Huron school board moves to oust Fox

An angry crowd shouted protests Tuesday night as Huron School board members voted 3-2 to suspend superintendent Fred Fox and pursue termination proceedings against him.
Jessica Cuffman
Jun 20, 2012


An angry crowd shouted protests Tuesday night as Huron School board members voted 3-2 to suspend superintendent Fred Fox and pursue termination proceedings against him.

Fox was suspended without pay after the board reviewed an investigation into his alleged relationship with Kalahari Resorts CEO Todd Nelson. (Read more HERE.) The details of the investigation have not been released.

Last month, the board voted to send the investigation to the Ohio Ethics Commission for review. Tuesday's vote also sends the investigation to the Ohio Department of Education as termination proceedings against Fox move forward.

For full coverage of the heated school board meeting, pick up copy of Wednesday's Register.



Wow..I do not know him at all, but seems like a witchhunt to me??  Are the board members reliable or is this a vendetta??  Have y'all thought about Gunner and  Kurt from Perkins and Margaretta?? just wondering...

Edwin Ison

 This is great!

Maybe this will send a message to all the out of control school "leaders" to settle down and just do your job!

Good job Huron School board!


Ethics is serious business.  The Board did the right thing. There should be a zero tolerance.  Once ethics has been violated, you can never trust the person not to do it again and the school will always have to look over their shoulder when it comes to this employee.  The employee is one step from being out the door.  The public should not be so complacent over ethics. We should hold these professionals to a higher standard.

Azure Ray

 He went golfing.  Big deal.  He DOES his job well.  This board is a crock.  


I think the details of the investigation need to be released to the taxpayers and people who elect the board!

God Of Thunder

SMILE!!! You're on Candid Camera!!!!

That has to be the only explanation for all of this.. I can't believe any of this is actually going on..

I don't live in Huron and have nothing to do with the school system, and I have to say that I am embarassed for the board members...What a bunch of hacks..

You think spending that money was a lot??? Wait until the board pays for an attorney to defend themselves against the lawsuit that Fox is sure to file.....And win....

There is no good reason for this..It's a circus sideshow

Good luck Mr Fox and the Huron community

concerned huron...

School treasurer estimated prior to the board's vote that it would cost upwards of $30,000; after the 3-2 vote to proceed with terminiation process, the treasurer estimated that the school board's actions would cost in excess of $100,000.  Not sure if this is a witch hunt or if the school board actually has reason to do what it is doing, but the way they have gone about this is wrong and wasting money.  The school board apparently had been advised that the Ohio Ethics Committee would investigate the superintendent for free if they filed a complaint; however, the school board decided to waste money and hire someone to do what could have been done for free. 

H Team v The World

Let me get this straight… a volunteer football coach/board member does not get his way so he makes a motion to start termination proceedings?  Then, two other board members approved this motion?  One of the board members is a retired teacher who dedicated her career toward improving student achievement? 

School boards usually have one member who is a little crazy but for a former educator and another board member make a decision based upon a personal vendetta is reprehensible.

Decisions of this magnitude should be based upon student achievement or the poor financial standing of a school district.  That is not the case in Huron.  The football coach has all the power.  

I have never been so embarassed to be from Huron.



Jane Goodall

 its hard to take a side when all the parties involved are deficient and self absorbed     this is no way to run a school    boycott everyone involved so they can get a taste of how it feels to be cheated and shortchanged

Fibber Mcgee

   Hang in there Fred............. your board is nuts... by the way this will send a message to others.

If you are any good, don't go to Huron.



In the print article, the BOE president refers to "whistleblowers" within the ranks of the administration.  This does not appear to be board driven, but rather from other administrators.


Don't worry he will have a good job at Kalahari by the end of the week.


Perhaps the board members need to get re-aquainted with their own charter.

"Freedom within a framework with due respect for the dignity of the individual and the rights of others. The District is primarily interested in a continuous program of evaluating a student's needs, interests, attitudes, and abilities; and in providing the areas of learning through selective books, instructional aids, technology, and direct experiences which parallel a student's growth. The District education program will stress those values basic to creating a desire and capacity within the student to become an acceptable and worthy member of a society of free individuals."

- Board of Education Charter

Board of Education Members Scott Slocum President E-mail Kevin Asher
Board Member
    Timothy M. Sowecke Board Member
    John J. Caporini  Vice President
  E-mail Donna Green  Board Member
Sold On Fox 2

This is a very sad moment in the history of Huron.

No matter what people outside of Huron ever thought about Huron before..
They really got a dose of it this time. Clowns..

Huron Board of Education members Slocum, Greene and SOWecki have outdone themselves.

They are not even willing to let the Ohio Ethics Commission do their job ? What is it that they think they really have on Fred Fox ? Some discounted golf and some emails that confirmed it ?

I guess when you have a multi-million dollar budget you don't really give much of a thought to spending another unbudgeted $100,000 to get rid of the guy who put the money in the bank ?

These 'Three Stooges' have taken pettiness and stupidity to a whole new level and have actually shown a need for a competency test for Board of Education candidates.

How can we get justice for Fred Fox ?

Sold On Fox 2

Scott Slocum's Email:

Donna Greene's Email:

Huron Ace Hardware:       419-433-4797

Tell them what you think..
(Not that these three will listen to you. They have someone else in their ears. You are JUST a taxpayer that they are supposed to represent. Is this how you want to be represented ?)

concerned huron...

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Sold On Fox 2

From Concerned Huron..

Assuming this is data we need to look at on Erie County Board of Elections site for Nov 2, 2010,

Huron and Huron Twp have a total of 7,954 registered voters of which only 4,689 actually voted,
(does not specify how many voted for governor, so will assume all 4,689 voted for governor),

then only 703 signed petitions are required to initiate the recall of a school board member(s). 

If we aim for 1,000 signed petitions then we should have more than enough to initiate the recall. 
Wonder how much it would cost to file the petitions with the court of common pleas?

(Would that be 1,000 signing three petitions ?)*


The Ohio Ethics Commission statement on accepting gifts is good reading:



Haven't we seen this movie before?  Deja Vu!!!!!!!!!!!

Phil Packer

 $65/$75 to play mid-season is SO outrageous that any discount is not doing him a favor, but just being reasonable.


 I said when all this started that Mr. Fox had bigger problems than the ethics investigation. The superintendent works for the pleasure of the school board and the school board only.  When three board member sent a request to the state to investigate Mr. Fox he needed to start looking for a new job.  The writing was on the wall. After the latest article, where Mr. Fox called this process a "smear campaign" by board members the last nail was driven into the coffin.

Now the fun begins. Will Mr. Fox sue? Only if he doesn't want to work in another school system. A suit will bring out al the sorted details that caused the termination.  If he leave quitely everything will get swept under a rug and he will have no stains on his record and be hired in another location.    

Was this a vendetta? Maybe. Did this termination have merit. Probally. Does this happen all the time in schools where politics come into play. Definitely.

There are similar issues brewing in Margaretta and Perkins school districts in regards to the superintendent. You get three people on the school board who dislike the superintendent and he is gone. Just happened a while back in the Berlin Milan system. Mr. Snook just took the easy way out and retired.




 So did Mr. Swoeke get rehird as a volunteer football coach last night?




huron parent's link should end all conversation.......

Sold On Fox 2

Grizzly2504- The whole key to this statute: SUBSTANTIAL

Some things of value-because of their nature-could have a "substantial" influence upon an official in the performance of his duties.[5] Gifts, meals at expensive restaurants, entertainment activities, such as exclusive golf outings and season tickets to the games of a professional sports team, are of a substantial value.[6] Jewelry, discounts on major consumer items, and travel, meal, and lodging expenses are also of substantial value.[7]

Therefore, an official cannot solicit, accept, or use the authority of his public position to secure a gift, entertainment, meal, or any other thing of value if it is of a substantial nature and is provided by an improper source.

Small gifts, such as a book, a meal at a family restaurant, a promotional item, an inexpensive entertainment activity, and other things of nominal value, even if they are provided by an improper source, will not have a substantial influence on an official. An official is not prohibited from accepting these kinds of items.[8]



Sold On Fox 2

VII. Financial Disclosure

There are two value thresholds for disclosure of gifts.

Most filers are required to disclose sources of gifts valued over $75.00.

A small number of filers are required to disclose sources of gifts valued over $500.00.

Some filers are also required to disclose sources of meals and travel provided in connection with public duties.

Sold On Fox 2

Ohio Ethics Commission
William Green Building
30 West Spring Street, L3
Columbus Ohio, 43215-2256
Telephone (614) 466-7090
Commission's Web site:

Sold On Fox 2


Any person can refer information that indicates that a public official or employee may have violated any of the criminal provisions of the Ethics Law to the ethics agency that has jurisdiction over the official or employee in question. Allegation forms are available from the Ethics Commission to refer information relating to public servants within its authority.

All Commission investigations and hearings are confidential. Breach of confidentiality by Commission members or employees is a criminal offense. At its discretion, the Commission may share or disclose information with an investigating or prosecuting authority when necessary and appropriate for the conduct of an investigation. However, the Commission generally cannot disclose to others the existence, status, or result of any investigation.

Citizens may contact the Ethics Commission to make a charge or allegation of unethical conduct, or file a sworn complaint alleging specific personal knowledge of facts and evidence supporting each element of an Ethics Law violation. Most investigations are initiated upon charges received by the Commission.

Sold On Fox 2

The Sunshine Law

As evidenced by the meeting, the 'Three Stooges',  apparently did not discuss this action with the other two members. When and where did they discuss this action ?

When and where did the 'Three Stooges' discuss / act on the investigation ?

