Fire on Shelby Street

UPDATED: Blaze from one home spreads to a second, other departments called in for mutual aid.
Melissa Topey
Jul 17, 2014


UPDATE 5:45 p.m.

Firefighters have quelled the majority of flames at both houses, but are still fighting a few hotspots inside one of the homes. They have not yet determined what caused the blaze, Sandusky fire Chief Dave Degnan said. 

UPDATE 4:20 p.m.

Margaretta and Perkins township fire departments have been called in for mutual aid.

UPDATE 4:00 p.m.

All occupants are out of both homes.

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Sandusky fire is on the scene of a house fire at 604 Shelby Street, near the intersection of Monroe and Shelby.

A second house caught fire as well.

There was initial concern of people inside the second home but it was found everyone is out of both homes.

They have asked police for help with crowd control.

Check back for further information.



I am glad everyone is safe!! If something like this happened on the West Side of town, Lord only knows that outcome.


Shelby St. is on the WEST side of the city.


I think what margaritaville means in the Venice Road area where we have a closed fire station thanks to our city fathers.


Thank you Curley. What some people don't understand is the 'West Side' is considered the old Venice area which was annexed years ago. There are thousands of residents from the 101 and Venice Rd intersection heading West and Southwest....


Yea they are west and not east like cedar point.Thats all sandusky cares about.. you dont see them closing the fire station on fifth street or the main station on market street . You all know . The new fire station on Market street . Just look at what it cost to build and then see what it would have help if that money was. better spent


Didn't they close the fifth street one at one point?