Report: Inappropriate relationships distracted Fox from job

(UPDATED WITH FULL REPORT at 2:58 p.m.) The Huron school board has released a law firm's 50-page report on allegations against superintendent Fred Fox, who the board suspended Tuesday without pay.
Jessica Cuffman
Jun 25, 2012

(UPDATED WITH FULL REPORT at 2:58 p.m.) The Huron school board has released a law firm's 50-page report on allegations against superintendent Fred Fox, who the board suspended Tuesday without pay.

The much-awaited investigative report says Fox should be fired as result of his alleged misdeeds, including his improper business relationship with Kalahari Resorts CEO Todd Nelson. While Kalahari provided Fox with free golf, discount rooms and other perks, the school district gave Kalahari tax abatements that were more favorable than abatements offered to other companies, the report stated.

The report also said Fox's alleged affair with a Fremont Schools administrator has interfered with his ability to lead the school district. The law firm interviewed about 20 upper-level district employees to compile the report.  

For more on the report's findings, pick up Thursday's Register. For an in-depth look at the Kalahari tax abatement under scrutiny and the cost of the investigation check out Friday's Register.


The full report and supplemental documents are posted below.

A statement issued Thursday afternoon by representatives of Todd Nelson has also been posted.




Phil Packer

 Such decadence.

fudge pies

This does not sound good friends!

Sue Meredith

So he can't have friends and not allowed to be romantically involved. Think I would look for a new job.


"Inappropriate relationships"   really? like with a under age high school female student? i didn't bother to read the rest of the story. is the sandusky register trying to compete with the national enquirer? just saying. here is a good opportunity for another start up business for a newspaper that reports the real news.


hey sandusky register, take a hint from your current, past and future readers and subscribers will you? get a clue!!!! you have been informed. if i want to read the national enquirer, i can buy it in the store. i don't need a competiter to read day dream news. people want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. if people want fiction, they can watch the syfy channel. GIVE US THE TRUTH!!!!  stupid sticking caps key on my key board. i can pick up another one at goodwill cheap i hope.

Darwin's choice

bet you wanted to say "the law firm interviewed about 20 disgruntled upper- level district empoyees"  


If you were a law firm who was alleged to being paid $10,000 only for the school board later to say they are being paid more like $30,000 and then upon questioning the school district treasurer says this could cost as much a $100,000....................................... how do you think the law firm will investigate and write the report?  These lawyers are smart enough to know when they have three suckers on the school board who are willing to pay them thousands for their work. At this point the law firm sees even more on the horizon with several hundred thousand if this goes to lawsuits. 

I bet you a few of the senior members of that law firm already have their new BMW's on order and telling their kids no problem on where you want to go to college for we just hit pay dirt in Huron City Schools. Alas,  all due to the generosity of the majority of the Huron school board.


Not sure about the rest of you, but does something "SMELL FUNNY" here??  Starting to sound like that Erie Metroparks fiasco..just saying         Be careful Ed and Jim (polar bears/pirates)  wowee..  poor kids

fudge pies

is there a legal way of paying taxes for another school district w/o moving?  who the hell wants to support these yellow belly cowards?  


smalltown..if I remember from way back, Huron always depended on what side of the river you live on??  Anyone agree??


@ Gardenman:  Remember, it was Mr. Fox's poor decisions and the decision of Mr. Asher and Mr. Caporini to not allow the original request to turn over these issues to the Ethics Commission.  NOT the three members of the board who voted to have this looked into.  Please place the blame where it should be!!  Thank you!



now they have added an "alleged affair".  Ok, was this allegedly on school time?  Wow, I hope they have proof of this, true proof and didn't take some backfence story befoe they accused him. 

I have to agree with "small town".  It "sure does not sound good", but it would make a good movie.  Wait, they already did this one.  I would like to see the entire report before jumping to conclusions.   


Maybe the people who got Kalahari to donate the items for the Huron Football stadium should take them down and give them back to the resort. Then what would the citizens of Huron do with no football stadium. I can remember when it was just a field with a fence and bleachers. The people of Huron should clean off their own door steps before they start on someone elses.