This is all arogance and ingnorance.  Who are the legal advisors working with 'The Three Stooges' ?

After what this board majority has done to Fred Fox:

Good luck hiring anyone else.
Who would want this job. What kind of desperate person would take it ?

How is this board ever going to ask Huron taxpayers for more money / levies ?
As they are spending $100,000 to get rid of the very person who put the money in the bank.

Will anyone on the administrative staff stay ?
Why would they ? Are they next ?

This is a circus.
Luckily it is Summer break so the tension is not directly affecting the students and employees together.

The 'Three Stooges' have taken a perfectly good school system with a great leader and they have torn it apart. Over discounted golf ? Are you, Joe Huron Taxpayer, happy that you have been protected from this evil team building golfer / superintendent, Fred Fox ? I think Huron can go back to not locking our doors at night now that Fred Fox is gone ?

The 'Three Stooges' are making us all look like stooges.


concerned huron...

Recall of a public official (including school board member(s)) on grounds of misconduct in office can include:


a wrong, actual or alleged, arising from or consisting of affirmative action the wrongful performance of a normally lawful act; the wrongful and injurious exercise of lawful authority



the performance by a public official of an act that is legally unjustified, harmful, or contrary to law wrongdoing, used especially of an act in violation of a public trust



the omission of some act that ought to have been performed the improper performance of an act that is lawful in itself



Sold On Fox 2

Concerned Huron -

Guilty on all three counts.

Great work... Who do we call ?

(Hitting 'Like' button on all of your posts !)

Sitting In The ...

I guess they really showed him.......if only he knew perhaps the owner of a major Ohio waterpark  he could land a job there. Sure makes me wonder if he wasn't right in stating " this is just a smear campaign". Why didn't Huron let the state investigate these claims or did they use it as a smoke screen to achieve their real goal? Were they afraid the state would side with Mr. Fox?. 


Fox's BIG MISTAKE...if he would have invited the board to go along to the would have heard  nuttin!

Tsu Dho Nimh
Huron_Parent says

The Ohio Ethics Commission statement on accepting gifts is good reading:


Whether or not Mr. Fox is doing a good job or not, the law is the law and everyone is expected to abide by it, especially the highest position in the district.  The board is correct in handing it over to the State Dept of Ed to determine if his actions warrant termination.

I don't know enough about the alledged agendas of particular board members.  Maybe "Mr. Hardware" does have an ax to grind.  I'm not convinced that the other two are being controlled by him.  Here is something to ponder - did the  two members supporting Mr. Fox have knowledgeof this golf outing at the time it was taking place and said nothing?  There were eight administrators so who else was involved?  The district has four principals, one assistant, and an athletic director.  Including Mr. Fox, that would make seven.  I seriously doubt that the elementary and middle school administrators were included.  Again,  who were the eight administrators?  Did the group include any board members or their families?

This situation should not be conducted as a witch hunt and the board needs to be mindful that the community is watching their behavior during this mess.  Having said that, I am very disappointed that Mr. Caporini and Mr. Asher have been against handing this over to the proper agencies to be properly investigated.  This could have been back in the spring, the investigation may have been completed, and Mr. Fox may have been cleared by now (assuming that he is innocent).


Besides one of them owning a hardware store, for those of us outside of Huron, what are the professional/business backgrounds of the other BOE members?   Just wondering.  


Maybe the people of Huron should just sit back and wait to see what the Ethics Commission decides. The yelling and screaming at the meeting just showed how immature you people in Huron are. You voted the board in and now you do not like them. Is there any reason to what is happening over there. You bet there is, because the board would not have sent a complaint to the Ethics Commission if something was not wrong. Everything you here is just rumors. Until they (board) wants to release the truth, be quiet and think. Maybe the truth is so bad a lot of other people will be sinking with the mother ship. Are you one of them?

Sold On Fox 2


The big picture is that the Huron Board of Education has charged Fred Fox with golfing at a discounted rate on his own time. The fallout from this affects every resident / student / school employee / taxpayer in Huron.

It's easy to sit back and watch the boat sink.

This Board will not ever release the truth because they have made this frivolous charge and the truth would look ridiculous even to you.

Sit back and watch... I'm gonna bail water..

concerned huron...

The school board is wasting money.  Maybe an investigation was justified, but the handling of the situation leaves a lot ot be desired.  Should people just sit back as the school board continues to blow money that should be used in the education of its students?  Or allow a dysfunctional board to continue until 12/31/2015?  It is clear that the educational welfare of the students within the district is no longer the primary concern of this board.

Yes, these members were voted in by the people, but can also be recalled by the people.  I think I read somewhere that if a majority of the board gets together and discusses board business without public participation, they are in violation of the sunshine law.  Refer to this for more info:

Sold On Fox 2

Concerned Huron-

No words were ever written that are more true:

'It is clear that the educational welfare of the students within the district is no longer the primary concern of this board.'

Board members can 'meet' in two's. When a third member shows up, school business cannot be discussed or it is in violation of the Sunshine Law which forces Boards of Eds to meet in public and in front of the press.

The 'Three Stooges' obviously met at some time or another to come up with this whole 'plan'. I would ask the Huron City School's Treasurer if any meetings were officially held before the vote to investigate and the vote to suspend / fire / whatever Fred Fox. If no meetings were announced, how did the 'Three Stooges' come up with their 'plan' ?

Clearly.. at some point these three geniuses met. No doubt. Totally ignorring the Sunshine Law.


This will only get worse as the investigation grows, and some truly unethical behavior is uncovered, and it has nothing to do with Fred Fox. This town and this school system will suffer because of a few that think they are above everything and everyone. They have put themselves and their personal agendas as their only priority. With no thought of how they are hurting our children, it's disgusting. If any of the whisperings that are going around are true, look for things only to get worse, and for more job openings in our district.

Sold On Fox 2


'Like' button !

You have said absolutely what is happening, and what is going to happen TO Huron and it's children.

Do these 'Three Stooges' remember the kids are why they are there ?

Tsu Dho Nimh

Sold on Fox 2


You have some very good points, particularly when you mention the Sunshine Law.  I also find your "three Stooges"  reference humorous.  Just curious of what you think of Mr. Caporini and Mr. Asher?  I am puzzled about why they have been against investigating this matter from the beginning.  It's clear that Mr. Fox used poor judgement in how he went about arranging the golf outing and appears to violate the ethics rules.  It needed to be investigated by the ethics board yet they were against it.  Why?  If he wasn't guilty, they could have shut the "three Stooges" down with the ruling of the Ethics Commission.  So many are blaming the three for costing the district money for their witch hunt.  I say that Mr. Caporini and Mr. Asher put us in the position of spending money because they would not do the right thing from the time that issues and concerns started to pop up.  No board member has the right to ignore this or handle matters behind closed doors.  Again, I ask why?  If they cannot separate their friendship with Mr. Fox from their responsibilities as a board member, then maybe they should step down.  Or are they protecting someone other than Mr. Fox?  Just a thought ; )

Sold On Fox 2

Tsu Dho Nimh -
I believe Caporini and Asher were in agreement to send it to the ethics commission, (at no cost to the school district). I really believe that they did not want to spend the money and thought this whole affair to be frivolous.

That wasn't what was being voted on. The vote was to investigate.. how, who, why was never really stated.

Knowing, obviously more than the 'Three Stooges'.. I know when to say I do not know all of the specifics of 'the investigation'. 

There is no one else to protect. Fred Fox arranged the team building / golf outing, so he is the target.

As I stated earlier, Asher and Caporini found this whole 'investigation' frivolous. Looking at the ethics laws I personally do not see the 'Three Stooges' witch hunt paying off, but the damage is done. The Huron City Schools will spend years.. maybe decades rebuilding the credibility that they formally had with Fred Fox at the helm. THIS IS DISASTEROUS TO HURON'S STUDENTS AND SCHOOL EMPLOYEES !

Tiger Dad

Sold on Fox 2,

So with 100%, certainty and accuracy, are you saying that the only thing that Mr. Fox is being investigated for is for arranging for an out of state, team building/golf outing in at a discounted rate?  

Sold On Fox 2

Tiger Dad-

At this point it is all anyone knows about. The discount and use of the email.

Rumors abound, but clearly if there is anything else, it is equally as frivilous.

The 'three Stooges' saw this as an opportunity to get Fred Fox which was at least two of their agendas when they ran for the board. The third 'Stooge' is a follower which is funny noting his present position on the board.

Another part of this retaliation on Fred Fox is that SOWecke's Ace Hardware is no longer allowed to sell to the school district as a result of his position on the board. He was not happy about this.

A lot goes into this whole mess dating back to a time when Fred was a principal in Berlin/Milan. I would tell you all about it, but someone will get it and me deleted for spelling out the truth.

Discounted Golf / Team Building is Fred's crime !


I believe it is time for the citizens of Huron to take action. As a community, a petition drive to request the removal of the 3 board members is the appropriate course of action. The success or failure of a petition drive would be the official voice of our community.

First thing this morning I started researching what is needed in a petition and I'm positive a group of us could assemble one that is accurate and complies with Ohio requirements

Question now is how do we get organized and move forward with such an effort ?

Actions speak louder than words and blogs

Sold On Fox 2

Action !

A petition is a great start. My suggestion is to contact the two 'minority' school board members and ask who they have heard from and those would be the people to include in any effort to organize.

Tsu Dho Nimh


I don't agree that board members should be removed at this time.  We may find out that they were the only ones who had the courage to do the right thing.  What ever is going on is probably deeper than the few emails that we have seen. Or when this is over, the results of the investigation may prove they were simply just trying to smear Mr. Fox.  Time will tell.  I know I sound like a broken record but the other two members did not have the right to sweep this under the carpet. 

