Huron school board moves to oust Fox

An angry crowd shouted protests Tuesday night as Huron School board members voted 3-2 to suspend superintendent Fred Fox and pursue termination proceedings against him.
Jessica Cuffman
Jun 20, 2012


An angry crowd shouted protests Tuesday night as Huron School board members voted 3-2 to suspend superintendent Fred Fox and pursue termination proceedings against him.

Fox was suspended without pay after the board reviewed an investigation into his alleged relationship with Kalahari Resorts CEO Todd Nelson. (Read more HERE.) The details of the investigation have not been released.

Last month, the board voted to send the investigation to the Ohio Ethics Commission for review. Tuesday's vote also sends the investigation to the Ohio Department of Education as termination proceedings against Fox move forward.

For full coverage of the heated school board meeting, pick up copy of Wednesday's Register.


huron grandma

this is disgraceful; the Huron BofE  --- wow, are any  of you without sin?  then why don't you  cast the first stone? obviously the mighty threesome don't feel they are sinful; so pious that they are throwing a truckload of stones.   this mess is going to cost Huron a tremendous amount of money.  And while investigations are being conducted; how about looking into the amount of sales revenue the Ace Hardware receives from the Huron School system?  I agree that when at work, you are paid to WORK and earn your paycheck; but that being said, I can bet easily that most educators use school time/work time/tax payers $$$ time to use the internet for personal use.  Is it right; no, absolutely not; however I believe this is done routinely; in every workplace throughout our country.  I am glad that our children have graduated out of the school system; I just pray that his mess doesn't filter down to the children in school; but I am afraid that it will.  I see in today's paper that there is going to be a school board meeting Monday night; if I didn't have to work (and I don't have internet access at my place of business to use for personal time !!!!) on Monday evening, I surely would be there; why? because it is my right as a tax payer and concerned citizen.  And I am concerned for the future of Huron's educational system and how it will affect the students.  And I would like to ad that I feel bad for Mr. Fox's family - how it must be affecting them.  They didn't ask for all of this and are victims of a nasty situation.  I sure hope the mighty threesome doesn't think about running for re-election again.

fudge pies

grandma, put on your reading glasses, and visit the register's links of findings toward this case.  please read the entire listing, then come back and tell us whats going on please.thank you


I hear we missed a Big Party in Buckeye Ln, Perkins. Maybe a Law Man's Family may be in trouble?


Fox out is a great first step.  Blodgett should be next, he has created more employee problems than anyone should endure.  Time to flush them good old boys and get some quality in our schools.


But wasn't Blodgett cleared of thievery?  And by the way - were the "missing" tools ever located?  If not, how much was missing?


One week ago I thought 3 of the school board members were wasting money and I was in favor of getting a petition put together requesting their removal. Then I read all of the supporting documents the Register made available

Today.... please pass the crow

I have lived in Huron for over 40 years and graduated with many of the people mentioned in this saga. I was never part of the "in crowd" or the school athletics, but I sure had a wonderful time in high school and received an excellent education.   What is referred to as the 'good ol boys club' has gone on for decades loaded with drama, unethical behavior and bits of criminal activity too. Over the years, these events always seems to get swept under the rug or minimized in one fashion or another. IMO the 3 board members are well aware of this history and are trying their best to keep it from happening again. If they wait for the OEC to complete their investigation, the 'good ol boys' will have plenty of time to cover their tracks and do the usual cover up. It's important to understand this was going to be expensive no matter what direction was taken, and we only have Fred Fox to blame for that.  

I agree the board needs to move forward as they have and I stand corrected from a week ago (another helping of crow please)

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