Huron school board moves to oust Fox

An angry crowd shouted protests Tuesday night as Huron School board members voted 3-2 to suspend superintendent Fred Fox and pursue termination proceedings against him.
Jessica Cuffman
Jun 20, 2012

An angry crowd shouted protests Tuesday night as Huron School board members voted 3-2 to suspend superintendent Fred Fox and pursue termination proceedings against him.

Fox was suspended without pay after the board reviewed an investigation into his alleged relationship with Kalahari Resorts CEO Todd Nelson. (Read more HERE.) The details of the investigation have not been released.

Last month, the board voted to send the investigation to the Ohio Ethics Commission for review. Tuesday's vote also sends the investigation to the Ohio Department of Education as termination proceedings against Fox move forward.

For full coverage of the heated school board meeting, pick up copy of Wednesday's Register.


Sold On Fox 2

Concerned Huron -

Guilty on all three counts.

Great work... Who do we call ?

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Sitting In The ...

I guess they really showed him.......if only he knew perhaps the owner of a major Ohio waterpark  he could land a job there. Sure makes me wonder if he wasn't right in stating " this is just a smear campaign". Why didn't Huron let the state investigate these claims or did they use it as a smoke screen to achieve their real goal? Were they afraid the state would side with Mr. Fox?. 


Fox's BIG MISTAKE...if he would have invited the board to go along to the would have heard  nuttin!

Tsu Dho Nimh
Huron_Parent says

The Ohio Ethics Commission statement on accepting gifts is good reading:


Whether or not Mr. Fox is doing a good job or not, the law is the law and everyone is expected to abide by it, especially the highest position in the district.  The board is correct in handing it over to the State Dept of Ed to determine if his actions warrant termination.

I don't know enough about the alledged agendas of particular board members.  Maybe "Mr. Hardware" does have an ax to grind.  I'm not convinced that the other two are being controlled by him.  Here is something to ponder - did the  two members supporting Mr. Fox have knowledgeof this golf outing at the time it was taking place and said nothing?  There were eight administrators so who else was involved?  The district has four principals, one assistant, and an athletic director.  Including Mr. Fox, that would make seven.  I seriously doubt that the elementary and middle school administrators were included.  Again,  who were the eight administrators?  Did the group include any board members or their families?

This situation should not be conducted as a witch hunt and the board needs to be mindful that the community is watching their behavior during this mess.  Having said that, I am very disappointed that Mr. Caporini and Mr. Asher have been against handing this over to the proper agencies to be properly investigated.  This could have been back in the spring, the investigation may have been completed, and Mr. Fox may have been cleared by now (assuming that he is innocent).


Besides one of them owning a hardware store, for those of us outside of Huron, what are the professional/business backgrounds of the other BOE members?   Just wondering.  


Maybe the people of Huron should just sit back and wait to see what the Ethics Commission decides. The yelling and screaming at the meeting just showed how immature you people in Huron are. You voted the board in and now you do not like them. Is there any reason to what is happening over there. You bet there is, because the board would not have sent a complaint to the Ethics Commission if something was not wrong. Everything you here is just rumors. Until they (board) wants to release the truth, be quiet and think. Maybe the truth is so bad a lot of other people will be sinking with the mother ship. Are you one of them?

Sold On Fox 2


The big picture is that the Huron Board of Education has charged Fred Fox with golfing at a discounted rate on his own time. The fallout from this affects every resident / student / school employee / taxpayer in Huron.

It's easy to sit back and watch the boat sink.

This Board will not ever release the truth because they have made this frivolous charge and the truth would look ridiculous even to you.

Sit back and watch... I'm gonna bail water..

concerned huron...

The school board is wasting money.  Maybe an investigation was justified, but the handling of the situation leaves a lot ot be desired.  Should people just sit back as the school board continues to blow money that should be used in the education of its students?  Or allow a dysfunctional board to continue until 12/31/2015?  It is clear that the educational welfare of the students within the district is no longer the primary concern of this board.

Yes, these members were voted in by the people, but can also be recalled by the people.  I think I read somewhere that if a majority of the board gets together and discusses board business without public participation, they are in violation of the sunshine law.  Refer to this for more info:

Sold On Fox 2

Concerned Huron-

No words were ever written that are more true:

'It is clear that the educational welfare of the students within the district is no longer the primary concern of this board.'

Board members can 'meet' in two's. When a third member shows up, school business cannot be discussed or it is in violation of the Sunshine Law which forces Boards of Eds to meet in public and in front of the press.

The 'Three Stooges' obviously met at some time or another to come up with this whole 'plan'. I would ask the Huron City School's Treasurer if any meetings were officially held before the vote to investigate and the vote to suspend / fire / whatever Fred Fox. If no meetings were announced, how did the 'Three Stooges' come up with their 'plan' ?

Clearly.. at some point these three geniuses met. No doubt. Totally ignorring the Sunshine Law.