Tsu Dho Nimh

Sold on Fox 2

You may be correct on the stance of Mr. Asher and Mr. Caporini but this is what I was told prior to any of this hitting the paper.  The Stooges wanted to send it to the ethics commission but they were not in agreement so an investigation was started (by an outside source for hire).  Once the private report came back, there was no denying that it must go to the ethics commission. If this is true, the entire board is responsible for this circus.  Unfortunately, we as the taxpayers will never know the contents of the report as it is not part of public records.

Sold On Fox 2

You know Tsu Dho Nimh..

What you have said gives this whole group a lot of undeserved credit for being organized. If the outside investigation was started by any single, or three board members without the knowledge or consent of the other two then the Sunshine Law was violated.

The make up of this 'board of instigation' is crazy to begin with: You have a bully; a good old boy; a disgruntled teacher and ex-sister-in-law; a very nice man; and a follower who coincidently is in the president's seat.. Funny part is the teacher and the good old boy are the only one's qualified to be there. The teacher for her school employee experiance and the good old boy for his experiance on the board itself. The rest need to have been tested before being allowed to run for this position which is a guardian of students, school employees and taxpayers.

This circus was built by voters not being familier with anything but a name, but hey.. at least they voted.

You have intelligent questions that need answers.

Unfortunately, before the answers come the damage has already been done.

Tsu Dho Nimh

After re-reading the posts, Mr. Fox is the one who should carry the blame for this circus and the outragous cost involved.  He was the one who clearly used school email, which identifies him as the super of Huron Schools.  Once the situation came out, it had to be addressed.  If it wasn't sent to the Ethics commission, then the board was breaking the law.  Because they have to address it, it is costing the district some serious money.  I don't know if you are aware of it, but something as frivolous as being convicted of passing bad checks will have a teaching license revoked.  I was told this directly by the man who oversees the investigation process at ODE.  Personal and professional actions that do not directly impact student performance are not taken lightly at the state level.  Mr. Fox has taken educational law classes, he should know better.  It's a shame that he used poor judgement.

Sold On Fox 2

Tsu Dho Nimh-

Fred Fox did not hide the fact that he was taking administrators on a team building / golf outing. In his official capacity he arranged it, thus making the emails official use as designed.

Fred Fox and the other administrators have receipts as they paid for all of this with their own money. They went there on their own time, not the school's.

Where is the crime besides the Sunshine Law violations of the Board ?

concerned huron...
just ice

 You are clearly one of Fred Fox's friends.  Your thwarted logic and urgency to so anything to twist this in his favor is beyond obvious.  The golf trip wasn't a "team building" experience.  It was a cheap trip, provided by his friend who would NOT be his friend if it weren't for their business dealings, which some of his administrative team, who happen to be his friends, also attended.  Furthermore, he IS in the wrong and it is sad to watch you people justify his actions.  And just like the BOE member stated, this is more than what has been revealed.  The BOE did what was right, his inappropriate actions were finally uncovered by the right people and action has taken place to remove him for his abuse of office.  



Mr. Fox, just saw that Five Guys is hiring on 250.  Maybe they'll accept 8 guys.  You might want to check this out.

For those of you who think there are "three" people responsible for this, I believe you are correct.  However, you are blaming the wrong three.  The three to blame are Mr. Fox for his lack of judgment, and Mr. Asher and Mr. Caprorini for not agreeing to send this to the Ethics Commission from the beginning. I think it's time to "man up" and the 8 guys should tell us all what happened in the Dells.  I have trouble identifying 8 "guys" that are administrators in such a small district.  Please advise. 


Tsu Dho Nimh

If the school did not pay for it and the trip was on personal time, he should have used his personal email.  He knows this.  There are documented cases in Ohio where educators have been terminated for using school email for personal use.  He should be aware of this.  Again, he made a poor decision when he chose to use his school email for personal use.  Because he used it, it SUGGESTS  that he was taking advantage of his position within the district and therefore must be handled according to the law.  All five board members should have agreed immediatley to turn this over to the OEC, regardless of their personal feelings towards Mr. Fox or one another . I am not questioning Mr. Fox's ability to perform his job.  I am very disappointed that a man in his position was so careless and this is what we now have to deal with.

I agree with you that the BOE election was nothing but a popularity contest and that the voters should not have voted most of these folks in. It does appear that the Sunshine Law has been broken.  If we had a better qualified board, perhaps the correct and legal response to the situation would have taken place.

Tsu Dho Nimh


Does Five Guys hold an annual company golf outing?  LOL


Justice is served??  To who?  Is Huron BOE really to the a point of firing an excellent superintendent because he sent an email of personal nature from a work computer??  I mean, he paid for the trip, didn't he?  He took vacation days, right?? So what is the problem? 

Who is getting justice here?  It is certainly not the students of Huron, whose best interests are what the BOE is supposed to be protecting!  Take a look at the academic and fiscal records of Huron under Fred Fox's watch - they are absolutely the best in the area.  Conistent Excellent academic ratings of the district, a financial surplus without raising new taxes or levies, etc etc.  Ask any other administrator in Ohio, and these things are incredibly difficult to achieve in good times, never mind the extremely challenging times our country has faced the past 3-4 years. And his reward for all this good work is to get investigated and possibly terminated over this silliness?

The Huron BOE wants to fire a great leader of a school system, one who has assured excellent education for current and future students, for what??  This seems ridiculous to me, and the real losers of this whole thing will be the residents and students of Huron, because they will never be able to attract another decent superintendent while this BOE is running things. 


Common sense - you think is because he SENT EMAILS about the trip (that included discounted rooms and free golf)?  Wow.  Love IS blind.


Well, I don't know what it is about.  That is what I am asking.

I am responding to information I have.  The register posted the email chain, and it says he paid for the trip.  Did he not?  What are you saying he did?  Got a discount because he knew the owner?  People do that ALL THE TIME.  I don't see how that negatively impacts the district.  

What I do see is the consistenly good ratings and financial status of the Huron schools.  That is a FACT.  So, as someone who is invested in well being of the school (via home ownership in town) that is my primary concern.  What is it he did to warrant getting fired?  I mean, you need to weigh the good vs the bad.  In my opinion, he has done a lot of good for the school system.  Do you disagree?  What exactly did he do that was so bad, really, when you think about it?  Who cares if he got a discount? (And good luck getting any good replacement if they are going to be hounded and fired for something as frivolous as that). 

I just don't understand - the school is doing well.  Why is the BOE so upset about a discounted trip?  Are they jealous or something?  It makes no sense to me.  

Tsu Dho Nimh


Those of us in favor of the investigation are not questioning his right to a private golf trip.  What we do question is if he used his position in the school district to obtain discounted rates.  The one email from Kalahari apologizes for the high rate and compensates his group with free golf.  I'm guessing this gift retails close to $1,000 for 8 participants. When he used district email to make the arrangements, this became a fair question and needs to be turned over to the OEC.  It gives the appearance that Superintendent Fox was making the arrangements and not Fred Fox. Had he conducted personal business on his personal email, no one would have ever known. 


Well, I guess we have to just disagree about whether or not what you describe is a fireable offense. I'm fine with investigating, but it seems like the BOE could have handled this better.  Spending $30-100k to look into this?  The cost-benefit does not add up.  Also, to me, it seems silly to terminate someone over that, maybe a reprimand or something, but not firing. Especially given the good performance of the school. 

He is on salary, so what is the difference if he is using his personal or work email?  I use my work email for personal things all the time.  It would be different if I was an hourly employee, but I am salaried and expected to be connected to email 24 hrs a day.  I imagine situation with superintendent is the same.  So, I don't think it is that bad a violation.  

Again, I just don't think firing what is seemingly an otherwise good school leader is accomplishing?  Take a look at the schools performance, it has been very good.  Do you disagree?  I want to keep it that way. I fear firing (not investigating, but firing) him for this would hurt the district in short and long term, and hurt Huron's ability to attract talented leaders to run our school in the future.


Tsu Dho Nimh and Clementine, 

The email to me sound very casual. They address each other as Todd and Fred in a friendly correspondence. Sounds more like a friendship than a business relationship. No where in the email is his position as Superintendent stated. 

When you involve yourself in a career 24/7 at times your professional and personal paths are going to cross. As mentioned earlier he is available at all times and does not punch a clock. 

Also the email references a group of ABOUT 8, sounds like a "GUESStimate" to me on who was going. Mr. Fox is a smart man who knew that any email sent via school email could potentially be made public therefore, if he had something to hide, I think he would have used private email. 

Clementine, it seems, enjoys concoctions. Perhaps, those are best left in the kitchen. Unless what you are cooking up is a recipe that can be filed under "Libel".    



A salaried (and even hourly) person using work email for sometimes personal use is permitted in most corporate settings. As long as it is not offensive material.

Also you won't see Huron teachers on here commenting. They are too busy deleting their internet and email history. When the investigation and lawsuits start, subpoenas for any indication of personal use of email - starting with the board members through the ranks of teachers, administrators, and even the cooks' accounts will be turned over and documented.



If there is nothing wrong with this investigation, and the board has NOTHING to hide, why not release it?  It seems to me that they would be very transparent with this since they have "released" it to the Ethics committee. Now that makes it public record, does it not? 

They also have been spending taxpayer money on this without much background to the public or explanation of why or what they are doing.  Why is that???  What are they hiding?  They owe the public more than "we know the law" statements. 

