UPDATED: Fatal crash in Perkins Township

Coroner on scene at Strub and Old Railroad roads
Courtney Astolfi
Aug 15, 2014



A Perkins Township woman died Thursday evening after her vehicle was broad-sided on Old Railroad Road.

Erie County coroner Brian Baxter declared Delores Weichel, 93, of Wade Boulevard, dead at the crash scene.

Weichel was driving west down Strub Road when she came to a stop at the intersection on Old Railroad Road around 5:30 p.m., according to Perkins police Lt. Ed Hastings.

Weichel then began to turn left, but Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers said she failed to yield the right of way to a northbound Chrysler Town and Country minivan.

The van t-boned Weichel's Chevrolet Impala, sending it off the side off the road, Hastings said.

Both vehicles sustained heavy damage and were later towed.

The Impala was so mangled, it had to be sliced open to reach Weichel, officials said.

Baxter arrived at the scene shortly after Perkins police, troopers and an Erie County deputy and
Weichel was transported from the scene by a Toft Funeral Home vehicle.

Shannon Bramel, of Castalia, was driving the minivan at the time of the crash, with her two young children in the backseat.

Bramel and the kids were rushed to Firelands Regional Medical Center, but only sustained minor injuries and are expected to make a full recovery, troopers said.

All involved were wearing their seat belts.


UPDATE 7 p.m.

Delores Weichel, 93, of Wade Boulevard was pronounced dead at the scene, Baxter said. 

Hastings said Weichel failed to yield the right of way. She was turning right onto Old Railroad Road from Strub Road, when a northbound minivan broad-sided her car, Hastings said. 

Officers notified Weichel's family shortly after the crash. 


One Perkins Twp. woman is dead in a two-vehicle crash at the intersection of Strub and Old Railroad roads in Perkins Township, according to Perkins police Lt. Ed Hastings.

Coroner Brian Baxter is at the scene of the crash as it is being investigated.

Please avoid the area as traffic is being diverted. Old Railroad Road is closed between Perkins Avenue and Bogart Road.

Check back here for updates and pick up Friday's Sandusky Register for more information





I just came home that way! Glad I missed that, but sorry someone else did not. ;-(


Very sad. My grandson was the next one on the scene and helped get the mom and kids out of the mini van. Prayers for the family of the woman who died.

The Answer Person



Annual testing for all!


I like it. Most people won't, though. Difficult problem. We've created a culture in which it is difficult to live without being able to drive, so how perfect should your skills be in order to be permitted to do so? Even normally safe drivers can have a poorly-timed and fatal moment of inattention.

While age may have contributed to this crash, you can't assume so. Drivers of all ages make that kind of mistake, and testing only old people would be illegal age discrimination. Not all unsafe drivers are old.

What if everyone had to take a test every ten years? If you pass with a low score, you need to test again in four years. If you get a ticket, back for testing. Or, what if your license renewal was good for five years, but you had to take a test every time. You get a vision test, anyway; why not also a computer simulation to test reaction time and knowledge of the rules?


I like your suggestions factitious! But, when over the age of say, 85, license renewal should be every two years but at a lesser cost than every 5 years obviously.

Licorice Schtick

I understand the reasoning but I think you can accomplish what you want without age discrimination. If your re-test date is based on your score and not you age, that's fairer and more effective; your test become more frequent as your proficiency declines, for whatever reason.

Exactly what the rules should be would be a fun debate that the Ohio Legislature probably doesn't want to touch with a ten-foot pole.


At 80 you should no longer be able to drive. Period.


arcman033 remember that when you turn 80


Wise comment eight ball. I know some older folks who are better drivers than younger folks.


Banning drunk drivers, text drivers, and other selfish, self-impaired drivers would save more lives than unfairly and illegally banning all old drivers.


Very true.


At 16 you should not be able to drive. At 18, only with an adult. At 21, now you're free to drive by yourself. Oh by the way, don't forget the annual testing.


That is by far the dumbest thing I've ever heard. First of all, annual testing would be intrusive and used as a money making scheme. Why not just test every 5 years when you need your license renewed? Saying that a 20 year old should not be able to drive on their own is the most ridiculous part of this comment. Do you know how many 20 year olds need a license to function and survive?


When did you get your license? This is ridiculous. Not every 16 year old is a problem. And at 18....you can join the military, fight a war, carry a gun and DIE? But need your MOMMY to drive a car? You are joking, right?