This will only get worse as the investigation grows, and some truly unethical behavior is uncovered, and it has nothing to do with Fred Fox. This town and this school system will suffer because of a few that think they are above everything and everyone. They have put themselves and their personal agendas as their only priority. With no thought of how they are hurting our children, it's disgusting. If any of the whisperings that are going around are true, look for things only to get worse, and for more job openings in our district.

Sold On Fox 2


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You have said absolutely what is happening, and what is going to happen TO Huron and it's children.

Do these 'Three Stooges' remember the kids are why they are there ?

Tsu Dho Nimh

Sold on Fox 2


You have some very good points, particularly when you mention the Sunshine Law.  I also find your "three Stooges"  reference humorous.  Just curious of what you think of Mr. Caporini and Mr. Asher?  I am puzzled about why they have been against investigating this matter from the beginning.  It's clear that Mr. Fox used poor judgement in how he went about arranging the golf outing and appears to violate the ethics rules.  It needed to be investigated by the ethics board yet they were against it.  Why?  If he wasn't guilty, they could have shut the "three Stooges" down with the ruling of the Ethics Commission.  So many are blaming the three for costing the district money for their witch hunt.  I say that Mr. Caporini and Mr. Asher put us in the position of spending money because they would not do the right thing from the time that issues and concerns started to pop up.  No board member has the right to ignore this or handle matters behind closed doors.  Again, I ask why?  If they cannot separate their friendship with Mr. Fox from their responsibilities as a board member, then maybe they should step down.  Or are they protecting someone other than Mr. Fox?  Just a thought ; )

Sold On Fox 2

Tsu Dho Nimh -
I believe Caporini and Asher were in agreement to send it to the ethics commission, (at no cost to the school district). I really believe that they did not want to spend the money and thought this whole affair to be frivolous.

That wasn't what was being voted on. The vote was to investigate.. how, who, why was never really stated.

Knowing, obviously more than the 'Three Stooges'.. I know when to say I do not know all of the specifics of 'the investigation'. 

There is no one else to protect. Fred Fox arranged the team building / golf outing, so he is the target.

As I stated earlier, Asher and Caporini found this whole 'investigation' frivolous. Looking at the ethics laws I personally do not see the 'Three Stooges' witch hunt paying off, but the damage is done. The Huron City Schools will spend years.. maybe decades rebuilding the credibility that they formally had with Fred Fox at the helm. THIS IS DISASTEROUS TO HURON'S STUDENTS AND SCHOOL EMPLOYEES !

Tiger Dad

Sold on Fox 2,

So with 100%, certainty and accuracy, are you saying that the only thing that Mr. Fox is being investigated for is for arranging for an out of state, team building/golf outing in at a discounted rate?  

Sold On Fox 2

Tiger Dad-

At this point it is all anyone knows about. The discount and use of the email.

Rumors abound, but clearly if there is anything else, it is equally as frivilous.

The 'three Stooges' saw this as an opportunity to get Fred Fox which was at least two of their agendas when they ran for the board. The third 'Stooge' is a follower which is funny noting his present position on the board.

Another part of this retaliation on Fred Fox is that SOWecke's Ace Hardware is no longer allowed to sell to the school district as a result of his position on the board. He was not happy about this.

A lot goes into this whole mess dating back to a time when Fred was a principal in Berlin/Milan. I would tell you all about it, but someone will get it and me deleted for spelling out the truth.

Discounted Golf / Team Building is Fred's crime !


I believe it is time for the citizens of Huron to take action. As a community, a petition drive to request the removal of the 3 board members is the appropriate course of action. The success or failure of a petition drive would be the official voice of our community.

First thing this morning I started researching what is needed in a petition and I'm positive a group of us could assemble one that is accurate and complies with Ohio requirements

Question now is how do we get organized and move forward with such an effort ?

Actions speak louder than words and blogs

Sold On Fox 2

Action !

A petition is a great start. My suggestion is to contact the two 'minority' school board members and ask who they have heard from and those would be the people to include in any effort to organize.

Tsu Dho Nimh


I don't agree that board members should be removed at this time.  We may find out that they were the only ones who had the courage to do the right thing.  What ever is going on is probably deeper than the few emails that we have seen. Or when this is over, the results of the investigation may prove they were simply just trying to smear Mr. Fox.  Time will tell.  I know I sound like a broken record but the other two members did not have the right to sweep this under the carpet. 

Tsu Dho Nimh

Sold on Fox 2

You may be correct on the stance of Mr. Asher and Mr. Caporini but this is what I was told prior to any of this hitting the paper.  The Stooges wanted to send it to the ethics commission but they were not in agreement so an investigation was started (by an outside source for hire).  Once the private report came back, there was no denying that it must go to the ethics commission. If this is true, the entire board is responsible for this circus.  Unfortunately, we as the taxpayers will never know the contents of the report as it is not part of public records.

Sold On Fox 2

You know Tsu Dho Nimh..

What you have said gives this whole group a lot of undeserved credit for being organized. If the outside investigation was started by any single, or three board members without the knowledge or consent of the other two then the Sunshine Law was violated.

