Car crashes through store

No shoppers injured during collision late Thursday night
Alissa Widman Neese
Aug 1, 2014


Shoppers escaped a potentially deadly situation unscathed Thursday, when an elderly man apparently suffered a medical condition and drove his car through Dick's Sporting Goods.

His gold Cadillac peeled across the store's parking lot, dislodged a decorative cement pillar and plowed through the store's front entrance at about 9 p.m, police said.

The car hurtled through the center aisle, razing everything in its path until it collided with a rear wall, in a storage area behind the store's shoe department.

The collision left the Milan Road store in shambles. Wreckage toppled onto the car, trapping the driver and his passenger until Perkins police and firefighters arrived.

Dozens of bystanders huddled in the parking lot Thursday described the aftermath as eerily quiet.

Those who witnessed the episode unfold, however, described a different scene.

"There was glass everywhere, from front to back," said Erin McLaughlin, 20, who was inside the store. "People were yelling for us to go the front of the store, but some went back to the car and tried to help."

Remarkably, it doesn't appear anyone was seriously injured during the incident, Perkins police Lt. Edward Hastings said.

"At this busy time of night, it's amazing," Hastings said. "Everyone was accounted for and taken out of the store."

An ambulance transported the man and his passenger, who is suspected to be his wife, to Firelands Regional Medical Center for treatment.

The pair's names were unavailable as of Thursday night, but will likely be released tomorrow.

The extent of their injuries is unknown, but they were conscious and alert when they were removed from their vehicle, Hastings said. Police haven't yet determined the man's medical condition.

Perkins police are investigating the incident. They continued to comb through the rubble late Thursday night, and a tow truck removed the damaged car from the scene at about 10:15 p.m.

Police will provide the Register with surveillance video from inside the store when it becomes available, they said.

"This is going to take some time," Hastings said. "I've never seen anything quite like this."


From the Grave

Maybe they were having a big ball blow


happened to me once..


umm.. but there was no sale.


Your username name is kinda funny.


I likesit !


Clean up in Isle 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,and 8.....

Darwin's choice

I hope the driver is ok. Something like this is probably due to a medical issue!
Thank goodness no one in the store was injured!


Now that the Taco Rock is gone people will be driving into all kinds of things!

Another Day

It had to be a small car or very very large truck, they have those cement crash barriers in front. How the heck did they get through those and all the way through the store?

Dwight K.

Looks like an old person boat car


The register got it backwards. He came in through the back wall and stopped at the concrete balls out front. So I'm told. The one picture shows the tail lights facing into the store and the Caddy buried in debris.


You do NOT call somebody/something out when you are dead wrong yourself- do they think they caught an action shot of the car blowing through the back wall in reverse?? And the whole aisle just happened to already be tore to shred, with a dude standing directly behind the car?


Will the put the items damaged on sale? I need a new Browns jersey.

The Answer Person

If you want to waste money, go to Goodwill and buy one there. LOL!

indolent indiff...

Scene from Blues brothers?


That is the exact same thought I had when I read this headline!


Good thing it didn't have those big round concrete balls like Target, can't imagine them being thrown around and bouncing inside the store after being hit.


Funny how Life can be I knew someone who went to the store on Wednesday and a Day later this happens WOW! Hope Everyone is involved is alright. its Sad people on here are making fun at this where someone's live could of been at risk.


Holy cow! I was at that store merely a year ago and just look at what happened today! I feel totally blessed!


Getting out the violin.


Whew would hate to see the insurance claim on this one. You know one of the most common level of coverage is $100,000 and that may not cut it on this bill from Dick's. You know full well Dick's will and has a right to go after lost sales and that may well be a lawsuit against the driver of the car....medical condition or not they lost sales for I am sure days and weeks of repair to the store and they will collect.

Guess have to ask this question. What was the passenger doing....just along for the ride enjoying the view as the car traveled the aisle....could they not turn off the ignition, hit the brake, put the car in least do something besides just sitting there.


I am sure the passenger was scared to death and frozen with fear. Most cars have a console in the front seat, so the ability to reach the brake in a timely fashion would be near zero. Turning the ignition off or placing it in neutral would slow the momentum of the car, but not stop it. That too would require the individual to act in an extraordinary manner while in fear for their own life.

