Huron schools superintendent at center of investigation

(Updated with audio from school board meeting) It's a fiasco.
Jessica Cuffman
May 25, 2012

(Updated with audio from school board meeting) It’s a fiasco.

So says Huron Schools superintendent Fred Fox’s attorney, and one of the school board members who adamantly opposed a vote to send an investigation into allegations made against Fox to a higher authority for review.

After a four-hour closed doors session Tuesday night, board members voted 3-2 to forward the investigation to the Ohio Ethics Commission.

No one has disclosed what the allegations entail, but they were serious enough to spur the board into hiring a law firm to sort out the facts of the matter.

Fox’s attorney, Larry Vuillemin, characterized the investigation as a fishing expedition. 

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It's a shame people in positions such as this try to bring each other down.  Actually it goes on in all areas of employment/business.  The girls get together to get another one fired; the men often do the same or worse.  In order to keep a job of any kind, it seems you have to be a back-stabbing, brown-nosing gossip with an axe to grind.  You all know who you are.  Wake up and smell the paychecks.  Yours could be gone tomorrow.


Three of the five school board members had enough questions about a situation to send it to an ethics commission. It's their job to oversee the superintendent. They are doing their job.

Let the ethics board review the information and wait for their response.

If I was Mr. Fox I'd be looking for a new job. A majority of your board has questions about your ethics. That's not a good thing.


Any one have a further report on SHS's financial guru on suspension?


"A majority of your board has questions about your ethics."

Or, a majority of the Huron School Board members have personal agendas. 


Just because a majority of ppl are questioning ethics doesn't mean a thing. Look at Aaron Volz. How many times in all those years did his staff have him reviewed? And didn't even matter. It took a dropped rape case to get him out of there. He could probably get his job back today if he wanted to.



How many of the three who voted "yes" are new board members?

Natti Light

 It sounds to me like there is an idiot on the school board, leading the other two by the nose.  Not a shocker there.  I'd call in the county to look at the board members, and why they are doing this.  Given a certain school board members ridiculous comments in the past, I would give pause to anything he says in public.  The fact that this person was even elected makes one consider if there should be an IQ test to vote.  Frightening.

fudge pies

If Fox has done no wrong, then he has nothing to worry about.  However, since they're spending the tax payers money like its water, I sure hope they don't need any levy support in the next couple years, because they can go suck it.  Its not going to happen.

Just Saying

Serious Allegations to me would consist of sexual contact with a student, theft in office, ie --Sure hope  this is worth Huron taxpayer money. My unrequested opinion is that either  the Huron Bd of Ed has two good old boys who are supporting this guy - just because he's a good old boy or you have three members stirring up trouble on a witch hunt. Curious to see which one it will be.


when this is all over ,I hope  someone cleans up this school board. Looks like some  bad feelings from the past have resurfaced From what Ive read this super,has done nothing but make things better in the Huron school system. Good luck Mr Fox !


I know Fred.  When he was at Baywinds he was a super nice guy.  I hope that is still the case!  This is not his first battle with Huron schools.  Good luck to ya!

fudge pies

if Fox's investigation comes back clean, where there has been nothing done wrong, then i want three of the BOE's fired!!!  Immediately for wrongful accusations.


I have questions about the ethics of the majority of the people around here.  Who investigates that?

Natti Light

 Why is the BOE spending taxpayer money on this?  They could have called in the Ohio Ethics Commission, who would have investigated for free!  Free!  It's headed to OEC now anyway, so why all the money on a law firm?  This sounds like a plan thought up by 1.  someone too stupid to be on the school board and 2.  A bunch of townies who want to relive the "glory days".


Natti Light says

Why is the BOE spending taxpayer money on this? 

good question - don't stop there!!!




If it were sexual contact with a student, the BOE would be referring the case to law enforcement not the ethics commission. 


Well if the BOE hired a law firm at taxpayer expense, to investigate 'allegations' and Fox has his own lawyer too, then something is certainly not right, and Kudos to the three for passing it up the hill.  Too much stuff has rolled down the hill over there in Huron, for far too long, while those at the top and with tenure have operated as if laws do not apply to them.  Their lawyers have done a good job and keeping things covered up thus far.

Interesting that Ruff is jumping ship at the same time....

The good ole boys all have things in common, not all of them are legal, hopefully someone has enough $$ to go up against em!  Raise em high boys!