How can they start 'termination" when they haven't formally charged him or let him explain anything?  This is really off kilter.  At least let the man answer his charges before the board and the public.  Isn't that what the law says"  you have a right to face your accusers" and to answer any and all charges??  This guy is being railroaded without due process.  Why is that? 

Does Huron have a big hole in the umbrella of justice over their heads that allows for this sort of thing???  If so, I am glad I don't live there.  This sounds way too much like a communist or Hitler state to me. 


Incredible.... I open up the petition conversation to take a real action and no takers - just more opinions and speculation.

A petition would have to be fact based with none of the opinions, rhetoric or rumors that consume over 95% of this blog. The fact is these 3 board members have executed actions at an expense that could have been avoided and have not followed due process. The additional costs announced last night should not have been incurred and the tax payers have the right to officially object. It is the boards duty to report any suspecious activity to the ethics committee and I am fine with that. Once they filed the documentation with the ethics committee, they should be sitting tight and keeping quiet until the EC has completed their investigation and provied their recommended course of action.  But the 3 board members stepped over the line last night by taking premature actions into their own hands and they should be held accountable. 

The petition has nothing to do with whether or not Fred Fox violated any laws or ethics standards

My prediction is the tax paying citizens will not take any kind of measurable action and will sit back and complain while our goofed up system runs it course. After the lawyers get done with this, the cost will be much higher and the end results will be forever questionable. Huron is now mirroring it's own version of the Kim Nuesse saga

concerned huron...

Yes, there are people interested in starting the recall procedure.  How do we go about doing this?  Maybe create a facebook group called Huron School Board Recall, setting it up as a private group only to the residents of Huron.  This could help in figuring out if there are enough Huron residents that are interested in a recall.  Use the library as a meeting location. 

I do not know if an investigation was warranted, but that should have been left up to the Ohio Ethics Committtee and they would have investigated for free.  Is it true that since the investigation report was stated in last month's meeting minutes that that report is now a public document under the Sunshine Law?



It's kinda of funny what a difference a few miles makes.There is a a place where administrators bully,the rights of childern are violated and the Board sits there and does nothing.

Tsu Dho Nimh


I agree that the offense seems to be minor but public employees are held to a stricter set of guidelines than the private sector. For example, it would be unethical (by law) for a current teacher in the Huron district to be part of this discussion board.  The rest of us can comment because of our freedom of speech.  It doesn't matter how good of a job that Mr. Fox has done, the ethics laws dictate that the board must report it for investigation.  Also, by turning it over to ODE, they will decide if what he did is a fireable offense, not the Huron BOE.  As I mentioned in a previous post, being convicted of passing bad checks will cost a teacher his/her license. I don't think the private sector would concern itself with this.  Joe Public may not be aware of the laws but Mr. Fox should have been.  He either was oblivious, which is not acceptable, or just chose to ignore it because he didn't think he would be caught.

I also want to include that our board members should be aware of the Sunshine Law and are expected to abide by it.

Tsu Dho Nimh


It most likely was a personal relationship in the email.  However, once he conducted this personal conversation on business email, it became professional.  You are right in that he is on call 24/7 but his school account is for school business only.  The Ohio Education Association reminds its membership every year that they cannot defend a teacher from disciplinary actions if they use school email for personal use.  They also remind teachers that anything that they say in public that is negative toward their district can be disciplined and not to particpate in public forums such as this if it is regarding your own district.  These are just a few things that they are advised on.  Mr. Fox should know this.  He brought this on by not following the ethic laws.

Natti Light

 Really?  Some of you are going to sit here and justify the vilification of Fred Fox because he used his school email address to send an email that may or may not have been personal?  First of all, I fail to find a law that says doing this is illegal.  Second, the policy is "personal business", not sending a personal email.  Public employees have every right to send a personal email from their school email account.  It costs nothing to the taxpayer.  The policy is concerned with doing personal business through school accounts (for example, running your driver education business from the school, etc)

In addition, since this trip involved the administrative team from Huron, why is this considered personal?  You don't know, and neither do we, so again...shut your mouth.  There is no justification for this report not being made public.  None.  Nada!  

"Justice":  If you know there is so much more info we aren't being told, why don't you share it?  If you're not willing to share it, then please...shut your mouth.  By contributing to this forum and alluding to things that "might" have happened, you are doing nothing more than stirring the pot.  You are not the all seeing eye.  So again, shut your fat mouth until you have something remotely intelligent to contribute to the conversation.

This is nothing more than a witch hunt carried out by the H Team and a few loudmouths from the white trash "townie" crowd who hate having to do their jobs as dictated by someone else.

Votes have consequences folks.  I will personally dontate or help in any plans to get rid of this moron on the school board.  What this idiot is doing to Huron Schools makes me sick to my stomach.  If I were Todd Nelson, I would have shovels ready on Monday morning to tear your precious turf field out, regardless of the outcome of all of this.  Like it or not, right or wrong, your idiot hardware store owner has just killed your golden goose.  And you wonder why business wants nothing to do with public education??  I personally hope he builds a dome stadium and indoor field house for Perkins...just out of spite.

At the end of the day, liking Fred or not has nothing to do with this.  This is just wrong on all levels.  We all have faults, and I'm sure Fred has his.  But he has done nothing to warrant losing his job, that he has done remarkably well.

Julie R.

Sounds to me like they DID get the determination back from the Ohio Ethics Commission. Why else would they move to oust him?  

concerned huron...

If they did get the determination back from the Ohio Ethics Committee, why did the other 2 board members know nothing of the the Ethics Committee's findings?  It is in violation of the Sunshine Law if the majority of the board meets to discuss board business:

Jane Goodall

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained libelous or defamatory statements. Discussion Guidelines

Tsu Dho Nimh


Most corporations don't care if email is used for personal use if it is not excessive or offensive.  Again I will say, these emails are most likely on a personal level.  BUT there are additional rules for public employees, contrary to what Natti Light seems to believe.  I personally know a person who was terminated because she checked on her Pampered Chef order during work hours and using district email.  Extreme?  Absolutely!  But this is the accountability public employees are held to.  Do  public employees bend the rules? Yes they do and quite often.  Does administration typically go searching for these violations? Not typically.  But if you are going to bend the rules, you better be prepared for the consequences if caught.  Mr. Fox handed over to his enemies the ammunition they need to bring him down.  I am just surprised how many people do not see that he made a stupid decision that may cost him his livelyhood.


Tsu Dho Nimh, I believe you got my point. When the investigation blows open the emails of everyone on the school servers, what goes for one, will/should go for all. Who will draw lines between appropriate and excessive in regards to personal use ie Pampered Chef, Avon, Ebay and maybe even some "love" connections meant to be secret...?


Thinking about the alleged innapropriateness....anyone with corporate organizations that handle ticket sales, organize events, etc may get a little freebie such as an invite to Cedar Point's Luminosity or 2 free tickets to a Cleveland Indians Game or a pass to Toledo Zoo. Past the admission, I would be spending my own money and so would you! If I am going above and beyond on my own time for the pleasure & benefit of my co workers as this superintendent did (and it is known they spent their own money) what is the big deal? He arranged something via work email because it is how it came about. From this comment section it is apparent to me he brought much more to the education community than what the school board professionals have contributed. (Aren't most board of directors usually made up of professional wanna-bes?)

Tsu Dho Nimh


It will be interesting what they will do about the others. 

Here is something else to consider - how do the emails that were sent from Mr. Nelson to Mr. Fox regarding the waiving of the $60,500 permit fees figure into this scenario?  Why would Mr. Nelson bring this to Mr. Fox's attention?  Mr. Zimmerman's office is not tied to Mr. Fox so why would Mr. Nelson want to include him?  I wonder if Mr. Nelson had the curtiousy to let Mr. Zimmerman know that he was sharing their business with Mr. Fox?  This connection makes no sense to me.  Some might see this as Mr. Nelson wanting his friend to influence the township about waiving the fees. 

Natti Light

 Here is how you get fired for using school or public employee email to look at a Pampered Chef order:

1.  You do it during class time, not lunch or plan or before/after school.

2.  You do while you are "on the clock"...whatever that is in a non school setting.

3.  You have a boss who is looking for a reason to fire you, so he/she uses 1 or 2 from this list.  NO ONE gets fired simply for that.  Period.  Contrary to what your friend tells you.

If this items were not the case, I assure you that I would request that my email be deleted and I'd use my personal email for everything.  

Since Fred doesn't have a class schedule, he is free to send emails at his choosing as long as he is not grossly abusing the system...which it appears he is not.  This event at the Dells appears to have been set up for the administrators.......for....the....administrators......What part of this don't you understand?  How is that personal business?  If I set up a canoe trip on the Sandusky River for the administration, does that mean it's personal business?  I don't think so.

They are making excuses to get rid of him because no one has the stones to say why they really want to get rid of him.  It's a ridiculous joke, and makes Huron look incredibly stupid.


Natti you appearently have the stones to tell people to shut their mouth.  Tell us...why does the 3 Board  members "really want to get rid of him"  what do you know that you would like to share?


Tsu Dho Nihm - Nattie Light needs to read your last post!

car 54

     Hey Fox, tell Huron about the High School English teacher.  Class dismissed.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Natti, you are one of the few who are saying this is not personal but that it is a trip for school employees.  Your argument makes is worse for Fred Fox.  He accepted free golf for his group which clearly is a big NO NO according to the Ohio Revised Code.  He also accepted a discounted price for the room.  Please read the Ohio Ethics Commission link thoroughly and with an open mind and perhaps you will see why the school board needs to take action.  I have never said the man should be fired, I have simply maintained that Mr. Fox has put himself into a position that requires the board to put it into the hands of the proper authorities.

