Rollover crash traps driver

Woman suffers minor injuries; crews respond to other area crashes.
Courtney Astolfi
Jan 25, 2014


Firefighters had to free a Huron woman from her car Friday after it overturned on Ohio 101.
Janet Koehler, 61, of Ohio Street, sustained minor neck injuries in the crash and was rushed by ambulance to Firelands Regional Medical Center.

Koehler’s Hyundai Elantra did not fare as well. She was driving the car south on Ohio 101 when at about 4 p.m. it spun out of control on a curve just outside the Sandusky city limits, Erie County Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said.

The vehicle slid into a field, then flipped onto the driver’s side, trapping Koehler inside. About a dozen law enforcement officials with Sandusky police, the Erie County Sheriff’s Office and U.S. Border Patrol held the Elantra steady as Sandusky firefighters used pneumatic tools to sever its roof.

Koehler was pulled from the car and treated for her injuries. A freshly-purchased gallon of milk was still sitting in the passenger seat when officials prepared to have the car towed.

Oliver said Koehler was not cited for failure to control because of the slick road conditions.    

Ohio State Highway Patrol dispatchers said troopers responded to several incidents Friday where vehicles spun out of control and ended up stuck on roadsides. One vehicle was heavily damaged at about 5 p.m. when it slid off Mason Road near Maple Road and struck a utility box. No one was injured.

The bulk of Friday’s crashes were in the Sandusky County and Fremont area, where troopers and deputies responded to a handful of non-injury crashes and at least three injury crashes. Highway Patrol dispatchers at the Fremont post said troopers were responding to multiple crashes, none involving serious injuries, as well as reports of vehicles stuck in the snow.

A dispatcher at the Huron County Sheriff’s Office told a reporter Friday night she is not authorized to inform the public about any vehicle crashes.

Late Friday, the National Weather Service was forecasting wind chills as low as minus 15 degrees, with snow accumulations of up to 5 inches through this afternoon. Temperatures are expected to remain in the single digits.



I am glad this woman only had minor injuries and hope she recovers 100%. That being said, why are some people issued "failure to control" citations when roads are slick and some do not. Who determines this?

Señor Clown

I don't understand this. At the point you have to be extracted from your vehicle, it's apparent you've failed to maintain control of it. It's only been snowing for the past two months, so it can't come as a surprise to anyone that the roads might be slippery, and that you should slow down.

Peninsula Pundit

I once just bumped a guardrail while sliding on ice, that only took the license plate off the front bumper. Drove the vehicle home.
Got a ticket for failure to control,$85. And a bill to replace 100 feet of guardrail, although there were black marks all up and down the guardrail. I didn't even dent it. The guardrail wasn't replaced.


Especially since 5 cars stopped to help with no crashes, and me and 4 other cars drove right by with no issues!


I heard somewhere years ago that insurance companies wanted someone cited if another car was involved. They didn't want to pay claims if their clients weren't at fault. Makes sense.


Won't be long until the whining starts about the bout slowing down and driving sensible in the snow.


I've been whining about the design since the first time I drove on it! Why couldn't they put in a stop sign and keep it the way it was, only with a alternative for trains. I personally want to fist fight whoever thought that was a good idea.




there is not a car or SUV made that won't spin out on ice so yeah, slow down. also don't brake if you start losing control, just take your foot off the gas and steer into the skid. seems everyone in ohio should have learned that by now and it is your responsibility to keep control of your vehicle in all conditions.

ED grad

I drive this area on a regular. In fact I ended up in the ditch Sunday night after a whiteout. I am glad that you can get around the trains now but the wind off the field makes this stretch very hazardous. Something needs to be done to prevent the blowing and drifting. Like maybe some snow fences in the field.