Huron schools superintendent at center of investigation

(Updated with audio from school board meeting) It's a fiasco.
Jessica Cuffman
May 25, 2012

(Updated with audio from school board meeting) It’s a fiasco.

So says Huron Schools superintendent Fred Fox’s attorney, and one of the school board members who adamantly opposed a vote to send an investigation into allegations made against Fox to a higher authority for review.

After a four-hour closed doors session Tuesday night, board members voted 3-2 to forward the investigation to the Ohio Ethics Commission.

No one has disclosed what the allegations entail, but they were serious enough to spur the board into hiring a law firm to sort out the facts of the matter.

Fox’s attorney, Larry Vuillemin, characterized the investigation as a fishing expedition. 

For more on this story, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register.


fudge pies

after the huron community decided to vote for a levy hike after they saw our fine teachers take a PAY FREEZE, and everything taken away from the kids except the shirts on their backs, the community said OK, YOU have cleared the table  now we'll start over.  and low and behold the first thing that happens is a pay raise for the super...   right smack dab after the teachers oked their pay to freeze.  i took that as a slap in the face to our fine teachers.  i think comments about the "dog waggin the tail" and such didnt set in well with some teachers like the fine football coach huron has.  The problem here is the BOE has to overlook the entire school.  Enough of this bull turds about doing the politically correct thing and fix problems that need fixed. The super makes over 100k's per year. he shouldnt be taken anything from kalahari.  if he does he should report it. it should go his taxes as well. watch out for the IRS.


Sold On Fox

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Is Monica Asher still the athletic director? Is Jim blodgett still the bus supervisor? Is Sue millhouse the bus driver on suspension? when you talk in initials it's difficult to understand, at least for me, what is being said about whom. Thank you.


Sold on Fox,

Shame on you! No one (not even Fox himself, apparently) knows what this investigation is about and yet you have the nerve to accuse the football coach of "orchestrating" the whole thing? How many years has Fox been in Huron, maybe 12 or 13? And now according to you, out of the blue the football coach is orchestrating this out of some perceived wrong committed over a decade ago? That doesn't make sense, and you have no right to drag this man's name through the mud.

If you think that Fox has done nothing wrong, then fine. Perhaps he hasn't and the investigation will prove just that. Maybe the board did come across something and that's why they've decided to investigate. Either way, it's an issue between Fox and the board of education.

Sit tight and see what comes out, but don't start pulling people in on your own overspeculation.

Sold On Fox

Apparently Mom.. You are from Sandusky from your tag line ?

This is all happening. If you are not from Huron and not in the 'inner circle'.. you wouldn't know anything about anything I've said in my well informed 'opinion'.

This is a bigger problem than 'just' the investigation of Fred Fox and if you want to live your life and sit back and let these things happen, in Huron.. You have that right !

'Out of the Blue' would infer that no one else on this post had mentioned what I expanded on, but.. this is not true. Not only has it been mentioned it has also been stated.

You stay home and raise your children in Sandusky and hope that the people you may or may not have voted for are doing their jobs, and I as a historian of these subjects will try to prevent further damage to the students of the Huron School system.

Thanks for reading my posts..


This person is great, this person is bad, everyone has an opinion of someone as a coach, teacher, or board member. The decision has been made to have the Ohio Ethics Committee make a decision whether there is violations within the system. Quit crying about who is good or bad, who should go or who should stay. If you feel there is a problem with the school board then run in the next election. Personally I feel someone is looking out for the taxpayers money. If there is a problem within the system, it will be found. I want to know, if I owned a business, where all my money is going. In the past, everyone just rubber stamped everything and that got the system in trouble. If there are problems, correct them and get on with business. It's my tax dollars that you are playing with and I am watching you.


 Retiree you are right, it is our tax money and we should be concerned. My problem is if  the BOE were responsible they would have reported everything to the Ohio Ethics Commission from the start. They have an investigative unit. Why did we waste $10,000+ on a law firm to come in and do what the ethics commission will do. If they report to the ethics commission everything stays private as well and keeps the school system free from any liability issues due to wrongful accusations/allegations. What I am afraid of is by making all this public if Fox is found to be innocent of these allegations will the district be responsible for damages. If so we are headed right back to money problems.  How is that being responsible for our tax payer money. This all just stinks for our schools and kids. 

Sold On Fox


You are 100% correct that we should be concerned.

This whole debacle is not responsible and the repercussions will be felt for years.

Sold On Fox

Thanks for watching !
Unfortunately, watching and allowing it to go on is how our entire country has gone trillions in debt.

Who, besides Fred Fox, is looking after Huron taxpayer's money ?

And.. you show the trust of most of the sheep that we are being led to slaughter. Someone is looking out for the taxpayer's money and if there is a problem it will be found. That kind of trust led to several holocausts in our lifetime.