BTW, the person terminated did not work in the classroom.  This person worked in an office that is similar to the BOE office.  And you are right, someone wanted her gone and she unfortunately gave them what they needed by using the email for personal use, very much like Mr. Fox.

Natti Light

 Yeah.  I did read it.  And there is not much of merit there.  Tax abatements or other fee waivers are given so that businesses will return money in the form of donations, grants, etc to city organizations (usually but not limited to school systems).  For example, Kalahari can pay a $67000 tax payment, or receive an abatement after assuring the city that they will donate X amount of dollars in the form of computers, communications improvements, STADIUM RENOVATIONS, etc.  All perfectly legal, and all the practices of intelligent city managers and school officials.  Anyone who bemoans tax abatements has no clue how the system is greased to keep the wheels running.

That's how it works.  In what way does this have anything to do with getting a discount on a room for a one shot trip?  I seriously doubt that anyone would say "Ok, I'll get you a $100K tax abatement if you can set me up with a few rounds of golf".  For pete's sake, the man lives 10 minutes from 3 golf you really think he enjoys golf THAT much?  

And furthermore, do you really think a "luxury" vacation in Wisconsin is enough to set up tax abatements of this magnitude?  Get a grip.  If Todd Nelson offered me a free room at Kalahari next week, I'd probably pass on it.  Who in their right mind goes out of their way to hang out at a waterpark?  If Todd flew Fred and team to Naples for a week, I'd be concerned.  Look at reality people...nothing illegal or improper was done here.  You are letting a schmuck and personal vendettas lead you around by the nose.


great points natti.  question though, what happens when an official uses his or her position to influence the decisions made on a tax abatement?  who were the 8 administrators that rec'd benefits?  what happens when a business in addition to promising to "return money in the form of donations, grants, etc to city organizations" also promises an individual a kickback?  Im sure there are a few taxpayers in Cuyahoga county that can answer that.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Tmm...maybe Natti would like to share that he/she is the English teacher!   LOL

Tsu Dho Nimh


People understand tax abatements and how communities and schools benefit by it.  The school board, not the superintendent, approves tax abatements.  The city council, not the city manager, approves tax abatements.  I could be wrong, but I do not believe that the school district receives any of the money that is collected throught building permits.  Assuming I am correct, how does the school district, especially the superintendent, factor into any agreement between Kalahari and the township zoning department?  As the kids would say, this was a conversation between A and B and the superintendent should C his way out ; )

Darwin's choice

Incredibly disappointing !  Huron_1969...I'll sign........

Natti Light

 Ok...I fixed my 2 spelling errors.  Hope you're happy.  Now back to class:

Why is this happening?  I'll tell you.  Try to keep up.

1.  Sowecke is a puppet.  He doesn't have the brains to conjure this up on his own.  As ridiculous as it sounds, I believe this has everything to do with the politics surrounding the beloved football program, and past grievances.  

2.  Sowecke is a moron.  Every time he opens his mouth, he proves that point.  No clarification needed there.

3.  There is a faction in the teachers' union that will always hate Fred Fox.  The union needed to be brought under check 12 years ago, and Fred did that.  And there are some very bitter people still griping about it.  The school is running more efficiently today because of it.  Get over it.  Fred could crap gold nuggets, and this small group of crazy, but vocal, people would complain that he didn't crap silver nuggets.  Do you remember the whole strike craziness?  Do you have any idea that there was a group of teachers that actually audibly groaned when they said an agreement was reached??  That is the mentality of some of these lunatics.  Very small group, but they were in control for quite some time.  Fortunately, most of these people are gone.  Did the administration handle the situation perfectly?  Heck no.  But neither did HEA/OEA and there is plenty of blame to go around on both sides.  Huron was under STATE CONTROL and in FISCAL EMERGENCY, and some in the union were griping about paying more for health care.  Give me a break.

4.  Sowecke is a moron.

5.  A few sacred cows were run out of the district.  Enough said.  They are gone, and test scores went up.  Further, when someone sits around and does nothing but trash talk and stir people up, they become known as a cancer.  And cancer spreads.  Just because people "liked" them doesn't mean they were good teachers or good for the district.

A man is the sum of his actions.  Look around and see what Huron has accomplished under his leadership.  Look at what the school has been through, and how it has recovered.  If this is worth running him out, then God help us all.  What kind of leader is going to want to walk into this mess?  If there is something that Mr. Hardware is holding back, then he needs to let it out there for all to know.  If not, he's only making Huron look more and more ridiculous.  Hope another SBC title is worth it Sowecke.


Sold On Fox 2

Natti Lite-

Another hit on the 'LIKE' button !

You scored with your points.

fudge pies

The more this comes unglued the more It reminds me of Jim Tressel.  first we know this little,  then we know this little bit,  then poof, we find out alot !   then we have him saying how hes sorry for misleading people. I hope for Fox's sake this is not him.  I hope for his sake the worst thing he did was get discount on golf.

This relationship with the women is concerning.

The bullying incident at the school that was left out to dry concerns me.

Somewhere in this pile of muck is something else we don't know about, and by saying we I am talking the media as well..

I didnt choose to go to the board meeting, because #1. I new the BOE would not say anything to what they have on investigation.  #2. Yelling and screaming in support doesnt do any good.  #3. And if you yell and scream in support and you find out later he was covering some things up then you just made a fool of yourself in his defense.

Once the Ohio Ethics releases its investigation, I'll figure on who to question on the board.

I said before, if he did nothing wrong, he has nothing to worry about!  But by the reaction of himself, and the two board members in his defense, Im a little worried for him right now.


I like Fred. he is a  real gentlemen. So I am hoping for the best.




Natti Light


Acting as the district's appointed official, it is in the superintendents best interest to let the council/manager know what is in the best interest for the school system regarding abatements, etc.  These guys/gals all work hand in hand on this type of activity.  In communities where they don't, someone always loses...and it's usually the school system.   I believe it's referred to as "playing politics".

Tsu Dho Nimh


I don't doubt that there is truth to what you shared  and I get that you don't like Sowecke.  Because of my dealings with him at Ace, I chose NOT to vote for him and will not visit his store. But I do agree with Tmm.  We cannot ignore what appears to be a conflict of interest and the board has to turn it over.  Perhaps if all five members would have worked together and done the right thing several months ago, it would not have gotten this ugly.  The problem, in my opinion, is that two members have friendships with Mr. Fox that clouded their judgement of how to handle this. Also, one board member found an opportunity to get his revenge.  No matter how someone feels about Fred Fox, his emails suggests inappropriate interactions with Kalahari.  Let ODE and the OEC solve this.  Be careful of what you defend because you might find out that good people make really big mistakes.

fudge pies
donutshopguy says

"So did Mr. Swoeke get rehird as a volunteer football coach last night"


No he did not 2-2 vote.  "Conflict of Interest"



Natti Light


1.  I don't know who the 8 were.  I would ASSUME: Fox, Weis, Ruf, Asher, Munafo, Carter, Doughty and VonThron (would Blodgette be in the mix?  Don't know)

2.  What happens when an official uses his position to influence a tax abatement?  I would hope nothing, if it's in the best interest of the official's company/school/city.  That's his/her job.  If I think an abatement will benefit my school, I'm going to do everything I can legally do to persuade granting the abatement.

3.  If an individual receives a kickback?  Seriously?  You fire them.  Period.  Can anyone prove that Fred received a kickback?  Not yet.  Is a free round of golf a legitimate kickback for an abatement worth many thousands?  I seriously doubt it.

If they are holding something much more serious back, then it needs to be released.  The man deserves the right to defend himself.  If he's guilty of something more than what is brought to light, fine.  But so far, nothing they have pushed out even comes close to an event that should result in termination.


Small:  What relationship with women?  What bullying incident?  Where is this info coming from.  Again, stop alluding to things, and tell the story.  Was this in the printed version of the Register??

Sold On Fox 2

Natti Lite-

You seem very informed on the Huron City Schools, but I detect a 'real world' business savvy that would be lacking in most publicly employed persons. Could you be my lawyer ?

This wasn't even free golf, Natti.. It was a discount.

Rumor #1 - Isn't there always a female in all good rumors ? Why would we expect the Superintendent not to have a 'girlfriend' when other highly public figures in Huron's past have had them ? Fred Fox is one of the kindest, gentlest family men I have ever known.

Rumor #2 - Bullying Incident.. Supposidly Fred jacked a kid from Milan against a wall. This shall remain allegidly as when you are in a position like Fred's people seem to come up with all kinds of stories about you. If Fred lived in a glass house on the lawn of the high scholl maybe then people would see the truth. Of course other's involved here MAY live in glass houses and shouldn't throw footballs.

Rumor #3 - Selling influence ? You have covered this one. For discounted golf ? Let's all get back to reality.

The real story is that there are fueds in Huron. Family fueds. People are either born into or 'adopted' into families and the families rarely get along unless there's something one has that the other wants. Politics makes for strange bedfellows.

Keep typing Natti.. You're making more sense than most on here or in the streets. Maybe you could run for some soon to be vacated Board of Ed seats ?

Sold On Fox 2


Natti.. SOWecke has already done what he set out to do.

Fred Fox cannot possibly work with this board in Huron. This is like a superintendent's rule. They cannot work with a 3-2 board.

This will not, however, hurt Fred's chances to get another better paying / less stress superintendent's position. The job he's done speaks for itself.

So Huron... Lost Fred.. Stuck with SOWecke and his high priced hardware.. What a bargain !

(And to some of the posts under this one: I do consider myself lucky to be a friend of Fred Fox. He is a man of integrety and it will all come out in the wash. And no... not a disgruntled female ex-board member.. not even female can't you see my identifying picture ? Is it a coincidence that the very same picture of Elvis hangs in the Huron Tiger Football Locker Room ? Coincidence or a clue as to what is really going on here ?)..