Lady.....statistics show that young drivers do have a higher rate of accidents than older drivers. Remember when you were young? The need for speed is there! Just makes sense that more mature drivers do drive more carefully.
I do not advocate raising the age however. There can be other ways to lessen the risk that young drivers present to other drivers or passengers.


I kinda like that idea until they raise the taxes


Banning driving for no other reason than age would be cmpletely illegal age discrimination, period.


How about lowering the speed limit while we are at it. Old Railroad is 55 through that spot.


So sad that this woman lived for 93 years and to die like that. Hard to believe she was still driving at age 93.


My thoughts also Livin...


How about people learn to drive? Why lower the speed limit because one person failed to do their job behind the wheel?


it's true that eyesight and responses diminish with age but you can't say everyone should stop driving at a certain age. there are some people that are lousy drivers at 30 or have always been. there are others that drive safely and defensively and never have an accident. you can't generalize. while I tend to agree that 93 is way past time to stop driving, it's difficult to make that a law or to impose yearly testing. they could pass the test and still make an error down the road or have a medical issue but that could happen to a younger person as well. you can't prevent everything bad from happening no matter how much you try.


More young people texting, cause more accidents than older drivers.

God Of Thunder

I bet you 80-90 year olds drive a helluva lot better than all these other younger nitwits who think they can drive while holding a phone and texting. I'll put money on this statement..


Have some respect, keep your agendas out of here.


my agenda for the day:
watch oprah reruns


Sounds like fun


not surprised holysee. When do you perform the 'hate sports because I couldn't play them' portion of your agenda?


It's difficult to see looking south from Strub (I drive it daily) - you have to pull far forward in order to see. I can't tell you how many vehicles I've watched that don't even bother to stop & simply "roll" around the corner. Lowering the speed limit won't help when drivers assume the laws don't apply to them.

Ralph J.

"It's difficult to see looking south from Strub (I drive it daily)" Are there any vision obstructions like tall weeds at that intersection?


I agree I have been at this intersection many times myself dating way back to the 80's and one thing is for sure that during the summer days leading into fall the Sun and its rays do pose a hazard there and if you are there at a specific time of the day you cannot see down Old Railroad looking South as the road becomes sort of mirage . There was talk in the past to install a 3 way stop there but there has always been friction in the township over such a small task that would have saved many lives.

Ralph J.

LIKE. How many people must die before action is taken?


A traffic light would be a wise move. That intersection needs one badly with all the traffic going to NOMS.


If there are frequent crashes there, certainly all options should be considered. If you installed a traffic light every time there was a crash, you'd soon have on at EVERY intersection. Traffic lights don't necessarily make intersections that much safer because you can run a red light as easily as a stop sign, and they're expensive and cost in fuel consumption and travel time, too. They're best for really heavy traffic to manage flow and prevent backups, or if there is an unavoidable visibility problem. Four-way stops help but also cost in fuel consumption and time.


slow down, be observant and show some tolerance


Yeah....because there are no re-qualifying for weapons & physical capabilities in the military regardless of age or rank. Let oldsters cause more accidents though. Again - Florida had enough & changed their stance. So too should Ohio.


Maybe everybody of EVERY age should have a reflex test along with their vision checks at every license renewal. To suggest such testing be mandatory only for those over a certain age is discriminatory; to have it apply universally could catch incompetent drivers of ANY age! Those who suggest that a lot of older drivers are generally less of an accident risk than a lot of younger drivers are absolutely right. Besides, there's no way to define an "age line" which, when crossed, automatically means you're incompetent (we all know 70 year-old drivers who are good drivers and we all know 40 year-olds who are a menace behind the wheel).

Sympathies to the Weichel family, and best wishes to the Bramels. This may not have been ANYbody's fault, but it certainly wasn't Bramel's!

Ralph J.

Looking at the shadows in the pictures, time of accident and position of the sun, my opinion is that sun glare may have been a contributing factor. Sun glare can have the same effects on the retina as the flash from a camera. A blind spot on the retina forms and can last for several seconds. Lots of comments about retesting elderly drivers. How about retesting all drivers with written tests at time of license renewal? Some drivers disregard or forget traffic laws which end up causing injuries and death.

Ralph J.

Visibility of a vehicle depends on the color of the vehicle. Shades of gray colors often blend in with the pavement. Visibility was the reason why the OSHP no longer use charcoal gray patrol cars.