Haidyn Timothy Yates arrives

Baby boy is the first to be born in Sandusky in 2014.
Jessica Cuffman
Jan 3, 2014
He interrupted his parents’ New Year’s Eve celebration and kept his mother in labor for 18 hours.

But Haidyn Timothy Yates arrived when he was ready at 5:09 p.m., the first baby born in 2014 at Firelands Regional Medical Center in Sandusky Jan. 1.

The first child to his engaged parents, Kirsten Smith and Timothy Yates, of Fremont, the infant, cozy in a green onesie and yellow mittens, slept soundly Thursday evening while mom and dad awaited their supper.

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The only baby born in the hospital on New Year’s Day, his arrival excited the young couple, even after the lengthy wait.

“He was being so stubborn,” Smith, 24, said.

“Those are traits he gets from his mother” Yates, 25, said.

He was due to arrive Dec. 30, but a checkup with the doctor showed he wasn’t quite ready yet, and his parents were expecting to induce labor early next week.

After they got ready to go to a New Year’s Eve party Tuesday, the baby boy decided it was time, and they were at Firelands by 11:30 p.m.

Smith endured the wait without an epidural anesthetic and 18 hours later, Haidyn was here.

“It’s like she was meant to do it,” Yates said.

“It didn’t really hit us until after we had him,” the new mom said. “I keep telling him, he looks so much like you from the nose down and everything else is me”

On their arrival home, they’ll be greeted by their German Shephard mix, Rex, whose been great with children. “He’ll be his protector” Smith said.

The couple plans to move back to Arizona soon, where Smith is from, and where they’ll have their wedding on June 25, 2016, a date that’s the anniversary of the start of their relationship. Now, however, they have another special date for their new family. “Everyone will always be celebrating his birthday, right down to the ball dropping” Yates said.



Seriously people just because they are unwed does not mean they can't have a baby. I was unwed when I had my son. There is NOTHING wrong with having a baby out of wedlock this is not the 1800's or whatever. We all have our own beliefs and are responsible for the choices we make for ourselves. This two and their new bundle of joy have nothing to do with anyone with negative comments just be respectful and tell the new parents CONGRATULATIONS!


Kinda makes that little rhyme, First comes love, second comes marriage, then comes (fill in the name ) in a baby carriage, sort of mixed up huh?


Exactly! I just had a little eight year old girl singing that song on Saturday. When she was done, I said, notice how that song goes in order? Go to college first, don't do like these teen moms on TV that you watch! These little girls watch this crap like The Kardashians and 16 and Pregnant and they think that's ok.

Kids having kids, The Dumbing Down of America!


“He was being so stubborn,” Smith, 24, said.

“Those are traits he gets from his mother” Yates, 25, said. i copied and pasted this from the article age 24 and 25 are not babies people assume things The Dumbing Down of America!




at least the father is in the picture and maybe they have reasons why they aint getting married but like nikfrog said ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. i was born out of wed lock my parents got married and guess what they still are after 28 years, another thing my dad worked my mom work they paid for me to be born no one else.