You say "I would like to see the entire report before jumping to conclusions" but you begin by questioning an alleged affair .... hmmm.  I wonder why so many people disapprove of an investigation of any kind, be it the Ethics Commission or a third party.  An outside investigation should prove the innocent, so why fear it?

School time?  That is the focus of many questions .... how many folks conduct personal business during working hours?  I don't care what the excuse or reasoning is, I don't want to pay taxes so folks are paid to take care of their personal matters during working hours.  Using school equipment on school time to plow your driveway, not appropriate!  Paying your utility bills on the school computer on school time, not appropriate!  Flirting with your girlfriend via school email, not appropriate!  Purchasing household products on school computers during school time, not appropriate!  Leaving school to attend to personal matters during school hours, not appropriate!  Employees are provided vacation, sick, personal, and bereavement time to deal with personal matters and emergencies.  Administration would go after teachers, bus drivers, and janitors for any of the above examples and the union could not protect them .... rightfully so.  High academic performance and fiscally sound .... this means we can do what we want on the taxpayer's nickle? 

Sold On Fox 2


You seriously make very good sense.

As a supporter of Fred Fox I really welcome the investigation at this point.

The damage has already been done to the the Huron City Schools and Fred Fox.

An investigation will find Fred Fox guilty of being human.. Apparently that is not in his job description ?

As I said, at this point, Fred Fox has been tried and found guilty by Huron's BOE of three. Are they doing their 'jobs' or are they just seizing an opportunity ?

I don't have the answers. I'm going to watch what is going on and continue to support Fred Fox as he is the one we have to thank for the fiscal health of the Huron City Schools today. Fred Fox and his credibility with taxpayers and business/industry.

Who's credibility are we going to bank on now ?  Tim Sowecke's ?



 Sold on Fox 2,

I'm sure they are seizing the oppurtunity. Of course if Mr. Fox would not have given them the rope to hang him this would be a mute point.

Those darn e-mails will get you every time. Public employee on public time become public records.

Sold On Fox 2



Sold On Fox 2

Where does the law firm come up with 20 'upper level' employees ?

High School Principal

High School Vice Principal

Middle School Principal

Elementary Principal

Cuuriculum Director

Athletic director

Bus Garage Supervisor

Kitchen Mgr


That's 9 ?

Who are the other 11 ?


 So let me get this straight, they are firing a guy because he is friends with a local business owner, and because he is having a romantic relationship with an administrator from Fremont (an adult)?  My god man, who would want a job that had those types of restrictions?  From what I have seen, and with all the accolades that the Huron School District has received, I would say Fred was doing a pretty good job.  Sounds like a witch hunt by a few board members that are trying to install one of their buddies in the job.  Just wait until they announce his replacement, then the truth will be known.


Kalahari will annex to another district after this................... blame who?


I said Kalahari will annex to another district after this....

concerned huron...

I still don't understand why the board would waste money to investigate when it could have been done for free first by the Ohio Ethics Commission instead of involving them AFTER spending thousands of  dollars? Since the report has been released, can anyone request a copy?  What does upper-level district employee mean?  Is an upper-level district employee based on seniority or authority?

Allege means to assert without proof or before proving, to bring forward as a reason or excuse.  Anyone can claim anything, but does the investigation actually prove any of the allegations as true?


If it's not illegal activity, then it is only "improper"  in the eyes of the beholder.  These people need to mind their own business, and I would DARE them to put anything regarding a supposed affair in writing.... I would sue their their pants off.  Grow up you bunch of petty stone throwing hypacrites.

Sold On Fox 2

Not one thing mentioned in the Register's article about the BOE's lawyer's report is illegal ?

Kalahari gets better tax abatement ? So what ? Does the largest taxpayer in Huron deserve better treatment ? Does anyone in their right mind actually think that free / discounted golf and rooms constitutes a bribe ? a payment ? Is there really enough value here to warrent that type of judgement ?

