For a DIY fireworks display -- outside Ohio

Sandusky Fireworks SuperStore carries a variety of fireworks; just don't light them locally
Andy Ouriel
Jul 3, 2014

People can buy fireworks without bursting their bank accounts or torching through stacks of cash.

Just look to Sandusky Fireworks SuperStore, the area’s premier fireworks dealer selling 500-plus combustible, colorful chemicals creating dazzling displays.

From experienced pyromaniacs to casual fire lovers, the store caters to a wide range of clientele even on the tightest of budgets.

Late Wednesday afternoon, for instance, dozens of customers crowded aisles, stocking their carts with fiery explosives for a fun yet economical Fourth of July spectacle.

“People just associate fireworks with America,” said PT Barnum, the store’s general manager. “In our national anthem, the lyrics ‘rockets red glare’ and ‘bombs bursting in air,’ people associate that with fireworks right away.”

On a budget of $100, Barnum showed the Register five different firework products he recommend people can buy at the store high in quality yet low in price:


1. Blue Streak Rockets

• Price: $11.99, six pieces in one package.

• Duration: 2 seconds

• Description: The rockets break down into blue stars and finish off with a silver fish-like squiggly effect.


2. PlutoNick

Price: $7.99

• Duration: 30 seconds

• Description: The repeater whistles before exploding loudly into the night sky.


3. Land of the Free

• Price: $24

• Duration: 38 seconds

• Description: The repeater makes a popping sound before red, white and blue stars illuminate at the explosive’s peak.


4. Packin’ Purple

• Price: $14.99

• Duration: 80 seconds

• Description: The fountain firework will stay on the ground and emit showers of sparks.


5. Festival Balls

• Price: $29.99 for six-pack coming in a variety of colors.

• Duration: instantly

• Description: The “artillery shells” go up into the sky, providing an aerial display of fireworks.



Don’t get busted blasting fireworks in Ohio

Ohio law prohibits people from setting off fireworks without a legal permit. People convicted of illegally discharging fireworks could face penalties as stiff as a $1,000 fine and six months in jail.

Each person buying products at Sandusky Fireworks SuperStore must sign a legally binding document agreeing they won’t ignite the firework within Ohio.


Want to go?

• WHAT: Sandusky Fireworks SuperStore, northern Ohio’s only Black Cat, Brothers Pyrotechnics, World Class Fireworks dealer.

• WHEN: The store opens at 9 a.m. today and is open every single second up until 11:59 p.m. Friday.

• WHERE: 5903 Milan Road (U.S. 250) near the Ohio 2 on-ramp.


Erie County Resident

Can buy all of these you want in Ohio but it illegal to shoot them off in Ohio PERIOD.
A DIY fireworks display.. What an idiotic headline.
How about let's drive down the street and pop off a few caps at somebody because ammo is available.
Makes about as much stupid logic.
Keep promoting illegal activity SR & Andy great job.

Truth or Dare

Yep, whilst they may be legal to sell/buy here, Ohio courts will capitalize off those that are charged and fined for illegally setting them off! How asinine is that!

Dr. Information

Yeah, don't light them locally...............YEAH RIGHT. Light on.


What are we celebrating again? Over 200 years ago the colony's rose up to fight a tyrant and gain their freedom, Today those same people cannot use a fire cracker without drawing the attention of the government.
Yay! were 46th! Freakin sheep.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

I've been enjoying all those fireworks being set off in Michigan and Florida all night. Never knew I had such a good view from the house! The cats don't enjoy them nearly as much, however. Hehe...