These people with their 'secret' agendas have dealt a blow to taxpayer's trust that will be felt for years.

The Huron School system got in trouble in the past for the same reason it's going to be in trouble in the future: No business and all property owner's paying the bill ! But.. that is the way we wanted it in Huron. We don't want the view of the lake to be obstructed with industry. Be careful what you wish for !

This whole situation is personal ! It is about who is good and who is bad. And with all this going on, WHO IS WATCHING YOUR TAX DOLLARS ?

I am satisfied that YOU Retiree, are watching, but others need to act.


What took us into debt is the worthless war in Iraq. When Clinton left office the United States was 240 billion in the black. Who was watching our tax dollars then. Whoever is watching our tax dollars now better do their job or you will never see a levy in Huron for a long time.

How can you call people sheep. A person is entitled to their opinion. This is America.  Maybe a lot of people you call sheep should "not" have listened to George Bush. A lot of those soldier's, you consider sheep, were sent to slaughter. For what?

When you hire a person you expect them to do a good job for you. I do not feel anyone on the board has an agenda to get rid of Mr. Fox. They are doing what they feel is right and let the ethic committee decide if there are any violations. Is the ethics committee a death sentence? All they will look at are is what is considered  violations. Do you know of any violations? If there are none, why worry. Just sit back and wait for their decision. 

You talk about a holocaust, those people were forced to do what the Germans said or they were shot to death. I do not listen to the rumors, there are so many. Whatever happens is out of our control,so why evern worry about it. Have a good night. 

Sold On Fox

Let's say you are right on all accounts, (which vary greatly because you are bouncing around)..

The only thing I disagree with you is that it is out of our control.

Unlike National Politics, which all we have to control is one vote, Board of Education politics is grass roots politics and very accessable. Our voice is psrt of the process.

Perception IS reality and what is perceived by the Board ordering an investigation is that Fred Fox did something wrong. The flaw in this notion is that even two of the five Board members did NOT agree that this needed to be investigated ? 40% did NOT agree, yet the public sees it as Fred Fox did 'something'.

I commend you, Retiree, for making it to the point where you can retire from your job. I hope you never had to endure 60% of YOUR bosses deciding to investigate YOU over the advice of the other 40%..

Have a great day ! (Sheep do not give their opinion so congratulations on not being wool bearing !)


It is ironic that some of your posted were deleted.  You mentioned about being in Huron's intercircle.  There are people out there that are not in the circle that may have signifcant information regarding this investigation.  People talk to much.  Speculate without facts. Some do have the facts.  There is no one that can say they are a "golden boy."  Remember that anyone can be replaced. It can be that power goes to their head.  They feel that they are untouchable. Yes..he was good for the system..but maybe his time up. 

Sold On Fox

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I certainly understand the 3-2 split with a school board.  Do you really think that personal vendettas linger for years and years and now they are swooping in?  Perhaps things were covered up and some thngs were not handled properly.  Now the check and balances could be in place.  That is what I am saying when I speak of "untouchable".   Sure I understand that the super has done a fine job in the last 10 years but perhaps things got out of hand.  Just thoughts to ponder.

Sold On Fox

Well put, Partyboy..

When all is said and done the personal vendettas will be uncovered, but I doubt you will read about them in the Register unless I print them.

Let's see what happens.

No one is untouchable and I just hope Fred Fox sues the Board for demeaning his charactor.

Partyboy and SOF,   See, the reason it’s 3 to 2 is because we know that Sowecke and Green are in the same camp because of bloodlines, as has been pointed out by SOF and if you live in Huron, you just know this. And we all clearly know the nucleus of this blood line, as pointed out by SOF. I truly think the vendetta will come out eventually. Now the real puzzle piece here is Slocum. I don’t think his values are truly as he acts. I think that he does not have the fortitude to standup to Sowecke.  I think he is literally afraid of Sowecke. Sowecke pulls the strings and Slocum dances. It’s that simple. This how Scott has always been. He doesn’t think for himself. He wants to make everyone happy, in this case Tim and Donna. Plus there are some other things in Slocum's past that would challenge his credibility. Will get into those at a later date.   Question for SOF. I am going to call the Ethics Committee today. I am going to state the Sunshine Law case with the Ethics violation that the President signed a formal agreement outside of an Open Meeting.   I am going to ask them if a tax paying citizen can file this complaint.   I have a friend that said he would be happy to file this complaint if they will hear it. I’m not sure that they will even hear this complaint or the complaint that the Board is going to file. I’m told they generally do not hear small things like this. I will let you know. What are your thoughts here?   Another question for SOF. In the Open Session that was taped and posted in the Register on line, note that Sowecke references the Markling report in the Open Meeting. Does that now make that report available to the Public? Is that now a Public document? Also at the end of meeting, they are fighting over a paper that Sowecke was reading off of. So clearly with this “pre-written” message , the message being to pass this on to Ethics Committee. 1) Fred and his attorney never saw the report so how could they ever properly defend themselves, 2) Sowecke and crew had decided ahead of time that he was guilty, prior to even hearing the counter facts that Fred and his attorney presented. This is borderline vigilante law. Also, clearly denies Fred his due process rights. Plus that also means that the three who voted yes, discussed and agree ahead of time on the direction of the outcome of this meeting and who would do what during the meeting. Another Sunshine Law violation that being a “three person” Board Meeting not in Open Session.
Sold On Fox

