Huron school board moves to oust Fox

An angry crowd shouted protests Tuesday night as Huron School board members voted 3-2 to suspend superintendent Fred Fox and pursue termination proceedings against him.
Jessica Cuffman
Jun 20, 2012

An angry crowd shouted protests Tuesday night as Huron School board members voted 3-2 to suspend superintendent Fred Fox and pursue termination proceedings against him.

Fox was suspended without pay after the board reviewed an investigation into his alleged relationship with Kalahari Resorts CEO Todd Nelson. (Read more HERE.) The details of the investigation have not been released.

Last month, the board voted to send the investigation to the Ohio Ethics Commission for review. Tuesday's vote also sends the investigation to the Ohio Department of Education as termination proceedings against Fox move forward.

For full coverage of the heated school board meeting, pick up copy of Wednesday's Register.



Wow..I do not know him at all, but seems like a witchhunt to me??  Are the board members reliable or is this a vendetta??  Have y'all thought about Gunner and  Kurt from Perkins and Margaretta?? just wondering...

Edwin Ison

 This is great!

Maybe this will send a message to all the out of control school "leaders" to settle down and just do your job!

Good job Huron School board!


Ethics is serious business.  The Board did the right thing. There should be a zero tolerance.  Once ethics has been violated, you can never trust the person not to do it again and the school will always have to look over their shoulder when it comes to this employee.  The employee is one step from being out the door.  The public should not be so complacent over ethics. We should hold these professionals to a higher standard.

Azure Ray

 He went golfing.  Big deal.  He DOES his job well.  This board is a crock.  


I think the details of the investigation need to be released to the taxpayers and people who elect the board!

God Of Thunder

SMILE!!! You're on Candid Camera!!!!

That has to be the only explanation for all of this.. I can't believe any of this is actually going on..

I don't live in Huron and have nothing to do with the school system, and I have to say that I am embarassed for the board members...What a bunch of hacks..

You think spending that money was a lot??? Wait until the board pays for an attorney to defend themselves against the lawsuit that Fox is sure to file.....And win....

There is no good reason for this..It's a circus sideshow

Good luck Mr Fox and the Huron community

concerned huron...

School treasurer estimated prior to the board's vote that it would cost upwards of $30,000; after the 3-2 vote to proceed with terminiation process, the treasurer estimated that the school board's actions would cost in excess of $100,000.  Not sure if this is a witch hunt or if the school board actually has reason to do what it is doing, but the way they have gone about this is wrong and wasting money.  The school board apparently had been advised that the Ohio Ethics Committee would investigate the superintendent for free if they filed a complaint; however, the school board decided to waste money and hire someone to do what could have been done for free. 

H Team v The World

Let me get this straight… a volunteer football coach/board member does not get his way so he makes a motion to start termination proceedings?  Then, two other board members approved this motion?  One of the board members is a retired teacher who dedicated her career toward improving student achievement? 

School boards usually have one member who is a little crazy but for a former educator and another board member make a decision based upon a personal vendetta is reprehensible.

Decisions of this magnitude should be based upon student achievement or the poor financial standing of a school district.  That is not the case in Huron.  The football coach has all the power.  

I have never been so embarassed to be from Huron.



Jane Goodall

 its hard to take a side when all the parties involved are deficient and self absorbed     this is no way to run a school    boycott everyone involved so they can get a taste of how it feels to be cheated and shortchanged

Fibber Mcgee

   Hang in there Fred............. your board is nuts... by the way this will send a message to others.

If you are any good, don't go to Huron.



In the print article, the BOE president refers to "whistleblowers" within the ranks of the administration.  This does not appear to be board driven, but rather from other administrators.


Don't worry he will have a good job at Kalahari by the end of the week.


Perhaps the board members need to get re-aquainted with their own charter.

"Freedom within a framework with due respect for the dignity of the individual and the rights of others. The District is primarily interested in a continuous program of evaluating a student's needs, interests, attitudes, and abilities; and in providing the areas of learning through selective books, instructional aids, technology, and direct experiences which parallel a student's growth. The District education program will stress those values basic to creating a desire and capacity within the student to become an acceptable and worthy member of a society of free individuals."

- Board of Education Charter

Board of Education Members Scott Slocum President E-mail Kevin Asher
Board Member
    Timothy M. Sowecke Board Member
    John J. Caporini  Vice President
  E-mail Donna Green  Board Member
Sold On Fox 2

This is a very sad moment in the history of Huron.

No matter what people outside of Huron ever thought about Huron before..
They really got a dose of it this time. Clowns..

Huron Board of Education members Slocum, Greene and SOWecki have outdone themselves.

They are not even willing to let the Ohio Ethics Commission do their job ? What is it that they think they really have on Fred Fox ? Some discounted golf and some emails that confirmed it ?

I guess when you have a multi-million dollar budget you don't really give much of a thought to spending another unbudgeted $100,000 to get rid of the guy who put the money in the bank ?

These 'Three Stooges' have taken pettiness and stupidity to a whole new level and have actually shown a need for a competency test for Board of Education candidates.

How can we get justice for Fred Fox ?

Sold On Fox 2

Scott Slocum's Email:

Donna Greene's Email:

Huron Ace Hardware:       419-433-4797

Tell them what you think..
(Not that these three will listen to you. They have someone else in their ears. You are JUST a taxpayer that they are supposed to represent. Is this how you want to be represented ?)

concerned huron...

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Sold On Fox 2

From Concerned Huron..

