Train hits, kills Clyde man in Seneca Co.

A train struck and killed a Clyde man who was walking along railroad tracks in Seneca County on Thursday afternoon, according to the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 7, 2014


Bryon Skeel, 34, of rural Clyde, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Skeel was walking on railroad tracks near County Road 62 and Township Road 32 in Adams Township when at about 1:40 p.m. the train hit him from behind. He was wearing ear buds and a stocking hat that, in addition to the strong winds, could have been the reason he didn’t hear the train approaching, according to Seneca County Sheriff William Eckelberry.

The train crew blew the horn and put the train in emergency mode, Eckelberry stated, but Skeel did not hear it. The coroner’s office removed the body from the scene. An autopsy was not conducted.


Stop It

That was suicide. Unless he was deaf. How does one NOT hear a frippin' train? And even if he was deaf, one can certainly feel it approaching from the ground and air waves. I've lived and worked around trains for quite some time.




This news was not posted so people could guess why it happened or so you could give your 2 cents on what happened..... Have some compassion for the fact the family may see this!


I can only assume all the snow that had to be on Everything may have dampened the sound enough to not hear the train. I don't think it's a suicide at all, just a unfortunate incident that cost Mr. Skeel his life. Headphones, a stocking cap, 10+inches of snow, and a steadily moving train=tragedy........ RIP


Can't be suicide, because the register states they do not cover suicides.


They do not cover PRIVATE suicides. This was PUBLIC...outside. (sarcasm)


Lots of suicides lately. RIP Mr. Skeel!


Please show some respect! I graduated with him and no one knows what was going on in his life and maybe he didn't hear the train, who knows, no one else was there except for him...he was always nice and a great guy who cared about others first.


My sincere sympathy for his family & friends, so young. I also feel for the train crew, what a terrible thing to witness.


When will people learn to STOP trespassing on railroad's private property??


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What Sandusky Register, no pictures?


Pictures?! You need your head examined!!!