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I spent 35 minutes on phone with OEC yesterday. Very interesting and too much to discuss here. Will all come out in the long run. Justice will prevail. They did agree that Sunshine Law was violated and suggested we also may want to drag in the State Auditor and Attorney General. More to come, I just don’t have time to write today. Overall, was very good discussion relative to Mr. Fox’s position going forward.   Cheers!
Sold On Fox

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That's great!  I hope you can accomplish it.  Would love to see justice served.


SOF-very well put...however Soweke is not the only board member that has been selling to the Huron schools.  Seems like you have a lot of inside information that has just been revealed.  What is the next step for the board?

Sold On Fox

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Sources tell me that Soweke sent everything in to the OEC.   Is that his place?

Sold On Fox

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SOF...I am right with you.  He has a great reputation.  He has done an exceptional job with your schools.  I watched this happen over the years.  Interesting comment about the 4th grade teacher.  Does he really have that kind of power to tarnish a man's crediablilty.  Someone should check into his closet..perhaps there are skeltons that he doesn't want to expose.  I find your blogs interesting and more people should step up and take a stand aganist this unfounded travisty.


Looks like someone felt that your comments were deleted.  Maybe the truth just got to someone.


If Sowecke really did send in the report to the OEC, that makes the Markling report a Public Document.  The Attorney/Client Priviledge has been broken.  Anybody can get it now.  You just have to request it.  This week should be real interesting.  Why would Sowecke send this in?  Wouldn't the Board attorney do this?  The OEC process is complex - you don't just send it in.  I wonder also if Solcum directed him to do that?

This Sowecke guy is a real cowboy.  I don't know much about this but someone told me he originally started the Hometown News.  Got money from a bunch of people and shut it down a few weeks later and kept the money?  Is that true?   Does anyone know more about this?  

Sold On Fox 2

Hey PartyBoy..
I'm back. And yes, the truth apparently hit too close to someone's home.

WannaBe -
Where do you make the request to see the information ?

Apparently voters don't look closely enough when choosing people to represent them on Boards of Education or they may have looked into the 'alleged' embezzlement of funds from the failed newspaper.

My comments were deleted and my login 'Sold On Fox' was disabled as someone decided to shut down what I had to say. The Register is not at fault here as they have not got enough time or people to go through and check the validity of every post. Let's just say I know how it happened and why it happened, but am not going to tell anyone else how it's done. I will keep that 'truth' quiet hoping it does not happen again ! But... if it does, I will pop up again and continue to fight against the way the current Huron Board of Education is doing business.

This is where we are:

The Huron Board of Education Votes in 'Executive Session' to investigate Huron superintendent Fred Fox for unknown deeds for which they don't even tell Fred Fox what it is that he has allegedly done wrong.

By doing this the Huron Board of Education is in violation of the Sunshine Law which forces any Board of Ed to make these decisions, (vote), in open session, available to the public and the press.

The character assassination of Fred Fox and the perception created in the public about Fred Fox along with the 3-2 split Huron Board of Education will most likely result in Fred Fox leaving the Huron City Schools no matter that he WILL be found NOT GUILTY of any wrong doing.

This current Huron Board of Education, (or at least 3 of it's members), will achieve what they originally set out to do, which was to get rid of Fred Fox. Why they want to accomplish this, I am apparently not allowed to post on here or it will be deleted again, but.. THEY DEFINATELY DO HAVE A REASON !

What the Huron Board of Education is not good for students, school employees or the taxpayers of Huron.

When are the Huron Taxpayers / Voters going to wake up and see this Board for what they are ?
INSERT WHAT THEY ARE HERE:___________________________
(so I don't get deleted again)..




I admire your tenacity.  You have great insight and it should be known.  The community should be aware of the motives of the board members that are heading this witch hunt.  I will continue to follow you posts, which I find quite accurate.

Sold On Fox 2

Per what usually happens..

All interest lost in this issue.

Fred Fox will be heading to a higher paid job somewhere that they appreciate him and this Huron Board of Education will hire an extremely weak substitute as their leader.

The Huron Board of Education will have 'fixed' the Huron City Schools once again and who will suffer ?

Huron students / school employees / Huron taxpayers.. That's all.

and... The Huron Board of Ed will continue to make biased decisions based on their own private agendas.