Señor Clown

I assure you Dicks has insurance just for situations like these, just as every other retail business does.

I also can assure you that you're overestimating the ability of a confused and startled passenger to take quick and decisive action in a situation like that. Remember all of the people who allegedly crashed due to stuck gas pedals or ignition switches that would unexpectedly turn off? If drivers can't be expected to make quick decisions when the unexpected happen, it's a certainty that a passenger won't.


I would beg to defer with you as I have seen these things all play out in a court of law. If the passenger was a licensed driver and had no disability that would not allow use of the hands, arms etc. then the court looks at reasonable action on their part to stop the car. Really comes down to the question in court of law what would a reasonable person do in this situation. We could say they were scared and starled but a driver could be that too but they normally take action to avoid a crash even in that state of mind.

Courts don't look either at age and say well this person was 80, etc so we will give them a pass but if they were 20 we would not. A 20 yo could be starled and scared as could a 80 yo, or 70 or 60 yo.

Example could be 16 people are sitting around a dining room table. One person has a medical emergency and knocks over a lighted candle on the table which immediately catches the tablecloth on fire and then the table and evenutally the entire room is on fire. We have 15 other people who do not have a medical emergency and they just all sit there and watch the fire get bigger and bigger. Are they scared and starled YES,,,,,it is reasonable for them to just sit there and not attempt stop the possible fire - NO. Just because they are starled, anxious, suprised etc. the court would not agree its ok you folks just sat there and let the house burn down. Now if they were physically challenged or mentally incapable all 15 of them then different outcome.

Same for a passenger in the front seat of a car in this instance. While not the driver the court would look at them and say they are licensed driver and physically able would it not be reasonable for them to take some action to stop the car.

So next time you get in the car and sit on the passenger side don't think that because you are not the driver you released from all responsibily in an emergency situation. While you have considerably less responsibility than the driver you still have a certain level of responsibility.


Come on people. These were elderly people. The man has a medical condition that caused this. When your frozen in fear, you don't think to do those things as im sure his passenger did not. I'm glad they both made it out alive as well as all the employees and customers that were in the store.


They are heartless people....until it becomes family...then they are crying wolf....I cant believe the lack of human kindness. This man is ill!! I am sure he would have done whatever possible to avoid this. When someone has a seizure they cant control their bodies and some become unconscious!


My contention is that the stack of LeBum jerseys were enough to "drive" him insane. That would be considered a medical condition, would it not?

Señor Clown

No. Some Cleveland fans are still acting like jilted lovers over the whole Miami thing. The vast majority of the developed world regards it as nothing more than an entertainer, who at the end of their contract with one private company, went to work for another private company.


He had a seisure now shut up.


Everyone should be retested every 5 years after 60 with a full drivers test. Can't pass, loose your license.


Loose your license? [Try lose] Oh, and what does age have to do with it? Could have been a person in his 30's with a seizure, or some bonehead on drugs!


How do you test for a future seizure?


You induce it. Hah !


What about the 38 year old that has a seizure? Or the 42 year old that has a heart attack? The 25 year old that has a stroke? You cannot prevent or detect a medical emergency. It could happen to you holysee.


Must have been a Door Buster sale!


wow I have heard of driving balls to the walls but WOW, can you say clearance sale!!!!!

Dwight K.

If you have known medical issues that can cause you to become incompasitated maybe you should still be driving. Hope they're OK.


Strange how they made it perfectly through the doors. And why didn't the concrete balls in front of the store stop them? UH...this is OnStar, GPS shows you in the shoe department, you should of turned Right at the Nike isle for the golf department! We are rerouting you now...all kidding aside, hope they are ok.


Geez, knowing Sandusky like i do i would have thought there would have been looting going on within seconds of the crash. Will miracles ever cease??


That's funny.


I'm glad no one was injured. A lot of people like Dick's, although Sandusky's is a bit small.


I do agree with you holysee....And you have a great point ladydye5 you cannot tell if someone is going to have a medical emergency


Shades of Gene Damschroeder. Most old people are horrible drivers.


You induce it with LSD and see how fast they recover ! Kidding !

lunchtime 175

Its amazing how many people must of had nothing to do last night except go watch as paramedics helped the couple that crashed thru the store window.

Dr. Information

No handicap spot......F it....I got this.....