Sold On Fox 2

Listen to Natti Lite..

I feel the same. If/When all this turns out to be a pile of excretement and the 'Three Stooges' Soweckied Fred.. I hope all of them are ruined and actually serve time.

This is serious business with serious charges over a golf discount.

A man, Fred Fox, could lose all he has worked for because some guy who wants to sell hardware to the school and is old buddies with some other high profile dubious charactors has decided to ruin him.  Fred Fox does not deserve this. No one does who has worked as hard as Fred.


This is no game. It's not like football where when you lose another playoff game you get to coach again next year. This is permanent damage. 


 The old adage "where there is smoke there is fire" probally holds true.  Public officials (superintendent) sometime after they have been in power a little too long get a little lazy, cut a few corners and take a few chances.

It doesn't take very long to compile a list of questionable actions.  In most cases, a school board would not take these serious actions unless they had an airtight case.  

Just conjecture but doesn't it seen suspicious the high school principal left immediately prior to this situation. Doesn't it seem suspicious that one of the school board members, who voted against the dismissal, has a daughter who is the athletic director. Was she a member of the "elite eight" who joined Mr. Fox on his excursion?

So if Mr. Soweke was not hired as a  football coach which "agenda" or "vendetta" does that fall under?

Can't wait for it to all play out.   

Tsu Dho Nimh

I want to make sure I understand your point.  It is okay for the school superintendent to ask the building department to waive fee's for his good friend's business.  Is this what you are saying?  If so, Mr. Fox should have given this to a board member to handle so there would not be a conflict in interest.  Or did the board even know this conversation was happening?  It really sounds like you have a close, personal friendship with Fred Fox.

Natti Light


I have no problem with them turning info over to the Ethics Commission.  But the Ethics Commission hasn't ruled, and may not even bother looking into this.  HOW then, did they come to the conclusion to suspend him and start termination proceedings??  Completely unwarranted and totally circumvents due process.

I'm defending based on what is known.  If there is something "unknown", then 1.  Why isn't it known? and 2.  If warranted, I wouldn't be defending him.  I never referred to Fred as Saint Fox.  I'm just saying that what they are doing, based on the evidence, is complete and total BS.  If this is all Sowecke has, I hope this ruins his business.  Ruins it.  You don't ruin another man's life just for the heck of it.

All of us can only base our debates on what the BOE has said.  Period.  My guess is Sowecke wants to create an uproar so we reach a point where keeping Fred is more trouble than it's worth.  Happens all the time.  Until he can prove differently, that's the information I'm going with.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.  My best guess is that Sowecke has nothing.

Sold On Fox 2

To quote Natti Lite as what he has said makes as much sense as I've read on here, or the hard copy Register, or heard 'on the streets'..

'I'm defending based on what is known. If there is something "unknown", then 1. Why isn't it known? and 2. If warranted, I wouldn't be defending him. I never referred to Fred as Saint Fox. I'm just saying that what they are doing, based on the evidence, is complete and total BS. If this is all Sowecke has, I hope this ruins his business. Ruins it. You don't ruin another man's life just for the heck of it.

All of us can only base our debates on what the BOE has said. Period. My guess is Sowecke wants to create an uproar so we reach a point where keeping Fred is more trouble than it's worth. Happens all the time. Until he can prove differently, that's the information I'm going with.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant. My best guess is that Sowecke has nothing.'

I'm with Natti.

And as I said before..
Now Huron..
We can once again leave our doors unlocked and feel secure now that Fred Fox is off the streets.
(Wait.. I guess he's kind of on the streets now ?)

Thank you huron Board of Education for so diligently watching over our tax dollars,
(that Fred Fox put in the bank)..

Natti Light

 Yeah.  You're right.  I have a close personal friendship with Fox.  I also know who killed JFK and where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.

If that tax abatement benefits Huron City Schools?  Then yes, it's perfectly ok.  It's called doing his job.

Todd:  Fred, buddy 'ol pal, if we get a tax abatement we will build you a new stadium.  Can you talk to the city council?

Fred:  Sorry buddy, I can't.  That's improper.  Instead, we'll give you an abatement and get nothing in return.

It doesn't work that way.  If Fred was promised items not related to the City Schools, but for personal gain, then there is a problem.  But that's not what happened.  So stop playing the "what if" game and go with the facts.  I know, that's not as much fun.

Tsu Dho Nimh

For a moron and a nobody, Tim  "Mr. Hardware" Sowecke sure has a lot of smarts and control.  Turning this over to the Ohio Department of Education to rule on the seriousness of this situation is one of several appropriate ways to handle the situation.  You or I could turn this into ODE for investigation.  It is real simple, if ODE choses to pull his superintendents license, then the board has to fire him.

Sold On Fox 2

Tsu Dho Nimh-

It sounds like you admire this bully ? What is there to admire about someone who has done nothing trying to interupt the life of someone who has accomplished so much ?

Better yet.. Why would this man do this to anyone ?

And when we all find out that it was a lot about nothing.. What then ?

concerned huron...

But as far as anyone knows, neither the Ethics Committee nor ODE have made any decisions, so why are the 3 board members pursuing termination at this point?  If either ODE or the Ethics Committee did make a decision, then why didn't they share it with the other 2 board members?  If Fox did something that needed to be investigated, why waste money and hire someone independently when the Ohio Ethics Committee would have done the investigation for free?  Why, after introducing the recommended candidate for high school principal, did Sowecke state that he wanted a moral clause put into the candidate's contract?  Why did the board have to make such a big issue of adding moral clauses to contracts "going forward" in front of the potential high school principal?  It appears that this man has not been hired, nor officially offered, the position of high school principal.  Is the board's goal to scare him and any other potetial candidates away?  How many people would want to stay and work for a dysfunctional school board?  Maybe the board has legitimate reasons but the way they are going about it is only harming the district and its students.  You would think that the board would want to have legal counsel present to ensure that the actions they were taking last night were lawful, but there was no legal counsel present.  They seemed to be shooting from the hip. 

Sold On Fox 2

Concerned Huron-

You have a lot of legitimate 'whys' and as a member of the taxpaying Huron community YOU deserve answers !

This part is especially concerning:

'How many people would want to stay and work for a dysfunctional school board? Maybe the board has legitimate reasons but the way they are going about it is only harming the district and its students. You would think that the board would want to have legal counsel present to ensure that the actions they were taking last night were lawful, but there was no legal counsel present. They seemed to be shooting from the hip.'

Concerned Huron.. Please keep asking these questions !

fudge pies

Natti- read the article in the hard copy of the night paper.  BOE Pres. states its "more then that" meaning more then the friendship with nelson. and they're protecting individuals within the investigation" 


that to me says there is something we probably dont know about.

also he was asked about his relationship with a fremont female administrator.     the paper lists he has several emails and texts with her, mostly during school . 

Im concerned over the extent of that relationship.  


there was a bullying incident at one of the schools earlier in the year that didnt sound like it was handled all to well.   I believe the mother had commented on another subject earlier last month. 


but maybe its something else?  who knows.  Again once the Ethics releases their findings we will know who to questoin. until then   its the roller coaster ride. 


the real losers to this are the kids, and the taxpayers.  the kids can't get back anything,  the tax payers can VOTE NO on levies in the future and remove all 5 board members .

Sold On Fox 2

Small Town-

I believe Slocum is referring to 'protecting sources of information'..

You are totally right.. The real losers are the kids.. and the taxpayers.. and Fred Fox's kids.


SOLD ON FOX 2  I think you might be involved in this mess? and maybe some of the cause of fred problems! it sound like your trying to protect yourself your the x school board member

Sold On Fox 2


That's good. Actually trackme it is impossible for me to be involved in this mess
and for reasons that you really do not need to know,
(See.. the Huron Board of Education isn't the only one's who have secrets.. lol).

I'm just a concerned citizen 'apparently ?', like yourself.

I have no affiliation with Fred Fox, Kalahari, the Huron City Schools, Ace Hardware or the Huron Board of Education.

I have watched Fred Fox lead the Huron City Schools to the place they belonged. And now.. I'm watching some very agended, (if that's a word.. it means they have a secret agenda, trackme), anyways.. I'm watching these people tear everything down that so many people have worked for.

No one is tracking my email or my golf game, trackme.

You sound like you could be Tim 'Mr Hardware' SOWecke ? Who are you protecting ?

Tsu Dho Nimh


Please read what I wrote.  If Fox was asked to talk with Zimmerman, he should have turned that conversation over to a board member to handle.  Certainly one of the five members at the time could have spoken to the building department about waiving fees if that is what it took.  Common sense tells me that people question when friends do the bidding.  BTW, the discounted trip happened after the stadium was completed.  Double check the emails -  the golf fees were covered by Todd Nelson. Could be viewed as a thank you.

Sold On Fox 2

Tsu Dho Nimh-

Board members set school policy and hire a superintendent and treasurer.

That's it.

They do not go talk to John Zimmerman about anything affecting the schools unless it's just friendly conversation. This would be Fred Fox's, (the superintendent's), job.


The ODE will not only look at the paperwork that this board sent, they will probably come up and speak to people.  I sincerely doubt that they are going to take this boards word for it. 

But I do have a questions for thos of you who support Mr. Fox?  How many of you have thought to write to the ODE showing your support???   That could go a long way in helping him.  I doubt that they have yet to determine what their decision is going to be.  It usually takes them awhile to make a decision and I would think a wire or a registered letter would help. 

