What part of the contract did he violate by moving this teacher?

How many grievances have been filed?  How many have been ruled against him?  How many have been dismissed or found in his favor?  How many were solved internally?  

I don't hear about the AD pushing her agenda on the BOE.  And that would be why no one is questioning that relationship.  However there is a TON of smoke coming from the Sowecke/other teacher direction.  That would be why you're hearing about it.


This is disturbing.. the rumors are "alleged".  Everyone one is worried about his reputation..what about the women..  People need to be careful of the things they say or a lawsuit would be in order. This is unbelieveable.  Let's just just sell papers... freindship..... Men and women can't be freinds??? 



From what I read in the paper Mr. Fox admitted to having a casual sex with the woman in question. This information is direct from the findings of the legal counsel hired by the school board. He admitted this to the investigator. 

And during normal school hours to boot.  Isn't it great to have sex while on the public's nickel.

When will a copy of this investigation report be available through the Sandusky Register?


You are implying that is was during school time..was it??? Or are you assuuming????


 You aren't following...he requested a teacher to violate the contract, and when she didn't, she was punished by being moved when the need was for another position, and then hired someone for her position, instead of just hiring someone for the opening.  ANd it is much easier to find a new teacher for a regualr academic subject than it is for a specialy subject, so that can't be his excuse.  If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it's a duck.  That was his retaliation.  Oh, he's clever enough to do it in such a way that it's not an obvious violation of anything.  That's why he's like a snakeoil salesman.  And now that new teacher is retiring. If that didn't take place to screw with the teacher, then slap me and call me crazy. 


Actually restless, you would have definitely known that was an ethics violation, and you would have said "Thanks but not thanks - the ethics commission forbids me to accept this and I don't want put my school district in a bad position by doing so."

Julie R.

The city of Sandusky tried to say that Kim Nuesse accepted a "bribe" when she accepted Cedar Point tickets from a Cedar Point cop. I can just imagine what the clowns would have done had the idiot Murman Report came back like this one. The clowns and their rent-a-judges probably would have found a way to throw her in jail!

Natti Light


Does the reason state "refusing to violate the contract"?  Or "would not take on more students"?  Then how are you going to prove it?  You aren't.   Just something you have to live with.  

Professor Marvel

Just throwing this out there.... As an "out-sider" looking in.... I wonder how many of you would be saying the things are saying if you had to actually put your name next to your blog and not hide behind an alias?  Would you still have the K-hooneys to say it?  Again... just wondering...not trying to stir the "pot"

If anyone has ever been on a School Board you know that being on one is a thankless job... 50% of the people think you're great....50% think your an idiot... bottom line is you cannot please everyone...

I do know this.... before everyone passes judgement on the current BOE (all of them...not just 3) & The Super.... (and any one else involved for that matter)...... maybe... just maybe....everyone should  wait for ALL the facts be presented...  then make a Well Informed Decision for yourself....

The real tradegdy is that people in your community will use this for years to come as as reason not to vote this or that because they are mad at "so-n-so" or they felt this person was "wronged".... so who suffers in the end?... everyone else who is trying to do the right thing...parents, kids, community members, HCS employees, Admins, etc...  What a shame it played out the way it did.

Just food for thought...


 To all of you Fox supporters--read the links.  The emails are totally inapprorpiate, and as a taxpayer in Huron, I am angry that a person in such a position would use school email for such a matter.  Totally unprofessional!! Then read the report.  Going to a strip club on a "school trip"?  I would fire him as well, and the fact that there are two dissenting members makes me ill.  The board vote should have been unanimous, and I will know for sure who NOT to vote for next time they run!

Sitting In The ...

@ "informed" Could you please explain to me why they didn't wait for the State to finish their investigation? I would be willing to guess the law firm they hired have very close ties to the three officials spearheading this campaign. Is there any proof that he went to this club ? reciepts ect.? Sadly Mr. Fox learned that once someone from Huron dislikes you 95% of the town will skip forming their own opinions and let the "honest" three members do the thinking. Here a good do you think this whole mess is going to affect the "great' city of Huron's relationship with Kalahari?....If they weren't out to get rid of Mr.Fox then why the rush he innocent until proven guilty correct? or does that logic stop at the city limits?


 I never once stated that the board was above reproach in the manner in which this has been handled.  However, that is irrelevant to the fact that he engaged in these inappropriate actions.  The fact that two members didn't want anything done at all makes my blood boil.  And for Tanny Vonthron to get dragged through this because Fox was telling people he was going over to talk to her when in fact he was leaving to meet up with his mistress makes my blood boil even more!  She is one of the most decent people not only in this district but in the world and not only does she have to battle cancer but also ugly rumors because of good old Freddie's actions!  Shame on all of you Fox supporters!

let the truth b...
Markling Invoice Over $50,000!   Come on people – please read this! The first Markling invoice came in at over $50,000. It was supposed to be only $10,000. Slocum refuses to release the detail. How can this be?   That means Mike’s estimate of +$100,000 will probably be exceeded!

Do the people in Huron have jobs? They are on this blog all day.

Natti Light

 Well, I just read through the material the Register just attached to this article.  Wow.  WOW.  I will now shut my mouth and start eating crow.  I still respect the work he has done for Huron, but I will respect that with my mouth shut.

