Car hits home in Groton Township

Minor injuries for teen driver
Jason Werling
May 12, 2014


Charles Butcher, a resident of Strecker Road in Groton Township, awoke to a car hitting the side of his house Monday morning. It slammed into the wall outside his bedroom window.
Butcher said a 17-year-old Clyde girl was on her way to EHOVE when she missed the turn from northbound Ohio 269 to Strecker Road. The girl received minor injuries in the crash and the Erie County Sheriff's office responded to the scene.
Butcher said this isn't the first crash at the intersection nor the first to damage his property.
Pick up Tuesday's Sandusky Register for more on the crash



Texting and Driving?????? How do you MISS a curve?

A Young Adult's...

Maybe falling asleep?


I can understand missing a curve but she had really come in quite a ways from the road to hit the house. I'm thinking there was some high speeds involved in there too. I know accidents can happen to anyone at any age but this is just another reason why I don't believe kids should have their licenses when they hit 16. It seems like a rite of passage that they automatically have to have and it just seems more and more kids are involved in accidents that people with more experience and/or more maturity may have been avoided.


When did you get yours?


Actually I got mine 2 months AFTER I had graduated high school. My parents made us wait until we were 18 before we got our licenses. Well my sister and I anyway. My brothers were able to get their at 16 because they went to EHOVE - something else my sister & I weren't able to do (yes I know that's double standards but my dad was from the deep south). I can't remember when my sister got her last traffic ticket but I just got my FIRST in January of last year. My brothers all have the worst driving records I've ever seen - traffic tickets, accidents, you name it!! So tell me - who was smarter? Making us wait till we were a little more ready at 18 or letting them have them at 16?


I also - and in this case my siblings did as well - had to have a job to pay for the car, insurance and the tags before we could get a car. If we didn't have insurance, the car didn't go out of the driveway. If there was a headlight or a taillight out, it didn't go out of the driveway. My mom was strict about this and it was something that carried over after we moved out. She found out my brother's insurance had lapsed for whatever reason and she just about went into orbit when she found out he was driving. She threatened to call the police on him and made him get out of the car and had his girlfriend drive home. His insurance was paid by the end of the week because mom was so upset with him.

A Young Adult's...

Oh here we go with the "kids today" mantra. It's tired. Kids today and adults today are to blame. Adults are getting in more accidents, too.


I agree. It is accidents in general. Too many just do not pay attention.

Erie Countian

I have lived near EHOVE for years and believe me, some of those students drive like maniacs going to and from school. They are in a hurry and they drive way too fast. What makes it even more scary is cellphones and texting added to the mix in recent years.


Autopilot failure

Just Because

This intersection isn't a is a turn from 269 onto Strecker Rd. Looks like they flew past Strecker and turned too late to hit the house on that side. Slow the heck down!!!


She was just unhappy they still had their Easter decorations up.


Glad the bunnies were ok


Somehow this has to be Sheriff Overmyer or Prosecutor Stierwalt's fault.

Come on, Matt. Get it together.


Cross wind landing.