Kayaker stranded in water for 24 hours

Man had fallen into Lake Erie
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 29, 2014


A kayaker was rescued by some passing boaters after spending a stormy evening in Lake Erie Sunday.

Travis Casper, 34, of Galloway, in Franklin County, had put his kayak into the water near Marblehead on Sunday afternoon en route to Kelleys Island, according to Erie County Sheriff's deputy Anthony Gibbs. It's unclear whether he arrived at his destination prior to his kayak overturning, spilling him into the lake around 4 p.m.

Casper held onto his boat overnight and most of Monday, until he was spotted by two men in a power boat. He waved his paddle to get their attention, and the boaters were able to pull him up before calling Huron police just before 5 p.m., Gibbs said.

The man was "conscious and talking but cold" before taken for medical treatment, Gibbs said.

Casper's condition was unknown Monday evening. A call to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources' Division of Watercraft was not immediately returned.


Kobayashi Maru

24 hours in the lake when you are only a mile or two from shore? Man up and swim in!


Well, I might be crazy, but I might have used the kayak and paddle.

Kobayashi Maru



The forecast Sunday was not favorable for small boats. Kayaks are smaller than boats. Where was his hand held devices? Where was his brain? Sounds like this city boy yakor got lucky.


Between 3 and 4 a heavy downpour raked the Marblehead Peninsula. Around 6 pm the sky over the lake turned black the winds picked up and another storm blew in from the north. I watched small boats racing to beat the rain and get to safe harbor. Not many made it before the rain let loose. In between these storms the sky never cleared, so who in their right mind would try to kayak from Marblehead to Kelley's, alone, with forecasts for stormy weather and a tornado watch in effect? Maybe this person should stick to rubber ducks in the bathtub.


One of the first things I learned to do with a kayak and canoe was to be able to reboard them after being capsized. Kayaking 101.