This info should have been released weeks ago.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks and libelous or defamatory statements. Discussion Guidelines


 I agree, the contents in these reports paint an ugly picture.  However, this is the most unprofessional investigative report I have ever seen.  A couple of questions: 


1) Why are there no transcripts of the interviews?  This report reads like a summary, but these summaries could easily have been manipulated to tell a specific story.  

2) I am skeptical because in the report the law firm will not allow interviews to be recorded.  Why is that?? I would think they all SHOULD have been recorded, not the other way around. 

Either way, it looks bad, I agree.  But this is the absolute WORST $50,000 report I have ever read. What  a waste of money.  It is chock full of hearsay and contains virtually no hard evidence.  None of this is admissable in court, especially because there are no transcripts or recordings.  So, when the inevtiable lawsuit comes, all this will have to be repeated at additional cost.  What a waste. 


 Natti, rarely are people all good or all bad.  And yes, he has done some positive things.  But in my opinion, the negative outweigh the positive even before this because I have found him to be slick, sleezy, conniving, and devious.  And these links support that.

Just Saying

To Natti Light -- Well said!  Add me to the crow eating list  with you!! 

huron girl

I simply can't believe all this!  I thought he was innocent too!


car 54

   Fred has a larger problem. A former female teacher at Huron High is coming to talk at the next board meeting.

  I'm told Fox needs to take cover.


I love how in the report if someone's testimony implicates Fox's impropriety, the witness is found to be "credible".  If the testimony does not implicate Fox, the witness is considered "not credible".  LOL  Looks like the "law firm" is making sure to give the board their monies' worth!


What benefit did you have by posting her picture.   That should be taken off this blogg.  She has a fanily also..young boys and a great husband.  Just un acceptable.

Jane Goodall

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines


What benefit did you have by posting her picture.   That should be taken off this blogg.  She has a fanily also..young boys and a great husband.  Just un acceptable.



Do you think either one of them were considering their children and spouses with the twitters?

They opened pandoras box. Can't be closed now.  


 Just read the twitters.

Read the content, the dates and the time of twitters. Was this done on school bet ya!

My guess is Ms. McNulty will also be looking for a new job.


the city of sandusky hired a private law firm when they went after nuesse. private law firms bring in desired results for the paying customer. see murman report. huron school board hired a private law firm to bring in desired results. in both cases, there were other avenues that were free but nuetral. you want to find dirt on a person, go ahead and hire a private law firm. i would like to hire a private law firm to find dirt on obama all the way down to the local dog catcher. law firms will not find fault with their own. any attorney or judge in office is off limits from paid private law firms. if i hired a law firm to investigate a attorney who is in office, the law firm would come back and say that he is the jolly good fellow and very christ like. a paid private law firm could find all kinds of dirt on jesus christ. jesus christ associated with a local prostitute. the taxpayers pay for desired results by hiring private law firms when there were free alternatives.


why was the mcgown markling report released to the newspaper. wasn't it confidential between attorney and client and not public record? i feel a lawsuit is coming and the taxpayers will pay very dearly.


 The "Fred Fiasco" just made channel 13 news out of Toledo.


Anyone know for sure if Fox is married?  I can't believe two professionals use their company e-mail to carry on an affair. This guy is in so much trouble.  I can't believe he got away with what he did from reading the supporting documents.  No wonder the Board was so angry at Fox.  If the other two Board members don't go along with the other three to get rid of him, the public should fire those board members out of there as well.

Tsu Dho Nimh


I applaud your comment about changing your mind.  It is hard to accept that someone you respect is capable of these charges.  I hope that after reading the same reports that you did, others will accept that Mr. Fox created his own problems. 

fudge pies

if you recall i said i was worried about this relationship with a fremont women. Now you see what I mean?


 As they say "This is just the tip of the iceburg". The heat is on!!! .  Time to get out the broom and clean house.  Wait for his resignation as it will surely come to be!

Darwin's choice

HiH............I think you're correct !  Start with the head football coach.....time for tony to go!  His history with his "neighboring" classroom teacher was completely swept off the carpet by the school board. No sense in leaving any stone unturned, get rid of him!


HMMMMMM...more drama in this little town than on all the episodes of "Real Housewives of New Jersey"


Okay.....between today's WITCH HUNT, and the posting with a Craigslist personal ad I think the Sandusky Register has stooped to a lower level then before.  I don't know Mr. Fox or Ms. McNulty and will not comment on what has been published.  I just have one thing to the Sandusky Register some how affiliated to the NATIONAL ENQUIRER?

car 54

    Fox channel 8 is filming in Fremont at the board office.  Hey Asher, what do say now?


The "Vultures" are circling......

The Answer Person

So he got a weenie washing.  who cares?

huron girl

I am not interested in paying for his weenie washing!



 The Answer Person,

They did it on their work time. They are both public employees. Thus, you and I and the rest of the taxpaying public paid for their fun time.

I care where and how my tax money is spent.

To tell you the truth I'm very disappointed in Mr. Caporini and Mr. Asher. Their position on this matter concerns me in regards to being good stewards of my tax dollars.