Fatal house fire in Marblehead

Firefighters have yet to identify body found in home on North Worthy Road
Alex Green
Nov 25, 2013


One person died in a house fire Sunday night at a North Worthy Road home in Marblehead, Danbury firefighters said.

Emergency crews could not provide many details late Sunday, including the victim's age or if the victim was a man or a woman.

The cause of the fire also remains unknown.

Firefighters were dispatched to the home at about 6 p.m. when neighbors called 911. Neighbors told firefighters they first smelled smoke, then saw smoke, so they knocked on a window at the home. The window broke, forcefully sucking in air.

Firefighters arrived within minutes and immediately extinguished the flames. They then went inside the home and found the body.

The Ottawa County coroner's office was called to the scene, as well as investigators from Ohio State Fire Marshal's office.

The home is a small ranch that sits close to the road and has houses close on both sides.

Ottawa County dispatchers said the home's address is at 246 N. Worthy Road. According to the county auditor's office, the house is owned by George Dehil.



I find this in bad taste that you would publish a name. If this is the person that passed, you could have just notified the family along with all your readers. If the authorities didn't release the name, sex or age neither should you. Completely in bad taste


The family would have known last night by the address and from police; owners of homes are public knowledge which you can get online. Scanner traffic reported the address also so should the police not mention that either? Get real. The paper is just reporting that information. People like you choose to project their feelings onto the situation. I don't happen to feel that it's in bad taste. I want to know who and what happened. Why should the fact that someone passed away be a big secret? It's a tragedy, just like the fiery car accident that happened in Danbury the evening before, but it's news that should be reported.


The cops released the address NOT the name. They often do that so THEY can notify the family. Well maybe it's just me, but I have a huge family and it would take a little while to spread the news. So with that being said, what was the rush in releasing A name? Why would they not wait for a positive identification? Why do you think you're entitled to information the cops have not yet released?


The paper reported WHO owns the home. Period. Whether or not that is who lives IN the home is a different question. Use the information anyway you want. A simple public records check would tell you who owns the home.


Oh this is just getting crazy!!! I know that the holidays always cause an increase in accidents and deaths - always have - but is it just me or does this seem like it's getting more than the norm? I mean this is what the 4th or 5th in just like 3 days? And I know they're all accidents too, it's not like someone is going around and setting these fires and making these cars go off the road to cause these accidents killing these people. As for the paper listing who owns the property you can't really take that to mean anything. A lot of property is leased/rented now days so it's entirely possible that this is just that kind of situation too. My sympathies go out to this family though - whoever they are.