It sounds as if you guys in Huron have a renegade DOE on your hands, members who do as they wish, when they wish.  Do they have the power to dismiss the Superintendent without cause and without hearing from the ODE?  They seem to be in a big hurry to get rid of this guy.  Why is that? 

I cannot help but wonder why they do not want anyone to see the "investigation" they conducted and if it is all based on two or three emails?  If that is all they have, they are in deep water.  If there is more, they should have shown it.  This is really unfair to Mr. Fox.  Every accused man has the right to see what he is accused of and face his accusers.  This man hasn't been given that opportunity at all, has he? What a shame.  This board really has violated the sunshine law.  I would look that up in the new "yellow book" folks.  It's pretty specific. 

Sold On Fox 2


You hit the nail on the head, too !

'I cannot help but wonder why they do not want anyone to see the "investigation" they conducted and if it is all based on two or three emails? If that is all they have, they are in deep water. If there is more, they should have shown it. This is really unfair to Mr. Fox. Every accused man has the right to see what he is accused of and face his accusers. This man hasn't been given that opportunity at all, has he? What a shame. This board really has violated the sunshine law. I would look that up in the new "yellow book" folks. It's pretty specific.'

and also:

'They seem to be in a big hurry to get rid of this guy. Why is that? '

I only wish someone besides the 'Three Stooges' knew the answer to that.

concerned huron...

If people are correct that the school board has violated the Sunshine Law and it can be proven, then the residents of Huron should start a recall process against the offending members.

According to Hollie Reedy, chief legal counsel for the Ohio School Boards Association, there are statutes that allow for the removal of a school board member for gross neglect of duty, misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance.

“There is a process in the Ohio Revised Code, 3.07 and 3.08, under general provisions, for the removal of a school board member,” Reedy said. “There has to be accusations of misconduct, that can be proven, and the complaint must be filed in common pleas court.”

Petitions listing those charges must be signed by qualified electors living in the school district. The number of signatures must be at least 15 percent of the total votes cast for governor in the most recent election.

“This is not a recall vote which is basically a popularity contest,” Reedy said. “This is not about a difference of opinion on how the district should be run. There must be proof of misconduct, not that we disagree with you or we just don’t like you.”

“In court, they must prove misconduct. There has to be an element of ‘knowing.’ Nonfeasance is not doing what you needed to do. Misfeasance is making a mistake doing what you legally can do and malfeasance is doing something you knew was against the law and doing it any way. It has happened where board members have been removed, but it is not frequent.”

The above info came from this link:

Sold On Fox 2

'malfeasance is doing something you knew was against the law and doing it anyway'


Sold On Fox 2


Nonfeasance is not doing what you needed to do.   - Greene

Misfeasance is making a mistake doing what you legally can do. - Slocum

Malfeasance is doing something you knew was against the law and doing it anyway. - SOWecke

Let me try that again:



To qualify to become a member of a School Board, all you have to do is get is enough Hill Jacks, neighbors and groupies to vote for you.

To qualify to become a Superintendent, you need a Masters, a lot of EXPERIENCE, and go through a number of grueling interviews.

So, basically, any loser with an agenda can become a member of a school board and pretend they are of some importance.

I'm sorry for you, Mr. Fox, your a well educated professional, playing games with a bunch of wanna be rock stars.



P.S. How bad do you have to be, to be turned down, as a VOLUNTEER coach!? You want to volunteer your time and "talents" and they do not even want you, for free?!

tired of stupidy

Mr. Fox  I know you did your job the best  you could with the tools  you had to work with, the students of Huron Schools are proof of that! Mr Asher and Mr. Caporini are the  voice of reason on the BOE. The rest  have a hidden agenda , but i can smell it from here!!

Tsu Dho Nimh


I'm not defending Sowecke and I have acknowledged that he may have a grudge. Don't know the politics of the football program.  What I do know is that THREE members of the board feel that THEY have enough information to proceed with the matter.  As a matter of fact, I have never said that Mr. Fox is guilty of anything other than conducting personal business on school email that may look suspicious.  I have stated that the BOARD has the right to pursue this to the next level.

It does sound like you have a personal grudge with Sowecke.  I personally think you give him too much credit.  He does not have the power, or the intelligence, to create a complicated mess that has escalated to this level.  You have shared that you are a good friend of Fox and your locker room statement implies that you are part of the football program.  Perhaps Trackme is correct when saying that you are involved in this mess.


Natti, you seem very sure of your opinion, but its just your opinion and has nothing to do with the LAW.  Why are you right and the law is wrong?

fudge pies

How come they dont check everyones email in the school system for wrong doings? Im sure there is more then just this one? 


Please go to the Ohio Department of Education website and create a SAFE account and verify that what I have copied below is accurate.  A SAFE account will allow anyone to check on the credentials, BCI/FBI checks, and disciplinary actions of Ohio educators (not just teachers).  I did not copy their names, but the ODE website reveals names and birthdates ... this is public information.

These are few examples of disciplinary actions addressed by the Ohio Ethics Commission.  Educators are held to a higher standard than individuals in the private sector.  Business and industry may tolerate using email accounts for personal matters, misdemeanor count of disorderly conducts, and misdemeanor count of passing bad checks but these issues can lead to losing an educator license.  Pay close attention to the zip codes or school district ..... this is local stuff not some far off big city.





st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-ansi-language:#0400; mso-fareast-language:#0400; mso-bidi-language:#0400;}

Based upon her inappropriate email communications on a school district computer.


Zip Code:


Date of Disciplinary Action:


Discipline Action: Permanent Revocation

Discipline Notes: SBOE Resolution - Voluntary Surrender




conducted private business matters on school computer during school hours in violation of board policy


EHOVE Career Center (051029)

Zip Code:


Date of Disciplinary Action:


Discipline Action: Letter of Admonishment



2009 conviction for one minor misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct


Western Reserve Local (047746)

Zip Code:


Date of Disciplinary Action:


Discipline Action: Consent Agreement/Suspension

Discipline Notes: suspended from May 6, 2009 to August 6, 2009



2008 conviction for one misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct


Western Reserve Local (047746)

Zip Code:


Date of Disciplinary Action:


Discipline Action: Consent Agreement/Suspension

Discipline Notes: Eight-year professional high school teaching license issued in 2003 will be suspended from November 25, 2008 - June 30, 2011.



use of inappropriate, unkind comments and inappropriate, callous language in the classroom which offended and upset some students


Chagrin Falls Exempted Village (045286)

Zip Code:


Date of Disciplinary Action:


Discipline Action: Letter of Admonishment



During the fall of the 2010-2011 school year, Respondent allegedly engaged in conduct unbecoming to the teaching profession by establishing a parent-child relationship with a student, sending non-educational text messages to a student, and transporting the student in Respondent's personal vehicle without parental permission.


Bellevue City (043596)

Zip Code:


Date of Disciplinary Action:


Discipline Action: Consent Agreement/Suspension

Consent Agreement Completed: Yes

Consent Agreement Complete Date: 4/26/2011

Discipline Action: Consent Agreement/Suspension

Discipline Notes: Stayed Suspension (suspension period 03/2/10-06/15/12 with suspension stayed except for three day suspension Respondent has already served through her employing district November 3 - November 5, 2010) and Training


Conviction for misdemeanor passing bad checks


North Point Educational Service Center (125690)

Zip Code:


Date of Disciplinary Action:

October 1999

Discipline Action: Denial

Discipline Notes: No reapplication until on or after December 31, 1999.

Discipline Action: Suspension

Discipline Notes: License suspended until December 31, 1999.




GET A CLUE SANDUSKY REGISTER!!!  KEEP YOUR NEWS TO LOCAL ISSUES AND FORGET ABOUT NATIONAL NEWS!  THE AP AND MAJOR NEWS MEDIA ALREADY COVERS STATE AND NATIONAL NEWS!!!  PEOPLE WANT LOCAL NEWS, VERY TRUTHFUL AND UNBIASED NEWS AND NOT SLANTED!!! GET A CLUE SANDUSKY REGISTER!!!  my cap key must have locked up!!! damn it!! i need a new keyboard. btw, is the best police chief out of prison yet? i heard that he was. will there be a parade?

Natti Light

If I call the Register tonight and say Fred Fox killed Lincoln, does that mean you will think there is something more to the story?  Folks can say what they want, but until they provide actual proof, their words mean nothing.  Period and end of discussion.  Sergant Screwdriver had plenty of opportunity to provide the evidence, but neglected to do so at every turn.  His words are meaningless.

What does his relationship with said Fremont administrator have to do with any of this?  Now we expect him to be the Pope?  Mr. Morality?  He's a school administrator.  Is there any proof to this alleged affair?  If so, where is it?  And doest it matter?  

I don't know anything about the alleged incident at Edison.  What I do know is that back in the 80's and 90's, jammming a kid into a wall was acceptable.  I was jammed against a locker several times at my Catholic elementary school by teachers...yes plural.  The game has changed, and this is no longer acceptable.  Nor should it be.  Is it acceptable for the coaches to stand out on the field and swear at 8th grade football players?  Probably not, but no one seems to care that that takes place every single season.  Discipline in this day and age is a whole new ball game, even at home.  Don't hold that incident against him.


My spouse is a teacher in the huron school system. I can assure you that my spouse is not deleting emails, but is smiling with satisfaction that this crook is getting what he deserves. How foolish you supportes are going to look when it's all laid out before you.  He brought this upon himself and  he is getting what he deserves. Don't worry! Mr. Fox will probably have a new job at kalahari soon. Is that Porsche for sale yet Mr. Fox???????