Assuming this is data we need to look at on Erie County Board of Elections site for Nov 2, 2010,

Huron and Huron Twp have a total of 7,954 registered voters of which only 4,689 actually voted,
(does not specify how many voted for governor, so will assume all 4,689 voted for governor),

then only 703 signed petitions are required to initiate the recall of a school board member(s). 

If we aim for 1,000 signed petitions then we should have more than enough to initiate the recall. 
Wonder how much it would cost to file the petitions with the court of common pleas?

(Would that be 1,000 signing three petitions ?)*


The Ohio Ethics Commission statement on accepting gifts is good reading:



Haven't we seen this movie before?  Deja Vu!!!!!!!!!!!

Phil Packer

 $65/$75 to play mid-season is SO outrageous that any discount is not doing him a favor, but just being reasonable.


 I said when all this started that Mr. Fox had bigger problems than the ethics investigation. The superintendent works for the pleasure of the school board and the school board only.  When three board member sent a request to the state to investigate Mr. Fox he needed to start looking for a new job.  The writing was on the wall. After the latest article, where Mr. Fox called this process a "smear campaign" by board members the last nail was driven into the coffin.

Now the fun begins. Will Mr. Fox sue? Only if he doesn't want to work in another school system. A suit will bring out al the sorted details that caused the termination.  If he leave quitely everything will get swept under a rug and he will have no stains on his record and be hired in another location.    

Was this a vendetta? Maybe. Did this termination have merit. Probally. Does this happen all the time in schools where politics come into play. Definitely.

There are similar issues brewing in Margaretta and Perkins school districts in regards to the superintendent. You get three people on the school board who dislike the superintendent and he is gone. Just happened a while back in the Berlin Milan system. Mr. Snook just took the easy way out and retired.




 So did Mr. Swoeke get rehird as a volunteer football coach last night?




huron parent's link should end all conversation.......

Sold On Fox 2

Grizzly2504- The whole key to this statute: SUBSTANTIAL

Some things of value-because of their nature-could have a "substantial" influence upon an official in the performance of his duties.[5] Gifts, meals at expensive restaurants, entertainment activities, such as exclusive golf outings and season tickets to the games of a professional sports team, are of a substantial value.[6] Jewelry, discounts on major consumer items, and travel, meal, and lodging expenses are also of substantial value.[7]

Therefore, an official cannot solicit, accept, or use the authority of his public position to secure a gift, entertainment, meal, or any other thing of value if it is of a substantial nature and is provided by an improper source.

Small gifts, such as a book, a meal at a family restaurant, a promotional item, an inexpensive entertainment activity, and other things of nominal value, even if they are provided by an improper source, will not have a substantial influence on an official. An official is not prohibited from accepting these kinds of items.[8]



Sold On Fox 2

VII. Financial Disclosure

There are two value thresholds for disclosure of gifts.

Most filers are required to disclose sources of gifts valued over $75.00.

A small number of filers are required to disclose sources of gifts valued over $500.00.

Some filers are also required to disclose sources of meals and travel provided in connection with public duties.

Sold On Fox 2

Ohio Ethics Commission
William Green Building
30 West Spring Street, L3
Columbus Ohio, 43215-2256
Telephone (614) 466-7090
Commission's Web site:

Sold On Fox 2


Any person can refer information that indicates that a public official or employee may have violated any of the criminal provisions of the Ethics Law to the ethics agency that has jurisdiction over the official or employee in question. Allegation forms are available from the Ethics Commission to refer information relating to public servants within its authority.

All Commission investigations and hearings are confidential. Breach of confidentiality by Commission members or employees is a criminal offense. At its discretion, the Commission may share or disclose information with an investigating or prosecuting authority when necessary and appropriate for the conduct of an investigation. However, the Commission generally cannot disclose to others the existence, status, or result of any investigation.

Citizens may contact the Ethics Commission to make a charge or allegation of unethical conduct, or file a sworn complaint alleging specific personal knowledge of facts and evidence supporting each element of an Ethics Law violation. Most investigations are initiated upon charges received by the Commission.

Sold On Fox 2

The Sunshine Law

As evidenced by the meeting, the 'Three Stooges',  apparently did not discuss this action with the other two members. When and where did they discuss this action ?

When and where did the 'Three Stooges' discuss / act on the investigation ?

This is all arogance and ingnorance.  Who are the legal advisors working with 'The Three Stooges' ?

After what this board majority has done to Fred Fox:

Good luck hiring anyone else.
Who would want this job. What kind of desperate person would take it ?

How is this board ever going to ask Huron taxpayers for more money / levies ?
As they are spending $100,000 to get rid of the very person who put the money in the bank.

Will anyone on the administrative staff stay ?
Why would they ? Are they next ?

This is a circus.
Luckily it is Summer break so the tension is not directly affecting the students and employees together.

The 'Three Stooges' have taken a perfectly good school system with a great leader and they have torn it apart. Over discounted golf ? Are you, Joe Huron Taxpayer, happy that you have been protected from this evil team building golfer / superintendent, Fred Fox ? I think Huron can go back to not locking our doors at night now that Fred Fox is gone ?

The 'Three Stooges' are making us all look like stooges.


concerned huron...

Recall of a public official (including school board member(s)) on grounds of misconduct in office can include:


a wrong, actual or alleged, arising from or consisting of affirmative action the wrongful performance of a normally lawful act; the wrongful and injurious exercise of lawful authority



the performance by a public official of an act that is legally unjustified, harmful, or contrary to law wrongdoing, used especially of an act in violation of a public trust



the omission of some act that ought to have been performed the improper performance of an act that is lawful in itself