Cause unknown, but timing ‘unusual’

Port Clinton police and Ottawa County deputies were dispatched Thursday to a West Lakeshore Drive home just hours prior to the place burning up.
Alex Green
Apr 8, 2014


Authorities went to the home, in the 1700 block of W. Lakeshore Drive, on Thursday afternoon in response to a woman threatening to commit suicide. The woman was walking in and out of oncoming traffic, officials said.

Erie Township fire Chief Tom Kellog said the timing of the events seem unusual, but there’s no way to connect the incidents.

At about 7:30 p.m., a few hours after the call about the distraught woman, firefighters were dispatched to the home. When they arrived, the three occupants and their two dogs had already escaped unharmed.

About 40 volunteer firefighters from Erie and Bay townships worked for hours to battle the blaze from every angle, at times taking apart parts of the structure so they could snuff the flames.

The home, valued at $65,000, was ultimately destroyed. Kellog said the extent of the damage kept investigators from pinpointing the cause.

“Those guys are really good, and they can usually piece it all together” Kellog said.



OK many questions that this reporter did not answer. Was the suicidal lady still there at the time of the fire would be my first question. You would think this would be a reporters first question as well.


I live right down the street from this location. I heard both calls on the police scanner. This woman, whoever she is, has threatened suicide before. I do not know if she is the same woman they say escaped the fire with her family and 2 dogs but I don't think so. I would imagine the woman threatening suicide would have been taken to Firelands, but no one has reported that and I'm glad the SR did report the coincidence of the two events as the News Herald did not even report the fire. It does seem very fishy to me, all in all, but stranger things have happened and it was an old dump of a house.