The make up of this 'board of instigation' is crazy to begin with: You have a bully; a good old boy; a disgruntled teacher and ex-sister-in-law; a very nice man; and a follower who coincidently is in the president's seat.. Funny part is the teacher and the good old boy are the only one's qualified to be there. The teacher for her school employee experiance and the good old boy for his experiance on the board itself. The rest need to have been tested before being allowed to run for this position which is a guardian of students, school employees and taxpayers.

This circus was built by voters not being familier with anything but a name, but hey.. at least they voted.

You have intelligent questions that need answers.

Unfortunately, before the answers come the damage has already been done.

Tsu Dho Nimh

After re-reading the posts, Mr. Fox is the one who should carry the blame for this circus and the outragous cost involved.  He was the one who clearly used school email, which identifies him as the super of Huron Schools.  Once the situation came out, it had to be addressed.  If it wasn't sent to the Ethics commission, then the board was breaking the law.  Because they have to address it, it is costing the district some serious money.  I don't know if you are aware of it, but something as frivolous as being convicted of passing bad checks will have a teaching license revoked.  I was told this directly by the man who oversees the investigation process at ODE.  Personal and professional actions that do not directly impact student performance are not taken lightly at the state level.  Mr. Fox has taken educational law classes, he should know better.  It's a shame that he used poor judgement.

Sold On Fox 2

Tsu Dho Nimh-

Fred Fox did not hide the fact that he was taking administrators on a team building / golf outing. In his official capacity he arranged it, thus making the emails official use as designed.

Fred Fox and the other administrators have receipts as they paid for all of this with their own money. They went there on their own time, not the school's.

Where is the crime besides the Sunshine Law violations of the Board ?

just ice

 You are clearly one of Fred Fox's friends.  Your thwarted logic and urgency to so anything to twist this in his favor is beyond obvious.  The golf trip wasn't a "team building" experience.  It was a cheap trip, provided by his friend who would NOT be his friend if it weren't for their business dealings, which some of his administrative team, who happen to be his friends, also attended.  Furthermore, he IS in the wrong and it is sad to watch you people justify his actions.  And just like the BOE member stated, this is more than what has been revealed.  The BOE did what was right, his inappropriate actions were finally uncovered by the right people and action has taken place to remove him for his abuse of office.  



Mr. Fox, just saw that Five Guys is hiring on 250.  Maybe they'll accept 8 guys.  You might want to check this out.

For those of you who think there are "three" people responsible for this, I believe you are correct.  However, you are blaming the wrong three.  The three to blame are Mr. Fox for his lack of judgment, and Mr. Asher and Mr. Caprorini for not agreeing to send this to the Ethics Commission from the beginning. I think it's time to "man up" and the 8 guys should tell us all what happened in the Dells.  I have trouble identifying 8 "guys" that are administrators in such a small district.  Please advise. 


Tsu Dho Nimh

If the school did not pay for it and the trip was on personal time, he should have used his personal email.  He knows this.  There are documented cases in Ohio where educators have been terminated for using school email for personal use.  He should be aware of this.  Again, he made a poor decision when he chose to use his school email for personal use.  Because he used it, it SUGGESTS  that he was taking advantage of his position within the district and therefore must be handled according to the law.  All five board members should have agreed immediatley to turn this over to the OEC, regardless of their personal feelings towards Mr. Fox or one another . I am not questioning Mr. Fox's ability to perform his job.  I am very disappointed that a man in his position was so careless and this is what we now have to deal with.

I agree with you that the BOE election was nothing but a popularity contest and that the voters should not have voted most of these folks in. It does appear that the Sunshine Law has been broken.  If we had a better qualified board, perhaps the correct and legal response to the situation would have taken place.

Tsu Dho Nimh


Does Five Guys hold an annual company golf outing?  LOL


Justice is served??  To who?  Is Huron BOE really to the a point of firing an excellent superintendent because he sent an email of personal nature from a work computer??  I mean, he paid for the trip, didn't he?  He took vacation days, right?? So what is the problem? 

Who is getting justice here?  It is certainly not the students of Huron, whose best interests are what the BOE is supposed to be protecting!  Take a look at the academic and fiscal records of Huron under Fred Fox's watch - they are absolutely the best in the area.  Conistent Excellent academic ratings of the district, a financial surplus without raising new taxes or levies, etc etc.  Ask any other administrator in Ohio, and these things are incredibly difficult to achieve in good times, never mind the extremely challenging times our country has faced the past 3-4 years. And his reward for all this good work is to get investigated and possibly terminated over this silliness?

The Huron BOE wants to fire a great leader of a school system, one who has assured excellent education for current and future students, for what??  This seems ridiculous to me, and the real losers of this whole thing will be the residents and students of Huron, because they will never be able to attract another decent superintendent while this BOE is running things. 


Common sense - you think is because he SENT EMAILS about the trip (that included discounted rooms and free golf)?  Wow.  Love IS blind.