Once an email is created, it can never be completely deleted.  If the district wanted to use emails against a teacher they would, in fact they would throw the computer use agreement in the face of the teacher and it is likely they have a records retention policy that defines when an email can be deleted.  What educators and the public fail to realize there is a public records law that says it can all be viewed by the public when requested by the public.  The Sandusky Register would be wise to really push this law, which says a $100 per day fine for a maximum of $1000 will be charged for each document for each day it is not released to the requester. 

For example:  Bucyrus police department was fined for failing to produce daily police logs for a period of years.  The fine quickly added up to millions. 1 police log @ $1,000 for 365 days a year =  $ 365,000 + $ 365,000 for backup tape = $720,000

When you work in the public, you live in a fish bowl. 


Natti Light


No, it is not up to the BOE to contact city managers to handle the business dealings and finances of the school.  The BOE is comprised of "laypeople" that serve as a governing body.  The administration addresses the business dealings of the school, the BOE approves it.  Someone approved all of this Kalahari dealing, and now Sowecke has a burr up his arse and is using it to go after Fred.  Why is this so hard for you to understand?  You either know nothing about how schools are run, or are just flapping at the mouth for no reason.

I state again, if Fred did something wrong, fire him.  But they haven't shown evidence that there was wrong doing.  So how can they start a terminiation???  This doesn't concern you???  

Even IF they have some "hidden" super secret double confidential evidence that has Fred sleeping with Satan, they should wait until OEC rules on this.  Or.....fired him from the outset and dealt with the lawsuit that is sure to come.  But they didn't.  This leads me to believe that 1.  They don't have anything and Sowecke is a moron...OR.....2.  They didn't handle this properly from the beginning, and Sowecke is still a moron.  

Either way, something about this dog "don't" hunt.



I agree with you, the BOE has acted incorrectly on this matter.  It appears as though there is enough to warrent an investigation and the OEC should have been the route taken.  Protocol would be a suspension pending the outcome of an investigation to determine any wrong doing.  The outcome of an investigation would determine the next appropriate discipline step.  The OEC does not based their decision solely on criminal law but judges the actions based on conduct unbecoming the teaching profession.

I know nothing about Sowecke.  But when I read the emails published on the Sandusky Register I question why the superindentant would be involved with construction fees or zoning issues and it is conceivable that discounted rooms and fee golf is a thank you for helping save $60,500 in fees. 

I also agree, the BOE does approve or not, what the superindent and treasurer recommends.  Was the BOE provided all of the information when they approved the recommendations?





Tsu Dho Nimh
Natti   First I am going to reshare Hmm's post:   Why are you right and the law is wrong?   Next  I will ask you to read TaxRaider's post regarding the SAFE account at ODE.  If you would take the time to verify this, you will find that throughout the state educators have been disciplined numerous times for the following example:   conducted private business matters on school computer during school hours in violation of board policy  

Discipline for this offense has ranged from a letter sent to the offender to the state dept of ed revoking licenses.  If you don't have a license then you don't have a job. The higher the position, the higher the expectation of morality.  So I guess you can say that Mr. Fox is expected to be Mr. Morality.  You can dislike the law but it doesn't change it.

Natti Light

 Point well taken on the law.  Here's the but:

Fred wasn't invited to a golf outing/party.  Fred sought to do business at one of Todd Nelson's resorts.  Todd offered him a good rate.  That's what the emails state.  If Todd had contacted Fred and said "hey, bring your buddies to a golf party at my expense" that MIGHT be a different story.   Maybe Fred should have just invited his administrative team to someone else's property in Las Vegas, or Hawaii.  Then you could complain about that and how he's wasting taxpayer dollars.

Also, KEY PHRASE IN THE LAW:  "If the gift is given as payment for the performance of his/her official duties."  This phrase basically means that there is going to have to be a blatant violation of this law in order to act upon it.

I get an educator discount for my iPhone, my ATT phone contract, anytime I purchase a computer, tuition, etc.  I guess I should lose my job too.  I guarantee you that just my cell phone discount in 2 years adds up to more than this room/golf discount.

Second, if this email constitutes doing personal business with a school account/computer/whatever, then get ready to fire 99 percent of all educators in the state.



School administrators, the Ohio Education Association, local education associations, and teacher educator programs across the state need to explain to anyone working for a school district in any compacity the power of the OEC.  Read my earlier post ... an educator was reprimended for improper use of an email account and the district fired the educator as well.  The educator's email activity was checking out a Pampered Chef order.  Absolutely, 99% of educators could suffer a consequence for the use of their email .... the point is while you are at work, work, and leave personal matters at home.

Tsu Dho Nimh


You make me laugh!!!!!   Yes, the superintendent does make contacts under normal circumstances but when the circumstances can be considered a conflict in interest, then he hands it to someone else.  What part of what I have been saying do YOU not understand?  I think you would be surprised how much I know about school districts and the role of the board.  Apparently I paid closer attention in educational law classes than Mr. Fox : )

fudge pies



Does anyone know if how the board went about suspending fox was legally done? 


Does anyone know the penalty for breaking the sunshine law?


If Fox comes out of this cleared by the Ohio Ethics of any wrong doing,  what would you be asking of the school board to do about it?  Would he be paid for being suspended for wrong accusations?




Small Town

Check out this website

When requesting public records you do not need to reveal who you are or why you want to see the records.  Keep in mind some information is protected such as social security numbers and information related to pending court cases. (I suspect this is part of the issue with Fred Fox and the BOE attorney).  Also, if the public agency has a records retention policy that states when documents can be destroyed, they are not obligated to fulfil the records request for documents that have been destroyed.  Without a retention policy, the public agency must keep everything. 

It is my understanding that you may request someone emails for a period of 3 years and chances are the BOE would need to have an attorney determine what information in the emails is protected and allow you to see what is not protected, in a timely manner.  If the BOE has a policy that says emails may be deleted at the end of each year, then you will not be able to see what does not exsist. 

Again, check out the link .... don't take my word for it. 



Tsu Dho Nimh

All of the info has not been released because the board's attorney has not released it.  Why would the board members disregard the advise of the attorney??????

fudge pies

TS. to your knowledge has all 5 board members seen the results from the PROBE? I hear only 3 of them have.  Thats a major violation of the sunshine law.  So whats their penalty?

Tsu Dho Nimh

Small Town

Why would the board attorney only share with 3 of the 5????  The attorney should not have loyalty to specific members.  Do you know something which supports that the other two members are not privy to the report?


Tsu Dho Nimh

Small Town

Here is the link to Ohio's Sunshine law:

In my earlier posts, you will see that I, too, question if the Sunshine Law has been broken.  It is possible that 3 board members discussed this on their own outside of the announced meetings. Technically, three or more cannot meet anywhere or run into one another and discuss board actions.  If it can be proved that this has occurred, then they can be disciplined or removed.  And they should be!

Going back to the issue of whether or not the attorney's report is being kept from Mr. Asher and Mr. Caporini, I find that difficult to believe.  Each board member has the right to request the report but I do not believe that they are required to make it public.

Oscar says

From a country with first-hand knowledge of "Troubles" Irish saying: "HE THAT SEEKS REVENGE SHOULD FIRST DIG TWO GRAVES".... in this case, maybe more graves than just two. This is serious, nasty stuff, caustic, and life-changing.  An entire community and school system is in upheaval with possible long-lasting consequences.  One man's reputation and livelihood is threatened....a man who did hard work , made the unpopular decisions several years ago  to bring the school system back from the brink to a position now envied by neighboring communities.  One could easily believe that those unpopular decisions and actions could be the reason behind what appears to be a "witchhunt".  But, something about the vitriol, the way things are being done by the BOE that makes me feel the motivation is more ugly and base.  It wouldn't be the first time that one man's jealousy and hatred of another was so self-serving, blind, and destructive.  Please take action, Huron.  


Tsu -  Why would 2 of the BOE members not be privy to the information?  That's why I want to know what their business/professional backgrounds are.   Maybe they received some special favors too. 

Sold On Fox 2

Switching over to the newest article.

Huron City Schools will be so much better by removing this threat to children's futures.. Fred Fox.

A 50 page report saying among other things that Fred received some golf and that he had an 'alleged' affair ?

Waiting for his cell phone records and bathroom log now..


John Caporini owns a part of Huron Cement.... not sure about Kevin Asher... he owned Asher Brother Auto parts but dont think that is still current.....


 What board members were in office during this problem with abatements with Kalahari ?  I know Mr. Caporini was and I believe Mr. Soweke was not.  Motive for voting "no" on termination of Mr. Fox?  

What board member has a daughter employeed by the school who may have been part of the "elite eight" ?  Board member Asher.  Motive for voting "no" on termination of Mr. Fox?

Look beyond all the yelling and grandstanding at the board meeting.  Is this investigation getting to close for two board members?

Tsu Dho Nimh


double like on your last post  ;  )

Outdoor Jane

I don't know about the other things but the golf/hotel thing is absurd.  Who doesn't know someone in business where that person is permitted to give discounts (such as Kohls, they give friends and family coupons to their employees, or a Ford or GM friends and family discount).  It's the CEO of Kalaheri for goodness sakes.  I'm sure he has the autority to give his friends discounts.  It's not like the night clerk slipped him a discount she wasn't authorized to give.  We are talking about someone who is responsible for the entire business, and that's a business decision for the CEO at no cost.  If it' happened, I don't blame Fox for accepting it.

Julie R.

"If it happened, I don't blame Fox for accepting it."

The famous last words of Jimmy Dimora: "I'm no angel but I'm no crook  --- I ain't done nothing any different than any other public official has ever done."  

So where's Jimmy Dimora now?


double like Donut Shop Guy!