And now to the 'alleged' affair. This time people have really gone too far. And.. If I am the Fremont Administrator at this point I am calling a lawyer. People in the system were interviewed to come up with the 'facts' ? I guess it is time to show us all the email so we may judge for ourselves ? That was sarcasm folks. I don't care what the emails say. The only thing I'm worried about is what the Huron BOE should be worried about and that is are Huron's children being properly educated and are school employees happy with their jobs. Period.

Fred Fox's hours are 24 hours a day on the job. It will be very hard to define when he was on the job and when he wasn't. It will also be very hard to determine when Fred was acting in his official capacity and when it was just Fred Fox, citizen.

The bigger problem at this point is the state of the Huron City Schools. Education will go on. Spending of tax dollars will continue.. and the Huron Tiger Football team will play under the lights on Kalahari Field on Friday nights.

But.. a good man's name and career have been tarnished. His family is probably right now wondering what is true even though they support him.

If the Register only allowed people who have worked as hard as Fred Fox or are as educated as Fred Fox comment here, there would be few comments. Fred Fox is a man. Not just a superintendent.

Now.. as Fred Fox has endured this anal exam the time has come to look to his accusers and find out what their agendas are and also to find out what kind of people they are. They threw the stones so I can only hope their 'glass houses' can withstand this barrage.

Everything Fred Fox has worked for and become is being trashed in public at this point. I am going to personally, through the web and the telephone contact anyone in a position of power who can find out why the 'Three Stooges' brought these charges. I am then going to turn over my findings to Fred Fox's civil attorney who I am sure is going to be retained after this thing plays it's course, (that was a golf reference in case you missed it !)..

Anyone who would like to help in this effort will find a Facebook site posted on here where they can go to help Fred Fox keep his name and reputation. Your help will be appreciated !


 Sold on Fox 2,

You are correct. We tolerate our Presidents having affairs why not Superintendents.

Lets not lead with morals and responsibility. We need to educate our children that promiscuity is a valued virtue.

Oops.... did I really say that?

You just want Huron school employees to be happy. Which ones? The ones that like Mr. Fox or the ones that don't like Mr. Fox?

Sold On Fox 2


I'm going to assume you always liked your boss ?

And am going to remind you that this is an 'alleged' affair and you apparently live in Huron, so I am going to assume that you also know what a rumor is ?

Now.. If there are definately Emails supporting an 'actual' affair ie, 'I love you, Fred'.. 'I need you, Fred'.. etc.. then I have no arguement.

But.. to ruin a man's reputation with 'I think he's having an affair with an administrator from Fremont' is absolutely without warrent.

I know you understand this oh sage of coffee and dunkers...

Sold On Fox 2

PS DonutShopGuy-

This whole situation hinges on when and where the alleged affair was going on. If Fred Fox was loving this Fremont administrator up on company time, ala Bill Clinton, then he needs to be repremanded for this.

If Fred Fox was not on company time..

If the 'alleged' affair is/was not going on..

If Fred Fox was just being cordial with a peer.. 

These are the 'ifs' that I would expect people to be asking about before branding Fred Fox 'promiscuous'. I would expect you to understand not ruining a man's reputation over hearsay.

Fred Fox would have more rights if he HAD committed a crime.


Cracks me up how some of you insist on blaming the SR!  Comparing SR to the National Enquirer is just silly.  Regardless of the outcome it is news!  I like Fred though and hope things work out for him.  However, people can and do have secrets.  Jus sayin'!

old dog

So, now we have Fred hung before  the jury voted, and ethics commission hasn't  even ruled on the issue. Seems like there was money spent before the trial began. Right or wrong, there will be no winner in this case. It is a terrible shame for all involved, but the social media has made their minds up on who is right or wrong, long before the commission has made their ruling.

Fred Fox- career ruined

School Board- lost respect from the cumminity

Students- will suffer in the end

Future levies- you make that call

Sold On Fox 2

Old Dog-

You are sadly correct on all points.

You did forget:

School Employees - Will also suffer in the end