Shame on you Larry Vuillemin. Who in the heck do you think you are to act like a total a$$ in a meeting demanding things. Would you act like that in front of a judge raising your voice and demanding things. Your purpose for being there was to intimidate the elected board members. You showed your true colors as an attorney (bottom feederer).  I hope that a copy of the audio is sent to the Ohio Ethics Commission to show how unprofessional an attorney you are. The school board members are elected by the people of Huron.  They were elected to do a job and if something is wrong,THEY will fx it. They sure don't need the likes of you disrupting meeting.

fudge pies

sure they'll fix it after they bankrupt the school.  #dumbasses


I to know Mr. Fox. My assesment of the type of person he is does not agree with deertrackers opinion. If he or one of the good old boys doesn't like you he will find a way to get rid of you. I have seen this happen over and over again over the last 10 years. It is refreshing to see board members that do not rubber stamp everything he does. (this was not the case in the past). It will be interesting to see what the ethics board does. My guess is that they will side with the majority, not the good old boys. (Asher, Caporini)


fromthepast says 

It is refreshing to see board members that do not rubber stamp

sorry to burst your bubble but these board members still rubber stamp.  

God made the Idiot for practice, and then He made the School Board.  Mark Twain




I'm with UNASSUMER.   ALOT of that going on is right!   We have to deal with it on a daily basis.   Very frustrating and causes ALOT of employees below these people alot of headaches!   Too many people on POWER TRIPS!     Major power trips


I was not a fan of Mr Fox when he first started as superintendent. As time has gone on I think he has worked hard to bring a better feeling in the staff and through the school system. Things are not perfect in any school system but Huron City Schools has always done it among the best in Erie County. Agree or not that has a lot to do with the superintendent's leadership.

Tim Sowecke ran for the school board with an agenda and that was against Fred Fox. He has not disappointed his supporters for he has prusured this agenda since he took his seat on the Board. While he should be putting children in Huron Schools first he has instead put his agenda first. That is disappointing.

Donne Green I know had a family member she felt was not treated well by Huron Schools long before she was on the Board. This maybe just the way she is getting even with that situation.

For Slocum he has drifted to Green and Sowecke thinking over the past few months.

I guess we wait and see what the ethics commission says and if the trio has this all wrong then the voters can handle that in due time. One thing for certain the trio is really not sure they are right for that is the reason they spent $10,000 + of tax payers money for. Alas, if they are wrong and the ethnics commission says no wrong doings you know what that law firm is for.....TO BLAME well they said and advised and we followed. BUT lets not let them pass the blame for they must stand on their own two feet and say we are sorry we were wrong and we are resigning.




No matter what your dillusions are with the three board members you brought up they are still Huron School board members and they have the voting power to remove Mr. Fox if they wish.

You get three board members unhappy with Mr. Fox , for any reason, and they have the power to vote him out.

Lets all watch how this plays out. 

Gardenman says

One thing for certain the trio is really not sure they are right for that is the reason they spent $10,000 + of tax payers money for.

10K?  This is peanuts, chickenfeed, chump change, small potatoes!  If they only knew, Huron's taxpayers would be outraged! 


 I went to a school where Fred fox was the principal.  As a student, a kid, he pinned me against lockers, wrapped his hands around my throat, and damn near lifted me off the ground by my neck.  He yelled " I'm going to nail your a$$ to the wall"!  He then ordered me and two others to stand in opposite corners of a room he came back in and told me not to bother telling anybody what he had done because I had brought it on lmyself.  I wish I had sued that man. I wish I had brought this all to light before.  These are not personal attacks or defamatory statements this is an exact discription.  


 I, too, am a casualty of Fred's past.  This episode reminds me of the TV series "Revenge".  No matter how evil, no matter the agenda from day one of Fox's administration, no matter how sly this Fox is, eventually it all will be known.  One can only wish that the truth  comes out and that justice prevails.  ALL of the truth!  Where there's smoke, there's a Fox on Fire.  As for at least one of the no votes, the fear just might be that more than Fox's ethics will be revealed.  It is just a shame that so many good people's lives have been so negatively affected by the hidden agenda's and coverups of a previous board and, yet, current administration.  Rough agreed to be Fred's yes-man to further his carreer when Folger stood up against an unethical agenda.  You've ridden Fred as far as you're going to, John.  Run like a rat off that sinking ship.  Hats off to Folger.  Standing up for what's right isn't easy, but God has rewarded you with the position you desired among people who seemingly appreciate you more.


is that you sue?

fudge pies

its the person who didnt get elected to school board. sorry retiree


Shew...All I know is....It is refreshing to know that whatever he MAY have done, doesn't seem to be sex/student related...Finally, Good news !